26 p.

Richmond. Colored state fair. Catalog and premium list of the colored state

fair, Richmond, Va., Oct. 24 to 29, 1910. [Richmond, 1910) F218 5 C71.

4614 23cm. Richmond. Commonwealth club. Officers and members constitution and by-laws. [Richmond) 1897. F233 92 C73.

4615 48 p. 144 cm. Richmond. Confederate soldiers' and sailors' monument association. Dedi

cation of the soldiers' and sailors' monument, Richmond, Va. Com. prising: prayer, Rev. Moses D. Hoge; dedicatory poem, Armistead C. Gordon; introductory address, Hon. D. C. Richardson; address, Rev. R. C. Cave. Published by order of the Confederate soldiers' and sailors' monument association. F233 64 C7.

4616 25 p. front. 23cm. Richmond. Confederate soldiers' and sallors' monument association. Report

of committee on ceremonies incident to the unveiling of the soldiers' and sailors' monument at Richmond, Va., May 30, 1894. F233 64 C74.

4617 21 p. 25cm. Richmond. Council. Reports of the committee on the improvement of James

River, as required by a resolution of the city council, adopted July 17, 1871, with accompanying documents. Richmond, Evening news steam presses, 1871. F233 63 R53.

4618 167 p. 23cm. Richmond. Council Committee on grounds and buildings, 1887. Ceremonies

incident to the laying of the corner-stone of the new city hall, April. 5, 1887, embracing opening prayer by Rev. Moses D. Hoge, oration by Judge Beverley R. Wellford, jr., and a complete list of the articles deposited in the copper box, and the donors. Richmond, Va., Everett Waddey & co., printers, 1887. F233 8 C414.

4619 illus. 28cm. Richmond. Education association. Annual report. F233 1 E24. 4620

Library has 1902-1914. Richmond. Engineer department. Estimated cost of suggested improve.

ments of roadways, sidewalks, alleys and sewers within the present corporate limits of the city of Richmond, Va. Compiled to January 1, 1904 . . . Richmond, O. E. Flanhart print. co., 1904. F233 67 E57.

4621 35 p. 39 cm. Richmond. Exchange for woman's work. Annual report.

4622 Library has 25th, 1908; 27th-320, 1910-1914.

38 p.





Richmond. Female institute. Catalogue.

Library has 1877.

Richmond. First independent Christian society. Constitution and by-laws

of the first independent Christian society, adopted October 21st, 1838. Richmond, 1838.

4624 16p. 1842 cm. Richmond. Va. First independent Christian church. Constitution of the

first independent Christian church, adopted July 31, 1839. Richmond, Press of Bailie and Gallaher, 1839.

4625 11 p. 15 cm.

28 p.

16 p.

-The faith of Universalists; being a defence of this denomination of Christians and their views, against an abusive article published against them by Rev. Wm. S. Plumer, in a paper edited by him, entitled, the "Watchman of the South,” of the 28th of December, ult., who declined publishing a reply, or correcting the gross misrepresentation. By the committee of the first independent Christian church, Richmond, Va. (1838]

4626 12 p. 1842 cm.

Robert Poore, chairman of committee. Richmond. First Presbyterian church. Manual for the members of the first

Presbyterian church in Richmond, Virginia. Published by order of tho session. Richmond, Shepperson & Graves, printers, 1870.

4627 23cm. -Proceedings of the celebration of the eightieth anniversary of its organization, May 1, 1892. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson (1892] F233 62 F527.

4628 [63] p. front., plates, ports. 20cm. Richmond. Grace Street Baptist church. Report of committee on constitution and by-laws. [Richmond, 1911] F233 62 G72.

4629 23cm. Richmond. Gun club. Eighth annual tournament of the Richmond gun club. July 4, 1908. Richmond, Va.

4830 unp. 23cm. Richmond. Health department. Annual report. F233 1 R55. 4631

Library has ist, 1906-date. -Monthly bulletin. F233 1 R555.

4632 Library has v. 2, 1908; v. 3, 1909; v. 4, Jan.-June, 1910. -Rules and regulations governing the construction and maintenance of dry closets in the city of Richmond. Adopted by the board of health on October 26, 1908, under authority of the city ordinance of August 17, 1908, and in force, under said ordinance, on and after December 19, 1908. Richmond, Clyde W. Saunders, 1915.

4634 7 p. 23cm. -Rules and regulations of the Board of health governing the production and handling of milk to be sold or offered for sale in the city of Richmond. Richmond, Clyde W. Saunders, 1914.

4635 12, [3] p. diagrams, tables. 23cm. -Rules and regulations of the Richmond health department governing the maintenance of stables in the city of Richmond and the removal of manure for the protection of the public health. Richmond, Clyde W. Saunders, 1913.

4636 7 p. 23cm. Richmond, Horse show association. 1907. Official catalog. Oct. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 1907.

4637 ( 96 p. 23 42 cm. Richmond Howitzers. A sketch of the Richmond howitzers and their his.

toric home. Organized November 9, 1859. Reorganized April 10, 1871. Published by the Richmond howitzers, 1903. [Presses of J. L. Hill printing co., Richmond, Va.] F233 37 R53.

4638 illus. 20 by 27cm. Richmond. Institute, Richmond, Va. . Catalog.

4639 Library has 1875, 1876, 1877.

40 p.

107 D.

30 p.

23 p.

-Historical sketch. (1876)

4640 unpaged. Richmond. Instructive visiting nurse association. Annual report. 4641

Library has 1914, 1915. Richmond. John Marshall high school. Annual of the John Marshall high

school, Richmond, Va. Published by the senior class. F233 1 J65 A6.

4642 Library has 1912. Richmond. Kindergarten association. Annual report. F233 1 K51.

4643 Library has 2d, 1911. Richmond. Library. A catalogue of books in the Richmond library, Athen

aeum building. Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, 1855. F233 7 R532.

4644 22cm. Richmond. Light infantry blues. R. L. I. blues. Speech of Gen. H. A.

Wise, war roll, roll of honorary members, and the present roll of the company. 1874. Richmond, Clemmitt & Jones, 1874. F233 37 R532.

4645 col. front. 29 by 23cm. Richmond. Male orphan society. Charter, constitution and by-laws of the

Male orphan society of Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va., Walthall print. ing & so. tob. co., 1902.

4646 2314 cm. Richmond. Merchants. Memorial of the merchants of the city of Rich.

mond [to the Senate of Virginia in relation to licenses and the tax on merchants) 1860. [no place] JK310 v. 29.

4647 23cm. Richmond. Monumental church. The monumental messenger. Richmond. Published by the Monumental church. monthly.

4648 Library has v. 8, 9, 1898-1900; v. 12-21, 1902-1912; V. 22, nos. 1-10, 1913; V. 23, nos. 1-10, 1914; v. 24, nos. 1-6, 1915. Richmond. Normal school. Summer session [catalogue]

4649 Library has 1913, 1914, 1915. Richmond. Pine Street Baptist church. Pine street S. S. Bulletin. Rich. mond.

4650 Library has v. 7, no. 6. June, 1907. Richmond. Public schools. Annual report.

F233 1 R56.

4651 Library has 1871, 1886, 1908, 1911. -Intermediate examination. F233 1 R57 E.

4652 Library has 1885, 1887. -Richmond, Virginia, 1914. A brief sketch of its history, industrial life, government and educational facilities by the sixth and seventh year pupils of the public schools. Presented to the Department of superintendence of the National educational association by the pupils of the public schools of Richmond. [Richmond, 1914) F233 3 R55.

4653 94 p. incl. front. 23cm. -Supplementary word lists for use in the elementary schools. Pub. lished by the School board of the city of Richmond, Va., 1911. 4654 42 p.

At head of title, Richmond public schools, circular no. 4.

10 D.

57 p.

18 p.

27 p.

80 p.

Richmond. Reserve bank organization committee. A natural and economic

territory for a federal reserve district with Richmond as the location of the bank .

4655 maps. 31cm. Richmond. Retreat for the sick. Annual report. F233 95 R4 4656

Library has 10th, 1887; 12th, 1889--14th, 1891; 16th, 1893-21st, 1898; 18991902, 1903-1906, 1906-1909. -Constitution and by-laws of the Retreat for the sick. (1879-1904] For the government of the board of managers and employees.

4657 15 42 cm. Richmond. St. Paul's church. The parish register. Richmond. Published by St. Paul's church. monthly.

4658 Library has April, 1909; October, 1912; March, 1913. Richmond. Second Baptist church. Historical sketch of the Young men's society ... [Richmond, Va., Ware & Duke, 1911]

4659 20cm. Richmond. Society for the betterment of housing and living conditions In

Richmond. Report on housing and living conditions in the neglected sections of Richmond, Virginia. Prepared by Gustavus A. Weber, secretary Society for the betterment of housing and living conditions in Richmond Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, 1913. F233 91 S6.

4660 illus. 23cm. Richmond. Tobacco trade of city of Richmond. Constitution and by-laws

of the Tobacco trade of the city of Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va., J. L. Hill ptg. co., 1893. F233 1 T6.

4661 12 p. 2142 cm. Richmond Tuesday club. Fourth annual May music festival. Monday,

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3d, 4th and 5th. True reformers' opera hall. Richmond, Va. 1909.

4661a 34 p. 22 1/2 cm.

Program of the oratorio. The Creation, Richmond. Virginia home for incurables. Report for 1903, Virginia home

for incurables, incorporated March 1, 1894, Richmond, Va. Richmond, Va., Taylor & Taylor printing co., 1904.

4661b front.

2342 cm. Richmond. Virginia hospital. Virginia hospital bulletin. A quarterly

journal of medicine and surgery published by the staff of the Virginia hospital. Richmond. F221 7 V75.

4661c Library has v. 1. 1904. v. 2. no. 1. 1905. Richmond. Wednesday club. Thirteenth annual music festival of the

Wednesday club, held at the Academy of music, Richmond, Va. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, April 30 and May 1 and 2, 1906. Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, printers, [1906]

46610 47 p. ports. 23cm. Richmond. Water department. Annual report of the superintendent of the

city water works, to the mayor of the city, for the fiscal year ending Feb., 1, 1883. Richmond, Yancey, Waddey & co., printers, 1883. 4662

2342 cm. Contains: "A brief history of the origin and erection of the water works of the city of Richmond, Va:" p. 47-64. Richmond. Woman's club. Annual report.

4663 Library has 1896-1910, 1912-1916.

71 p.

64 P.

Richmond. Woman's college. Catalogue.

4663a Library has 1897, 1900, 1902-1907, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1914. -The Chisel, published by the students of the Woman's college, Rich. mond, Va. F218 24 W87 C54.

4664 Library has April, 1907; May, 1912; February, April, June, 1915. Richmond. Brooklyn, N. Y., The Albertype co., [1907] F233 3 R51.

4665 1 p., 9 plates. 19 by 24cm. The Richmond age. A Southern eclectic magazine. [Richmond, Va.) Ernest Lacarde & co., proprietors.

4666 Library has v. 1, no. 1, Jan. 1864; v. 1, no. 2, Feb., 1864; v. 1, no. 3, March, 1864; v. 1, no. 4, April, 1864; v. 1, no. 5, Jan., 1865. The Richmond alarm; a plain and familiar discourse in the form of a dia.

logue between a father and his son; in three parts: 1. Containing introduction, with many instructive hints and observations upon many of the most remarkable occurrences, wonders and curiosities in history; with a short account of the four religions of the world, viz. pagan, Jewish, Mahometan and Christian religion; and a brief account of the Greek church, Popish church, and Protestant church. 2. An account of the burning of the theatre in Richmond, December 26, 1811; with observations upon the nature and effects of stage plays, masquerades, balls, puppet shows, horse races, and gambling. 3. Reflections upon that conflagration; with a solemn application to people of every rank and character Written at the request of a number of pious persops, by an independent minister Philadelphia, Printed for the author; J. Bioren, printer [1814] F233 7 R532 Office.

4667 v, [6]-144 p. 1442 cm. Richmond & Alleghany railroad. Up the James river; or, a trip to the

mountains of Virginia. By the Richmond & Alleghany railroad. New York, Leve & Alden printing co. [n, d.)

4668 illus. 19 cm. Richmond and Manchester colonization society. Annual report. 4669

Library has 3d (1826), 5th (1827), 6th, (1828)

32 p.

Richmond and Manchester, Va. directory 1904, containing a general, busi

ness, street, and house directory of these cities, together with other useful information classified in the miscellaneous. Hill directory co., publishers. Vol. 40. Richmond, Va., c1904.

4670 1182 p.

map. 25 12 cm. Richmond and Manchester railway co. In the Supreme court of appeals of

Virginia. Richmond and Manchester railway company vs. Moore's administrator. Argument for appellee. Richmond, [1897?]

4671 33 p. 23cm. The Richmond and Norfolk society blue book, including Lynchburg and

other suburban towns. Elite family directory. 1912. New York City, Dau publishing co., c1912.

4672 142 p. 2142 cm. Richmond and Petersburg railroad company. Charter of the Richmond

and Petersburg railroad company. Richmond, Printed by T. W. White, 1836. F217 3 R53.

4673 1 p. l., (11)-28 p. 21cm. -Proceedings of the stockholders in the Richmond and Petersburg rail. road company, at their general meeting, and reports made by the

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