-The practice in courts of justice in England and the United States by Conway Robinson of Richmond, Virginia. Volume 1. As to the place and time of a transaction or proceeding, treating chiefly of the conflict of laws and the statute of limitations. Richmond, A. Morris, book. seller, 1854.

4788 Ixiv, 677 p. 23cm. -Slavery and the constitution.

4789 (In Southern literary messenger. v. 6. 89-106) [Robinson, Mrs. John Enders] The restoration of the name of Jefferson

Davis to the Cabin John bridge, Washington, District of Columbia; be. ing the official correspondence leading to this restoration. New Orleans, La., The Confederated Southern memorial association, 1909. C1 D262 R66.

4790 95 p. incl. plates. front., plates, ports. 23cm.


Robinson, Leigh. Address delivered before R. E. Lee camp, C. V. at Rich.

mond, Va., December 18th, 1908, in the acceptance of the portrait of General William H. Payne, by Leigh Robinson. Richmond, W. E. Jones, printer, 1909. E467 1 P3 R6.

4791 64 p. 2442 cm.

-The South before and at the battle of the Wilderness. Address of Leigh Robinson of Washington, D. C., before the Virginia division of the Army of Northern Virginia at their annual meeting, held in the capitol in Richmond, Va., Nov. 1, 1877. Richmond, J. E. Goode, printer, 1878. E487 R66.

4792 vi p., 1 l., 111 p. 23cm.

Robinson, Moncure. Report of the engineer, on the survey for a rail road

between Richmond and Potomac creek. Published by the committee of citizens of Richmond, for the use of subscribers. Richmond, T. W. White, printer, 1834.

4793 24cm.

8 p.

Robinson, Morgan Poitiaux. The burning of the rotunda, being a sketch of

the partial destruction of the University of Virginia, 1895; by Morgan Poitiaux Robinson

[Charlottesville, Va., The Michie company, printers] c 1905. F218 24 U5R66.

4794 cover-title, [3]-24 p. pl. 23cm.

Reprint from the October, 1905, number of the University of Virginia magazine,

-A complete index to Stith's history of Virginia, by Morgan Poitiaux
F229 S87.

4795 (In Virginia. State library, Richmond. Bulletin. Richmond, 1912. 23cm. v. 5, no. 1, 152 p) "Bibliographical note":

p. 10-18.


-Concerning the Boyson essay and its defence; prepared 1909 by Morgan Poitiaux Robinson .. at the request, and under the supervision, of Mrs. J. Enders Robinson, historian-general of the United daughters of the confederacy, Richmond, Va. .. [Richmond, Va.] c 1909. ci L480 B55 R6.

4796 46 p. incl. tables. 23cm. -The evolution of the Mason and Dixon line, by Morgan Poitiaux Robinson

Published by special request (reprinted from the April and May, 1902, numbers of the Oracle magazine, Richmond, Va.] Oracle publishing company, 1902. F187 B7 R6.

4797 15 p. incl. illus.. facsims. 24142 cm.

no. 3.

Robinson, Stuart (supposed author] Memorial tributes to the Rev. George A. Baxter, D. D.

4798 (In Washington and Lee university. Historical papers.

1892. p. 65-83) Robinson, William E. The Prestons of America. By Hon. W iam E. Robin.

4799 son. (In The Scotch-Irish society of America. Second congress.

1890. p. 204-222) Robson, John S. How a one legged Rebel lives, or A history of the 52nd

Virginia regiment. Incidents in the life of the writer, during and since
the close of the war. Concluding with a biographical sketch of John
Randolph Barbee, the distinguished Virginia sculptor. By John S.
Robson. Richmond, W. H. Wade & co., 1876. ci R667 H53. 4800

vi, 138 p. 18 12 cm. Rochambeau, Eugene A. L. de Vimeur, comte de. Yorktown. Centenaire

de l'independance des états-unis d'Amérique, 1781-1881. Par le Marquis
de Rochambeau
Paris, H. Champion, 1886. F234 Y6 R672.

4801 340 p., 1 1. front. 25cm. Rochelle, James Henry, Life of Rear Admiral John Randolph Tucker, com.

mander in the navy of the U. S., captain and flag-officer in the navy of the Confederate States, rear admiral in the navy of Peru, and presi. dent of the Peruvian hydrographical commission of the Amazon. With an appendix containing notes on navigation of the Upper Amazon river and its principal tributaries. By Captain James Henry Rochelle, and containing a biographical sketch of the author, and portraits of admiral Tucker and captain Rochelle. Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1903.

4802 112 p.

front. (port.), plate (port.) 22 1/2 cm. Rockbridge company.

Memorandum in relation to the Rockbridge comany ... (n. p. n. d.]

4803 23cm. -Prospectus of the Rockbridge company. [n. p. n. d.)

4804 7 p. map. 23cm. Rockingham county, Va. The public schools of Rockingham county, Vir

ginia. Educational report and history of schools of county. Harrisonburg, Va., News-Record.

4805 112, [3] p. illus. 24 142 cm. Rodenbough, Theodore F. Sheridan's Richmond raid. E468 B33. 4806

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 4. p. 188-193) -Sheridan's Trevilian raid. E468 B33.

4807 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. V. 4. p. 233-236) Roebuck, George E. Beatrice; the story of a mountain girl. Richmond, Va., Mitchell-Rudd co., 1910. B R711 B12.

4808 45 . front. 1532 cm. Rogers, Andrew J. The passing of satan, death and hell. The solution of

the allegory. By Andrew J. Rogers. J. L. Hill ptg. co., Richmond, Va.

4809 (3)-227 p. front. (port.) 21cm. (Rogers, Carlton H.] Incidents of travel in the Southern States and Cuba.

With a description of the Mammoth cave .. New York, R. Craig. head, printer, 1862. F210 R72.

4810 1 p. l., viii, [9]-320 p. 19cm. Virginia: p. 29-38.

16 p.

[ocr errors]

Rogers, Edward Reinhold. Four Southern magazines

[Richmond, Va., 1902] PS262 R72.

4811 137 p.

2312 cm. Thesis, University of Virginia. Rogers, Mrs. Margaret Fleming. General Benjamin Logan, By Mrs. Mar. garet Fleming Rogers.

4812 (In The Scotch-Irish society of America. Seventh congress.

1895. p. 236-241)

Gen. Logan was born in Augusta Co., Va. Rogers, William Barton, Life and letters of William Barton Rogers. Edited

by his wife, with the assistance of William T. Sedgwick Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1896. ci R731 R50.

4813 2v. fronts. (ports.), plates, ports. 20cm. Report of the geological reconnoissance of the State of Virginia. Made under the appointment of the Board of Public Works. By William B. Rogers ... Philadelphia, Desilver, Thomas & Co., 1836. F219 1 R73.

4814 143, [1] p. fold. front. 24cm. -A reprint of annual reports and other papers on the geology of the Vir. ginias. By the late William Barton Rogers ... New York, D. Appleton and company, 1884. F219 1 R7.

4815 XV, 832 p. 7 fold. pl. (partly col.) fold. map, viii charts. 20cm. Rolfe, John. The coppie of the Gentle-mans letters to Sir Thomas Dale,

that after maried Powhatans daughter, containing the reasons moving him thereunto.

4816 (In Tyler, L. G. Narratives of early Virginia. 1606-1625. p. 239-244) Interesting account of Virginia in 1617.

4817 (In Southern literary messenger.

1839. p. 401-406) -Same.

4817 (In Virginia historical register. v. 1. July, 1848. p. 101-113) Roman, Alfred. The military operations of General Beauregard in the War

between the States, 1861-1865 New York, Harper & brothers, 1884. Ci B371 R51.

4818 2v. 23cm.

[ocr errors]

v. 5.


Ropes, John Codman, 1836-1899. The army under Pope, by John Cod. man Ropes .. New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1881. E468 C17.

4819 xii, 1 l., 229 p. incl. maps. fold. map. 19cm.

(Campaigns of the Civil war. 4)
-The story of the civil war; a concise account of the war in the United
States of America between 1861 and 1865 New York and London,
G. P. Putnam's sons, 1894-98. E468 R78.

4820 2v. fold. maps, plans. 23cm.

[ocr errors]

Roosevelt, Theodore. The winning of the west ..
G. P. Putnam's sons, 1889-96. F351 R79.

4v. fold. map. 8vo.

New York, London,





1905. F351 R81.
fronts., fold. map. 20 12 cm.

Rose, U. M. Annual address [before Virginia state bar association] by U. M. Rose. “The present state of the law.

4822 (In Virginia state bar association. 8th report, 1896. p. 168-206)

428 p.

Ross, Fitzgerald. A visit to the cities and camps of the Confederate States.

By Fitzgerald Ross, captain of Hussars in the imperial Austrian service. Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood and sons, 1865. E487 R82.

4823 X, 300 p. fold, map.

20cm, Ross, Frederick A. Slavery ordained of God ... By Rev. Fred. A. Ross,

D. D., pastor of the Presbyterian church, Huntsville, Alabama. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1857. HT13 R82.

4824 186 D.

1912 cm. Dr. Ross was born in Cumberland Co., Va., Dec. 25, 1796. Rosser, L, Baptism: its nature, obligation, mode, subjects, and benefits.

By L. Rosser, A. M. 4th ed. Richmond, Va., Pub. by the author, 1854.


4825 20cm. -Experimental religion: embracing justification, regeneration, sanctifi. cation, and the witness of the Spirit. Rules for holy living are also added. Designed principally for young Christians. By L. Rosser, A. M. of the Virginia annual conference, Fifth edition. Richmond, Va., published by the author, 1855.

4826 180 p. 1942 cm. -Recognition in heaven. By Rev. L. Rosser, A. M., of the Virginia annual conference. 3d ed. Richmond, Va., Pub. by the author, 1856. 4827

201 p. 1914 cm. Rosser, T. L. The cavalry, A. N. V. Address by Gen'l. T. L. Rosser, at the

seventh annual reunion of the Association of the Maryland line, Academy of music, Baltimore, Md., February 22, 1889. Baltimore, The Sun book and job printing office, 1889. E545 R82.

4828 43 p. front. (port.) 23cm. Rough ashlar. Published monthly, and devoted exclusively to the interests

of the masonic fraternity. Richmond, Va., Rough ashlar publishing company F221 3 F85 R8.

4829 Library has v. 3, May, 1893-April, 1894. Rowell, C. H. A historical and legal digest of all the contested election

cases in the House of representatives of the United States from the • first to the fifty sixth congress, 1789-1901. By Chester H. Rowell. Washington, Government printing office, 1901. JK1356 1901 4830

864 p. 23 22 cm.
Includes a digest of the 46 Virginia cases, 1789-1901.

Rowland, Kate Mason. The life of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, 1737-1832,

with his correspondence and public papers. By Kate Mason Rowland ... New York & London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1898. C1 C319 R53.

4831 2v. fronts., plates, ports., fold. table. 20cm. -The life of George Mason, 1725-1792, by Kate Mason Rowland. In. cluding his speeches, public papers, and correspondence; with an introduction by General Fitzhugh Lee . New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1892. C1 M399 R3.

4832 2v. front. (port.) 234 cm. Royal African company of England. The fourth charter of the Royal Afri

can company of England, September 27, 1672, with prefatory note, exhibiting the past relation of Virginia to African slavery, by R. A. Brock. F229 V28.

4833 (In Virginia historical society. Collections. New ser. Richmond, 1887. v. 6, p. 1-60)


Royal arcanum. Virginia. Proceedings of the Grand council of Virginia.

4834 Library has 10th-14th, 1892-1896. Royal land company of Virginia. The Royal land com'y of Virginia: Its

purposes and charters: its anthracite coal, iron ore, other mineral and timber lands: and its narrow-gauge railroads from Chesapeake Bay to Pittsburg and the west Richmond, Clemmitt & Jones, book & job printers, 1877. F217 3 R888.

4835 4 p. 1., 79, 56 p. fold. maps, fold. plans. 272 cm. Royall, Mrs. Anne, 1769-1854. The black book; or, A continuation of travels

in the United States ... Washington, Printed for the author, 1828-29. E165 R89.

4836 3v. 19 12 cm. v. 1 has title Sketches of history, life and manners in the U. S.

Virginia: v. 1, p. 29-129. -Letters from Alabama on various subjects: to which is added, an appendix, containing remarks on sundry members of the 20th & 21st Congress, and other high characters, &c. &, at the seat of government. In one volume ... Washington, 1830. F326 R88.

4837 232, 6 p. 2312 cm. -Mrs. Royall's Pennsylvania; or Travels continued in the United States Washington, For the author, 1829. F153 R88.

4838 2v. 12mo. -Sketches of history, life and manners, in the United States. By a traveller. New Haven, Printed for the author, 1826. E165 R88. 4839

(7]-392 p. incl. front. 19cm.
Also published as v. 1 of The black book by the same author.

Virginia: p. 29-129.
Royall, William Lawrence. Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United

States New York, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1880. HG2529 1880. also ci J12 R53.

4840 19 cm. -Constitutionality of the funding bill.

4840a (In The Virginia law journal. v. 2. March, 1878. p. (129)-146) -History of the Virginia debt controversy. The negro's vicious influence in politics. By William L. Royall . Richmond, Va., G. M. West, 1897. F217 2 R887.

4841 111 p. 1912 cm. -A history of Virginia banks and banking prior to the civil war, with an essay on the banking system needed, by William L. Royall. New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1907. F217 2 R888.

4842 73 p. incl. tables. 19 cm. -Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by William L. Royall, of Richmond, Va. Lord Mansfield and his relation to our laws. 4843

(In Virginia state bar association. 17th report, 1905. p. 192-212) -The president's relations with Senator Mahone and repudiation. An attempt to subvert the Supreme court of the United States. By William L. Royall. New York, E. J. Hale & son, 1882.

4844 18 42 cm. -The Sherman law, what it was, what it is and what it should be Richmond, Va., The author, 1912. HD2778 R7.

4845 63 p. 23cm.

65 p.

48 p.

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