and interspersed with anecdotes, arising from a general intercourse with society in that country, from the year 1799 to 1807. By a lady. London, Printed for the author [by W. Wilson] 1809. PR5227 R8 P7.

8 p. 1., [3]-177, [1] p. 17cm. Riverside Baptist association (colored)


Minutes of 15th annual session held with the Bloom Hill Baptist church, Union Level, Mecklenburg county, Va. Aug. 17th, 18th and 19th, 1910.

[blocks in formation]



Rives, Alexander. Speech of Alexander Rives of Albemarle, on the finances and public works of the state of Virginia, delivered 30th April, 1852, in the House of delegates, in committee of the whole on the license bill. Richmond, Va., Elliott & Nye, printers, [1852] JK310 v. 43.

17 p. 221⁄2 cm.


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New York, 4733

[Rives, Mrs. Judith Page (Walker)] Mrs. W. C. Rives. Home and the world.
By the author of Souvenirs of a residence in Europe
D. Appleton and company, 1857. B R6235 H5.
408 p. 20cm.

-Tales and souvenirs of a residence in Europe.
Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1842. D919

vii, [9]-301 p. 20cm.

By a lady of Virginia. R62.


Rives, Timothy. Speech of Mr. Timothy Rives, of Prince George and Surry, in the Virginia state convention, on the 29th March, 1861, report of the Committee on federal relations being under consideration in committee of the whole. Richmond, Printed by Chas. H. Wynne [1861] JK310 v. 38. 4735 Historic Dinwiddie county, Virginia;

Rives, W. C., of Dinwiddie Co., Va.

or, The last long camp. Published by order of The Jamestown exhibit committee of Dinwiddie Co., Va. [Petersburg, Va., The Franklin press co., printers, 1907] F232 D587 R6.

12 p. incl. plates. fold. map. 23cm.


Rives, William Cabell, 1793-1868. [Address before the Virginia historical society, Dec. 16, 1847]

V. 14. 1848. p. 52-54)


(In Southern literary messenger. -Discourse before the Young men's Christian association of Richmond, on the ethics of Christianity. By Wm. C. Rives, Esq. Delivered the 7th day of Dec., 1855. Richmond, Printed by John Nowlan, 1855. 4738

28 p. 211⁄2 cm.

-Discourse on the uses and importance of history, illustrated by a comparison of the American and French revolutions. By W. C. Rives, esq. Delivered before the Historical department of the Society of alumni of the University of Virginia, 29th June, 1847. Richmond, Printed by Shepherd & Colin, 1847. D16 R62. 4739

57 p. 23cm.

-History of the life and times of James Madison
Brown and company, 1859-1868. C1 M182 R30.

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Boston, Little


3v. front. (port.) 24cm.

-Speech of Mr. Rives of Virginia, in vindication of the freedom of elections against the interference of federal executive officers, delivered in the

Senate of the United States, February 12, 1839. Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton, 1839. JK310 v. 26. 4741


23 p. -Speech of Mr. Rives, of Virginia, on his resolutions calling upon the Treasury department for information respecting its fiscal arrangements with the Bank of the United States. Delivered in the Senate of the U. S., Dec. 20, 1838. Washington, Printed at the Madisonian office, 1839. JK310 v. 26. 4742

16 p. 23cm.

-Speech of N. P. Tallmadge, of New York, March 8, 1839 .. Speech of W. C. Rives, of Virginia, in vindication of the freedom of elections against the interference of federal executive officers. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 12, 1839. New York, N. T. Eldridge, 1839. JK310 v. 42. 4743

38, 21 p. 23cm.

-Speech of the Hon. William C. Rives, of Virginia, on the resolution for the annexation of Texas. In Senate, United States-February 15, 1845. [Washington, 1845] JK310 v. 43. also F390 R63. 4744

16 p. 231⁄2 cm.

-Speech of the Hon. William C. Rives, on the subject of the removal of the deposites; delivered in the Senate of the United States, Jan. 17, 1834. Washington, Printed by F. P. Blair, 1834. HG2529 U5. 4745 32 p. 23cm.

-Substance of the speech of William C. Rives, of Virginia, on his second call for information respecting the fiscal arrangements with the Bank of the United States, and reviewing the report of the Secretary of the treasury, in answer to his first call. Delivered in the Senate of the United States, Jan. 14, 1839. Washington, Printed at the Madisonian office, 1839. JK310 v. 26.

16 p. 23cm.


Rives, William Cabell, 1850- A catalogue of the birds of the Virginias. Newport, R. I., Printed for the Newport natural history society, 1890. F220 21 R62.

100 p. 241⁄2 cm.


(Newport natural history society. Proceedings. 1889-90. Doc. 7) -William Barton Rogers, LL. D. An address delivered before the Society of the alumni of the University of Virginia, on Commencement day, June 27, 1883, by William Cabell Rives. Published by request of the Society of the alumni. Cambridge, J. Wilson and son, 1883. C1 R731 R29. 4748

32 p. 22cm.


Roane, Spencer. Letter of a Plain dealer accredited to Spencer Roane, and printed in the Virginia independent chronicle, February, 1788. JK171 F72. (In Ford, P. L. Essays on the constitution of the United States 1892. p. 385-392)

-Letters of Spencer Roane, 1788-1822. Z881 N6 B.


(In New York public library. Bulletin. v. 10. March, 1906. p. 167-180) -Roane correspondence. 4751

(In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. v. 2. no. 1. June, 1905. p. 123-142)

-Roane on the national constitution.


(In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. v. 2. no. 1. June, 1905. p. 47-122)

Roanoke, Va. Annual reports. F234 R6 A6.

Library has 1905-1911.


-Code of the city of Roanoke, Virginia, containing constitutional provisions relative to cities and towns, charters of the town of Big Lick, the town of Roanoke, and the charters of the city of Roanoke, various amendments thereto and a compilation of all statutory provisions relating to cities and towns of the commonwealth and the general ordinances of the city. Revised by C. B. Moomaw and C. A. McHugh. Published by order of the city council. [Roanoke, Union printing and manufacturing co., 1909] F234 R6 C66 1909. 4754

583 p. 24cm.

-Charters and general ordinances of the city of Roanoke, Virginia. Also special ordinances and curative acts pertaining to the issue of bonds; special ordinances under which private rights have vested or private liabilities have been imposed; together with a compilation of miscellaneous information pertaining to the city government. Compiled and arranged by W. E. Thomas, Clerk of council. Published by order of the city council, 1898. F234 R6 C66 1898. 4755

x p., 1 1., 412 p. 24cm.

-An ordinance imposing taxes on licenses also upon real estate and personal property for the year 1908. [Roanoke, 1908] F234 R6 06. 4756

19 p. 23cm.

-Rules for the government of the Board of aldermen and Common council of the city of Roanoke . . Adopted October 24, 1904. [Roanoke, 1904] F234 R6 C8R. 4757

26 p. 15cm.

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Roanoke, Chamber of commerce.

Roanoke. Published by the Chamber of

commerce, Roanoke, Va. Roanoke, Va., Hammond's ptg. & litho, works. v. 1, no. 6. April, 1912.

[blocks in formation]

Roanoke. High school. Catalog.

Library has 1901, 1906.

Roanoke Baptist association. Minutes.

Library has 119th and 120th sessions, 1908 & 1909.




Roanoke college, Salem, Va. Addresses at the inauguration of Julius D. Dreher as president of Roanoke college, Salem, Virginia. October 17, 1879. Pub. by order of the trustees. [Boston, F. Wood, printer] 1879. F218 24 R62 D7.


62 p.




Library has v. 1, no. 2, July, 1911; v. 2, nos. 2-4, July-February, 1913; v. 4, nos. 1, 2, 4, Nov., Feb., July, 1914; v. 5, nos. 2, 3, Feby., May, 1915.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Robertson, Archibald Thomas.

Life and letters of John Albert Broadus. By Archibald Thomas Robertson, professor of the interpretation of the New Testament in the Southern Baptist theological seminary Philadelphia, American Baptist publication society, 1901. C1 B863


xiv, 462 p. front. (port.), 2 fold. facsims. 20cm. [Robertson, J.]? Virginia: or, The fatal patent. A metrical romance. three cantos . . . Washington, Printed by Davis & Force, 1825. 68 p. 20cm.

Robertson, James Rood.




Petitions of the early inhabitants of Kentucky to the General Assembly of Virginia, 1769 to 1792, by James Rood Robertson . . . Louisville, Ky., John P. Morton & company (incorporated) printers to the Filson club, 1914. F454 R65. 4768

xv, [1], 246 p. front. (port.) facsims. (incl. map) 32 by 24 cm. (Filson club publications. no. 27)

Robertson, John, 1787-1873. Richmond Athenaeum. Introductory address delivered on opening the Richmond Athenaeum, Jan., 31, 1852. By the Hon. Judge John Robertson. (Published by the committee.) Richmond, Macfarlane & Fergusson, 1852.


(In Southern literary messenger. v. 18. 1853. p. 218-224, 304-310)



27 p. 211⁄2 cm.


-Riego, or, The Spanish martyr. A tragedy: in five acts mond, P. D. Bernard, printer and publisher, 1850.

[1], v, [7]-106 p. 171⁄2 cm.


-Speech of Mr. Robertson, of Virginia, on the amendment proposed by him to the report of the select committee on the public lands, delivered in the House of representatives, February, 1839. Washington, Printed by Gales and Seaton, 1839. JK310 v. 26. 4771

22 p. 23cm.

Robertson, John C. Pure water and better fire protection for Richmond Richmond, Va., Whittet & Shepperson, 1902. 15 p. 23cm.


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(In his His.ory of America. London, 1821. v. 3. p. 193-294) -Same.

F1411 R66.


[blocks in formation]

(In his History of America. London, 1822. Robertson, Wyndham. The marriage of Pocahontas. (In Southern literary messenger. v. 31. p. 81-91) -The marriage of Pocahontas. Notes on the riage, and some other incidents of her life. historical and philosophical society.

date of Pocahontas' marRead before the Virginia 4775

(In The Historical magazine. v. 4. no. 10. October, 1860. p. [289]-296) -The marriage of Pocahontas. Notes on the date of Pocahontas' marriage, and some other incidents of her life, read before the annual meeting of the Virginia historical society, by Wyndham Robertson F225 V82. 4776 (In Virginia historical society. The Virginia historical reporter. Richmond, 1854-60. v. 2, pt. 1 (1860) p. [65]-87)

-Pocahontas, alias Matoaka, and her descendants through her marriage at Jamestown, Virginia, in April, 1614, with John Rolfe, gentleman; in

cluding the names of Alfriend, Archer, Bentley, Bernard, Bland, Bolling, Branch, Cabell, Catlett, Cary, Dandridge, Dixon, Douglas, Duval, Eldridge, Ellett, Ferguson, Field, Fleming, Gay, Gordon, Griffin, Grayson, Harrison, Hubard, Lewis, Logan, Markham, Meade, McRae, Murray, Page, Poythress, Randolph, Robertson, Skipwith, Stanard, Tazewell, Walke, West, Whittle, and others. With biographical sketches by Wyndham Robertson, and illustrative historical notes by R. A. Brock. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & English, 1887. 4777

vii, [1], 84 p. front. (port.), plates (ports.) 25cm. -Speech of Wyndham Robertson, esq. of Richmond city, on the state of the country, delivered in the House of Delegates on the 5th and 6th of March, 1860. Richmond, Printed at the Whig book and job office, 1860. E459 R65. also E650 R65. 4778

39 p. 211⁄2 cm.

Robin, abbé. Nouveau voyage dans l'Amérique septentrionale, en l'année 1781; et campagne de l'armée de M. le comte de Rochambeau. l'abbé Robin. Philadelphia et Paris, Moutard, 1782. E163

ix, 222 p. 19cm.

Robinette, Josiah C. The woman (a wonder)
Josiah C. Robinette. Richmond, 1840.

24 p. 2221⁄2 cm.

Par M.

[blocks in formation]

Robins, Charles R. Necessity for diagnosis as a preliminary step to gynecological operations. By Charles R. Robins, M. D., professor gynecology, Medical college of Virginia; gynecologist, Memorial hospital; surgeon, City hospital, Richmond, Va. Reprinted from the Virginia medical semi-monthly, Dec., 1908, vol. 13, no. 18. Richmond, Williams printing company, 1908. 4781

6 p. 23cm.


Robins, Mrs. Sally Nelson. Aftermath [a sketch of Gen. R. E. Lee] [Extract from Taylor Trotwood magazine, Jan. 1909, p. 321-334] L480 R657.

-Gloucester. ginia


[blocks in formation]

One of the first chapters of the commonwealth of Vir-
By Sally Nelson Robins. [Richmond, West, Johnston &
F232 G5 R6.


plates. 201⁄2 cm.

History of Gloucester County, Virginia, and its families.

B R657 S79. 4784

21 p.
On cover:

-Scuffles . New York, The Alice Harriman co., 1912.


[blocks in formation]

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 2. p. 271-275) Robinson, Conway. An account of discoveries in the West until 1519, and of voyages to and along the Atlantic coast of North America, from 1520 to 1573. Prepared for the Virginia historical and philosophical society and pub. by the society. Richmond, Printed by Shepherd & Colin, 1848. E101 R65.

XV, 491 p. 8vo.


-History of the High court of chancery and other institutions of England, from the time of Caius Julius Caesar until the accession of William and Mary (in 1688-89) By Conway Robinson. Volume 1, to the death of Henry VIII, 1546-7. Richmond, J. W. Randolph & English, 4787


xxxv, 624 D. 24cm.

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