Gray, Robert. The McGavock family. A genealogical history of James Mc. Gavock and his descendants from 1760 to 1903, by Rev. Robert Gray .. Richmond, Wm. Ellis Jones, 1903.

2122a 175 p. 2346 cm. Gray, Thomas R. The confessions of Nat Turner, the leader of the late in

surrection in Southampton, Va. As fully and voluntarily made to Thomas R. Gray, in the prison, where he was confined, and acknowledged by him to be such when read before the Court of Southampton; with the certificate under seal of the Court convened at Jerusalem, Nov. 5, 1881, for his trial. Also, an authentic account of the whole insurrection, with lists of the whites who were murdered, and of the negroes brought before the Court of Southampton, and there sentenced, etc. Baltimore, Thomas R. Gray, 1831. F230 G782 Office.

2123 23 p. 19cm. [Gray, William Farley) Letter to His Excellency Wm. H. Seward, governor

of the State of New York, touching the surrender of certain fugitives from justice (who are charged with having stolen within the jurisdiction of Virginia a slave, the property of a citizen of Virginia, and with having fied to the state of New York] ... New York, Printed by William Osborn, 1841. HT34 678.

2124 100 p. 22cm.

Signed: "A Virginian, now a citizen of New York." Great Britain. Public record office. Calendar of state papers, colonial series,

America and West Indies. Preserved in the Public record office ... London, 1860- E187 67.

2124a Library has 1574-1660, 1661-1668, 1669-1674, 1675-1676, 1677-1680, 16811685, 1685-1688, 1689-1692, 1693-1696, 1696-1697, 1697-1698, 1699, 1700, 1701, 1702.

W. Noel Sainsbury, J. W. Fortescue, Cecil Headlam, editors. Great expectations; or, Getting promoted. A farce, in one act. Richmond, Chas. H. Wynne, printer, 1864. PS991 678 1864.

2125 11 p. 1714 cm. Greater Richmond directory 1905, containing a general, business, street, and

house directory of the enlarged city, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 41. Richmond, Va., c 1905.

2126 1239 p. maps. 25 142 cm. Greater Richmond Virginia directory 1906, containing a general, business,

street and house directory of the enlarged city, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Telephones arranged numerically on page 1337. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 42. Richmond, Va., c 1906.

2127 maps. 25 12 cm. Greater Richmond Virginia directory 1907, containing a general, business,

street and house directory of the enlarged city and Nianchester, to. gether with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Telephones arranged numerically on page 1435. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 43. Richmond, Va., C 1907.

2128 1472 p. maps. 25 12 cm. Greater Richmond Virginia directory 1908, containing a general, business,

street, and house directory of the enlarged city and Manchester, to. gether with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Telephones arranged numerically on page 1485. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 44. Richmond, Va.

C 1908.

2129 maps. 25 12 cm.

1371 p.

1527 p.

Greater Richmond, Virginia directory 1909, containing a general, business,

street and house directory of the enlarged city and Manchester, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Telephones arranged numerically on page 1625. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 45. Richmond, Va., c 1909.

2130 1670 p. maps. 25 12 cm. Greater Richmond Virginia directory 1910, containing a general, business,

street and house directory of the city and Manchester, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Telephones arranged numerically on page 1397. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 46. Richmond, Va., c 1910.

2131 1464 p. maps. 25 12 cm. The greatest Confederate commander. 2d ed. (Washington? 1907?] C1 L480 G65.

2132 2 p. I., 3-38 p. 22 12 cm.

Replies received from 44 Confederate officers, by Senator Culberson, in answer to his circular letter dated Sept. 17, 1907, asking, who is entitled to rank as the greatest commander developed on the Southern side in the

War between the States. Grebe, William, On healthy and diseased nerves. By Dr. Freiherr R. von

Krafft-Ebing. Tr. from the German ... by William Grebe. Rich. mond, Va., The Southern clinic, 1893. RC351 K89.

2133 102 p. 20cm. Greeley, William Buckhout. White oak in the Southern Appalachians.

By W. B. Greeley, and W. W. Ashe. Washington, Government printing office, 1907. SD11 A5.

2134 37 p.


(U. S. Forest service. Circular 105) Green, Anne Sanford. Pokahuntas, maid of Jamestown, by Anne Sanford

Green. Illustrations by J. W .Foster ... Culpeper, Va., The Exponent press, 1907. C1 P739 G79.

2135 2 p. l., 119 p. 11 pl. (1 col.) 2342 cm. Green, Bennett Wood. How Newport's News got its name [By] B. W.

Green. Richmond, W. E. Jones, book and job printer, 1907. F234 N558 G7.

2136 142 p. 2442 cm. Extracts from various works relating to the early history of Virginia.

Bibliography: p. [141]-142. -Word-book of Virginia folk-speech, by B. W. Green Richmond, Wm. Ellis Jones' sons, inc., 1912. F218 13 G8.

2137 530 p. 24 14 cm. Green, James W., of Culpeper. The disturbed condition of the country, its

cause and the remedy ... Washington, W. H. Moore, printer, 1879. JK246 G79.

2138 52 p. 23cm. Green, Raleigh Travers. Genealogical and historical notes on Culpeper

County, Virginia. Embracing a revised and enlarged edition of Dr. Philip Slaughter's History of St. Mark's parish. Comp. . by Raleigh Travers Green. Culpeper, Va., R. T. Green, 1900. F232 C9G7. 2139

5 p. 1., ii p., 1 l., (vi)-viii, 120 p., 1 l., 160, xxvi p., 11. port. 231 cm. Green, Samuel Abbott, James Murray Mason and John Slidell in Fort War

ren, Boston Harbor with other matter relating to the War of the rebellion. By Samuel Abbott Green. Cambridge, John Wilson and son, University press, 1912.

2140 25cm.


[ocr errors]

14 p.

[ocr errors]

[Green William] [Argument in the case of Utterback's adm'r. d. b. n.

Cooper et als. In the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia) n. p. n. d.
F216 P.

2141 84 p. 22cm.

-Catalogue of the choice and extensive law and miscellaneous library of the late Hon. William Green, LL. D.; comprising nearly 10,000 volumes in the several departments of literature ... The collection of works relating to Virginia is more varied and valuable than has probably ever been offered before, and includes the serials of law reports, collected statutes, history, biography, and ephemeral pamphlets. The value of the books is largely enhanced by the critical and explanatory manuscript notes of their late eminently learned possessor; many of them are attractive also by reason of past associations, containing as they do, memorials of distinguished ownership in England and America, autographs, book-plates, manuscript notes, &c. To be sold by auction, January 18th, 1881, at Richmond, Va. John E. Laughton, Jr., auctioneer. (n. d.)

2142 2312 cm. Catalogue prepared under the supervision of R. A. Brock.

210 p.


-The funding act.

(In The Virginia law journal.

v. 2. April, 1878.

P. (193)-209)

-The genesis of certain counties in Virginia, from cities or towns of the same name. By William Green

ci G978 S34.

2143 (In Slaughter, Philip. A brief sketch of the life of William Green Richmond, 1883. p. [98]-131)

Green, William Mercer, Memoir of Rt. Rev. James Hervey Otey, D. D.,

LL. D., the first bishop of Tennessee. By Rt. Rev. William Mercer Green, D. D., bishop of Mississippi. New York, James Pott and company, 1885. Ci 087 G65.

2145 3 p. I., 359 p. front. (port.) 24cm. Bishop Otey was born in Bedford County, Virginia, Jan. 27, 1800.

Green, Willis. Address of the Hon. Willis Green, of Kentucky, before the Alexandria, D. C. Clay club. [July 19, 1844] JK310 v. 31.

2146 18 p. 224 cm.


Greene, William Batchelder. A legend of old Virginia (London, Printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode] 1891. PS1764 G65 L5. 2146a

14 p., 1 l. 184 cm. Greenhow, Robert, 1800-1854. The history of Oregon and California, and the

other territories on the northwest coast of North America ... Boston, C. C. Little & J. Brown, 1844. F880 G82.

2147 xviil P., 1 1., 482 p. map. 8 vo.

Robert Greenhow was born in Richmond, Va., in 1800. (Greenway, J. R.) Here and there. A collection of reprinted pieces from

the Religious herald and other periodicals, by J. R. G., together with unpublished poems by the same author. Richmond, Va., S. Boyce Brady (1892) PS1764 G7 H5.

2148 46 p. 17 12 cm. Greenwood, Isaac John. Allertons of New England and Virginia. (Boston, 1890]

2149 6 p., 11. 234 cm.

From the New England historical and genealogical register for July, 1890.

-The Rev. Morgan Jones and the Welsh Indians of Virginia. By Isaac J. Greenwood, A. M. Boston, Printed by D. Clapp & son, 1898. 2150

25cm. From the New England historical and genealogical register for January, 1898.

11 p.

376 p.

Greenwood school for boys, Greenwood Depot, Va. Catalog.

2151 Library has 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896. Greer, George Cabell. ... Early Virginia immigrants, by George Cabell

Greer ... Richmond, Va., W. C. Hill printing co., 1912. F222 2 G81.

2152 23 142 cm. At head of title: 1623-1666. Greg, Percy, 1836-1889. History of the United States from the foundation

of Virginia to the reconstruction of the union 1st Amer, ed. Richmond, Va., West, Johnston & co., 1892. E178 G83.

2153 2 v. in 1. 24cm. Gregg, J. Chandler. Life in the army in the department of Virginia and the

Gulf, including observations in New Orleans. 2d ed. Philadelphia, Perkinpine & Higgins, 1868. E601



271 p.

266 p.

Gregory, Charles Noble. Annual address [before Virginia state bar associa

tion) of Hon. Charles Noble Gregory, of Madison, Wisconsin, “Bentham and the codifiers."

2155 (In Virginia state bar association. 12th report, 1900. p. 180-201) Gregory, Edward S. Bonniebell and other poems Lynchburg, J. P. Bell & co., 1880. PS1764 475 B7.

2156 15cm. Gregory, George C. United nations of the world . . Charlottesville, Va., The Michie company, 1906. JX1963 G82.

2157 14 p. 23cm. Gregory, W. F. C. ... Catalogue sale of the library of the late Rev. W. F.

C. Gregory, comprising many valuable law, religious, and miscellaneous volumes, To be sold at auction Tuesday, June 28th, 1887. [Richmond, Va., 1887?]

2158 15 p. 2312 cm. Griffin, Appleton Prentiss Clark. A catalogue of the Washington collection

in the Boston Athenaeum, compiled and annotated by Appleton P. C. Griffin. In four parts: 1. Books from the library of General George Washington; 2. Other books from Mount Vernon; 3. The writings of Washington; 4. Washingtoniana. With an appendix, The inventory of Washington's books drawn up by the appraisers of his estate with notes in regard to the full titles of the several books, and the later history and present ownership of those not in the Athenaeum collection, by William Coolidge Lane ... The Boston Athenaeum, 1897. Ci W318 G66.

2158a xi, 56 6 p. front. (port.) plates. 24cm. Index by F. 0. Poole. C1 W318 667.

2158a 3 p. 1., [87] p. Griffin, John. An address in commemoration of the anniversary of the Wash.

ington society, of the University of Virginia. Delivered on Feb. 22d, 1848. By John Griffin, of Washington County, Miss. Published by order of the Washington society. Charlottesville, James Alexander, printer, 1848.

2159 23 p. 23cm.


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Griffith, David. Letters of the Rev. David Griffith to Col. Leven Powell, 1776-1778.

2160 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. (v. 1, no. 1] June, 1901. p. 39-53) Griffith, J. Eveleth. History of the Washington monument from its incep.

tion to its completion and dedication. Extending over a century. Mr. Robert C. Winthrop's address on the occasion of the laying of the corner stone, July 4th, 1848. Together with a great many interesting facts connected with the construction of this highest structure of human hands. Also a graphic description and complete program of the dedication ceremonies, February 22, 1885. Edited by J. Eveleth Griffith ... Holyoke, Mass., J. Eveleth Griffith, printer, c 1885. ci W318 G664.

2161 95 p. 1844 cm. Grigsby, Hugh Blair, 1806-1881. Discourse on the life and character of the

Hon. Littleton Waller Tazewell, delivered in the Freemason Street Baptist church, before the bar of Norfolk, Virginia, and the citizens gen. erally on the 29th day of June, 1860. . Norfolk, J. D. Ghiselin, jun., 1860. C1 T248 G66.

2162 123 p. 24cm. -Discourse on the lives and characters of the presidents and trustees of Hampden-Sidney College, delivered on the 14th day of June, 1876 . . Richmond, Hermitage press, 1913. F218 24 H2 B93. 2163 X, 46 p. ports. 23cm.

(In Hampden-Sidney college. Bulletin. v. 7, no. 4. Jan., 1913) -Early history of Virginia .

2164 (In Southern literary messenger.

p. 110-117) -The founders of Washington college. F218 24 W31 H67.

2165 (In Washington and Lee university. Historical papers.

no. 2. 1890. D. 1-111) -The history of the Virginia federal convention of 1788, with some account of the eminent Virginians of that era who were members of the body, by Hugh Blair Grigsby, LL. D. With a biographical sketch of the author and illustrative notes; ed. by R. A. Brock . . Richmond, Va., (Virginia historical] society, 1890-91. F225 V82.

2166 2 v. 25cm.

(In Virginia historical society. Collections. new ser., v. 9-10) -Hon. Hugh Blair Grigsby to Charles Deane, esq. [concerning the name "Newport's News.") F61 M4,

2166a (In The Massachusetts historical society. Proceedings. 1867-1869. D. 23-32) Oration before students of William and Mary college, July 4, 1859. 2167 (In Southern literary messenger.

V. 29. p. 81-96) Oration delivered before the students of William and Mary college July 4, 1859.

2168 caption-title, 16 p. 2112 cm.

v. 22.

-The Randolph library. [Letter to the editor describing the library of John Randolph]

2168a (In Southern literary messenger. v. 20. p. 76-79) -The Virginia convention of 1829.30. A discourse delivered before the Virginia historical society, at their annual meeting, held in Richmond, December 15, 1853 . F216 2 V84 Office.

2169 (In Virginia historical reporter. 1854-60.

p. 15-116) The Library has also a copy published separately in 1854.

v. 1.

8 vo.

104 p.

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