16 p.

New-York, Printed by J. & J. Harper, 1827. E87 J72. Also Ci J72 N4 Office.

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tiguous territory, by David E. Johnston ... Huntington, W. Va., Standard ptg. & pub. co., 1906. F232 N5 J6.

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statues, monuments and medals, by Elizabeth Bryant Johnston Boston, James R. Osgood and company, 1882. C1 W318 J51. 2834

xxii, 257 p. front. (port.), plates (ports.) 35 by 28cm. Johnston, Frederick. Memorials of old Virginia clerks, arranged alpha

betically by counties, with complete index of names, and dates of service from 1634 to the present time ... Lynchburg, J. P. Bell co., 1888. F223 J73.

2835 v, [7], 405, xx p. facsim. 8vo. Johnston, George Ben. A case of bilateral diffuse virginal hypertrophy of the breasts. RG499 J72.

2836 illus. 23cm. From the Transactions of the Southern surgical and gynecological association, 1903. -A case of retroperitoneal fibrolipoma. Read at the fifty-fifth annual session of the American medical association, the section on surgery and anatomy. George Ben Johnston, M. D., Richmond, Va. Reprinted from the Journal of the American medical association, Oct., 22, 1904. Chicago, press of American medical association, 1904.

2837 14 p. 22cm. -A case of uterus didelphys, with delivery of full-term child by caesarean section from one organ and hysterectomy of other for a large myoma RG761 J7.

2838 From the Transactions of the Southern surgical and gynecological association, 1904. -Complete removal of the shaft of the tibia for osteomyelitis, with restoration of the bone ... RD684 J72.

2839 23cm. From the Transactions of the American surgical association, 1904. -Medical education in the South (with bibliography]

2840 (In The South in the building of the nation. V. 10. p. 303-311) -Reply by Geo. Ben. Johnston, M. D., and Christopher Tomkins, M. D., committee of the faculty of the Medical college of Virginia, to A protest against the use of state funds for professional education, by Stuart McGuire, M. D., chairman of committee from the faculty of the Uni. versity college of medicine, as presented to the committee of the constitutional convention,

2840a 23cm. Some medical men of mark from Virginia

F223 J72.

2841 25 cm. Reprinted from Old Dominion journal of medicine and surgery, June, 1905 -Splenectomy. Report of six cases, together with a statistical summary of all the reported operations up to the year 1908. By George Ben Johnston, M. D., of Richmond, Va. ... Reprinted from Annals of surgery for July, 1908.

2842 28 p. 2312 cm.

16 p.


27 p.

11 p.

-A sketch of Dr. John Peter Mettauer of Virginia .. The president's address to the American surgical association, July 5, 1905. Ci M595 J50.

2843 18 p. front. (port.) 23cm.

From the Transactions of the American surgical association. Johnston, Harry Phelps. The Yorktown campaign and the surrender of

Cornwallis, 1781 . . . New York, Harper & brothers, 1881. E241 Y6 J7.

2844 206 p. incl. front., port., maps, facsim. 23cm.

Johnston, John Warfield. Repudiation in Virginia.

2845 (In North American review. v. 134, 1882. p. 149) - The sons of governor John Floyd. F225 R194.

2846 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. V. 4. no. 1. June, 1913. p. [78]-115)

-Speech of the Hon. John W. Johnston of Virginia, delivered in the Senate of the United States, March 2, 1875, on the claim of G. W. Custis Lee to the Arlington estate. Washington, Gov't. print, off., 1875. JK310 V. 43.

2847 14 p. 8vo.


Johnston, Joseph Eggleston. Manassas to Seven Pines. E468 B33. 2848 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

v. 2. p. 202-218) Narrative of military operations, directed, during the late War between the States, by Joseph E. Johnston, general C. S. A. New York, D. Appleton and co., 1874. E468 J73.

2849 602 p.

front., port., maps. 24cm. - Responsibilities of the first Bull Run. E468 B33.

2850 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 1. p. 240-259) Johnston, Josiah Stoddard. ... First explorations of Kentucky: Doctor

Thomas Walker's journal of an exploration of Kentucky in 1750, being the first record of a white man's visit to the interior of that territory, now first published entire, with notes and . biographical sketch; also Christopher Gist's journal of a tour through Ohio and Kentucky in 1751, with notes and sketch by J. Stoddard Johnston Louisville, Ky., J. P. Morton and company, 1898. F451 J73.

2851 1 p. I., xix, 222 p. front. (port.) pl., map. 32 by 25 12 cm.

(Filson club publications. no. 13) Johnston, Mary. Audrey. With illustrations by F. C. Yohn. Boston, Hough. ton, Mifflin and company, 1902. B J772 A8.

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B -Lewis Rand. Boston & New York, Houghton Mifflin co., 1908. J772 L4.

2856 510 p. 194 cm.


442 p.

-The long roll . . . With illustrations by N. C. Wyeth, 1911. B J772 L5.

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2860 front. 1942 cm. Johnston, Richard Holland. A contribution to a bibliography of Thomas

Jefferson. Compiled by Richard Holland Johnston, Washington, D. C., 1905.

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2862 xiv p., 1 l., 293, [1] p. fold. maps. 22 22 cm.

"Bibliography of books and maps": p. 279-284. Johnston, William Preston, Address before the literary societies of Wash

ington and the university, Lexington, Va., on commencement day, June 25, 1879. By William Preston Johnston, LL. D. F218 24 W31 J73.

2863 10 p. 2142 cm. [Jolliffe, William] Historical, genealogical, and biographical account of the

Jolliffe family of Virginia, 1652 to 1893. Also sketches of the Neill's, Janney's, Hollingsworth's, and other cognate families. Philadelphia, Printed by J. B. Lippincott company, 1893.

2864 245 p. incl. 4 pl. (coats-of-arms) front., plates, ports., facsims. 244cm. Preface signed: William Jolliffe.

Contents: [The Jolliffe_family); Cognate familiesRigglesworth. Hollingsworth, Biles, Baker, Janney, O'Neill, Dragoo, Branham, Parry, Randolph: John Jolliffe, by Elizabeth A. Jolliffe; Elizabeth Jolliffe Sharpless, by

Elizabeth A. Jolliffe. Jones, B. M. Rail roads: considered in regard to their effects upon the value

of land, in increasing production, cheapening transportation, preventing emigration, and as investments for capital. By B. M. Jones, civil engi. neer, Richmond, Printed by Ritchie, Dunnavant and co., 1860. 2865

105 p. fold. map. 23cm. Jones, Benjamin Washington. Battle roll of Surry County, Virginia, in the

war between the states, with historical and personal notes ... [By] B. W. Jones. Richmond, Everett Waddey company, 1913. F232 S9 J7.

2866 front. 25 cm. -Under the stars and bars; a history of the Surry light artillery; recollections of a private soldier in the war between the states ... Richmond, E. Waddey co., 1909. E581 8 S9 57.

2867 xiii, 297 p. 2012 cm.

70 p.

Jones, Cary W. Norfolk as a business centre; its principal industries and trades [2d ed.] [Norfolk] C. H. Windsor, 1881. F234 N8 J81.

2868 191 p., 1 1., 7 p. illus., pl., fold. maps.

8 vo. Library has also ed. for 1880.

Jones, Charles Colcock, 1831-1893. Reminiscences of the last days, death and

burial of General Henry Lee. By Charles C. Jones, jr. Albany, N. Y., J. Munsell, 1870. ci L478 J51.

2869 43 p. front. (port.) 2312 cm. -A roster of general officers, heads of departments, senators, representatives, military organizations, etc., etc., in Confederate service during the War between the States. Richmond, Southern historical society, 1876. E547 J77.

2870 135 p. 2342cm. Jones, George. Oration on the national independence, Richmond, Va., July

4, 1840, before the Franklin society, at the city-hall. Written and pronounced by George Jones, tragedian Richmond, Published at request of the Franklin society, by Smith & Palmer, Peter D. Bernard, printer, 1840.

2871 43 p. 23cm. Jones, Mrs. Herbert. Description of the original painting of Pocahontas. F229 5665.

2872 (In Smith, John. Travels and works, ed. by Arber. New ed. by Bradley. 1910. v. 1.

p. cxxxvi) Jones, Hugh. The present state of Virginia. Giving a particular and short

account of the Indian, English and negroe inhabitants of that colony. Shewing their religion, manners, government, trade, way of living, etc.; with a description of the country. From whence is inferred a short view of Maryland and North Carolina. To which are added schemes and propositions for the better promotion of learning, religion, inven. tions, manufactures, and trade in Virginia, and the other plantations. For the information of the curious, and for the service of such as are engaged in the propagation of the Gospel and advancement of learning and for the use of all persons concerned in the Virginia trade and plan. tation ... By Hugh Jones, A. M., chaplain to the Honourable Assembly, and lately minister of James-Town, etc., in Virginia, London, Printed for J. Clarke, 1724. [New York, Reprinted by J. Sabin, 1865] F229 Q78.

2873 3 p.1., [1], viii, 151 p.

(Sabin's reprints. no. 5) Jones, John Beauchamp, 1810-1866. A Rebel war clerk’s diary at the Con.

federate States capital . . Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1866. E605 J77.

2875 2 v. 20cm. -Wild Southern scenes. A tale of disunion and border war Phila. delphia, T. B. Peterson & brothers (c 1859] B J78 W2.

2876 x, (11)-502 p. incl. front. 19cm.

A later edition has title: Secession, coercion, and civil war. The story of 1861. -Wild Western scenes; or, The White Spirit of the wilderness. Being a narrative of adventures, embracing the same characters portrayed in the original "Wild Western scenes" By J. B. Jones ... New series. (v. 1] Richmond, M. A. Malsby, 1863.

2877 1v, 123, (1) p. 1942 cm. Jones, John William. Army of Northern Virginia memorial volume. Comp.

by Rev. J. William Jones at the request of the Virginia division of the Army of Northern Virginia association. Richmond, J. W. Randolph & English, 1880. E547 J79.

2878 347 p. 244, cm.

Contains the proceedings of the Lee memorial meeting and of the annual meetings and reunions (1st to 9th) of the Virginia division of the Army of Northern Virginia association.

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628 p.

11 p.

[Biographical sketch of Jefferson Davis, with selections from his writ. ings, by J. William Jones)

2879 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 3. p. 12431271) -Christ in the camp: or, Religion in Lee's army. By Rev. J. Wm. Jones, D.

With an introduction by J. C. Granberry. Richmond, B. F. Johnson & co., 1887. E635 J77.

2880 front. (port.) pl. 214 cm. -Confederate view of the treatment of prisoners. Compiled from official records and other documents. By J. William Jones ... Richmond, Southern hist. society, 1876. E611 J78.

2881 2 p. l., 113-330 p. 23cm.

March and April nos. of Southern hist. society papers. 1876. -The Davis memorial volume; or, Our dead president, Jefferson Davis, and the world's tribute to his memory. By J. William Jones, D. D. Published by authority of Mrs. Davis. Richmond, B. F. Johnson & co., 1890. ci D262 J51.

2882 xxill p., 1 l., 27-672 p. illus., plates, ports. 22cm. -General Isaac Munroe St. John. From class history, Yale, '45. New York, Jenkins & Thomas, Printers, 1881. ci S143 J77.

2883 front. (port.) 22cm. -Life and letters of Robert Edward Lee, soldier and man. By Rev. J. William Jones, D. D. With portraits of Gen. Lee. New York and Washington, Neale publishing company, 1906. C1 L480 J57. 2884

front. (port.), pl. (port.). 2242 cm. -Personal reminiscences, anecdotes, and letters of Gen. Robert E. Lee. By Rev. J. William Jones .. Published by authority of the Lee family, and of the faculty of Washington and Lee university. New York, D. Appleton and company, 1874. Ci L480 J50.

2885 xvi, 509 p. front., plates, ports. 2312 cm. -School history of the United States. By J. Wm. Jones New York and New Orleans, University publishing company, 1898. E178 1 J77.

2886 475, xxi p. front., illus., maps. 20cm. -Why the Southern Confederacy failed (with bibliography]

2887 (In The South in the building of the nation. v. 4. p. 544-552) Jones, Joseph, 1727-1805. Letters of Joseph Jones of Virginia. 1777-1787. Washington, Dep't. of state, 1889. C1 J772 F52.

2888 7 p. 1., 157 p. 234 cm.

Ed. by Worthington C. Ford.
Jones, Joseph Seawell, 1811-1877. A defence of the revolutionary history of

the state of North Carolina from the aspersions of Mr. Jefferson
Boston, C. Bowen; Raleigh, Turner & Hughes, 1834. F258 J77. 2889
xii, 343 p.

12 mo.

486 p.


Jones, Leonard A. Annual address [before Virginia state bar association)

by Leonard A. Jones, of Boston, Mass. Uniformity of laws through national and inter-state codification.

2890 (In Virginia state bar association. 6th report, 1894. p. 158-180)

Jones, Lewis Hampton. Captain Roger Jones, of London and Virginia. Some

of his antecedents and descendants. With appreciative notice of other families, viz: Bathurst, Belfield, Browning, Carter, Catesby, Cocke, Graham, Fauntleroy, Hickman, Hoskins, Latane, Lewis, Meriwether,

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