35 p.

-Virginia: her past, present, and future. S21 A2.

2729 (In U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Report of the commissioner of agriculture for the year 1864. Washington, 1865. p. [17]-42) Janson, Charles William. The stranger in America: containing observations

made during a long residence in that country, on the genius, manners and customs of the people of the United States; with biographical particulars of public characters; hints and facts relative to the arts, sciences, commerce, agriculture, manufactures, emigration, and the slave trade ... London, Printed for J. Cundee, 1807. E164 J35. 2730

xiii, [15]-499, 1 p. front., plates. 271,2 cm.

Virginia: p. 327-345. Jarratt, Devereux. A brief narrative of the revival of religion in Virginia.

In a letter to a friend ... The third edition. London, Printed by R. Hawes, 1778.

2731 19cm. -A brief narrative of the revival of religion in Virginia. In a letter to a friend ... The fourth edition. London: Printed by R. Hawes, and sold at the New-Chapel, City-Road; and at the Rev. Mr. Wesley's preaching houses, in town and country, 1779. F218 3 B853.

2732 35 p. 17cm. -The life of the Reverend Devereux Jarratt, rector of Bath parish, Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Written by himself, in a series of letters ad. dressed to the Rev. John Coleman, one of the ministers of the Protestant Episcopal church, in Maryland. Baltimore, Printed by Warner & Hanna, 1806. Ci J37 L27 Office.

2733 1 p. l., iv. p., 1 l., (5)-223 p. 1542 cm. -Justification, in a letter to a friend. By Rev. Devereux Jarratt. Pub. lished under the supervision of the Bishop and Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia. Richmond, Printed at the office of the Southern Churchman, and sold by Joseph Gill (1790?] [Reprint]

2734 18 12 cm. Protestant Episcopal tracts. v. 1, no. 5. Sermon preached before the convention of the Protestant Episcopal church, in Virginia, at Richmond, May 3, 1792. By Devereux Jarratt, rector of Bath Parish, Dinwiddie County. Richmond (Virginia) Printed. New-London, Reprinted by T. Green and son, 1792.

2735 v, [7]-31 p. 20cm. A sermon preached before the convention of the Protestant Episcopal church in Virginia, at Richmond, May 3, 1792. By Devereux Jarratt, rector of Bath parish, Dinwiddie County. 3d ed. New Haven, Sidney's press, 1809.

2736 v, [7]-24 p. 21cm. -Thoughts on some important subjects in divinity; in a series of letters to a friend. By the Rev. Devereux Jarratt, rector of Bath parish, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Baltimore, Printed by Warner & Hanna, 1806. ci J37 L27 Office.

2737 15 12 cm.

12 p.

84 p.

Jay, John. Letters, being the whole of the correspondence between the

Honorable John Jay, esq., and Mr. Lewis Littlepage; a young man, whom Mr. Jay, when in Spain, patronized and took into his family. A new and correct edition. To which is added an appendix, not before published. New York, Printed by Eleazer Oswald, 1786. Ci J42 L15.

2738 54 p. 2412 by 1912 cm. Mr. Littlepage was born in Hanover County, Virginia, Dec. 19, 1762.

Jefferson, Thomas. Calendar of the correspondence of Thomas Jefferson Washington, Department of state, 1894, 1895. C1 J45 U46.

2739 2 v. 30cm.

(U. S. Department 0 state. Bureau of rolls and library. Bulletin. nos. 6, 8, July, November, 1894)

Letters from Jefferson, v. 1; Letters to Jefferson, y. 2. -Captain Meriwether Lewis. E173 044 Ref.


16 p.

(old South leaflets. General series.

[blocks in formation]

-The complete anas of Thomas Jefferson. Edited by Franklin B. Sawvel

New York, The Round table press, 1903. ci J45 S5. 2741

283 p. (incl. front.), plates, ports, facsims. 23cm. -An essay towards facilitating instruction in the Anglo-Saxon and modern dialects of the English language. For the use of the University of Virginia . . . New York, J. F. Trow, printer, 1851. PE123 J3. 2742

30 by 24cm. "Printed by order of the Board of trustees for the University of Virginia." -Inaugural address of 1801.

2743 (In Modern eloquence.

V. 13. p. 1255-1260) -Inaugural address delivered March 4, 1801. Philadelphia, B. Franklin Jackson, 1861. JK310 v. 1.


43 p.

8 p.



16 p.

v. 1.

Inaugural address March 4, 1801. PS660 67.

2745 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S.

V. 2.

p. 76-81) -Inaugural address March 4, 1805. PS660 W7.

2746 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S.

V. 2.

p. 364-370) -Inaugurals, March 4, 1801, March 4, 1805. E173 044 Ref. 2747

18cm. (oid South leaflets. General series. v. 5, no. 104. Boston, 1900) - The Jefferson papers.

2747a (In Massachusetts historical society. Collections. Seventh series. D. [1]-377) -Jefferson to George Rogers Clark, 1783. E171 A57.

2748 (In American historical review. v. 3, no. 4. July, 1898. p. 672-673) -Jefferson's Germantown letters together with other papers relating to his stay in Germantown during the month of November, 1793. Charles Francis Jenkins, president of the Site and relic society of Germantown, Philadelphia, W. J. Campbell, 1906. ci J45 J52.

2749 xxiv p. (incl. front. port.), 1 1., [27]-194 p., [8] p. plates, facsims. 26cm. -A letter of Jefferson on the political parties, 1798. E171 A57. 2750

(In American historical review. v. 3, no. 3. April, 1898. p. 488-489) -Letters of Jefferson to Marbois, 1781, 1783. E171 A57.

2751 (In American historical review. v. 12, no. 1. Oct., 1906. p. 75-77) -The life and morals of Jesus of Nazareth, extracted textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French, and English. By Thomas Jefferson. With an introduction. Washington, Government printing off., 1904.

2752 2 pl., 7-[19] D., 184 facsimile pages.

Ву -A manual of parliamentary practice: composed originally for the use of the Senate of the United States . . New York, Clark & Maynard (1840] JF518 M3.

2753 viii, [13]-196 p. 19cm. -Same. Philadelphia, Hogan & Thompson, 1848. JF518 M5. 2753

xii, [13]-204 p. 18cm.

JF518 M7.


-Same. New York, Clark, Austin & Smith, 1859.

viii, [13]-199 p. 19cm.

-Memoir, correspondence, and miscellaneous, from the papers of Thomas Jefferson. Edited by Thomas Jefferson Randolph. Charlottesville, F. Carr and co., 1829. C1 J45 R4.

2754 4v. front. (port.), facsim. 22cm.

-[Messages and papers of] Thomas Jefferson, March 4, 1801, to March 4, 1809. J81 B96.

2755 (In a compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents. 189699. v.1) -Notes on the state of Virginia 1st hot-pressed ed. Philadelphia R. T. Rawle, June, 18C1. F230 J49.

2756 1 p. l., [2], 436, 56 p. front. (port.) pl. fold. map. 8vo.

Contains Appendix, relative to the murder of Logan's family. -Notes on the state of Virginia . illustrated with a map including the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. A new ed., prepared by the author, containing notes and plates never before published. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph, 1853. F230 J51. 2757

iv, [1] p., 1 l., 275 p. pl., fold. map, fold. tab. 8vo.

"Printed from President Jefferson's own copy of Stockdale's edition (1787] containing many additions and corrections."—Sabin. -Notes on the state of Virginia ... Philadelphia, H. C. Cary & I. Lea; New York, E. Bliss [etc] 1825. F230 J50.

2758 i 2mo. -Observations sur la Virginie, par M. J. Traduites de l'anglois. Paris, Barrois, 1786. F230 J511 Office.

2759 2 p. 1.,viii, 390, [1] p. fold. map, fold. tab. 12mo.

Tr. by A. Morellet. -The proceedings of the government of the United States, in maintaining the public right to the beach of the Mississippi, adjacent to New Orleans, against the intrusion of Edward Livingston. Prepared for the use of counsel, by Thomas Jefferson. New York, E. Sargeant, 1812. F379 N5 J4.

2760 iv, [5]-80 p. front. (plan) 23cm. -Selections from his writings. With biographical and critical essay by Paul Leicester Ford.

2761 (In Warner's Library of the world's best literature.

v. 14. p. 8229-8256)

344 p.

A summary view of the rights of British America. Set forth in some resolutions intended for the inspection of the present delegates of the people of Virginia, now in convention. It is the indispensable duty of the supreme magistrate to consider himself as acting for the whole community, and obliged to support its dignity, and assign to the people, with justice, their various rights, as he would be faithful to the great trust reposed in him. Cicero's of B, L. By a native, and member of the House of burgesses The second edition Williams burg, Printed by Clementina Rind. London, Reprinted for G. Kearsly, 1774. F229 J46 Office.

2762 2 p.l., [5]-xvi, [5]-44 p. 2042 cm.

20 v.

-To the Wolf and people of the Mandan nation. To Beaver, the head.

warrior of the Delawares; speech to the chiefs of the various Indian tribes.

2763 (In Modern eloquence. v. 13. p. 1260-1268) -The writings of Thomas Jefferson. Library ed., containing his Autobiography, Notes on Virginia, parliamentary manual, official papers, messages and addresses, and other writings, official and private, now collected and published in their entirety for the first time, including all of the original manuscripts, deposited in the Department of state and published in 1853 by order of the joint committee of Congress; with numerous illustrations and a comprehensive analytical index. Andrew A. Lipscomb ... editor-in-chief. Albert Ellery Bergh, managing edi. tor. Washington, D. C., Issued under the auspices of the Thomas Jefferson memorial association, 1903-04.

2764 fronts., plates, ports., facsims. 23cm. "A contribution to a bibliography of Thomas Jefferson, compiled by Richard Holland Johnston": v. 20 (iv, 73 p.)

Facsimile reprint of “The Jefferson Bible" appended to v. 20. -The writings of Thomas Jefferson: being his autobiography, correspondence, reports, messages, addresses, and other writings, official and private. Published by the order of the Joint committee of Congress on the Library, from the original manuscripts, deposited in the Department of state. With explanatory notes, tables of contents, and a copious index to each volume, as well as a general index to the whole, by the editor, H. A. Washington. Washington, Taylor & Maury, 1853-54. ci J45 W43.

2765 9 v. 2316 cm.

v. 8 wanting. - The writings of Thomas Jefferson. Collected and edited by Paul Leicester Ford. New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1892-1899. C1 J45 F52.

2766 10v. Jefferson club, Richmond. Library. Catalogue of the Jefferson club library

. . Librarian: Miss May Lee Myers. Richmond, Virginia, February, 1911. Richmond, Va., H. T. Ezekiel, printer, 1911. Z881 R528. 2767

125 p. 23cm. Jefferson club, St. Louis, Mo. The pilgrimage to Monticello, the home and

tomb of Thomas Jefferson by the Jefferson club of St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 10 to 14, 1901. St. Louis, C. P. Curran print. co., 1902. C1 J45 J4.

2768 ports., plates. 26cm. Jefferson Davis and "Stonewall” Jackson . . . The life and public services

of each, with the military career and death of the latter. With illustrations. Philadelphia, John E. Potter & company (c 1866] C1 D262 J15,

2769 149, 300 p. front. (port.), plates. 19 cm. Jefferson Davis monument association. Report of Mrs. Edgar D. Taylor,

treasurer of central committee of the Jefferson Davis monument ass'n. to October 25, 1901, also of Mr. John S. Ellett, bonded treasurer to October 25, 1901. Richmond, Va., 1901. ci D262 T5.

2770 20 p. 15cm. Jefferson memorial and interstate good roads convention, Charlottesville,

Va., 1902. . . . Proceedings of the Jefferson memorial and interstate good roads convention, held at Charlottesville, Va., April 2, 3 and 4, 1902. Washington, Gov't. print. off., 1902. TE23 A8.

2771 60 P. pl. (incl. front.) maps, diagrs. 23cm. (U. s. Omce of public road inquiries. Bulletin no. 25)

78 P.

The Jefferson monument magazine. (Charlottesville, Va.] [monthly]

Library has v. 1, no. 3. December (1849?]


Jefferson realty corporation. Certificate of incorporation of the Jefferson realty corporation [Richmond ?] 1905. F233 93 J45. 2773

18 p. 27cm. Jefferson school for boys, Charlottesville, Va. Catalog.

2774 Library has 1906.

[ocr errors]

Jeffrey, William H. Richmond prisons 1861-1862, compiled from the original

records kept by the Confederate government; journals kept by Union prisoners of war, together with the name, rank, company, regiment and state of the four thousand who were confined there. By William H. Jeffrey ... St. Johnsbury (Vt.] The Republican press [c 1893] E612 L7 J4.

2775 271 p. incl. illus., plates, ports, facsims. 2142 cm. Jenkinson, Isaac. Aaron Burr, his personal and political relations with

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton .. Cleveland, O., A. H.
Clark & co., 1908. ci B968 J52.

2776 viii, 9-389 p. 20cm. Jennings, Paul. A colored man's reminiscences of James Madison. By Paul Jennings, Brooklyn, George C. Beadle, 1865. C1 M182 J14. 2777

front. (port.) 20 12 cm. Jeter, Jeremiah Bell. Campbellism examined. By Jeremiah B. Jeter, of Richmond, Virginia. New York, Sheldon, Lamport, & Blakeman, etc., 1855.

2778 xii, 13-369 p. 19cm.

19 p.

-The life of Rev. Daniel Witt, D. D. of Prince Edward County, Virginia. By J. B. Jeter. Richmond, J. T. Ellyson, 1875. C1 W827 J15. 2779

276 p. 1642 cm. A memoir of Mrs. Henrietta Shuck, the first American female missionary to China. By J. B. Jeter, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. Boston, Gould, Kendall and Lincoln, 1846. Ci S562 J15. 2780

xii, [13]-251 p. front. (port.) 16 42 cm.

Henrietta Hall (later Mrs. Shuck) was born in Lancaster County, Virginia, Oct. 28, 1817. -The recollections of a long life. By Jeremiah Bell Jeter. With introduction by J. L. M. Curry, LL. D. Richmond, Va., The Religious herald 1891. C1 J58 J15.

2781 xi, 325 p. front. (port.) 21cm, -The seal of heaven: or, The impression of divine truth on a candid mind, By Rev. J. B. Jeter, D. D. .. American tract society, New York, [c 1871]

2782 19 12 cm.


204 P.

Jeter, W, H., & co. Catalogue of Virginia farms and suburban homes, timber

and mineral lands for sale by W. H. Jeter & co., real estate brokers Richmond, Virginia. No. 2 edition. [Richmond, n. d.]

2783 40 p. plates. 23cm.

John Hammond. Died May 28, 1889, at his home, Crown Point, N. Y. Born

August 17, 1827, at Crown Point, in the old house, now standing, next west of his late residence. Chicago, P. F. Pettibone & co., printers, 1890.

2783a 90 p. front, (port.) 23cm. Includes letters 1861-64 from Virginia:

p. 47-90.

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