Contents: Major Anderson at Fort Sumter, by George H. Gordon; Operations in North Carolina, 1861-1862, by Thomas F. Edmands; The Department of North Carolina under General Foster, July, 1862, to July, 1863, by Major J. Lewis Stackpole; Military operations in South Carolina in 1862, against Charleston, Port Royal Ferry, James Island, Secessionville, by Hazard Stevens; The operations against Charleston, by Alfred P. Rockwell; The siege of Suffolk, April 11-May 3, 1863, by Hazard Stevens; The battle of Olustee, Florida, February 20, 1864, by Major William Eliot Furness; The Tenth army corps in Virginia, May, 1864, by Alfred P. Rockwell; General Butler's Bermuda campaign, by George A. Bruce; Defence of Fort Fisher, North Carolina, by William Lamb; The capture of Fort Fisher, January 15, 1865, by Adelbert Ames; The burning of Columbia, S. C., February 17, 1865, by Henry S. Nourse; The second battle of Bull Run, by Hazard Stevens; The battle of Fredericksburg, December 13, 1862, by George A. Bruce; The Vicksburg campaign, by William R. Livermore.

Petersburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg . Boston, The Military historical society of Massachusetts, 1906. E172 M61.

3682 vi P., 2 l., 442 p. 4 fold, maps. 2442 cm.

(Half-title: Papers of the Military historical society of Massachusetts [v. 5])

Contents: Lyman, T. Operations of the Army of the Potomac, Juno 5-15, 1864; Lyman, T. Crossing the James and advance on Petersburg, June 13-16, 1864; Livermore, T. L. The failure to take Petersburg, June 15, 1864; Smith, W. F. The movement against Petersburg, June, 1864; Beauregard, G. T. Letter of General Beauregard to General C. M. Wilcox [dated, New Orleans, June 9, 1874]; Peabody, F. E. Crossing of the James and first assault upon Petersburg, June 12-15, 1864; Peabody, F. E. Some observations concerning the opposing forces at Petersburg on June 15, 1864; Ropes, J. C. The failure to take Petersburg on June 16-18, 1864; Osborn, F. A. Bermuda Hundred, June 16-17, 1864; Weld, S. M. The Petersburg mine; Porter, C. H. The Petersburg mine; Porter, C. H. Operations against the Weldon railroad, August 18, 19, 21, 1864; Walker, F. A. Reams' Station; Driver, W. R. The siege of Petersburg after the capture of the Weldon railroad; Walker, F. A. The expedition to the Boydton plank road, October, 1864; Smith, J. P. Stonewall Jackson and Chancellorsville; Smith, J. P. General Lee at Gettysburg.

[ocr errors]

The Shenandoah campaigns of 1862 and 1864 and the Appomattox campaign, 1865 . . Boston, The Military historical society of Massachusetts, 1907. E172 M61.

3683 6 p. I., [3]-518 p., 1 1. 6 fold. maps. 24 12 cm.

(Half-title: Papers of the Military historical society of Massachusetts (v. 6])

Contents: Huntington, J. F. Operations in the Shenandoah Valley, from Winchester to Port Republic. 1862; Kennon, L. W. V. The Valley campaign of 1864—a military study; Porter, C. H. Operations of Generals Sigel and Hunter in the Shenandoah Valley May and June, 1864; Stevens, H. The battle of Cedar Creek; Crowninshield, B. W. Cedar Creek;

Hamlin, A. C. Who recaptured the guns at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864?; Porter C. H. Operations of the Fifth corps on the left, March 29, to nightfall March 31, 1865Gravelly Run; Porter, C. H. The Fifth corps at the battle of Five Forks; Swan, W. W. The Five Forks campaign; Stevens, H. The storming of the lines of Petersburg by the Sixth corps, April 2, 1865; Stevens, H. The battle of Sailor's Creek; Livermore, T. L. The generalship of the Appomattox campaign. -The Virginia campaign of 1862 under General Pope, edited by Theodore F. Dwight. Boston and New York, Pub. for the Military historical society of Massachusetts by Houghton, Mifflin and co., 1895. E172 M61.

3684 xx1, 541 p. 9 fold. maps. 24 12 cm. (Military historical society of Massachusetts, Boston, Papers.

Rev. and enl. ed. v. 2)

"Books cited or mentioned in this volume:" P. v-xxi.


-The Wilderness campaign, May-June, 1864 Boston, The Military historical society of Massachusetts, 1905.

3685 vi p., 2 l., 471, [1] P. 6 fold. maps. 24 12 cm.

(Papers of the Military historical society of Massachusetts. v. 4) Miller, Elmer Isaiah.

The legislature of the province of Virginia; its internal development, by Elmer I. Miller .. New York, The Columbia

182 p.

102 p.

university Press, the Macmillan company, agents; [etc., etc.] 1907. F216 M647.

3686 25cm. (Studies in history, economics and public law; ed. by the faculty of political science of Columbia university. v. xxviii, no. 2)

Bibliography: p. 177-182. Miller, Francis Trevelyan. ... The photographic history of the civil war

Francis Trevelyan Miller, editor-in-chief; Robert S. Lanier, manag. ing editor. Thousands of scenes photographed 1861-65, with text by many special authorities. New York, The Review of reviews co., 1911. E468 M64.

3687 10 v. front., illus., maps. 28 12 cm. Miller, Joseph Lyon. Ancestry and descendants of Lieut. John Henderson,

of Greenbrier County, Virginia. 1650-1900. From data collected and arranged by his great-great-grandson, Joseph Lyon Miller, M. D., Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers, 1902.

3688 37 p. front. (port.) 2312 cm.

The descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of “Barford,” Lancaster County, Virginia, with genealogical notes of many of the allied families, by Joseph Lyon Miller Thomas, W. Va., 1912.

3689 7 p. l., xxvii, 388 p. front, (facsims.) plates, ports. 24cm. Miller, Mrs. Lucy Henry. Ash-Wednesday; or, Society's ban . Richmond, P. Keenan, 1882. B M649 A6.

3690 1572 cm. Miller, Polk. Dogs, their ailments; how to treat them. By Polk Miller, presi

dent of the Polk Miller drug company, Richmond, Va. Revised edition 1903. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers, [1903] 3691

48 p. 1912 cm. Miller, Sally Campbell Preston. James McDowell. [Life] F218 24 W31 H67.

3692 (In Washington and Lee university. Historical papers.

no. 5. 1895. p. 37-202) Miller, Samuel. Extract of so much of the will of Samuel Miller as relates

to the Miller manual labor school of Albemarle. [Also] an act
to establish the Manual labor school provided for in the 25th clause of
said will.

n. p.
n. d. F218 24 M65 E96.

3693 21cm. Miller, Samuel. A sermon, delivered January 19, 1812, at the request of a

number of young gentlemen of the city of New York, who had assembled to express their condolence with the inhabitants of Richmond, on the late mournful dispensation of Providence in that city. By Samuel Miller

New-York, Pub. by Whiting and Watson (printed by D. & G. Bruce] 1812. F233 37 R5.

3694 22 12 cm. Miller & Rhoads monthly record. Richmond, Va. Published by and for the employees of the Miller and Rhoads store.

3695 Library has v. 1, nos. 1, 2, 4-6, July, Aug., Oct.-Dec., 1910; v. 2, nos. 1, 3-9, 11, 12, Jan., Mar.-Sep., Nov., Dec., 1911; v. 3, nos. 1-6, Jan.-June,

1912. Miller manual labor school of Albemarle, Crozet, Va. Catalogue. F218 24 M65 C35.

3696 Library has 1902, 1903. Millson, John S. Remarks of Messrs. Millson, Vallandigham, and Nelson

against the abolition of the franking privilege, in the House of Repre

15 p.

42 p.

sentatives, Feb. 11th & 14th, 1860. Washington, Lemuel Towers. JK310 V. 5.

3697 22cm.

[ocr errors]

-Speech of Hon. John S. Millson, of Virginia, on the revenue and expenditures of the government, delivered in the House of representatives, February 24, 1859 Washington, Printed at the Congressional globe office, 1859. JK310 V. 43.

3698 8 p. 24 12 cm. -Speech of Hon. J. S. Millson, of Virginia, on the Wheeling bridge case. Delivered in the House of representatives, Aug., 14, 1852. [Washington, Printed at the Congressional globe office, 1852?]

3699 7 p. 2342 cm. -Speech of the state of the union, in the House of Representatives, Jan. 21, 1861. Washington, Lemuel Towers. JK310 V. 4.

3700 22cm.

[ocr errors]

20 p.

Milwaukee bar association. Proceedings in observance of John Marshall

day, February 4, 1901; together with the oration, John Marshall and his times, delivered by Hon. Neal Brown, at Plymouth church, Milwaukee [1901?] C1 M368 M66.

3701 1 p. I., 43 p. 24cm. Miner, William Harvey. Daniel Boone; a contribution toward a bibliography

of writings concerning Daniel Boone. New York, The Dibdin club, 1901. 28109 M6.

3702 ix P., 1 l., 32 p., 1 l.

12 mo. Minnigerode, Charles. Jefferson Davis. A memorial address, delivered in St.

Paul's church, Richmond, Va., December 11, 1889, by Rev. Charles Min. nigerode, D. D., rector emeritus. Richmond, Va., Baughman brothers, 1890. ci D262 M28.

3703 22cm. Minor, Benjamin Blake, 1818-1905. The brass cannon in the armory yard in Richmond.

3704 (In Southern literary messenger.

v. 13. p. 243-249) Our colleges in Virginia.

3705 (In Southern literary messenger.

v. 13. p. 567-568) - The Southern literary messenger, 1834-1864, by Benjamin Blake Minor, LL. D., editor and proprietor from 1843 to 1847 . New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1905. PN4900 S7 M6.

3706 252 p. 10 port. (incl. front.) 2112 cm. Minor, Charles Landon Carter. The real Lincoln, by Charles L. C. Minor,

with article by Lyon G. Tyler. Edited by Kate Mason Rowland Richmond, Everett Waddey company, 1901.

3702 66 p. 1842 cm. -The real Lincoln, from the testimony of his contemporaries. By Charles L. C. Minor, M. A., LL. D. 2d ed. rev. and enl. Richmond, Everett Waddey co., 1904. C1 L738.

3708 front. (port.) 20 42 cm. Minor, John B. Exposition of the law of crimes and punishments. By John

B. Minor, LL. D., professor of common and statute law in the University of Virginia. Richmond, Printed for the author. Sold to the wholesale trade by Anderson bros., University of Virginia. 1894.

3709 xvii, 351 p.


[ocr errors]

230 p.

-A synopsis of the law of crimes and punishments in Virginia .
Philadelphia, W. S. Young, 1858. F216 1 M66.

3710 vi, [7]-96 p. 22cm. Minor, Mrs. Kate Pleasants. An author and subject index to the Southern

historical society papers, v. 1-38. Compiled by Mrs. Kate Pleasants Minor, reference librarian, under the direction of Earl G. Swem, assistant librarian. Richmond, D. Bottom, supt. of public printing, 1913. 3711 p. 45-139.

23cm. (Bulletin of the Virginia state library. v. 6, nos. 3, 4; July, Oct., 1913) -A list of newspapers in the Virginia state library, Confederate museum and Valentine museum. Comp. by Mrs. Kate Pleasants Minor, reference librarian, Virginia state library, and Miss Susie B. Harrison, vice-regent, Confederate museum, under the direction of Earl G. Swem, assistant librarian, Virginia state library. Richmond, Va., 1912.

3712 p. 279-425. 23cm.

(Bulletin of the Virginia state library. v. 5, no. 4. Oct., 1912.) Minor, Louisa H. A. The Meriwethers and their connections. A family

record, giving the genealogy of the Meriwethers in America together with biographical notes and sketches . . . By Louisa H. A. Minor. Albany, N. Y. J. Munsell's sons, 1892.

3713 180 p. front. (coat of arms) plates (ports.) 24cm. Minor, Lucian. Address on education.

3714 (In Southern literary messenger.

V. 2. p. 17-24) Minor, Raleigh Colston. The law of tax titles in Virginia. (Charlottesville, Va.] University of Virginia, 1898. F216 1 T23 M66.

3715 viii p., 1 l., 188p. 8vo. -Notes on the science of government and the relations of the states to the United States [Charlottesville] University of Virginia, Anderson bros., 1910. JC251 M5.

3716 X, 192 p. 24cm. -Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by Prof. R. C. Minor, of the University of Virginia. Centralization versus decentralization.

3717 (In Virginia state bar association. 23rd report, 1911. p. 194-212) -To the members of the constitutional convention (on the advantages of plural voting] Charlottesville, 1901. F216 2 M6.

3718 8 p. 22 cm. Miscellaneous notes, queries and answers. Norfolk, Va. N. B. Webster, edi. tor.

3719 Library has v. 1. nos. 8 & 9. February-March, 1883. Miss Laura W. Gold's school for young ladies and children, Berryville, Va. Catalog (no date]

3720 Mrs. Gilmer's school, Roanoke, Va. Catalog.

3721 Library has 1893. Mrs. W. H. Platt's school for girls, Petersburg, Va Catalog.

3722 Library has 1892. Mitchell, Arthur? The Coloniad: a narrative in verse on Washington's war,

together with an eulogium to the chief hero and his monument. Dedicated to the equestrian statue of Washington, in Richmond. By A. Mitchell. Richmond, 1858.

3723 120 p. 1943 cm.

-A word of scripture to North and South. A sermon delivered at the Third Presbyterian church, Richmond, Va., Dec. 30th, 1860. Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, printers, 1861.

3724 2212 cm.

32 D.



Mitchell, David W. Ten years in the United States; being an Englishman's

view of men and things in the North and South. By D. W. Mitchell, formerly resident in Richmond, Virginia ... London, Smith, Elder & CO., 1852. E166 M68.

3725 xii, 332 1942 cm.

Virginia: p. 1-76. Mitchell, John, d. 1768. An account of the preparation and uses of the various kinds of pot-ash; by John Mitchell, M. D., & F. R. S. Q41 L8.

3726 (In Royal society. Philosophical transactions. v. 45. Oct., Nov., 1748. p. 541-563) -The contest in America between Great Britain and France, with its consequences and importance; giving an account of the views and designs of the French, with the interests of Great Britain, and the situation of the British and French colonies, in all parts of America: in which a proper barrier between the two nations in North America is pointed out, with a method to prosecute the war, so as to obtain that necessary security for our colonies. By an impartial hand. London, Printed for A. Millar, 1757. E199 M68.

3727 2 p. l., iii-xlix, [1], [17]-244 (i. e. 260) p. 21cm. -An essay upon the causes of the different colours of people in different climates; by John Mitchell, M. D., communicated to the Royal society, by Mr. Peter Collinson, F. R. S. Q41 L8.

3728 (In Royal Society. Philosophical transactions. 43, May, June, 1744. p. 102-150) A letter to the Reverend Dr. Birch, Secretary to the Royal Society, concerning the force of electrical cohesion. Q41 L8.

3729 (In Royal society. Philosophical transactions. v. 51, pt. 1. 1759. 390-393) Mitchell, Samuel C. Virginia from colony to commonwealth, 1763-1776 [with bibliography]

3730 (In The South in the building of the nation. v. 1. p. 73-89) Mitchell, Silas Weir. The youth of Washington. Told in the form of an

autobiography. By S. Weir Mitchell, M. D. New York, The Century co., 1904. ci W318 M29.

3731 20cm. Moffat, R. Burnham. Moffat genealogies: descent from Rev. John Moffat of

Ulster County, New York, by R. Burnham Moffat. [New York, Press of L. Middleditch co.] Priv. print., 1909.

3732 4 p. l., 13-158 p. incl. pl., map. 25cm. [Moffett, William Walter] John Daniel Moffett. A sketch by his father.

[Roanoke, Va., The Stone printing and mnfg. co., 1914?] C1 M694 M69.

3733 ports.

20cm. Molina, Diego de. Letter of Don Diego De Molina, 1613.

3734 (In Tyler, L. G. Narratives of early Virginia. 1606-1625. p. 218-224)


290 p.

61 p.

Molineaux, Duffield & co. Supreme court of appeals of Va. Richmond. Molineaux, Duffield & co. vs. Gentry & others. [Richmond, 1869 ?] 3735

63 p. 23cm.

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