G., R. Virginia's cure: or An advisive narrative concerning Virginia: discovering the true ground of that churches unhappiness, and the only true remedy. As it was presented to the Right Reverend father in God Guilbert lord bishop of London, September 2, 1661. Now published to further the welfare of that and the like plantations: by R. G. . . London, Printed by W. Godbid for H. Brome, 1662. [Reprint] E187 F69. Also F229 G111 Office. 1899 Washington, 1836-46. v. 3, 1844, no. 15.

(In Force, Peter. Tracts 18 p)

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Gadsden, C. P. The Bible the only safe director of the activity of the day. An address delivered before the cadets' Bible society of the Virginia military institute, June 3d, 1859, by Rev. C. P. Gadsden, rector of St. Luke's church, Charleston, S. C. Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, 1859.

30 p. 21 cm.

Gage, Thomas. Some letters and papers of general Thomas Gage.


F225 1901

(In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. v. 4. no. 2. June, 1914. p. [86]-111)

Gaines, Richard Heyward. Richmond's first academy, projected by M. Quesnay de Beaurepaire, in 1786. A paper read before the Virginia historical society, Tuesday, December 22, 1891, by Richard Heyward Gaines Richmond, 1892.

F225 V82.

1902 (In Virginia historical society. Collections. Richmond, 1892. new ser., v. 11, p. [165]-175) Gaines, Richard V. Hand-book of Charlotte County, Virginia. Its history, physical characteristics, climatic conditions, social, moral and religious advantages. statistical and other information, with letters from prominent citizens showing its desirability as a home, and the inducements which it offers to the industrious and intelligent farmer and mechanic. Richmond, Va., Everett Waddey, 1889. F232 C479 G1.

68 p. illus., map. 21cm.

Galax high school, Galax, Va. Catalog.

Library has 1907, 1908, 1910.



Gales, Joseph. A sketch of the personal character and qualities of General Zachary Taylor. By Joseph Gales .. [Washington, Towers, printer,

1848] C1 T247 G13.

8 p. 241⁄2 cm.


"From the National intelligencer of September 16, 1848." [Gallatin, Albert] An examination of the conduct of the executive of the United States, towards the French republic; likewise an analysis of the explanatory article of the British treaty-in a series of letters. By a citizen of Pennsylvania . . . Philadelphia, F. and R. Bailey, 1797. JK310 v. 36.

vi, 72 p. 23cm.

Galloway, G. Norton. Hand to hand fighting at Spotsylvania.

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 4. p. 170-174) Galt, John M. The treatment of insanity. By John M. Galt Harper & brothers, 1846. RC601 G17.

vili, 579 p. 231⁄2 cm.


E468 B33.


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Gammon, Samuel R. The evangelical invasion of Brazil: or, A half century of evangelical missions in the land of the southern cross. By Samuel

R. Gammon, D. D., for twenty years missionary of the Southern Presbyterian church in Brazil. Richmond, Va., Presbyterian committee of publication, [c 1910] 1909

179 p. 20cm.

Gannett, Henry.

Boundaries of the United States and of the several states and territories, with an outline of the history of all important changes of territory. 2d ed. . . . Washington, Government printing office, 1900. QE75 B.

142 p. maps (1 fold.)


(Bulletin of the U. S. Geological survey. no. 171)
Virginia: p. 94-98.

The 3d ed. was issued as Bull. 226 of the U. S. Geological survey.


A dictionary of altitudes in the United States (4th ed.) compiled by Henry Gannett. Washington, Government printing office, 1906. QE75 B.

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. . A dictionary of geographic positions in the United States, compiled by Henry Gannett . . . Washington, Government printing office, 1895. QE75 B.

183 p. fold. map. 231⁄2 cm.

(U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin No. 123)
Virginia: p. 74-77.


A gazetteer of Virginia, by Henry Gannett. Washington, Gov't.

[blocks in formation]

(In U. S. Geological survey. 17th annual rept., 1895-96, pt. 1, p. 203-440) Virginia: p. 239, 240.

Profiles of rivers in the United States ernment printing office, 1901. GB701 U5.

100 p. 12 pl. 23cm.

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Washington, Gov. 1915

Water-supply and irrigation paper no. 44)

(U. S. Geological survey.
Rivers in Virginia: p. 20-24.

Results of primary triangulation
QE75 B.

printing office, 1894.

vii, 412 p. 17 fold. pl. 231⁄2 cm.

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(U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin no. 122)
Virginia, West Virginia: p. 65-80.

Washington, Government


Gantt, James B. Annual address [before Virginia state bar association] of Hon. James B. Gantt, of Jefferson City. "The Nisi Prius judge in our judicial system." 1917

(In Virginia state association. 14th report, 1902. p. 170-187)

Garber, Mrs. Virginia Armistead. The Armistead family. 1635-1910. By Mrs. Virginia Armistead Garber, Richmond, Virginia. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shep person, printers, 1910.

319 p. col. front. 23cm.

-Pocahontas. By Virginia Armistead Garber.
New York, Broadway publishing co. [c 1906]


Illustrated by the author.
PS3513 A58 P6 1906.

4 p. 1., iii, 39 p. col. front. (port.) illus., map. 20cm.


Gardner, C. Acts of the republican party as seen by history. The Eddy press cor., Winchester, Va., 1906. JK2356 G22.


iv, 82 p. 23cm.

Garland, Hugh A., 1805-1854. James McDowell. [Sketch] F218 24 W31

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2 v. fronts. (ports.) 23cm. Garnett, A. Y. P. Burial ceremonies of Confederate dead. Oration: by A. Y. P. Garnett, M. D., ode: by Rt. Rev. Wm. Pinkney. Dec., 11, 1874. Washington, S. & R. O. Polkinhorn, printers, 1875. 1923

16 p. 221 cm.

Garnett, Charles F. M. Letters of Chas. F. M. Garnett, on the railroad connection between the Chesapeake Bay and the Ohio river. Richmond, Printed by Colin and Nowlan, 1852. 1924

24 p. 22cm.

-Report of C. F. M. Garnett, chief engineer, to the president and directors of the Virginia and Tennessee railroad co: on a reconnoissance of the Cumberland Gap branch route, for the connection of the railway system of Kentucky and Virginia. Lynchburg, Printed at the Virginian job office, 1853. 1925

8 p. 22cm.

-Virginia and Tennessee rail road. The committee, appointed by the Christiansburg convention, submit the following address to their fellowcitizens of Virginia.

[blocks in formation]

Garnett, Henry Wise.


Historical address on the history of Essex county, Virginia, delivered at Occupacia, Essex co., Virginia, on July 4th, 1876. Washington, Judd & Detwiler, 1876. F232 E78 G235.

34 p. 8 vo.


Garnett, James Mercer, 1770-1843. Address on literary associations delivered at Hampden-Sidney college.


(In Southern literary messenger. v. 1, p. 282-290) -Constitutional charts; or, Comparative views of the legislative, executive and judiciary departments, in the constitutions of all the States in the Union, including that of the United States. With an appendix. By James M. Garnett. Richmond, T. W. White, 1829. JK216 G23. 1929

6, [49]-64 p. 6 fold. charts. 27% by 221⁄2 cm.

-A defence of the Protestant Episcopal church, against the charge of enmity to the civil institutions of our country. By James M. Garnett. Richmond, Pub. by Peter Cottom, T. W. White, printer, 1828.


11 p. 20cm.

At head of title page: An Episcopal tract.

-Lectures on female education, comprising the first and second series of a course delivered to Mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Elm-wood, Essex County, Virginia. By James M. Garnett. To which is annexed, The gossips manual. 4th ed. with corrections and additions by the author. Richmond, T. W. White, 1825. LC1441 G30.

389 p. front. 141⁄2 cm.

-Same. 3d ed.



-Obstacles to education. Delivered before the Fredericksburg lyceum.


(In Southern literary messenger. v. 1, p. 725-734; continued in v. 2, p. 436, 477, 561 & 613)

-Seven lectures on female education. Inscribed to Mrs. Garnett's pupils, at Elm-wood, Essex County; by their very sincere friend James M. Garnett. 2d ed., with corrections and additions by the author. Richmond, T. W. White, 1824. LC1441 G28. 1933

8, lxviii, [69]-261 p. 15cm.

-Token of regard, presented to the pupils of the Elm-wood school, by their friend, James M. Garnett. Richmond, T. W. White, 1830. 24 E48 G2.

60, 1 p. 21cm.

F218 1934

Garnett, James Mercer, 1840- Biographical sketch of Hon. Charles Fenton
Mercer, 1778-1858, M. C. 1817-1840, of Aldie, Loudoun County, Virginia,
son of Hon. James Mercer, Judge of Court of appeals of Virginia.
Richmond, Va., Privately printed by Whittet & Shepperson, 1911.
M5535 G4.



95 p. front., plates, ports. 23cm.

-Biographical sketch of Hon. Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett (1821-1864) of "Elmwood," Essex Co., Va., by James Mercer Garnett . . . [Williamsburg, 1909] C1 G235 G23. 1936

76 p. 232 cm.

Reprint from July and October numbers (1909) of William and Mary college quarterly magazine.

-Early revolutionary history of Virginia, 1773-1774. The committee of correspondence and the call for the first congress. A paper read before the Virginia historical society Monday, December 21, 1891, by James Mercer Garnett . . . Richmond, 1892. F225 V82. 1937 (In Virginia historical society. Collections. Richmond, 1892. new ser., v. 11, p. [1]-23)

-Elene; Judith; Athelstan, or The fight at Brunanburh; and Byrhtnoth, or The fight at Maldon: Anglo-Saxon poems. Translated by James M. Garnett.. Boston, Ginn & company, 1889. PR1647 A5 G3 1889.



xvi, 70 p. -Genealogy of the Mercer-Garnett family of Essex County, Virginia. Supposed to be descended from the Garnetts of Lancashire, England. Compiled from original records, and from oral and written statements of members of the family. By James Mercer Garnett. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers, c 1910. 1939

62 p.

front, plates, ports. 23cm.

Cover-title: Biographical sketch of Hon. James Mercer Garnett, of Elmwood, Essex County, Virginia.

-James Mercer, judge of the General court of Virginia, 1779-89, and of the Court of appeals of five judges, 1789-93, born February 26, 1736, died October 31, 1793. C1 M555 G235. 1940 Reprint from William and Mary college quarterly magazine. v. 17, p. 85-99, 204-223.

-John Francis Mercer, governor of Maryland, 1801-1803 the Maryland historical society, December 10, 1906. Reprinted from the Maryland historical magazine, September, 1907.

Read before

Baltimore, 1907.

[blocks in formation]



-The last fifteen years of the House of burgesses of Virginia, 1761-1776. F229 G2351. 1942 11 p. 24cm. Reprinted from Virginia magazine of history and biography, April, 1910. -Selections in English prose from Elizabeth to Victoria (1580-1880). Chosen and arranged by James M. Garnett . . Boston, Ginn & company, 1891. PR1285 G3. 1943 19cm.

ix, 701 p.

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Garnett, Muscoe, Russell Hunter, 1821-1864. An address delivered before the Society of alumni of the University of Virginia, at its annual meeting. Held in the rotunda, on the 29th of June, 1850. By M. R. H. Garnett. Pub. by order of the Society. Charlottesville, Printed by O. S. Allen & co., 1850. F218 24 U5 G23. Also LB41. 1944

36 p. 22cm.

-Public expenditures and the tariff. Speech in the House of Representatives, Feb. 14, 1857. JK310 v. 32.

7 p. 22cm.


-Speech of Hon. M. R. H. Garnett, of Virginia, on the state of the Union, delivered in the House of representatives, January 16, 1861. Washington, McGill & Witherow, printers, 1861. JK310 v. 4.

16 p. 241⁄2 cm.


Garnett, Robert Selden. An oration on the influence of the arts and sciences, upon individual and national happiness. Delivered at the Capitol in Richmond on the 3d August, 1809 . . . Richmond, Printed by Lynch & Southgate, 1809. JK310 v. 45. 1947

42 p. 21cm.

Garnett, Theodore Stanford. J. E. B. Stuart.

An address delivered at the

unveiling of the equestrian statue of Gen. Stuart, at Richmond, Va., May 30, 1907. C1 S931 G4.

1948 -Paper read [before Virginia state bar association] by Theodore S. Garnett, of Norfolk, Va. The impeachment and trial of Andrew John1949


(In Virginia state bar association. 14th report, 1902. p. 232-255) Garrison, George Pierce, 1853-1910. [Biographical sketch of Sam Houston, with selections from his writings, by George P. Garrison]

1950 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 6. p. 25612589)

-A memorandum of Mr. Austin's journey from the lead mines in
Virginia to the lead mines in . . . Louisiana . . . 1798-1797.

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(In American historical review. v. 5, no. 3. April, 1900. p. 518-542) Garrison, J. H. The story of a century; a brief historical sketch and exposition of the religious movement inaugurated by Thomas and Alexander Campbell. 1809-1909. By J. H. Garrison. St. Louis, Christian pub. co., 1909. 1951a

278 p. front., ports. 191⁄2 cm.

[Gatford, Lionel] Publick good without private interest. Or, A compendious remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English colonie in Virginea. With a modest declaration of the severall causes ... why it hath not prospered better hitherto; as also, a submissive suggestion of the most prudentiall probable wayes, and meanes, both divine and civil . . . for its happyer improvement and advancement

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