Labor, Views of.
Labor legislation (general).
Labor violence.
Land, Taxation of.
Lead workers.
Legal aid.
Legal procedure.
Legislature, pay of officials.
Legislative reference bureaus.
Life insurance.
Life saying.
Lights on horse-drawn vehicles.
Liquor, Adulteration of.
Liquor on railway trains.
Liquor question.
Loan companies.
Local elections.
Losses at sea, Liability for.
Lumber, Transportation of.
Marble, Artificial.
Maternity homes.
Maternity wards.
Mayors' conference.
Meat inspection.
Medical advertising.
Medical inspection of schools.
Mexican war.
Milk standards.
Minimum wage.
Monopolies, Restraint of.
Monroe doctrine.
Montessori system.
Mortality statistics.
Motor bus transportation.
Moving pictures.
Municipal accounting.
Municipal farm.
Municipal government.
Municipal lodging houses.
Modicipal ownership.
Municipal reference libraries.
Municipal research.
Municipal sanitation.
Murders, Printing details of.

National Guard.
Naval Militia, State.
Negotiable instruments.
Negro representation in national

conventions. Negroes. Negroes (segregation in Federal ser

New York City.
Noise prevention.
Normal schools.
Occupational diseases.
Ohio Constitution.
Ohio Industrial Commission.
Oil inspection.
Old-age pensions.
Open shop.
Pamunkey Indians.
Paper industry in Southern States.
Pardoning power.
Parole law.
Patent medicine.
Peace movement.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
Pensions to Confederate soldiers.
Pensions to mothers.
Pensions to teachers.
Physicians, Examination and regis-

Police power of U. S.
Police, State.
Politics and social reform.
Posture League.
Preferential voting.
Price agreements.
Presidential primaries.
Prison reform.
Prisoners' mail.
Prize fights.
Probation for delinquents.
Proportional representation,
Public baths.
Public defender.
Public health.
Public records.

Public schools.
Public service corporations.
Public utilities.
Railroad commissions.
Railroad employees, Working ours.
Railroad tracks, Fencing of.
Railroads in war.
Recall of Judges.
Red Cross.
Registration of births, deaths, mar-

Religious agencies.
Removal of officials.
Revenue Cutter Service.
Rural education.
Rural social conditions.
Safety appliances.
Safety at sea.
Satellite cities.
School books.
School camps.
School centers.
School gardens.
School lunches.
School rooms.
Senators, U. S.
Sewage disposal.
Sex hygiene.
Sheriffs, Payment of.
Short ballot.
Single tax.
Skyscrapers (employees of).
Social centers.
Social insurance.
Social litany.
Social organizations (National di-

Social work and workers.
Southern States, Sociology in.
Speed regulations.
Steam boiler inspection.
Steamship trusts.
Steel workers.
Steerage conditions.
Stenographers, Court.
Stock exchanges.
Street railways.

Strikes, Arbitration for.
Sunday legislation.
Surveys of social conditions.
Tag days.
Tax commissions.
Tax maps.
Taxation, Boards of equalization.
Taxation, Notes, bonds, etc.
Taxation of corporations.
Taxation of corporations in Virginia.
Taxation on business.
Taxes, Delinquent.
Teachers, Visiting.
Telephone operators.
Ten-hour day.
Text books.
Text books, Free.
Tin-plate industry.
Torrens system.
Towns, Incorporation of.
Trade unions.
Trading stamps.
Traffic laws.
Transvaal miners.
Twelve-hour day.
Typhoid fever.
Uniform accounting.
Unitarian Church.
U. S. Steel Corporation.
Venereal diseases.
Ventilation, Legislation.
Veterinary practice.
Vocational education.
Vocational guidance.
Voting, Absent.
Voting, Compulsory.
Voting machines.
War in Europe, Social measures

prompted by.
Wasserman test.
Water power.
Water supply.
Weapons, Sale of.
Weights and measures.
Welfare exhibits.
Welfare work.
Wisconsin Industrial Commission.

Wisconsin Constitutional Conven

Woman, Hours of labour for.
Woman suffrage.
Women's clubs.

Women, Organization of working.
Women police.
Women, Wages of.
Y. M. C. A.

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A List of subjects Represented in the Collection of Clippings, Relating

Principally to Virginia, from Virginia Newspapers. Administrative Board, Richmond. Long Roll,” by Mary Johnston. American flag.

Madison, Dolly. Athletics, baseball, football.

Maury, M. F. Auditing and bookkeeping, State. Mill tax. Automobile traffic regulation.

Monumental Church. Bible in the public schools.

Moving pictures. Boy scouts.

Negroes. Boys' clubs.

Norfolk, Va.- History. Boys, training in citizenship.

Oysters and fisheries. Cabinet.

Pay of teachers. Charity.

Penitentiary, Virginia. Christmas legends.

Playgrounds. Cigarette law.

Poe, Edgar Allan. Cold storage.

Primaries in Virginia. College for women, State.

Prohibition (liquor question). Commission government.

Public drinking cup. Compulsory education.

Pure food law in Virginia. Coafederate States history.

Railroads in Virginia. Consolidation of schools.

Richmond, women writers in. Ceorict labor.

Richmond-History. Criminal insane.

Richmond Blues. Daughters of 1812.

Richmond-Burning of theatre, Dazghters of the American Revolu

1811. tion in Virginia.

Richmond-Four-ward plan. Dirkens, Charles, visit to Richmond. School farms, model farms, agriculDrainage.

tural schools. Education in Virginia.

Segregation of the races in Virginia. Eugenic marriages.

Seven modern wonders of the world. Fee system.

Sheppard, William L. Fire-arms, carrying.

Short ballot. Francisco, Peter.

State banks. Free school books.

Taxation in Virginia. Gambling (race tracks).

Tredegar iron works. Game laws.

University of Virginia. Ghosts, Virginia.

Valentine Museum.
Grod roads in Virginia.

Great seal of the Confederacy. Virginia-History.
Heary, Patrick.

Virginia-State Capitol.
Historic homes in Virginia.

Virginia State Fair and its organHonor system.

izer, Gen. W. H. Richardson. intson, Stonewall.

Virginia place names. vaes, John Paul.

Virginia State Library. Cordon enabling act.

Virginia State seal. Journalism.

Waddell, James. hvenile Court and probation. Washington and Lee University. Labor laws for women.

Westham foundry. Landmarks, preserving.

Westmoreland Club, Richmond, Lee, Gen. R. E.

home of. Libraries in Virginia.


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The Abridged Debater's Handbook Series:

Fortification of the Panama canal.
Government ownership of telegraph.
Ship subsidies.
Independence for the Philippines.
Minimum wage.
Six-year term for president.
Panama canal tolls.

White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. 32p. Price, $.25 each.

A series of 32-page pamphlets, edited on the same plan as the Debaters' handbook series. Each pamphlet contains a brief, a bibliography, and reprints of the best material available.

Alden, Raymond Macdonald. The art of debate. By Raymond Macdonald

Alden, Associate Professor in Leland Stanford Junior University. New

York. Henry Holt & Co., c. 1900. 279p. $1.12. Baker, George P. Readings for students. Specimens of argumentation.

Modern. Compiled by George P. Baker, Assistant Professor in English, Harvard University. Second edition, revised. New York. Henry

Holt & Co., c. 1897. 203p. $.50. Baker, George Pierce, and Huntington, Henry Barrett. The principles of

argumentation (revised and augmented). By George Pierce Baker, Professor of English in Harvard University, and Henry Barrett Huntington, Assistant Professor of English in Brown University. Boston.

Ginn & Co., c. 1895, 1905. 677p. $1.25. Bradley, Cornelius Beach. Orations and arguments by English and Ameri

can statesmen. Edited, with notes, explanatory and critical, by Cornelius Beach Bradley, Professor of Rhetoric in the University of Cali

fornia. Boston. Allyn & Bacon, c. 1894. 378p. $1.00. Buck, Gertrude. A course in argumentative writing, by Gertrude Buck,

Instructor in English in Vassar College. New York. Henry Holt &

Co., 1901. 206p. $.90. Chicago University. Constructive and rebuttal speeches of the represen

tatives of the University of Chicago vs. the University of Michigan and Northwestern University in the tenth, thirteenth and fourteenth annual contests of the Central Debating League. Federal incorporation. White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. 76p. (paper), 1903. Price, $1.00.

Two complete debates, including the speeches of Northwestern and Michigan representatives. Bibliography.

-Federal graduated income tax. White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson

46p. (paper), 1908. Price, $1.00.

Briefs and bibliography.
-Recall (excluding judges). White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co.
28p. (paper), 1912. Price, $1.00.

Briefs and bibliography.
-Minimum wage.

White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co. 51p. (paper), 1914. Price, $1.00.

Briefs and bibliography. Denney, Joseph Villiers. Argumentation and debate. By Joseph Villiers

Denney, Professor of English in the Ohio State University, Carson S. Duncan, Assistant Professor of English in the Ohio State University, and Frank C. McKinney, of the New York Bar. New York. Ameri

can Book Company, c. 1910. 400p. $1.25. Gardiner, J. H. The making of arguments. J. H. Gardiner, formerly As

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sistant Professor of English in Harvard University. Boston. Ginn

& Co., c. 1912. 290p. $1.00. Iowa University. Commission government for cities. 3d edition. White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co. 32p., paper. Price, $1.00.

Resolved, That American cities should adopt a commission form of government.

This pamphlet contains the full constructive and rebuttal speeches of the Iowa teams, both affirmative and negative, as well as briefs and

references. -Graduated income tax. White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co. 46p. (paper). Price, $1.00.

Resolved, That a graduated income tax, with an exemption of incomes below $5,000 per annum, would be a desirable modification of the system of Federal taxation.

In addition to the constructive and rebuttal speeches of both teams, this booklet contains an appendix of helpful material and arguments.

Briefs and references are also included. Closed shop. White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co. 44p. (paper). Price, $1.00.

Resolved, that the movement of organized labor for the closed shop should receive the support of public opinion.

The pamphlet is uniform with the other numbers of this series. -Ship subsidies. White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. 39p. (paper). Price, $1.00.

Resolved, that the United States should adopt a policy of shipping subsidies.

This pamphlet is a complete report of the home contest of the Iowa teams held a few evenings before the Interstate debate of 1911-1912. Like the other numbers in the series, it contains the speeches of the

teams, with briefs and bibliographies. -Federal charter for interstate corporations. White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. 36p. (paper). Price, 1.00.

Resolved, That all corporations engaged in interstate commerce should be required to take out Federal charters, it being conceded that such a requirement would be constitutional, and that Federal license shall not be available as an alternative plan.

Debated in the Central Debating Circuit, 1912-1913. Uniform with the other volumes in the series. -Literacy test for immigrants. White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. 34p. (paper). Price, $1.00.

Resolved, That immigration into the United States should be further restricted by a literacy test.

The constructive and rebuttal speeches of the representatives of Iowa University in the Intercollegiate debates, 1913-1914, are included in

this pamphlet, with briefs and references. Kansas University. Debating and public discussion. Paper, 1910. Uni.

versity of Kansas, Lawrence. -Debating and public discussion: The recall of judges. Paper, 1913.

University of Kansas.
-Debating and public discussion. Announcements of the Kansas High
School Debating League for 1913-'14. Paper, 1913. University of

Ketcham, Victor Alvin. The theory and practice of argumentation and

debate. By Victor Alvin Ketcham, Assistant Professor in the Ohio State University. New York. The Macmillan Co., 1914. 366p.

$1.25. laycock, Craven, and Scales, Robert Leighton. Argumentation and de

bate. By Craven Laycock, Assistant Professor of Oratory in Dartmouth College, and Robert Leighton Scales, Instructor in English in Dartmouth College. New York. The Macmillan Co., 1913. 361p.

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