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360 p.

.. and Hon, George L. Christian ... With an introduction by Rev. James Power Smith Richmond, Va., L. H. Jenkins [c 1907] E487 M21.

3344 xi, 229 p. 2 port. (incl. front.) 22 cm.

Stonewall Jackson, and Account of the wounding and death of Stonewall Jackson, p. 191-229. -Gun-shot, and other wounds of the peritoneum Read before the Medical society of Virginia, Nov. 12, 1873. RD156 M14.

3345 12 p. 2242 cm. -Official report of the history committee of the Grand camp, C. V., department of Virginia, Oct. 12, 1899. Richmond, J. L. Hill printing co., 1899. F221 42 V8.

3346 16 p. 23 cm. McGuire, J. C. The Washington-Madison papers, estate of the late J. C.

McGuire, of Washington, D. C., to be sold by order of F. B. McGuire and J. D. McGuire, executors. Catalogue compiled and sale conducted by Stan. V. Henkels. Catalogue no. 694. C1 W318 H15. 3347

284 p. plates, ports., facsims. (some fold.) 26cm. [McGuire, Judith White (Brockenbrough) “Mrs. John P. McGuire" Diary

of a Southern refugee during the war. By a lady of Virginia New York, E. J. Hale & son, 1867. E605 M14.

3348 18 22 cm. McGuire, Stuart. Extra-peritoneal implantation of the ureters into the rec

tum in a case of exstrophy of the bladder. Stuart McGuire, M. D., professor of principles of medicine and clinical surgery, University college of medicine; surgeon in charge St. Luke's hospital, etc., etc., Richmond, Va. Reprinted from the Old Dominion journal of medicine and surgery, Aug. 1909, v. 9, no. 2. Richmond, Old dominion publishing corporation, 1909.

3349 4 p., plates. 23cm. -The influence of the general condition of the patient on the result of a surgical operation. By Stuart McGuire, M. D., surgeon in charge of St. Luke's hospital, Richmond, Va. [no date)

3350 13 p. 21cm. -Lectures on principles of surgery, by Stuart McGuire Baltimore, Southern medical publishing company, 1908. RD31 M28.

3351 480 p. 24cm. -The profit and loss account of modern medicine and other papers by Stuart McGuire, M. D., F. A. C. S. . . . Richmond, L. H. Jenkins, publisher, 1915.

3351a 312 p. plates. 20cm. -The question of the necessity of a second operation for the removal of the appendix in cases where an appendiceal abscess has been treated by simple incision and drainage. By Stuart McGuire, M. D. Surgeon in charge of St. Luke's hospital, Richmond, Va. Reprint from the Southern medical journal, Feb. 1909.

3352 [6] p. 27cm. -Some accepted facts and mooted points in the management of appendi. citis. By Stuart McGuire, M. D., Richmond, Va. Reprinted from the Virginia medical semi-monthly, April 23, 1909. Williams printing company, Richmond, Va. (1909]

3353 16 p. 19cm. -Surgical shock. By Stuart McGuire, M. D., surgeon in charge of St. Luke's hospital, Richmond, Va. Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Uni. versity college of medicine, Aug. 1908. [1908]

3354 13 p. 21cm. -Ununited fractures. By Stuart McGuire, M. D., surgeon-in-charge of St. Luke's hospital, Richmond, Va. [1909?]

3355 16 p. 15cm. McGuire, William P. Lives and exploits of the physicians and surgeons of

the earlier history of Virginia, and of the recent past. By Dr. Wm. P. McGuire, M. D., of Winchester, Va. F221 7 M4.

3356 (In Medical society of Virginia. Transactions. v. 25. 1894. p. 9-21) McGuire's school, Richmond, Va. Catalog.

3357 Library has 1901, 1902, 1904, 1905. Machen, Lewis H. George Mason of Virginia; an address by L. H. Machen

presenting a portrait to Fairfax county, May 20th, 1901. [Washington, D. C., B. S. Adams, 1901]" C1 M399 M31.

3358 35 p. front. (port.) 8 vo. -Paper read [before Virginia state bar association] by Hon. Lewis H. Machen, of Alexandria, Va. The duty of the state to diminish divorce.

3359 (In Virginia state bar association. 19 th report, 1907. p. 227-244) Mcllhany, Hugh Milton, jr. Some Virginia families; being genealogies of the

Kinney, Stribling, Trout, Mcllhany, Milton, Rogers, Tate, Snickers, Tay. lor, McCormick and other families of Virginia, by Hugh Milton McIlhany, jr. Staunton, Va., Stoneburner & Prufer, printers, 1903.

3360 3 p. 1., 274 numb. l. 23 port. incl. front. 24cm. Mcllwaine, Henry Read. The struggle of protestant dissenters for re

ligious toleration in Virginia . . . Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1894. F218 3 M15.

3361 67 p. 24cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science

12th ser. no. 4) Mcllwaine, Richard. Addresses and papers bearing chiefly on education.

(By) Richard McIlwaine, D. D., LL. D. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shep. person, printers [1908] LA379 M2,

3362 184 p. 21cm. -Memories of three score years and ten, by Richard McIlwaine . New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1908. C1 M152.

4 p. 1., vii-xiv, [11]-383 p. front., ports. 23cm.
McIntosh, David G. Address [before Virginia state bar association) by Col.

David G. McIntosh. The administration of criminal law in Maryland
-The jury as judges of law and fact.

3364 (In Virginia state bar association. 22nd report, 1910. p. 204-225) Macintosh, John S. Our pioneer presbyter, Francis Makemie. By Rev. John S. Macintosh, Philadelphia, Pa. E184 S42.

3365 (In The Scotch-Irish society of America. Fifth congress. 1893.

p. 119-
Mack, Mrs. Flora Lapham. Old Jamestown, an historical poem. By Flora

Lapham Mack. [Richmond, Va., Press of the Dietz printing co., 1906?]
PS3525 A182 04.

illus. 2142 cm.
Mackay, Alexander. The western world; or, Travels in the United States in

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16 p.

1846-47: exhibiting them in their latest development, social, political and industrial; including a chapter on California From the second London edition. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1849. E166 M15.

3367 2 v. 2014 cm.

Virginia: v. 1: p. 246-263. Mackay, Charles. Life and liberty in America; or, Sketches of a tour in the

United States and Canada, in 1857-8 ... 2d ed. London, Smith, Elder and co., 1859. E166 M17.

3368 2 v. front., pl. 20cm.

From South Carolina to Virginia; From Richmond to Washington: v. 2. p. 1-25. Mackenzie, Roderick. Strictures on Lt. Col. Tarleton's History "of the campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the Southern provinces of North America"

Wherein military characters and corps are vindicated from injurious aspersions, and several important transactions placed in their proper point of view. In a series of letters to a friend, by Roderick Mackenzie ... To which is added a detail of the siege of Ninety Six and the re-capture of the island of New-Providence. London, Printed for the author, 1787. E236 T19.

3369 2 p. I., vi, 186 p. 2042 cm. (Mac Kercher, Daniel] A memorial relating to the tobacco trade. Offered

to the consideration of the planters of Virginia and Maryland. Williamsburg, Printed by William Parks, 1737. F229 M533.

3370 12 p. 27 by 2042 cm.

Typewritten copy from an original in the John Carter Brown library. McKim, Randolph Harrison. The established church in Virginia (with bibliography]

3371 (In The South in the building of the nation. v. 10. p. 437-452) In memoriam. Good men a nation's strength, a sermon preached on the occasion of the death of Gen, Robert E. Lee, in Christ Church, Alexandria, Va., October 16th, 1870, by the rector, Rev. Randolph H. McKim. Published by unanimous request of the vestry of Christ Church, Alexandria. Baltimore, Printed by John Murphy & co., 1870. ci L480

3372 16 p. 22cm. -The numerical strength of the Confederate army; an examination of the argument of the Hon. Charles Francis Adams and others, by Randolph H. McKim ... New York, The Neale publishing company, 1912. E545 M15.

3373 71. (1) p. 19cm. -The relations of the state to the university. An address delivered before the Society of the alumni of the University of Virginia, June 15, 1898, by Rev. Randolph H. McKim, D. D. 1898. F218 24 U5 M15.

3374 36 p. 22cm. A soldier's recollections; leaves from the diary of a young Confederate, with an oration on the motives and aims of the soldiers of the South, by Randolph H. McKim ... New York [etc.] Longmans, Green and co., 1910. E605 M15.

3375 xvii, 362 p. front., 5 port. 22cm.

p. 133-208, the Gettysburg campaign, with special reference to Mosby's Stuart's cavalry in the Gettysburg campaign. McKinley, William. Characteristics of Washington.

3376 (Modern eloquence. v. 9. p. 845-847)

Delivered at the unveiling of the Washington statue, by the Society of the Cincinnati, in Philadelphia, May 15, 1897.



McLaughlin, Robert William. Washington and Lincoln, leaders of the nation

in the constitutional eras of American history New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1912. E183 M15.

ix, 278 p. front., ports. 21cm.
McLaughlin, William. Ceremonies connected with the unveiling of the bronze

statue of Gen. Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, at Lexington, Virginia,
July 21st, 1891. By William McLaughlin, a member of the executive
committee of the Jackson memorial association. Baltimore, John Mur-
phy & co., 1891.
J14 M3.

65 p. front. (port.), pl. 2342 cm.
Mc Laws, Lafayette. The Confederate left at Fredericksburg. E468 B33.

3379 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 3. p. 86-94) Maclay, Isaac Walker. Henry Sater, 1690-1754, the recital of the life and

character of an early adventurer to Virginia, and subsequently a settler of the province of Maryland under Lord Baltimore. A representative colonist . whose strong religious convictions led to the organization of the parent Baptist society of the province . By Isaac Walker Maclay... [New York, P. Barnes] 1897.

3380 1 p. 1., 75, [1], lxi p. front., plates. 23cm.

The Sater genealogy: p. (1)-lxi, at end.
Mc Mahon, Martin T. Cold Harbor. E468 B33.

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 4. p. 213-220)
MacMahon, T, W. Cause and contrast: an essay on the American crisis.

By T. W. MacMahon. Richmond, Va., West & Johnston, 1862. E459

XV, 192 p. 22cm.
McMaster, John Stephenson. Makemieland. An address delivered May 14,

1908, at the unveiling, etc., of the monument at Holden's Creek, Accomack County, Virginia to the Rev. Francis Makemie, founder of the organized Presbyterian church in America. By John Stevenson McMaster. [1908] F232 A1 M16.

3383 16 p. plate (port.) 26cm. McMechen, James H. Legends of the valley; or, Thrilling incidents con.

nected with Indian warfare. Truth, stranger than fiction .. Wheeling, Daily intelligencer steam book & job press, 1877.

3384 58 p. 23cm. McMillan, Hamilton. Sir Walter Raleigh's lost colony. An historical sketch

of the attempts of Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in Virginia, with the traditions of an Indian tribe in North Carolina. Indicating the fate of the colony of Englishmen left on Roanoke island in 1587 . Wilson, N. C., Advance presses, 1888. F257 M167.

3385 1 p. 1., 27 p.

A later ed. published in 1907. 46 p.
McNeill, Walter S. America's attitude towards the war. An address

preceded by the report of a mass-meeting of citizens of Richmond, Vir-
ginia, of German, Austrian and Hungarian birth or descent, and their
friends, held on the evening of Sept. 17, 1914; and the address of the
chairman Mr. W. H. Zimmerman, Richmond, Va., The Dietz printing
co., 1914.

3386 22 p. 23cm. -The psychology of Waterloo. By W. S. McNeill. [no place, no date] DC243 M16.

3387 17 p. 23cm. Caption-title. Foreword dated 1909.


12 mo.

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125 p.

McNess, George Thomas. Dark fire-cured tobacco of Virginia and the possi

bilities for its improvement. By George T. McNess and E.H. Mathewson. S21 A35.

3388 (In U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Yearbook, 1905. p. 219-230)

Improvement of Virginia fire-cured tobacco. By George T. McNess and E. H. Mathewson, and B. G. Anderson. Washington, Gov't, print. off., 1907. S591 U5 A4.

3389 40 p. illus., plates. 23cm.

(U. S. Bureau of soils. Bulletin 46) [Macon, Nathaniel] Macon papers. F225 R194.

3390 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. V. 3. no. 1. June, 1909. P. [27]-93) Macon, Thomas J. Life gleanings. Richmond, Va., W. H. Adams, 1913. Ci M1715 M2.

3391 2 p. l., [5]-101 p. 2372 cm. -Reminiscences of the First company of Richmond howitzers. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers (1909) E581 8, R4 M. 3392

21cm. McPhail, Mrs. Clement Carrington. "F. F. V. receipt book," by Mrs. Clement

Carrington McPhail. Richmond, Va., West, Johnston & co., 1894. TX715 M172.

3393 287 p. 1942 cm. Macpherson, David. Annals of commerce, manufactures, fisheries and navi

gation, with brief notices of the arts and sciences connected with them. Containing the commercial transactions of the British empire and other countries, from the earliest accounts to the meeting of the Union par. liament in January, 1801; and comprehending the most valuable part of the late Mr. Anderson's History of commerce with a large appendix By David Macpherson London, Nichols and son; (etc., etc.] 1805. HF352 M17.

3394 4 v. 29cm.

For the first volume, up to the discovery of America, Macpherson 1s wholly, responsible. In the second and part of the third volumes (14921760) he merely edits and alters Adam Anderson's History of commerce. The remainder of the work, bringing the history down to 1801, was compiled by Macpherson from official records. Library of Congress note.

Includes statistics of trade with the colonies. MacPherson, Donald. Letter from Donald MacPherson, a young lad, who

was sent to Virginia with Captaine Toline, in the year 1715 on account of his having joined his chieftain in the cause of his king and country; he was born near the house of Culloden, where his father then lived. [no place. no date]

3395 1 sheet. 30 by 17 inches.

Dated Portobago in Maryland 20 June, 1717. McRae, A. S. The whig log cabin at the city of Richmond, in 1840. Notice

of the speech of Hon. Wm. C. Preston, of South Carolina. Originally published in the “Southern intelligencer." Rewritten and republished in the Richmond dispatch. Richmond, Johns & Goolsby, printers, 1881.

3396 11 p. 20cm. McRae, Sherwin. Communication from the governor of Virginia [to the

House of Delegates containing a report by Sherwin McRae] relative to the great seal of the state. Richmond, February 25, 1884.

3397 8 p. 22cm.

House doc. 11.
-The great seal of Virginia. F1 N12.

3398 (In New England historical and genealogical register. v. 26, 1872. p. 328-331)

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