Manchester, Va. Board of health, Annual report. F234 M2 B6. 3456

Library has 1906, 1908. Mangold, F. Der feldzug in Nord-Virginien im August 1862. Von F. Man

gold, major im Westfälischen fuss-artillerie-regiment no. 7. Hannover, Helwingsche verlagsbuchhandlung, 1881. E470 M27

3457 xii, 335 p. 3 fold. maps. 23cm. Manly, Louise. Southern literature. From 1579-1895. A comprehensive re.

view, with copious extracts and criticisms. For the use of schools and the general reader. Containing an appendix with a full list of Southern authors. By Louise Manly .. Richmond, Va., B. F. Johnson publishing company, 1895. PS261 M27.

3458 614 p. illus. 20cm, Mann, H, C. Historic Petersburg. Illustrated by H. C. Mann. [c1907] F234 P4 M2.

3459 24 p. illus. 16 by 23cm. Manning, C. P. Report of C. P. Manning, Chief engineer, of his experimental

surveys of the Alexandria, Loudoun, and Hampshire railroad. From Alexandria to Piedmont. Made to the general meeting of the co., April 12, 1854. Alexandria, E. F. Tatsapaugh, printer, 1854.

3460 27 p.

18 42 cm. Mansfield, Edward D. Life and services of General Winfield Scott, including

the siege of Vera Cruz, the battle of Cerro Gordo, and the battles in the Valley of Mexico, to the conclusion of peace, and his return to the United States With engravings. New York, A. S. Barnes & co., 1852. Ci S431 M3.

3461 xi, (12)-538 p. front. (port.), plates, maps. 19cm, Manson, Otis Frederick, 1822-1888. A treatise on the physiological and

therapeutic action of the sulphate of quinine. By Otis Frederick Man. son . . . Richmond, Va., J. W. .Fergusson & son, 1882. RM666 C53 M2.

3462 1 p. I., 69 p. 23cm.

Reprint from Transactions of the Medical society of Virginia, 1882. Manufacturers' record, Baltimore, Md. Norfolk's industrial and commercial

prosperity. Reprinted from Manufacturers' record, April 11, 1907. F234 N8 B6.

3463 Caption-title, xx p. 35cm. Manufacturers' record, Baltimore. Perpetuation of local history in Virginia

(with lists of portraits and memorials in Westmoreland, King and Queen, Essex, Lancaster, Mathews, Middlesex, Northumberland, Gloucester and King William counties] a description of the work of Judge T. R. B. Wright. F232 1 M294.

3464 13 p. 23cm.

Reprinted from the Manufacturers' record, Baltimore, Md., July 25, 1907. Maphis, Chas. G. School equipment and standards of work as a condition of

accrediting. A paper read before the Southern association of colleges and secondary schools, at Spartansburg, S. C., Nov. 15, 1912, by Chas. G. Maphis, Professor of secondary education, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Va., University of Virginia press, [n. d.]

3465 25 p. 22cm. A tentative report to the Virginia education commission on a mill tax for the educational system of the state. Charlottesville, The Michie co., printers, 1910. F218 2 M29.

3466 29 p. 2342 cm.


Marcosson, Isaac F. [Biographical sketch of James Branch Cabell, with selections from his writings, by Isaac F. Marcosson]

3467 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature, 1909. v. 2, p. 609618) Margaret academy, Onancock, Va. Catalog.

3468 Library has 1894, 1895, 1897. Marion female college, Marion, Va. Catalog.

3469 Library has 1902, 1903. Marion high school, Marion, Va. Catalog.

3470 Library has 1889, 1892. Marks, James J. The peninsular campaign in Virginia; or, Incidents and

scenes on the battle-fields and in Richmond. By Rev. J. J. Marks, D. D. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1864. E470 M34

3471 xx, 21-4!4 p. front., pl. 19 12 cm. The marl region of Virginia. S21 A2.

3472 (In U. S. Dept. of agriculture. Report, 1868. p. 389-395) Marr, Fannie H. Heart-life in song. By Fannie H. Marr . Baltimore, Turnbull brothers, 1874. PS2366 M5 H4. 1874.

3473 165 p.

18 42 cm. -Heart-life in song. By Miss Fannie H. Marr... 2d ed. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & English and West, Johnston & co., 1883. PS2366 M5 H4. 1883.

3474 vii, [9]-183 p. 19 cm. -Virginia and other poems. By Miss Fannie H. Marr . . . Philadelphia, Sherman & co., 1881, PS2366 M5 V8.

3475 viii, [9]-152 p. 19cm, Marshall, Charles, 1830-1902. Address of Col. Charles Marshall .. before

the Va. division of the Army of northern Virginia, at their annual meeting, held at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., October 29, 1874. Richmond, Va., Gary's steam printing house, 1875. E547 M36. 3476

23 12 cm. Address delivered before the Lee monument association at Richmond, Virginia, October 27th, 1887, on the occasion of laying the cornerstone of the monument to General Robert E. Lee. By Charles Marshall, a member of his staff. Published by request. Baltimore, J. Murphy & C1 L480 M4.

3477 22cm. -Lee's farewell address to his army. E468 B33.

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 4. p. 747)
Marshall, Harry T. A summary of studies of loco-weed disease of sheep.
From the Johns Hopkins hospital bulletin.

V. 25.
no. 282.

August, 1914.

7 p. 2312 cm.
Marshall, Humphrey, 1756-1841. The history of Kentucky. Exhibiting an

account of the modern discovery; settlement; progressive improvement;
civil and military transactions; and the present state of the country
[2d ed.] Frankfort, G. S. Robinson, 1824. F451 M36 Ofice. 3480

8 vo.
Marshall, John, 1755-1835. The constitutional decisions of John Marshall; ed.

with an introductory essay, by Joseph P. Cotton, jr. ... New York [etc.] G. P. Putnam's sons, 1905. JK181 M32.

3481 2 v. fronts. (v. 1; port.) 2342 cm.

[ocr errors]

23 p.

co., 1888.

59 p.

2 v.

28 by


[ocr errors]

-A history of the colonies planted by the English on the continent of North America, from their settlement, to the commencement of that war which terminated in their independence. By John Marshall. Philadelphia, A. Small, 1824. E188 M36.

3482 xv, [9]-486 p. 23cm.

Originally published as an introduction to the author's Life of George Washington. -Letter of John Marshall to James Wilkinson, 1787. E171 57. 3483

(In American historical review. v. 12. no. 2. Jan. 1907. p. 346-348) -A letter of Marshall to Jefferson, 1783. E171 A57.

3484 (In American historical review. v. 10. no. 4. July, 1905. p. 815-817) -Letters of John Marshall when envoy to France, 1797, 1798. E171 A57.

3485 (In American historical review. v. 2. no. 2. Jan. 1897. p. 294-306) -The life of George Washington, commander in chief of the American forces, during the war which established the independence of his country, and first president of the United States. Compiled under the inspection of the Honourable Bushrod Washington, from original papers ... to which is prefixed, an introduction, containing a compendious view of the colonies planted by the English on the continent of North America, from their settlement to the commencement of that war which terminated in their independence. By John Marshall ... Philadelphia, C. P. Wayne, 1804-07. ci W318 M2L.

3486 5 V. front. (port.) 2112 cm. and atlas of 10 fold.



p. 23cm. -The life of George Washington. London, 1804-07. C1 W318 M9.

3487 5 v. expanded to 10 by extra illustrations. -The life of George Washington, commander in chief of the American forces, during the war which established the independence of his country, and first president of the United States. Compiled under the inspection of the Honourable Bushrod Washington, from original papers bequeathed to him by his deceased relative. By John Marshall. 2d ed. rev. and corrected by the author . . Philadelphia, James Crissy, 1832. C1 W318 M6.

3488 2 v. front. (port.) 22 1/2 cm. -Same. 1834.

3488 2 y.

front. (port.) 22 1/2 cm. -Same. Philadelphia, Crissy & Markley, 1850.

3488 2 v. front. (port.) 23 42 cm. -Speech on the expediency of adopting the federal constitution delivered in the convention of Virginia, June 20, 1788. PS660 67.

3489 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S. v. 1. p. 226-239) Marshall, Robert Bradford. . . Results of spirit leveling in Delaware, Dis

trict of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, 1896 to 1909, inclusive. R. B. Marshall, chief geographer. Work done in cooperation with the state of Maryland during the entire period and with the state of Virginia in part of 1908. QE75 B.

3490 231 cm. (U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin 434)

Results of spirit leveling in Virginia, 1900 to 1913, inclusive, R. B. Marshall, chief geographer; part of work since 1907 done in cooperation with state of Virginia through Virginia geological survey, T.

74 p.

68 p.

12 p.

L. Watson, state geologist. Washington, Gov't. printing office, 1914.
QE75 B.

pl. 23cm.
(U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin 562)
Marshall, Thomas. Speech of Thomas Marshall in the House of delegates

of Virginia, on the abolition of slavery. Delivered Friday, January 20, 1832. Richmond, Printed by T. W. White, 1832. F218 53 M361.

3492 21cm. -The speech of Thomas Marshall, (of Fauquier) in the House of dele. gates of Virginia, on the policy of the state in relation to her colored population: delivered January 14, 1832 . . . Richmond, Printed by T. W. White, 1832. F218 53 M361.

3493 12 p. 22 42 cm.

At head of title: Second edition of the Speech of Mr. Marshall.
Martha Washington college, Abingdon, Va. Catalog.

Library has 1908, 1909.
Martin, Henry A. Jefferson as a vaccinator. By Henry A. Martin, M.D.,

Boston, Mass. Reprint from January (1881) number North Carolina medical journal. [1881] ci J45 M4.

3495 34 p. 23cm. Martin, Joseph. Gen. Joseph Martin and the Cherokees.

3496 (In Southern history association publications. v. 8. 1904. p. 443-450, & v. 9. 1905. p. 27-41) -Letters from Joseph Martin to Patrick Henry.

3497 (In Southern history association publications v. 6. 1902. p. 28-32) Martin, Joseph. A new and comprehensive gazetteer of Virginia, and the

District of Columbia ... To which is added a history of Virginia from its first settlement to the year 1754; with an abstract of events from that period to the independence of Virginia ... By a citizen of Vir. ginia [W. H. Brockenbrough] Charlottesville, J. Martin, 1835. F230 M38.

3498 fold. map.

8 yo. Martin, Thomas Staples. [A collection of miscellaneous circulars and pamph.

lets published in the interest of Thomas S. Martin's candidacy for reelection to the United States Senate in 1911] C1 M379. 3499

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

636 p.

-Remarks in the Senate June 21, 1911. Washington, Gov't. print, off., 1911. HF2651 W8 M3.

3500 16 p. 24cm. -Remarks upon his resolution requiring a further investigation in the Lorimer case in the Senate May 29 and June 1, 1911. Washington, Gov't. print. off., 1911. JK1189 61st 13 A4 1911a.

3501 24cm.

16 p.

Martindale, Charles.

Loughery's defeat and Pigeon Roost massacre, with introductory sketch. By Charles Martindale. Indianapolis, The Bowen-Merrill company, 1888. E237 M37.

3502 32 p.

24 42 cm.
(Indiana historical society. Publications. v. 2. no. 4)

Includes Report of committee on public lands, U. S. House of representatives, 1847, upon the claim of heirs of Archibald Loughery to lands

granted by Virginia to Col. G. R. Clark and his officers and men. Martinsville, Virginia. State normal institute, Announcements. Virginia 38 p.

state normal institute, Martinsville, Va. June 22d to July 23rd, 1915.

3502a 32 p. 22 42 cm. Mary Baldwin seminary, Staunton, Va. Catalog. F218 24 M39. 3503

Library has 1897, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910. Mary Custis Lee chapter, U. D. C., Lexington, Va. Historic Lexington. (1907?]

3504 unp. illus. 30 by 25cm. Mary Gertrude, pseud? Philip Randolph; a tale of Virginia. By Mary Gertrude. New York, D. Appleton & co., 1854. B P549 P2.

3505 177 p. front. 154 cm. Marye, Laurence S. [Biographical sketch of Daniel Bedinger Lucas, with selections from his writings, by Laurence S. Marye]

3506 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature, 1909. v. 7. p. 3267 3282) Maryland. In the supreme court of the United States. The state of Maryland vs. the state of West Virginia. Original no. Bill in chancery. 3507 82 p.

22cm. Maryland. Attorney general. Communication from the Attorney general

[Josiah Bayly) relative to the suit of Maryland against Virginia. Annapolis, Wm. M'Neir, print., 1836. F221 1 T2.

3508 214cm. [Maryland. Commissioner on boundary with Virginia, 1858-1860] Southern boundary of Maryland. [Annapolis? 1860] F221 M26.

3509 24 p. fold. map. 22 12 cm.

Thomas Jefferson Lee, commissioner. Maryland. Commissioners to confer with commissioners of Virginia to ad

just the boundary line, 1872. Report and journal of proceedings of the joint commissioners to adjust the boundary line of Maryland and Virginia . . . Annapolis, W. T. Iglehart & co., 1874. F221 1 T2. 3510

344 p. 214cm. Maryland. General assembly, 1867. Joint committee to adjust and mark

Eastern shore boundary. Report of the commissioners appointed by the legislatures of Maryland and Virginia to run and mark the division line between Maryland and Virginia, on the Eastern shore of Chesapeake bay. Printed by authority. Annapolis, Wm. Thompson of R., printer, 1868. F221 1 T2.

3511 36 p. 2143 cm. Maryland. Governor. Message of the governor of Maryland, communicating the report of the commissioners appointed to survey the river Potomac Annapolis, Printed by J. Hughes, 1822.

3512 92 p. 23cm. The Maryland & Virginia almanac; or Washington ephemeris for the year

of our Lord 1798. Calculated by Isaac Briggs . . . Green, English & Co. F224 A4.

3513 19cm.

32 p.

Mason, Emily V. Popular life of Gen. Robert Edward Lee. By Emily V.

Mason. Dedicated by permission to Mrs. Lee. Illustrated with 17 original designs by Professor Volck . . Baltimore, J. Murphy & co., 1872. ci L480 M3.

3514 xi, (13)-432 p. front. (port.), illus. 19 cm.

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