Editor Abingdon Virginian, Abingdon, Va., nineteen hundred and seven. [Bristol, Tenn., The king printing co., 1907] F232 W317 H3. 2280 46 p. illus., map. 151⁄2 x 23cm.

Harris, H. H.

Richmond College. Alumni address 1891, by H. H. Harris (1856). Reprinted from The Messenger. Library Richmond college, 1891. 2281

[blocks in formation]

Harris, J. Morrison. Discourse on the life and character of Sir Walter Raleigh: delivered by J. Morrison Harris, before the Maryland historical society, May 19, 1846, being the third annual address to that association. Baltimore, Printed for the Society by John D. Toy, 1846. C2 R163 H4. 2282

71 p. 23cm.

Harris, L. W. Virginia farms, "The land of hearts' delight." Suburban homes, timber and mineral lands, alfalfa lands, tobacco, oyster shores. For sale by L. W. Harris, real estate & loans Richmond, Va. [Richmond, n. d.]

41, [1] p. plates. 221⁄2 cm.


Harris, Thaddeus Mason. The journal of a tour into the territory northwest of the Alleghany mountains; made in the spring of the year 1803. With a geographical and historical account of the state of Ohio. Illustrated with original maps and views. By Thaddeus Mason Harris. Boston, Printed by Manning & Loring, 1805. F591 T54.

[73] p. map. 241⁄2 cm.

(In Thwaites, R. G. Early western travels.



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Harris, Thomas Henry. Harris family of Virginia from 1611 to 1914. Data gathered and printed for Thomas Henry Harris of Fredericksburg, Va. [n. p., 1914]

33, [1] p. port. 24cm.


Harris, William C. Prison-life in the tobacco warehouse at Richmond. By a Ball's Bluff prisoner, Lieut. Wm. C. Harris . . . Philadelphia, G. W. Childs, 1862. E612 L7 H3. 2286

2 p. 1., 9-175 p. incl. front. 181⁄2 cm.

Harris family. A chart of some of the descendants of Captain Thomas Harris, of Henrico County, who came to Virginia in 1611, with an appendix of illustrative documents. Richmond, Va., Wm. Ellis Jones, printer, 1893.

[blocks in formation]


The Anglomaniacs. New York, Cas-
H318 A8.

-Bar Harbor days. By Mrs. Burton Harrison

& brothers, 1887. B H318 B8.

181 p. front. 18cm.

-Belhaven tales.

4 p. 1., 212 p.


New York, Harper


Crow's nest. Una; and King David.
New York, The century co., 1892.


By Mrs. Burton H318 B10. 2290

front., plates. 20cm.

-A daughter of the South, and shorter stories. By Mrs. Burton Harrison New York, Cassell publishing company, 1892. B H318 D8.

281 p.



-An edelweiss of the Sierras; Goldenrod and other tales. By Mrs. Burton Harrison. New York, Harper & brothers, 1892. B H318 E8. 2292 209 p. 19cm.

-Flower de Hundred; the story of a Virginia plantation. By Mrs. Burton Harrison . . . New York, Cassell publishing company, 1890. B H318 F8.

301 p. 20cm.


-The merry maid of Arcady; His lordship; and other stories. By Mrs. Burton Harrison . . . Boston, Lamson, Wolffe and company, 1897. B H318 M8.


348 p. front. 18cm.

-Recollections grave and gay, by Mrs. Burton Harrison. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1911. C1 H3185 R31.


4 p. 1., 3-386 p. 211⁄2 cm.

-Richmond scenes in '62. E468 B33.


(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 2, p. 439-448)

-A triple entanglement. By Mrs. Burton Harrison
J. B. Lippincott company, 1899. B H318 T8.

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272 p. front. 19cm.

-Virginia scenes in '61. E468 B33.

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 1, p. 160-166)


-Woman's handiwork in modern homes. By Constance Cary Harrison. With numerous illustrations and five colored plates from designs by Samuel Colman, Rosina Emmet, George Gibson, and others. Charles Scribner's sons, 1881. 2298a

xii, 242 p. illus., front., plates partly col. 21cm.

Harrison, Fairfax, 1869- Agricultural and industrial progress depends upon prosperous railroads. An address before the Chamber of Commerce of Anderson, South Carolina, February 24, 1914. . . [Washington, 1914] HE1017 U5. 2299

4 p. 23cm.

-Are we ready for industrial co-operation? An address before the State convention of the Indiana Y. M. C. A., Hammond, Ind., November 22, 1912. By Fairfax Harrison. [Chicago? 1912] HD2971 H3. 2300

10 p. 221⁄2 cm.

-Aris sonis focisque, being a memoir of an American family, the Harrisons of Skimino and particularly of Jesse Burton Harrison and Burton Norvell Harrison . . Edited by Fairfax Harrison from material collected by Francis Burton Harrison, and privately printed for them, 1910. 2301

413 p. 24cm.

-The choice of Heracles; an address before the literary societies of Hampden-Sidney college, by Fairfax Harrison. June 10, 1913. [n. p., 1913] F218 24 H2 H3.

14 p. 232 cm.


-Co-operation for the development of Latin-American trade. An address before the Chamber of Commerce of Mobile, Alabama, March 4, 1914 . [Washington, 1914] HE1017 U5. 2303

5 p. 23cm.

-Government ownership of the railways as unnecessary as it is undesirable. An address before the Conference on Southern problems, at the

University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, August 1, 1911, by Fairfax Harrison [Washington? D. C., 1911] HE1081 H3.

1 p. 1., 13 p. 23cm.


-The ideal storehouse system. An address before the eleventh annual convention of the Railway storekeepers' association. Washington, D. C., May 18, 1914, by Fairfax Harrison, President, Southern Railway Co. [n. p. 1914] 2305

2 p. 23cm.

-The independent woman. An address before the Alabama girls' technical institute, Montevallo, Alabama, October 17, 1914. 2306

[4] p. 23cm.

-The prejudice against the railways; an address before the Chamber of commerce, Lynchburg, Virginia, April 30, 1914. . . [1914] HE1017 U5.


7 p. 23cm.

-Railroad co-operation in Southern agricultural development; an address before the Chamber of commerce, Selma, Alabama, March 3, 1914 [Washington, 1914] HC107 A13 H31.

5 p. 22 cm.

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-The school of Hellas; an address before the Virginia classical association, Richmond, Va., November 27, 1914 . . . [1914]

LC1011 H34.


16 p. 221⁄2 cm.

-Selecting the roads to be improved. An address before the American road congress, Atlanta, Georgia, November 11th, 1914.

[4] p. 23cm.


-Some grounds for encouragement in the railway situation; an address before the Transportation club of Indianapolis, March 31, 1911, by Fairfax Harrison [Washington? D. C., 1911] HE2757 1911 H3. 2311

1 p. 1., 9 p. 221⁄2 cm.

-South American trade-An opportunity but not a special privilege. An address before the New Orleans association of commerce, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 3, 1914. 2312

8 p. 23cm.

-The Southern railway belongs to the people of the South. An address before the Chamber of commerce of Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 20, 1914. . . [Washington, 1914] HE1017 U5. 2313

7 p. 221⁄2 cm.

-A statesman's opportunity, an address before the Railway business association, New York, N. Y., December 10, 1914 . . [New York? 1914] HE2757 1914 H3.

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2314 -Transportation efficiency. An address before the Washington traffic club, of Washington, D. C., Feb. 7, 1914. . . [Washington, 1914] HE1017 U5. 2315

[3] p. 23cm.

-What a railroad terminal means to a community. An address at a dinner of the Board of commerce of Knoxville, Tennessee, January 17, 1914


[Washington, 1914] HE1017 U5.


5 p. 23cm.

Harrison, Gessner, 1807-1862. An exposition of some of the doctrines of the Latin grammar. By Gessner Harrison . . . Charlottesville, Printed by James Alexander, 1839. PA2079 H29.

2 v. 221⁄2 cm.
Library has pt. 1.


-An exposition of some of the laws of the Latin grammar. By Gessner Harrison, Professor of ancient languages in the University of Virginia. New York, Harper & brothers, 1852. PA2079 H3. 2318

viii, 290 p. 20cm.

-Notes of lectures on the geography of ancient Italy. By G. Harrison, M. D., Professor of ancient languages in the University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Printed by Moseley & Tompkins, 1835. DG30 H31.

71 p. 211⁄2 cm.


-A treatise on the Greek prepositions, and on the cases of nouns with which these are used. By Gessner Harrison, Professor of Latin in the University of Virginia. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1858. PA355 H3. 2320

xix, 498 p. 25cm.

Harrison, Henry Sydnor. Angela's business. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin co., 1915. B H320 A5.


375 p. front., plates. 191⁄2 cm. -Captivating Mary Carstairs, by Henry Second. Boston. Boston, Small, Maynard & co. [c 1910] B H320

viii, 346 p. front. 191⁄2 cm.



-Queed; a novel . . . Boston, New York, Houghton Mifflin co., 1911. B H320 Q77. 2323

x, 430 p. 191⁄2 cm.

Harrison, James Albert, 1848-1911. [Biographical sketch of Edgar Allan Poe, with selections from his writings, by James A. Harrison and W. P. Trent] 2324 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909, v. 9, p. 40794126) -George Washington, patriot, soldier, statesman, first president of the United States. By James A. Harrison, Professor in the University of Virginia . . . New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1906. C1 W318 H4. 2325

xxiii, 481 p. front. (port.), plates, ports. 191⁄2 cm. -Greek vignettes. A sail in the Greek seas, summer of 1877. By James Albert Harrison Boston, Houghton, Osgood and comapny, 1878.

DF725 H31.


vi p., 1 1, 258 p.

-A group of poets and their haunts. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1875. PN164 H3.


vi p., 1 l., 319 p. 18cm.

-Life and letters of Edgar Allan Poe. By James A. Harrison of the University of Virginia. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell & co. [c 1903] P743 H4.



2 v. fronts. (ports.), plates, ports. 20cm.

-New glimpses of Poe. By James A. Harrison, Professor in the University of Virginia. New York and London, M. F. Mansfield & company, 1901.

C1 P743 H5.

58 p. front. (port.), plates, ports, facsims. 221⁄2 cm.


-The story of Greece; by Prof. James A. Harrison. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1895. DF215 H31.


1 p. 1., xxviii, 515 p. front., plates. 20cm. Harrison, James P. Paper [before Virginia state bar association] by James P. Harrison, of the Danville bar. Suggested changes in our judicial system. 2331

(In Virginia state bar association. 11th report 1899. p. 234-249) Harrison, Randolph. Circular to the people of Cumberland, Buckingham and Campbell. [no date] JK310 v. 31.

8 p. 22cm.


Harrison, Robert Lewis. [Biographical sketch of George Tucker, with selections from his writings, by Robert Lewis Harrison] 2333 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 12, p. 55155537)

Harrison, Walter. Pickett's men: a fragment of war history. By Walter Harrison, A. A. and Inspector General of Pickett's division, Army of Northern Virginia. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1870. E547 H32.


202 p.

front. (port.) pl. 19cm.

Library has 1898.

Harrisonburg, Va. Graded and high schools. Catalog.

Harrisonburg, State normal school for women.

Normal bulletin.



Library has v. 2, nos. 3, 4, May, Nov., 1910; v. 3, nos. 1, Jany., 1911; v. 4, nos. 1, 2, 4, Jan., Mar., Nov., 1912; v. 5, nos. 1, 2, 4, Jan., Mar., Nov., 1913; v. 6, nos. 1, 2, 4, Jan., Mar., Nov., 1914; v. 7, nos. 1, 3, Jan., May, 1915.

Published annually by the students of the State
F218 24 H3 S3.

-The Schoolma'am.

normal school .

Library has 1910-1915.

Harrower, John. Diary of John Harrower, 1773-1776.

E171 A57.



(In American historical review. v. 6, no. 1. Oct., 1900. p. 65-107) Hart, Albert Bushnell. American history told by contemporaries . . . Ed. by Albert Bushnell Hart . . . New York, London, The Macmillan co., 1901-02. E173 H32. 2338 4 v. Contents.-v. 1. Era of colonization, 1492-1689.-v. 2. Building of the republic, 1689-1783.-v. 3. National expansion, 1783-1845.-v. 4. Welding of the nation, 1845-1900.


Hart, Charles Henry, 1847- Memoirs of the life and works of Jean Antoine Houdon, the sculptor of Voltaire and of Washington, by Charles Henry Hart and Edward Biddle; with thirty-three illustrations. Philadelphia, Printed for the authors, 1911. NB553 H8 H2.


3 p. 1., v-xiii, 341, [1] p. 33. pl. (incl. front., ports.) 261⁄2 cm. -Peale's original whole-length portrait of Washington. A plea for exactness in historical writings. E172 A48.


(In American historical association. Report, 1896. v. 1. p. 189-200) -Portraits of Patrick Henry; remarks before the Numismatic and antiquarian society of Philadelphia, April 17th, 1911. Philadelphia, Reprinted from Proceedings, 1913. C1 H523

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