63 D.

-The Randolph-Macon system; its relation to the church and to the Carnegie foundation. Published by direction of the Board of Trustees. [no place. no date] F218 24 R19 R19.

4501 23cm. -The yellow jacket, vol. 2. Edited by the literary societies of Randolph. Macon college. 1900, F218 24 R19 Y4.

4501a 139 p.

21x28 44 cm. Randolph-Macon institute, Danville, Va. Catalog.

4502 Library has 1905, 1906, 1908, 1910. Randolph-Macon woman's college, Lynchburg, Va. Book of views. Lynch. burg, Virginia, [J. P. Bell co., inc.]

4503 unp.

illus. 1912 cm. -Bulletin.

4504 Library has v. 1, nos. 1, 2, 3, Oct., 1914, Jan., Mar., 1915. -Catalog.

4505 Library has 1905, 1906, 1907, 1913, 1914. Home life at Randolph-Macon woman's college, Lynchburg, Va. 4506

plates, illus. 18x27cm. Ransom, Robert. Ransom's division at Fredericksburg. E486 B33. .4507 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

V. 3.

p. 94) Rappahannock Baptist association. Minutes.

4508 Library has 64th, 65th and 68th, 1906, 1907 & 1910. Rappahannock institute, Tappahannock, Va. Catalog.

4509 Library has 1895. Rappahannock union Baptist Sunday-school convention. Minutes of the

convention held at Jerusalem Baptist church, Atlantic City, Va. July 6, 7 & 8th 1900. J. F. W. Tonkins, recording secretary, Achilles, Va. Richmond, Va., Virginia Baptist press, 1900.

4510 40 D. 2244 cm. Ratcliffe, John. Captain John Ratcliffe alias Sickelmore. Letter to the Earl of Salisbury, 4 October 1609. F229 5665.

4511 (In Smith, John Travels and works, ed. by Arber. New ed. by Bradley. 1910. V. 1. p. xcviii, xcix)

31 D.


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at the opening of the Virginia convention, May 11, 1820. By the Rev. James S. Ravenscroft, of St. James parish, Mecklenburg. Published by desire of the members of the convention. Philadelphia, Printed by William Fry, 1820.

4512 31 D.

23cm. Rawlings institute, Charlottesville, Va. Catalog.

4513 Library has 1907. Raymond, Ida. Southland writers. Biographical and critical sketches of the living female writers of the South. With extracts from their writings . . Philadelphia, Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, 1870. PS261 R26.

4514 3 v. 22cm. Virginia: v. 2, D 733-824.

413 p.

3 p.

V. 3.

P. 456.

24 p.

60 p.

Raymond, James F. The lost colony. By James F. Raymond. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson (c 1891] B R270 L8.

4515 19cm. Raymond, R. W. The natural coke of Chesterfield County, Va. F219 21 R2.

4516 23cm. Extract from the Transactions of the American institute of mining engineers.

1883. Rayner, B. L. Sketches of the life, writings, and opinions of Thomas Jeffer

son, with selections of the most valuable portions of his voluminous and unrivaled private correspondence ... New York, A. Francis and W. Boardman, 1832. C1 J45 R5.

4517 556 p. incl. port. front. 24cm. Read, Charles H. A discourse in behalf of domestic missions, delivered in

the United Presbyterian church, Richmond, Va., May 24, 1857, by C. H. Read, D. D. Published by the Domestic missionary society of Richmond. Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, printers, 1857.

4518. 2142 cm. Read, D. B. The life and times of Gen. John Graves Simcoe, commander

of the Queen's rangers during the Revolutionary war, and first governor of upper Canada. Together with some' account of Major André and Capt. Brant . Toronto, G. Virtue, 1890. C2 S588 R28. 4519

xv, [8]-305 p. front. (port.), plates, ports. Reade, Willoughby. Waifs, gathered on the banks of silent streams; and verses. C 1881 PS2689 R2 W13.

4520 23cm. Real estate trust co., Richmond, Va. Documents in evidence, Richmond post

office. Compliments of Real estate trust co., Richmond, Va. [Richmond, Va., Clyde W. Saunders, printer, 1903]

4521 24cm. The Record of news, history and literature. V. 1: June 18-Dec. 10, 1863. Richmond, Va. [West & Johnston] weekly. 1863. E485 R31. 4522

caption title, 248 p. 31 by 24cm.

Merged into the Richmond age. Redd, John. General Joseph Martin.

4523 (In Southern history association publications,

V. 7.

p. 1-6, 73-78, 193-199 and 257-268) Redmond, J. J. Fifty years after; or, The second fall of Richmond, Vir. ginia, by J. J. Redmond. [1909?]

4524 [8] p. Redwood, Allen C. Jackson's "Foot Cavalry” at the second Bull Run. E468 B33.

4525 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 2. p. 530-538) -Some landmarks of Old Virginia.

4526 (In Harper's magazine. v. 57, 1878. p. 161) [Reed, Miss] .. Vie de George Washington pris de l'anglais, et dédié

à la jeunesse américaine. By A. N. Girault . 24 éd. Philadelphia, 1856. ci W318 R33.

4527 5, (viii]-xxiv, 25-320, 2 p. incl. plates. 15cm. (Girault's French teacher. no. 2)

Translation of the life of George Washington by Miss Reed of Philadelphia, pub. by the American Sunday-school union in 1832. Reed, Walter. Abstract of report on the origin and spread of typhoid fever

in U. S. military camps during the Spanish war of 1898. By Walter

29 p.

44 p.

Reed, major and surgeon, U. S. army; Victor C. Vaughan . and Ed. ward O. Shakespeare .. Washington, Gov't. print, off., 1900. RC187 U41.

4528 1 p. 1., 239 p. diagrams (partly fold.), fold. plans. 2342 cm. Reed, William B. Oration delivered on the occasion of the reinterment of

the remains of General Hugh Mercer before the St. Andrew's and Thistle societies. By William B. Reed. Thursday, November 26, 1840. Philadelphia, From the press of A. Waldie, 1840. Ci M554 R13. 4529

front. 23cm. Reformers union rosebud nursery convention. Southern grand division. Minutes. Convened in True reformers' hall, Richmond, Va.

4530 Library has 20 and 4th, 1907 and 1909. Reizenstein, Milton. The economic history of the Baltimore and Ohio rail.

road, 1827-1853 . . . Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1897. H31 J6.

4531 (Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science. v. 15. nos. 7, 8. July, August, 1897) Religio poetae, à trilogy. Edited by J. Michard ... Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, printers, 1860.

4532 119 p. 18cm. Remarks on a pamphlet concerning the canon on lay discipline, passed

at the recent convention of Virginia, held in Alexandria, May, 1850. Washington, Gideon & co., printers, 1850.

4533 31 p. 2242 cm. Remarks on the theatre, and on the late fire at Richmond, in Virginia. York,

Printed by Thomas Wilson and Son for the author, and sold by William Alexander, York, 1812. F233 7 R384.

4534 32 p.

20cm. Renick, E. I. The Renick family of Virginia.

4535 (In Southern history association publications.

v. 3.

1899. p. 221-227) Repentance, or Richmond in tears. (no place. no date) F233 7 R425.

4536 half-title, p. [37]-71. 17 12 cm.

A sermon on the burning of the Richmond theater in 1811. A reply to the vindication of the representation of the case of the planters

of tobacco in Virginia. In a letter to Sir J. R. from the merchants or factors of London. London, Printed for R. Charlton, 1733 [manuscript] F229 R425.

4537 18 typewritten pages from copy in John Carter Brown library. A report of the case between Field and Harrison, determined by the high

court of chancery, in which the decree was reversed by the court of appeals. Richmond, Printed and sold by Thomas Nicolson, 1796.

4538 32 p. 20cm. Republican party. New York city and county. Central committees. Speeches

delivered at the Republican union festival, in commemoration of the birth of Washington; held at Irving Hall, Feb. 22, 1862, under the auspices of the Republican central committees of the city and county of New York, New York, G. P. Putnam, 1862.

W318 C53.

4539 27 p. 23cm. Rev. Charles F. E. Minnigerode, D. D., presbyter of the diocese of Virginia.

Entered into the Paradise of God, October 13, 1894. This tribute to his

16 p.

memory is issued October, 1895. New York, J. Pott & co., (1895] C1 M665.

4540 23 p. plates (ports.) 24cm. A review of Bishop Meade's Counterstatement of the case of Bishop H. U.

Onderdonk. By a member of the church. Philadelphia, Printed by C. Sherman, 1854.

4541 59 p. 22 42 cm. Review of the slave question, extracted from the American quarterly re

view, Dec. 1832; based on the speech of Th. Marshall, of Fauquier: showing that slavery is the essential hindrance to the prosperity of the slave-holding states; with particular reference to Virginia. Though applicable to other states where slavery exists. By a Virginian. Richmond, Printed by T. W. White, 1833.

4542 48 p. 24cm. A review of the “Vindication," &c. of E. Fontaine, president of the Louisa rail road company. Richmond, P. D. Bernard, printer, 1849.

4543 22 42 cm. Reynolds, C. M. Virginia defended. A letter to a British bondholder by Hon. C. M. Reynolds, treasurer of the State. F216 P.

4544 broadside. 44 by 26 cm. Reynolds, J. L. Church polity: or the Kingdom of Christ, in its internal

and external development. By J. L. Reynolds, pastor of the second Baptist church, Richmond, Va. Richmond, Harrold & Murray, 1849.

4545 vi, 240 p. 16cm. Rhodes, James Ford. The first six weeks of McClellan's peninsular campaign. E171 A57.

4546 (In American historical review. V. 1, no. 3. April, 1896.

p. 464472) Rice, John Holt. Correspondence between the Rev. John H. Rice, D. D., and

James M. Garnett, Esq. on the subject of the tendency of Episcopal principles. [Richmond, Printed by John Warrock, 1828?]

4547 16 p. 20cm. -Historical and philosophical considerations on religion; addressed to James Madison, esq., late president of the United States. By Rev. John H. Rice, D. D., late professor of Christian theology in Union theological seminary, in Prince Edward, Virginia. Richmond, Printed by J. Macfarlane, 1832.

4548 2 p. l., [iii]-viii, 110, [1] p. 1842 cm. -Memoir of James Brainerd Taylor. By John Holt Rice, D. D. and Benjamin Holt Rice, D. D. First edition. New York, Jocelyn, Darling & co., 1833. C1 T243 R26.

4549 1 p. 1., 330 p. front. (port.). 1842 cm.

Rice, Marie Gordon Pryor. [Biographical sketch of Sara Agnes Pryor, with selections from her writings, by Marie Gordon Pryor Rice]

4550 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. V. 10. p. 4273-4294)

Rich, Richard. Newes from Virginia. The lost flocke triumphant; with the

happy arrival of that famous and worthy knight Sr Thomas Gates: and the well reputed and valient captaine Mr. Christopher Newporte, and others, into England. With the manner of their distresse in the iland of devils (otherwise called Bermoothawes) where they remayned

124 p.

42 weeks and builded two pynaces, in which they returned into Virginia ... London, E. Allde, 1610. F229 N410.

4551 (In Neill, E. D. Early settlement of Virginia and Virginiola. Minneapolis, 1878. p. 29-35) -Same.

4551 (In Brown, Alexander. Genesis of the U. S.

v. 1. p. 420-426) Newes from Virginia (1610) A tract in verse by R. Rich, soldier; reprinted after the only existing copy of the original edition. London, Printed for private circulation, 1874. F229 R49.

4552 v. [7]-19 p. 25 22 cm.

"The impression of this tract is strictly limited to 25 numbered copies." Richards, George. Repent! Repent! or likewise perish! The spirit of an

evening lecture, February 16, 1812; on the late calamity at Richmond, Virginia; most respectfully inscribed to the Universalist church, Philadelphia, at whose request it is published. By their ministering servant, George Richards, no. 130 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Printed by Lydia R. Bailey, 1812. F233 7 G647.

4553 33, [7] p. 21cm. Richards, W. B. Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by W.

B. Richards of Front Royal, Va. Genesis of the federal judiciary system.

4554 (In Virginia state bar association. 16th report, 1904. p. 204-236) Richardson, Charles. The Chancellorsville campaign; Fredericksburg to

Salem church, by Charles Richardson. New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1907. E481 C4 R5.

4555 19 cm. [Richardson, Charles F.] An old colonial college. [The College of Wil. liam and Mary]

4555a (Magazine of American history. v. 12. no. 5. November, 1884. p. (414)-424) Richardson, R. The stability of American republicanism; an address, de

livered before the literary societies of Bethany college, on the 22d of February, 1848. By R. Richardson, Professor of chemistry. Bethany, Va., Printed by A. Campbell, 1848.

4556 1914 cm. Richardson, William T. Considerations on the choice of a field for minis.

terial labor. Annual address before the Society of alumni of Union theological seminary, Virginia, May 1855, by Rev. Wm. T. Richardson, of Waynesborough, Va. Printed by the society, Richmond, Richmond enquirer book office, 1855.

4557 22cm. Richardson's Virginia and North Carolina almanac for the year of our

Lord 1845 . . Calculated by David Richardson of Louisa county, Vir. ginia Richmond, Va., published by Drinker & Morris (1844] F224 A4.

4558 19cm. Richardson's Virginia and North Carolina almanac for the year of our

Lord 1846 By David Richardson of Louisa county, Va. Richmond, Va., published and for sale by Drinker & Morris (1845] F224 A4.

4559 19cm. Richardson's Virginia and North Carolina almanac for the year of our

Lord 1847 ... By David Richardson of Louisa county, Va. Richmond, Va., published and for sale by Drinker & Morris (1846] F224 A4,

36 p. 19cm.

36 p.

19 p.

[ocr errors]

34 p.

36 p.

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