(Howard, Frank Key] Fourteen months in American bastiles Balti. more, Kelly, Hedian & Piet, 1863. E615 H85.

2555 89 p. 23cm.

Contents: Fort McHenry: Fortress Monroe; Fort La Fayette; The steamboat "State of Maine;" Fort Warren.

[ocr errors]

Howard, John Hamilton. In the shadow of the pines. A tale of tidewater

Virginia by John Hamilton Howard New York, Eaton & Mains; Cincinnati, Jennings & Graham; c 1906.

2556 7 p. 1. (incl. map), 249 p. front., plates. 2042 cm. Howard, McHenry. Recollections of a Maryland Confederate soldier and

staff officer under Johnston, Jackson and Lee, by McHenry Howard. Baltimore, Williams & Wilkins company, 1914. E605 H85.

2557 1 p. l., 423 p. front., illus., pl., ports., fold. map, facsim. 23cm. Howard, Oliver Otis. The eleventh corps at Chancellorsville. E468 B33. (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 3. p. 189-202)


General Taylor. By Oliver Otis Howard, Major-General, U. S. Army. With portrait and maps. New York, D. Appleton and company, 1902. ci T247 H53.

2559 xii p. (incl. front.), 1 l., 386 p. front. (port.), maps. 19 42 cm. Howard, Overton. Howard's index to the code of Virginia of 1887. By Overton Howard. Richmond, Va., West, Johnston & co., 1895. 2560

203 p. 241 cm. -The life of the law; or, Universal principles of law. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & English, 1889. K107 H51.

2561 114 p. 23cm. Howard association of Norfolk, Va. Report of the Howard association of

Norfolk, Va., to all contributors who gave their valuable aid in behalf of the sufferers from epidemic yellow fever during the summer of 1855. Philadelphia, Inquirer printing office, 1857. F234 N8 H8. 2562

113 p. 214 cm. Howe, Henry. Historical collections of Virginia; containing a collection of

the most interesting facts, traditions, biographical sketches, anecdotes, &c. relating to its history and antiquities, together with geographical and statistical descriptions. To which is appended, an historical and descriptive sketch of the District of Columbia. Illustrated by over 100 engravings By Henry Howe ... Charleston, S. C., Babcock & co., 1845. F226 H85.

2563 x, (11)-544 p. front., illus., plates, ports. 234 cm. -Same. 1849. F226 H852.

2563 2 p. l., iii-x (11)-544 p. incl. illus., plates, ports. 23cm. Some recollections of historic travel over New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio, in the seven years from 1840-1847.

2564 (In Ohio archaeological and historical publications.

v. 2.

no. 4. March, 1889. D. 441-474) Howe, Samuel T. Tax commissions of certain states. An extract from

a paper prepared by Samuel T. Howe for the annals of the American academy of political and social science .. Issued by the Legislative reference bureau of Virginia. Richmond, Davis Bottom, Superintendent of public printing, 1915.

2565 14 D. 23cm. Howell, Robert Boyte Crawford. The Cross. By Robert Boyte C. Howell,

D. D., pastor of Main-Street (Second Baptist) Church, Richmond, Va.

Charleston, S. C., Southern Baptist publication society, Richmond, Va., Virginia Bap. S. S. and publication society, 1854.

2565a xi, 226 p. 17% cn.

-The early Baptists of Virginia: an address delivered in New York, before the American Baptist historical society, May 10th, 1856. By Robt. Boyte Crawford Howell, pastor of Main street (second) Baptist church, Richmond, Va... Philadelphia, Press of the society, 1857. F218 3 H859,

2566 23cm.

120 p.

271 p.



[ocr errors]

-The evils of infant baptism. By Robert Boyte C. Howell, D. D., pastor of the second Baptist church, Richmond, Va. 5th ed. Charleston, S. C., Southern Baptist publication society, 1854.

2567 xv, [17]-310 p. 1722 cm. -The terms of communion at the Lord's table. By Robert Boyte C. Howell, D. D.. pastor of the Second Baptist church, Richmond, Va. Philadelphia, American Baptist pub. soc. [c 1846]

2568 18cm. Howison, Robert Reid. Fredericksburg: past, present and future. New ed. with supplement by Robert Reid Howison ...

.. Fredericksburg, Va., Rufus B. Merchant, 1880. F234 F8 H8.

2569 52 p. 19cm.

Delivered as a lecture requested by and for the benefit of the Fredericksburg library and lyceum association in 1880. -A history of the United States of America. Richmond, Va., E. Wad. dey co., 1892. E178 1 H86.

2570 936 p. incl. front., port. 21cm. History of the war.

2571 (In Southern literary messenger. v. 36, p. 172, 209, 273, 401, 513, 593; V. 37, p. 1, 129, 193, 257, 321, 385, 450, 513, 577, 641; v. 38, p. 15, 65, 129, 193, 257, 321) A history of Virginia, from its discovery and settlement by Europeans to the present time Philadelphia, Carey & Hart, 1846; Richmond, Drinker and Morris [etc.] 1848. F226 H86.

2572 2 v.

Contents: v. 1. History of the colony to the peace of Paris, in 1763; V. 2. History of the colony and of the state from 1763 to ... 1847, with a review of the present condition of Virginia.

For a review of Howison's History see Southern literary messenger, v. 13, p. 1-14, and v. 14, p. 337-342. Hoyt, Albert Harrison. Early printing in Virginia.

2573 (In New England historical and genealogical register. v. 26, 1872. p. 30-36) Hubard, Edmund W. Speech of Mr. Hubard, of Virginia, against the tariff.

Delivered in the House of representatives, Wednesday, June 23, 1842. [n. p., 1842] JK310 v. 28.

2574 15 p. 22 42 cm. -Speech on the tariff in the House of representatives May 1, 1844. JK310 v. 28.

2575 22cm. -The tariff question. [Speech of Mr. Hubard, of Virginia on the tariff. Washington, n. d.]

2576 14 p. 23cm. Hubert, Sarah Donelson. Thomas Hardaway of Chesterfield County, Vir.

ginia, and his descendants. By Sarah Donelson Hubert, Norwood, War.

8 Vo.

15 p.

ren County, Ga. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers and publishers, 1906.

2577 55 p. 2212 cm. Huddle, William Peter. History of the Hebron Lutheran Church, Madison

County, Virginia, from 1717 to 1907. By Rev. W. P. Huddle, pastor. New Market, Va., Henkel & company, 1908. F232 M4 H8. 2578

xi, 115, (1) p. front., plates, ports. 2412 cm. Hudnall Henry. Organization of first company [and John Brown raid]

Address before the Richmond howitzer association, Dec. 13, 1878. E581 8 R4 C.

2579 (In Contributions to a history of the Richmond howitzer battalion. Pamphlet no. 1. p. [3]-10) Hudnall, Richard Henry. [Biographical sketch of Franklin Verzelius Newton Painter, with selections from his writings, by Richard Henry Hudnall]

2580 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature, 1909. V. 9. p. 38893905) Hühner, Leon. The Jews of Virginia from the earliest times to the close

of the eighteenth century. by Leon Hühner ... [Baltimore, 1911] F228 H89.

2581 cover-title, p. 85-105. 242 cm.

Reprinted from Publications of the American Jewish historical society, no. 20, 1911. Hughes, J. G., jr. Samuel Davies. (Life]

2582 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. V. 4. no. 2. June, 1914. p. [65]-79) Hughes, L. B. The model character. George Washington. A lecture de

livered at Montgomery Square, Montgomery County, Pa., September 8, 1863, by Rev. L. B. Hughes of the Philadelphia Methodist Episcopal conference. Published by the audience. Philadelphia, Bryson & son, 1863. ci W318 H77.

2583 24 p. 22cm. Hughes, Robert Morton, Address [before Virginia state bar association]

of Robert M. Hughes, president of the association. Contractual exemptions from liability.

2584 (In Virginia state bar association. 8th report, 1896. p. 138-165) General Johnston. By Robert M. Hughes. New York, D. Appleton and company. Ci J72 H77.

2585 ix p., 2 I., 353 p. front. (port.) 19 12 cm. -The ideal student. Address of Robert M. Hughes, M. A., of Virginia, before the Society of the alumni of the College of William and Mary, on the occasion of the one hundred and ninety-eighth commencement exercises of that institution, June 30, 1892. Richmond, Daily record printing company, 1892. F218 24 W71 H89.

2586 (25) p. 22cm. -Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by R. M. Hughes, of the Norfolk bar. “Some defects in our present constitution." 2587

(In Virginia state bar association. 12th report, 1900. p. 338-342) Hughes, Robert William, 1821-1901. The American dollar; and the Anglo.

German combination to make gold dearer. By Robert W. Hughes Richmond, Va., West, Johnston & co., 1885. HG556 H91. 2588

80 p. 234 cm. -"Editors of the past.” Lecture . . . delivered before the Virginia press


30 p.

67 p.

association at Charlottesville, Va., on the 22d of June, 1897. Richmond, W. E. Jones, 1897. F218 12 H89.

2589 23cm. In the matter of the congressional land scrip. Letter of Ro. W. Hughes [1872] F218 24 H23 H89.

2590 8 p. 2142 cm. A popular treatise on the currency question written from a Southern point of view ... New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1879. HG527 H9.

2591 ix, 213 p. 19 cm. -The question of the day; the financial independence of the United States. [Norfolk, Va., 1891?] HG556 H915.

2592 22 12 cm. First published in the form of letters in the Daily dispatch of Richmond, Va. -Supplemental chapters to The American dollar, by Robert W. Hughes. JK310 v. 35.

2593 p. 81-107. Chapters 9 and 10. Huish, Marcus Bourne. The American pilgrim's way in England to homes

and memorials of the founders of Virginia, the New England states and Pennsylvania, the universities of Harvard and Yale, the first president of the United States and other illustrious Americans. By Marcus B. Huish; illustrated by Elizabeth M. Chettle. London, The Fine art society ltd., 1907. DA630 H85.

2594 XXV, 376 p. incl. front. (map) illus., facsimiles. col. plates. 25 by 19cm. Hulbert, Archer Butler. Boone's Wilderness road ... Cleveland, O., The A. H. Clark company, 1903. E159 H91.

2595 207 p. incl. front., fold. map, plan. 26 12 cm.

(Historic highways of America. V. 6) -Braddock's road and three relative papers. By Archer Butler Hulbert . . Cleveland, Ohio, The Arthur H. Clark company, 1903.

2596 213 p. front. maps (partly fold.) plates. 19 12 cm. (Historic highways of America. v. 4)

The Cumberland road Cleveland O., The A, H. Clark com. pany, 1904. E159 H91.

2597 201 p. incl. front., 2 pl., 2 maps. 26 32 cm, (Historic highways of America. v. 10)


The great American canals Cleveland, O., The A, H. Clark company, 1904. E159 H91.

2598 fronts., plates, fold. maps. 26 33 cm. (Historic highways of America, v. 13-14)

Contents.-1. The Chesapeake and Ohio canal and the Pennsylvania canal.-2. The Erie canal.

2 v.

Washington's road (Nemacolin's path) the first chapter of the old French war ... Cleveland, O., The A. H. Clark company, 1903. E159 H91.

2599 215 p. incl. front., plates, maps, plans. 26 14 cm.

(Historic highways of America, v. 3) Hume, David. Philosophical essays on morals, literature, and politics, by

David Hume. To which is added the answer to his objections to Chris. tianity, by Dr. Campbell; also an account of Mr. Hume's life, an original essay, and a few notes, by Thomas Ewell, M. D., of Virginia, 1st Amer. ed. Philadelphia, published for the editor by Edward Earle, 1817. B1455 A5 1817.

2600 2 v. 21cm.

[ocr errors]

Humphrey, Alexander Pope. Annual address [before Virginia state bar

association) by Hon. Alexander Pope Humphrey, of Kentucky. The impeachment of Samuel Chase.

2601 (In Virginia state bar association 11th report 1899. p. 206-232) Humphrey, Heman. Death of President Harrison. A discourse delivered

in the village church in Amherst, Mass., on the morning of the annual state fast, April 8, 1841. By Heman Humphrey, D. D., president of Amherst college. Amherst, J. S. and C. Adams, 1841.

2602 24 p. 22cm. Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson, 1810-1883. From Gettysburg to the Rapidan.

The Army of the Potomac, July, 1863, to April, 1864 .. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1883. E493 6 H92.

2603 viii, 86 p. fold. maps. 19 cm.

The Virginia campaign of '64 and '65; the Army of the Potomac and the Army of the James New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1908. E468 C17.

2604 X, 451 p. fold. maps. 19 cm.

(Campaigns of the civil war. v. 12) Humphreys, David. Heroes and spies of the civil war. By David Hum

phreys of the original Stonewall brigade, and later Captain in Ashby's cavalry. New York and Washington, Neale publishing company, 1903.

2605 223 p. front. (port.) 20cm. Humphreys, David Carlisle. Notes on Rankin's Civil engineering after the notes of Prof's William Allen & G. W. C. Lee, by David C. Humphreys

Richmond, Va., Transferred and printed by A. Hoen & co. (1894) TA145 R24 H.

2606 2 p. 1., 184 p. diagrs. 31 by 2342 cm. Hunnicutt, James W. The conspiracy unveiled. The South sacrificed; or,

The horrors of secession. by Rev. James W. Hunnicutt, editor of the Fredericksburg (Va.) Christian banner Philadelphia, J. B. Lippin. cott & co., 1863. E459 H93.

2607 xiv, 13-454 p. front. (port.) 18cm. -A summary of the doctrines, held and maintained by the Union Bap. tists; to which is annexed a recantation of infant baptism by James W. Hunnicutt ... Richmond, P. D. Bernard, printer, 1842. 2608

44 p. 1942 cm. Hunt, Gaillard. [Biographical sketch of Molly Elliott Seawell, with selections from her writings, by Gaillard Hunt]

2609 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909.

v. 11 p. 47294750) -James Madison and religious liberty. E172 A48.

2610 (In American historical association. Report, 1901.

V. 1. p. 163-171)

-Office-seeking during Jefferson's administration. E171 A57. 2611

(In American historical review. v. 3, no. 2. Jan., 1898. p. 270-291) -Office-seeking during Washington's administration. E171 A57. 2612

(In American historical review. v. 1, no. 2. Jan., 1896. p. 270-283)

Hunter, Alexander Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, by Alexander Hunter;

illustrated by Harold Macdonald and R. O. Tolman, New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1905. E605 H945. 2613

720 p. front., plates, ports. 23cm.

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