128 p.

Patriotic order sons of America of Virginia. Lee birthplace memorial com

mittee. Lee birthplace memorial committee composed of the State ex. ecutive committee, Patriotic order sons of America of Virginia. F. W. Alexander, Secretary, Oak Grove, Virginia . (n. p. n. d.] 4166

(12) p. ` illus., ports. 2012x10 12 cm. Patterson, H. K. W. War memories of Fort Monroe and vicinity. Contain

ing an account of the memorable battle between the “Merrimac" and "Monitor," the incarceration of Jefferson C[!] Davis and other topics .. Fort Monroe, Va., Pool & Deuschle, 1885. F234 04 P2. 4167

3 p. l., 102 p. 19 12 cm. Patterson, Robert, 1792-1881. A narrative of the campaign in the valley of

the Shenandoah, in 1861 . Philadelphia, J. Campbell, 1865. E470 P32.

4168 incl. front. (map) 231/2 cm. Patteson, Sergeant Smith Prentiss. Paper read [before Virginia state bar

association) by S. S. P. Patteson, of the Richmond bar. "The power of the state legislature."

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aration of church and state in Virginia. With a concise history of the Presbyterian Church in the United States from 1705 to 1888. New York, A. D. F. Randolph & co. (c 1887] F218 3 P32.

4171 x, 137 p. 18cm. -Yorktown: a compendious account of the campaign of the allied French and American forces, resulting in the surrender of Cornwallis and the close of the American revolution; the succeeding events, to the treaty of peace; and the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the surrender at Yorktown .. Hlustrated... New York, Fords, Howard, & Hulbert, 1882. F234 Y6 P322.

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the Virginia military institute, July 4, 1871, by Col. John M. Patton. Wytheville, D. A. St. Clair, printer, 1871. F218 24 V81 P3. 4174

26 p. 22cm. -Same. 2d ed. Richmond, Printed at the Whig job office, 1873. F218 24 V81 P3.

4174 22 12 cm. -Argument of Col. John M. Patton, in respect to the validity of minis. terial orders, in the council of the Diocese of Virginia, at Alexandria, May 18, 1876. Published by request. Richmond, Clemmitt & Jones, steam book and job printers, 1876.

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23 p.

34 p.

72 p.

96 p.

[Biographical sketch of Maximilian Schele De Vere with selections from his writings, by John S. Patton]

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4179 illus., ports. 22 42 cm. -Jefferson, Cabell and the University of Virginia, by John S. Patton

New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1906. F218 24 U5P3.

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illus. ports. 2012 cm. Patton, William Macfarland. A practical treatise on foundations, explaining

fully the principles involved, supplemented by articles on the use of concrete in foundations ... New York, J. Wiley & sons, 1893. TA775 P32.

4182 402 p. illus., plates (incl. diagrs.) 2342 cm. Paul, Mrs. Katherine S. G. A partial list of Virginia authors and their works.

Comp. for the use of the Committee on Virginia authors of the board of World's fair managers. By Mrs. K. G. Paul. [n. p., 1892] 4183

60 p. 25cm. [Paulding, James Kirke) Letters from the South, written during an ex

cursion in the summer of 1816. By the author of John Bull and Brother Jonathan . . . New York, J. Eastburn & co.,. 1817. F210 P32. 4184

2 v. 1712 cm.

Descriptive of Virginia life and scenery. -A life of Washington ... New York, Harper & brothers, 1871. C1 W318 P6.

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tion, its policy, and its achievements ... Cleveland, The Burrows brothers company, 1906. E271 P3.

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The navy of Virginia: p. 396-417. Paxton, Elisha Franklin. Memoir and memorials. Elisha Franklin Paxton,

Brigadier-general, C. S. A. Composed of his letters from camp and field while an officer in the Confederate army, with an introductory and connecting narrative collected and arranged by his son, John Gallatin Paxton

Printed, not published, 1905. [Reprinted by the Neale publishing company, 1907] ci P342 P5.

4187 vi, 114 p. front. (port.) 24 42 cm. Paxton, James G. Speech of James G. Paxton, Esq., of Rockbridge, relative

to the oyster fundum of Virginia. Delivered in tue House of delegates of Virginia, March 26, 1858. Richmond, Va., Printed by Ritchie and Dunnavant, 1858.

4188 70 p. 23cm.

2 v.

36 p.

Paxton, John D. Letters on slavery; addressed to the Cumberland congregation, Virginia. By J. D. Paxton, their former pastor. Lexington, Ky.,

4189 A. T. Skillman, 1833. HT90 P34.

2 p. I., [vii]-viii, 207 p. 18cm. -A memoir of J. D. Paxton, D. D., late of Princeton, Indiana. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1870. ci P343 P34.

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Dr. Paxton was born in Rockbridge Co., Va., in 1784. Paxton, W. M. The Marshall family, or a genealogical chart of the descend

ants of John Marshall and Elizabeth Markham, his wife, sketches of individuals and notices of families connected with them. By W. M. Paxton, Platte City, Mo. . . . Cincinnati, Robert Clarke & co., 1885. 4191

415 p. front. (port.) 2112 cm.

Folded "Genealogical chart of the Marshall family" bound in at end. Payne, John. Payne's vindication; addressed to the people of Virginia Printed and published for John Payne, of Orange County, Va., 1838.

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the Old Dominion, by Pocahontas. 2d ed. Boston, Upham, Ford and Olmstead, 1853. B P361 C8.

4194 vii, 259 p. front., plates. Peck, Thomas E. Miscellanies of Rev. Thomas E. Peck, D. D., LL. D., pro

fessor of theology in the Union theological seminary in Virginia. Rich. mond, Va., Presbyterian committee of publication (1895]

4195 3 v.

Library has v. 1, 2.
-Notes on ecclesiology. By T. E. Peck, D. D., LL, D., late professor in
Union theological seminary. Second edition. Richmond, Va., Presby.
terian committee of publication (c 1892]

4196 20cm. Peckard, P. A life of Nicholas Ferrar. London, Printed and sold by Joseph Masters, 1852. C2 F374 P12.

4197 2 p.1., 155 p. 17 14 cm.

"This life is abridged from the Memoirs of Nicholas Ferrar, by Dr. P. Peckard, which were first published 1790." - Memoirs of the life of Mr. Nicholas Ferrar. By P. Peckard, D. D., Master of Magdalen college, Cambridge. Cambridge, Printed by J. Arch. deacon, and sold by J. & J. Merrill, and J. Bowtell, 1790. C2 F374 P12.

4198 xvi, 316 p. front. (port.), fold. tab. 22 42 cm. Pegram battalion association, Annual reunion

Richmond, Va., May 21, 1886, when the battle-flag of the battalion was presented by Capt. W. Gordon McCabe, Adjutant Richmond, W. E. Jones, printer, 1886. E581 7 P3.

4199 32 p.

234 cm. Pell, Edward Leigh. The art of enjoying the Bible. By Edward Leigh Pell. Richmond, Va., The Idea publishing company, 1899.

4200 159 p. 2042 cm.

215 p.

A hundred years of Richmond Methodism. The story as told at the

224 p.


166 p.

centennial celebration of 1899. Edited by Edward Leigh Pell, Richmond, Va., The Idea publishing co., [1899?] F233 62 P385. 4201

front., plates (ports.) 20 12 cm. Pember, P. Y. L. A Virginia visit.

4202 (In Harper's magazine, v. 68, 1884.

p. 110) Pence, Kingsley Adolphus. The history of Judge John Pence and descend.

ants, born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, January 15, 1775. Resided in Champaign County, Ohio, Bartholomew County, Indiana, and Hen. derson County, Illinois. Comp. and pub. by Kingsley Adolphus Pence, his grandson Denver, Col., 1912.

4203 126 p. incl. front. plates, ports., fold. geneal. tab. (in pocket) 2342cm. Pencil, Mark, pseud. White Sulphur papers; or, Life at the springs of

western Virginia. By Mark Pencil (pseud.) New York, Samuel Col. man, 1839. F247 W5 P3.

4204 12 mo. [Pendleton, Edmund] pseud.? The crisis. [Letters] To the Hon. Josiah S. Johnston, U. S. senator. 1832.

4205 35 p. 25cm. Pendleton, Edmund, 1721-1803. The danger not over.

4206 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon Cole lege. V. 4. no. 2. June, 1914. p. [80]-85) Pendleton, John Strother. Speech on the Oregon question in the House of representatives Jan. 26, 1846. JK310

V. 28.

4207 22cm. Pendleton, S. T. General pri iples of arithmetic, for schools, teachers, and

students. By S. T. Pendleton, principal Classical and mathematical school, Richmond, Va., and formerly assistant professor of mathematics at the Virginia military institute, and civil engineer. Richmond, Bates & Waddy brothers, 1869.

4208 (viii), 212 p. 18 12 cm.

16 p.


Peninsula horticultural society. Transactions. SB1 P41.

Library has 1st-10th, 1888-1897. Peninsular Baptist association. Minutes.

Library has 4th and 6th sessions, 1J07 and 1909.


Penn, William. Primitive Christianity revived in the faith and practice of

the people called Quakers; written in testimony to the present dispensation of God through them to the world; that prejudices may be removed, the simple informed, the well-inclined encouraged, and the truth and its innocent friends rightly represented. By William Penn. To which is prefixed a memoir of Penn by James M. Brown, of Virginia. Phila , Miller & Burlock, 1857.

4211 61, 89 p.

front, port. Pennsylvania. Cold Harbor battle-field commission. 1864-1910. Pennsyl.

vania at Cold Harbor, Virginia. Ceremonies at the dedication of the monument erected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the national cemetery at Cold Harbor, Virginia, to mark the positions as well as in memory of the Pennsylvania commands, engaged in the battle of Cold Harbor, of June, 1864 . . . 1912. [Harrisburg] C. E. Aughinbaugh, printer to the state, 1912. E481 C68 P42.

4212 60 p. front., plates, ports. 22cm.

Pennsylvania. Culpeper, Virginia, monument commission. Report of the

29 p.

p. lvii.

Culpeper, Virginia, monument commission of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg,
Pa., W. S. Ray, state printer, 1914. F234 C96 P4.

4213 62 p. front., plates, ports. 24cm. Pennsylvania General assembly. Proceedings of the legislature of Penn.

sylvania in commemoration of the birth-day of Washington, February 22, 1861. Harrisburg, A. B. Hamilton, 1861. JK310 v. 3.

4214 22cm. Pennsylvania. Jamestown exposition commission. Pennsylvania at the

Jamestown exposition, Hampton Roads, Va. 1907. Prepared by James
H. Lambert, executive officer, Pennsylvania commission. Philadelphia,
Published by the Pennsylvania commission, 1908. T648 F3 P4,

4215 v, [3], 360 D. incl. front., illus., plates, ports, facsims. fold. plan. 24 12 cm. Percy, George. Observations gathered out of a discourse of the plantation of

the southerne colonie in Virginia by the English, 1606. Written by that honourable gentleman, Master George Percy. G159 P8.

4216 (In Purchas his pilgrimes. London 1625. v. 4. p. 1685-1690) Same.

4216a (In Smith, John. Works ed. by E. Arber. Birmingham, 1884. lxxii) -Same.

4216b (In Smith, John. Works ed. by E. Arber. New ed. by Bradley. 1910. v. 1. p. lvii-lxxiii) -Same.

4216C (In Brown, A. Genesis of the U. S.

v. 1. p. 152-168) -Same.

4216d (In Tyler, L. G. Narratives of early Va.

p. 5-23) -Same.

42160 (In Hart, A. B. The founding of Jamestown. p. 3-16. Amer. hist. leaflets, no. 36) Perdue, E. Thomas. The words of our Saviour, Jesus Christ; or, What

Christ said. As contained in the gospels By E. Thomas Perdue, of Huguenot, Powhatan county, Va. 1st ed. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill ptg. co., 1890.

4217 20cm. A perfect description of Virginia: being, a full and true relation of the

present state of the plantation, their health, peace, and plenty Being sent from Virginia, at the request of a gentleman of worthy note, who desired to know the true state of Virginia as it now stands. Also, a narration of the countrey, within a few dayes journey of Virginia, west and by south ... being related to the governour, Sir William Berckley ... With the manner how the Emperor Nichotawance came to Sir William Berckley, attended with five petty kings, to doe homage, and bring tribute to King Charles London, Printed for R. Wode. noth, 1649. (Washington, P. Force, 1837] E187 F69.

4218 2314cm. (In Force, Peter. Tracts Washington, 1836-46. v. 2 (1838) no. 8) -Same.

4218 (In Massachusetts historical society. Collections. Series 2. v. 9. 1832. p. 105-122)

117 p.

18 P.


[ocr errors]

Perkins, George. Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by George Perkins. The lawyer's place among men.

4219 (In Virginia state bar association. 7th report, 1895. D. 232-249)

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