Ingram, John Van Ness. A check list of American eighteenth century

newspapers in the Library of Congress. Compiled by John Van Ness Ingram ... Washington, Gov't. print, off., 1912.

2672 186 p. 26cm.

Virginia, p. 146-157.
Ingram institute, Ingram, Va. Catalog.

Library has 1893, 1895.
Inscriptions on the Stuart monuments unveiled at Richmond and Yellow
Tavern. ci S931 15.

2674 2 ms. sheets. The Insurance advocate; devoted to life, fire and marine insurance. William P. Gretter, editor. v. 1, 1870. Richmond, Va. HG8011 15.

2675 Library has v. 1. International order of the King's daughters and sons. Virginia. Minutes. F218 32 K55.

2676 Library has 1908, 1910. Interstate banker's convention, Savannah, 1902. Proceedings of the inter.

state banker's convention. Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia . June 17th and 18th, 1902. HG1507 16.

2677 var. pag. 24 12 cm. Interview between President Lincoln and Col. John B. Baldwin, April 4th,

1861. Statements & evidence. Staunton, Va., Spectator job office, D. E. Strasburg, printer, 1866. JK310 v. 40.

2678 28 p. 2112 cm. Inventory of the contents of Mount Vernon, 1810, with a prefatory note by

Worthington Chauncey Ford. (Cambridge, U. S. A., University press] 1909. ci W318 F71.

2679 xviii, 61 p. 2 facsim. (incl. front., plan) 25 x 22cm. “This manuscript is in the collection of Mr. W. K. Bixby of St. Louis

it is now printed in an edition of 350 copies." Irby, Richard. Bird notes and other sketches. By Richard Irby. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers, 1900. F220 21 16.

2680 32 p. illus. ports. 154 cm. -Historical sketch of the Nottoway Grays, afterwards Company G, Eigh. teenth Virginia regiment, Army of northern Virginia; prepared at the request of the surviving members of the company at their first reunion at Bellefont church, July 21, 1877. By Richard Irby ... Richmond, J. W. Fergusson & son, 1878. E581 5 18th.

2681 48 p., 1 l. 24cm. -History of Randolph-Macon college, Virginia. The oldest incorporated Methodist college in America. Richmond, Whittet & Shepperson, 1898. F218 24 R19 165.

2682 331 p. 23cm. Ireland, James. The life of the Rev. James Ireland, who was, for many

years, pastor of the Baptist church at Buck Marsh, Waterlick and Happy Creek in Frederick and Shenandoah counties, Virginia. Winchester, Va., Printed for the publishers by J. Foster, 1819. Ci 165 L30. 2683

232 p. 18cm. Irwin, Richard B. The administration in the peninsular campaign. E468 B33.

2684 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

435-438) -Ball's Bluff and the arrest of General Stone. E468 B33.

2685 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. p. 123-134)

[ocr errors]

V. 2.

-The removal of McClellan. E468 B33.

2686 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. V. 3. p. 102-104) Irvine, R. T. Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by R. T. Irvine of the southwest bar. The lawyer of the future.

2687 (In Virginia state bar association. 12th report, 1900. p. 276-298) Irvine, William. Washington-Irvine correspondence. The official letters

which passed between Washington and Brig. Gen. William Irvine and between Irvine and others concerning military affairs in the West from 1781 to 1783. Arranged and annotated with an introduction containing an outline of events occurring previously in the Trans-Alleghany country. Illustrated. By C. W. Butterfield ... Madison, Wis., David Atwood, 1882. C1 W318 B79.

2688 vi D., 1 l., 430 p. front. (port.), port., fold. map. 24cm. Irving, Washington. Life of George Washington New York, G. P. Putnam & co., 1857-1859. C1 W318 169.

2689 26 by 32cm. Large paper edition, extra illustrated by insertion of many engraving3. -Life of George Washington ... New York, G. P. Putnam & co., 1856Ci W318 168.

2690 5 v. fronts. (ports.), illus., plates, ports. 19 12 cm. -Same. 1860.


6 v.



72 p.

Isham, Asa Brainerd. Prisoners of war and military prisons; personal nar

ratives of experience in the prisons at Richmond, Danville, Macon, Andersonville, Savannah, Millen, Charleston, and Columbia with a list of officers who were prisoners of war rom January 1, 1864. By Asa B. Isham

Henry M. Davidson . and Henry B. Furness Cincinnati, Lyman & Cushing, 1890. | E61i I81.

2691 xii, 571 p. front., illus., pl., port., diagr. 24cm. [lves, Mrs. Cora Semmes] The princess of the moon; a Confederate fairy

story. Written by a lady of Warrenton, Va. Warrenton, Va., 1869. B 1995 P8.

2692 front. 15 cm. J. L. Hill printing co's directory of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Berkley, Va.,

1899, containing a general business, street and house directory of these cities, together with much other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., publishers, c 1899.

2693 26 12 cm. J. L. Hill printing co.'s directory of Norfolk, Portsmouth and Berkley, Vir.

ginia. 1901. Containing a general, business street, and house directory of these cities, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Norfolk, Richmond, Newport News, Va., J. L. Hill print. ing co., publishers, c 1901.

2694 1186 p.

24 12 cm. J. L. Hill printing co.'s directory of Petersburg, Va., 1899-1900, containing &

general and business directory, a guide to the streets of Petersburg, and much useful information classified as miscellaneous. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., publishers, c 1899.

2695 269 p.

22 12 cm. J. L. Hill printing co.'s directory of Richmond, Va., 1897, containing a gen

eral, business, street, and house directory, together with a full list of post-offices in Virginia and North Carolina. Vol. 33. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., c 1897.

2696 map. 26 42 cm.

968 p.

1154 p.


J. L. Hili printing co.'s directory of Richmond and Manchester, Va., 1899,

containing a general, business, street and house directory of these cities, together with much other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Vol. 35. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., c 1899.

2697 1392 p.

map. 264 cm. J. L, Hill printing co.'s directory of Richmond and Manchester, Va. 1900,

containing a general, business, street, and house directory of these cities, together with much other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Vol. 36. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., C. 1900.

2698 1438 p.

25 cm. J. L. Hill printing co.'s directory of Richmond and Manchester, Va., 1901,

containing a general, business, street, and house directory of these cities, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Vol. 37. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill printing co., c 1901.

2699 1413 p. map. 25cm. Jackson, E. Hilton. Is Virginia entitled to compensation for the cession of

the Northwest territory to the national government? Paper read by Mr. E. Hilton Jackson of Washington, D. C., before the Virginia State bar association at the Hotel Chamberlin, Old Point, Va., August 6th, 7th, 8th, 1912. Richmond, Richmond press, inc. [c1913]

2700 cover-title, 36 p. 23cm. -Same.

2701 (In Virginia state bar association. 24th report, 1912. p. 232-264) Jackson, Giles B. The industrial history of the negro race of the United

States [by] Giles B. Jackson and D. Webster Davis, Richmond, Va., The Virginia press [c 1908] HT123 J12.

2702 400 p. incl. illus., pl., ports. 22cm. Jackson, Huntington W. Sedgwick at Fredericksburg and Salem Heights. E468 B33.

2703 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

V. 3. p. 224-232) Jackson, Mrs. Mary Anna (Morrison) Life and letters of General Thomas J.

Jackson (Stonewall Jackson). By his wife Mary Anna Jackson, with an introduction by Rev. Henry M. Field, D. D. Illustrated. New York, Harper & brothers (c 1891] C1 J14 J1.

2704 xviii, 479 D. front. (port.), illus., plates, ports. 21cm. - Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson by his widow Mary Anna Jackson. With introduction by Lieut.-Gen. John B. Gordon and Rev. Henry M. Field, and sketches by Generals Fitzhugh Lee, S. G. French, Lafayette McLaws, M. C. Butler, Bradley T. Johnson, James H. Lane, William B. Taliaferro, Samuel G. McGowan, Henry Heth, Basil W. Duke, Ex.-Gox. F. W. M. Holliday, Revs. J. W. Jones and J. R. Graham, Col. Augustus C. Hamlin, Capt. Joseph S. Morrison, and Viscount (General) Wolseley, commanderin-chief of the armies of Great Britain, and Col. G. F. R. Henderson

Illustrated. Louisville, Ky. The Prentice press [c 1895) C1 J14 J4.

2705 xxiv, 647 p. front. (port.), illus., plates, ports. 26 42 cm. Jacob, John J. A biographical sketch of the life of the late Captain Michael

Cresap. By John J. Jacob. Cincinnati, Ohio, Reprinted from the Cumberland Edition of 1826, with notes and appendix for William Dodge, by John F Uhlhorn, 1866. ci C919 J1.

2706 168, 23 D. 23cm.

32 p.

208 p.

Jacobs, E. B. Roanoke, Virginia, its location climate, and water supply; its

manufacturing, commercial and educational advantages and general desirability as a place of residence. Issued by the Chamber of commerce, compiled and edited under the auspices of the Jamestown exposition committee, by E. B. Jacobs, Secretary Chamber of commerce. F234 R6 J1.

2707 illus. 22 cm. Jacobstein, Meyer. . The tobacco industry in the United States New York, The Columbia university press, 1907. H31 C7.

2708 25cm. (Studies in history, economics and public law .. Columbia university. v. 26, no. 3) James I, of Great Britain. By the king. [Proclamation suspending the

lotteries of the Virginia company of London] London, Imprinted by R. Barker, and I. Bill, printers, 1620. F229 B879.

2709 broadside. 41 42 cm.

(In Brown university. Library. John Carter Brown library. Three proclamations concerning the lottery for Virginia, 1613-1621. Providence, R. I., 1907)

Facsimile. James, Charles Fenton. Documentary history of the struggle for religious liberty in Virginia. Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell co., 1900. F218 3 J27.

2710 12mo. James, Henry. The American scene New York and London, Harper & brothers, 1907. F106 J27.

2711 vi p., 1 l., 442 p. 2112 cm.

"Richmond:" p. 351-379. James River and Kanawha company, Richmond. The Central water-line

from the Ohio River to the Virginia capes, connecting the Kanawha and James rivers, affording the shortest outlet of navigation from the Mississippi basin to the Atlantic. Richmond, Va., Printed by Gary & Clemmit, 1868. F217 3 C397.

2712 95 p. fold. map. 22 12 cm.

Historical and statistical sketch of the James River and Kanawha Canal, signed by E. Lorraine, Chief Engineer: p. 52-95.

272 p.

-To the General assembly of Virginia. (A memorial on behalf of the stockholders, asking a modification of the charter of the company in the following particulars ...] [n. p. n. d]

2713 broadside. 30 43x19 12 cm.

Signed by Chapman Johnson, George W. Summers, and 5 others. James River Baptist association. Minutes of the annual session of the Virginia James River Baptist association.

2714 Library has 74th, 75th, 77th; 1906, 1907, 1909.

James river coal company. A description of Virginia carbonite found on

lands of the James river coal company. New York, Baker & Godwin, printers, 1874.

2715 22cm. [Jameson, J. Franklin] Virginian voting in the colonial period (1744-1774)

2715a (In The Nation.

V. 56.

no. 1452. April 27, 1893. p. 309-310)

8 p.

Jamestown, Va. Report of the proceedings of the .. jubilee at James.

town in commemoration of the 13th May, the second centesimal anni. versary of the settlement of Virginia ... together with the proceedings at Williamsburg on the 15th, the day when the convention of Vir

ginia . . . declared her independent .
M'Laughlin; Norfolk, J. O'Connor, 1807.

48 p. 8vo.

Petersburg (Va.] W. F. F229 R425.


16 p.

The Jamestown bulletin. v. 1. June 16, 1904- Norfolk, Va. [The Woman's Jamestown association] 1904- T648 Li J3.

2717 No numbers issued Aug.-Dec. 1904, Feb.-Mar. 1905.

Library has v. 1-5, June, 1904-May, 1909. Jamestown exposition, 1907. Commemorating the event of the first perma

nent English settlement in America 1607 Jamestown exposition, April 26th to Nov. 30th, 1907. (Norfolk, Va., W. T. Barron & co., 1907?] 2718

plates, port. 18cm, -Jamestown exporition on Hampton Roads, 1907 . Rules and regu. lations governing the system of awards. Newport News, The Franklin print. co., (n. d.) T648 D15.

2719 4 p. 2442 cm. -The oficial blue book of the Jamestown ter-centennial exposition, A. D. 1907. The only authorized history of the celebration. Illustrated. Norfolk Va. The Colonial publishing company, inc. [c 1909] T648 B1 A5.

2720 viii, 806 p. incl. illus., pl., ports. front., pl. 36 12x23 1/2 cm.

Official classification of exhibit departments Norfolk, Tidewater publishing co., 1907. T397 J3.

2721 63 p. 23cm. Jamestown official photo corp., Norfolk, Va. Historical Virginia photographs

and official views of the Jamestown exposition. Jamestown official photo corp., Norfolk, Va. Catalogue no. 2. W. T. Barron & co., Norfolk, Va.

2722 20 p. 154 cm. -Scenes at the Jamestown exposition, with historic sites in old Virginia

Published by Jamestown official photograph corporation ... the trade supplied by American news company .. New York, Press of I. H. Blanchard company (1907] T648 Ci J3.

2723 [128) p. illus. 124 x17cm. Jamestown society of Washington city. Celebration of the two hundred and

fiftieth anniversary of the English settlement at Jamestown, May 13, 1857. Washington, J. T. & L. Towers, 1857. F229 J31,

2724 32 p. 8vo. The Jamestown tercentennial. A magazine devoted to the interests of the

Jamestown exposition, 1907. Richmond, Va., Walsh & Via, 1904. T648 B1 J3.

2725 Library has v. 1, no. 1, May, 1904-v. 1, no. 3, Aug., 1904. Janney, Samuel McPherson, 1801-1880. The last of the Lenape, and other

poems. By Samuel M. Janney. Philadelphia, Henry Perkins; Boston, Perkins & Marvin, 1839. PS2129 J2 L3.

2726 viii p., 1 l., [9]-180 p. 19 cm. -Memoirs of Samuel M. Janney, late of Lincoln, Loudoun County, Va., a minister in the religious society of Friends, (written by himself.) Philadelphia, Friends' book association, 1881. Ci J37 J3.

2727 X, 309 D. front. (port.) 1942 cm. -Peace principles exemplified in the early history of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Friends' book association, 1876.

2728 169 p. front. (port.)

19 cm.

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