The American breeder and planter. Published in the interest of agriculture. Richmond. monthly. Frank G. Ruffin, Jr. editor and proprietor. 91

Library has v. 1. no. 2., March 1880. The American farmer, containing original essays and selections on rural

economy and internal improvements, with illustrated engravings and the prices current of country produce. Baltimore, 1819-1868. Si A51.

92 Title varies. Weekly. Library has v. 1, 2, 4-15 (1819, 1820, 1822-1833)

Monthly. New series. v. 1-14 (1845-1860) (v. 11 missing) 6th series, v. 1, 2, (1866-1868)

Contains many communications by Virginia planters. Of the highest importance for the study of Virginia agriculture. The American gleaner and Virginia magazine. Richmond.

93 Library has v. 1, no. 1, Jan. 24; no. 7, Apr. 18; no. 10, May 30; no. 11, June 13; no. 12, July 4; no. 13, July 18; no 14, Aug. 1; no. 15, 22;

no. 16, Sep. 26; no. 17, Nov. 21; no. 18, Dec. 26, 1807. American historical association. Historical manuscripts commission.

Guide to the items relating to American history in the reports of the English historical manuscripts commission and their appendixes. E172 A48.

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J. F. Jameson, chairman
-Colonial assemblies and their legislative journals.

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J. F. Jameson, chairman. American husbandry. Containing an account of the soil, climate, production

and agriculture, of the British colonies in North America and the WestIndies; with observations on the advantages and disadvantages of settling in them, compared with Great Britain and Ireland. By an Amer. ican ... London, J. Bew, 1775. S441 A51.

94 2 v.


Virginia and Maryland: v. 1, p 216-277. The American illustrating company, Richmond, Va. Pen and sunlight

sketches of Richmond, the most progressive metropolis of the south
Richmond, The American illustrating company.

n. d.
F233 3 A51.

95 1 p. 1. [37]-165, [2] p. 274 cm. American institute of banking. Richmond chapter. Year-book . F233 92 A51.

96 Library has 1910. The American issue. An advocate of Christian patriotism. Published semi

monthly by the American issue publishing co., for the Va, anti-saloon league. Richmond, Va. HV5088 A21.

97 Library has Va. ed., March, August, 1910. The American pioneer, a monthly periodical, devoted to the objects of the

Logan historical society; or, to collecting and publishing sketches relative to the early settlement and successive improvement of the country

[v. 1-2; Jan. 1842-Oct. 1843.] Cincinnati, O., J. S. Williams, 1843-1844.

97a 2 v. illus., plates, plans. 264 cm.

Of value for information concerning early West Virginia. The American star. Being a choice collection of the most approved patriotic

& other songs. Together with many original ones, never before published. 2d ed. Richmond, Peter Cottom, 1817. PS609 A1 1817. 98

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front. 15cm.

215 p.

American turf register. Baltimore. monthly.

100 Library has v. 1-15, 1829-1844. Americans in fiction, poetry and the drama; [a list of historical characters portrayed in literature, with biographies) C01 N227 Ref.

101 (In National cyclopedia of American biography, index vol. p. 186-198)

Includes the well-known Virginians. Ames, Fisher. Eulogy on Washington, delivered at request of the legislature of Massachusetts, February 8, 1800. PS660 W7.

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government, 1881-1893. By John G. Ames Washington, Govern. ment printing oifice, 1905. Z1223 A '05.

103a 2 v. 30cm. (U. S. 58th Congress, 2d session. House Doc. no. 754)

Virginia, p. 1447, 1448. Amis, Mrs. E, H, Camping on the Blue Ridge, near the “Lick Log” tunnel.

By Mrs. E, H. Amis. Richmond, Va., Presbyterian committee of publication, (1896)

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* p., 1 l., 273 p. front. (port.) illus., maps, plans. 2012 cm.

(The navy in the civil war. II) Ammen, S. z. The caverns of Luray; an illustrated guide-book to the

caverns, explaining the manner of their formation, their peculiar growths, their geology, chemistry, &c. By S. Z. Ammen, A. M. 5th ed. Philadelphia, Allen, Lane & Scott's printing house, 1886. F234 L967 A518.

105 47 p. incl. illus., 1 port. 2342 cm. (Anburey, Thomas. Travels through the interior parts of America in a

series of letters. By an officer. A new ed. . . London, Printed for W. Lane, 1791. E163 A54.

106 2 v. pl. (partly fold.) fold. map, fold plan. 22cm. (Anderson, Adam] An historical and chronological deduction of the origin

of commerce, from the earliest accounts. Containing an history of the great commercial interests of the British empire. To which is prefixed an introduction, exhibiting a view of the ancient and modern state of Europe; of the importance of our colonies; and of the commerce, shipping, manufactures, fisheries, &c. of Great Britain and Ireland; and their influence on the landed interest. With an appendix, containing the modern politico-commercial geography of the several countries of Europe. Carefully revised, corrected and continued to the present time ... London, Printed by J. Walter, 1787-89. HF3504 A54.

107 4 v. maps, tab. 4 to. Ed. by W. Combe.

Includes statistics of trade with the colonies. Anderson, Archer. Address on the opening of Lee camp soldiers' home, May

20th, 1885, by Col. Archer Anderson. Richmond, published by R. E. Lee Camp, no. 1, 1885.

108 12 p. 2244 cm.


45 p.

-The campaign and battle of Chickamauga. An address delivered before the Virginia division, Army of northern Virginia association October 25, 1881. Richmond, W. E. Jones, Printer, 1881. E481 C5 A54.

109 2 p. 1., [5]-38 p. 2342 cm. Robert Edward Lee. An address delivered at the dedication of the monument to General Robert Edward Lee at Richmond, Virginia, May 29, 1890 ... Richmond, Wm. E. Jones, 1890. ci L480 A54. 110

24 12 cm. Anderson, Charles Carter. Fighting by Southern federals, in which the

author places the numerical strength of the armies that fought for the Confederacy at approximately 1,000,000 men, and shows that 296,579 white soldiers living in the South, and 137,676 colored soldiers, and approximately 200,000 men living in the North that were born in the South, making 634,255 Southern soldiers, fought for the preservation of the Union. By Charles C. Anderson. New York, The Neale pub. lishing company, 1912. E491 A54.

111 408 p. front. (map) 2012 cm. Anderson, Dice Robins. A Jeffersonian leader: William Branch Giles. C1 G472 A54.

112 (65)-78 p. 23cm. -The insurgents of 1811, by D. R. Anderson. Washington (Govt printing office] 1913. E357 A54.

113 165-176 p. 24 cm.

Reprinted from the Annual report of the American historical association for 1911. -Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter. (Life) (By) D. R. Anderson. 113a

(In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. v. 2 no. 2. June, 1906. p. [4]-77) -William Branch Giles: a study in the politics of Virginia and the nation from 1790 to 1830. Menasha, Wis., G. Banta pub. co., 1914. Ci G472

114 ili p., 1 l., 271 p. front. (port.), plate (port.) 22 4 cm. -The Woodford, Howe, and Lee letters.

114a (In Richmond college historical papers. v. 1 no. 1. p. (96)-163) Anderson, Frank Maloy. Contemporary opinion of the Virginia and Ken. tucky resolutions. E171 A57.

115 (In American historical review. v. 5, no. 1. Oct., 1899. p. 45-63; v. 5, no. 2. Jan., 1900. p. 225-252)


Anderson, Fulton. Addresses delivered before the Virginia State Conven.

tion by Hon. Fulton Anderson, Commissioner from Mississippi, Hon. Henry La Benning, Commissioner from Georgia, and Hon. John S. Preston, Commissioner from South Carolina. February, 1861. Richmond, Wyatt M. Elliott, printer, 1861. E459 A54.

116 64 p. 21cm. Anderson, James H. Colonel William Crawford.

116a (In Ohio archaeological and historical publications. v. 6. p. (1)-34)

Anderson, James S. M. The history of the Church of England in the colonies

and foreign dependencies of the British empire by the Rev. James S. M. Anderson, M. A., chaplain in ordinary to the queen, preacher of Lin. coln's inn, rector of Tormarton and honorary canon of Bristol cathedral. 2d ed. London, Rivingtons, 1856.

117 3v. 18cm.

[ocr errors]

Anderson, William Alexander, 1842. Address of William A. Anderson upon

the laying of the corner-stone of the equestrian statue to Stonewall Jackson in Richmond, Virginia, on June 3, 1915, at the request of the Stonewall Jackson monument corporation.

118 12 p. 23cm. -Address [before Virginia state bar association) of William A. Anderson, president of the association. Virginia constitutions.

119 (In Virginia state bar association. 12th report, 1900. p. 146-178) -The state finances of Virginia (with bibliography]

120 (In The South in the building of the nation:

V. 5.

p. 540-543; v. 6. D. 528-532) Andrews, Andrew J. A sketch of the boyhood days of Andrew J. Andrews,

of Gloucester County, Virginia, and his experience as a soldier in the late War between the States. Written by himself. Richmond, Va., The Hermitage press, 1905. Ci A5645.

121 163 d. front. (port.) Andrews, Charles McLean. . . British committees, commissions, and coun

clls of trade and plantations, 1622-1675, by Charles M. Andrews . Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1908. H31 J6.

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Series xxvi, nos. 1-2-3)

Colonial self-government, 1652-1689, by Charles McLean Andrews New York and London, Harper & brothers, 1904. E178 A54. 123 xviii, 369 p. incl. front. (port.) maps. 3 double maps. 214 cm.

"Critical essay on authorities": p. 337-354. Guide to the manuscript materials for the history of the United States to 1783, in the British museum, in minor London archives, and in the libraries of Oxford and Cambridge, by Charles M. Andrews .. and Frances G. Davenport ... Washington, D. C., The Carnegie institution of Washington, 1908. E187 A55.

124 xlv, 499 D. 254 cm.

(Carnegie institution of Washington. Publication no. 90) Guide to the materials for American history, to 1783, in the Public record office of Great Britain. . . By Charles M. Andrews Wash. ington, D. C., Carnegie institution of Washington, 1912. E187' A56.

125 254 cm.

(Carnegie institution of Washington. Publication no. 90A .. Papers of the Department of historical research)

Library has v. 1. -Lists of the journals and acts of the councils and assemblies of the thirteen ... colonies and the Floridas ... in the public record office, London. E172 A48.

126 (In American historical association. Report, 1908. v. 1, p. 399-509) Virginia: P. 490-509.

Narratives of the insurrections, 1675-1690. Edited by Charles M. Andrews, Ph.D., L. H. D., Farnam Professor of American history in Yale university. With three facsimiles. New York, Charles Scribner's sons, 1915.

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Bacon's rebellion: p. 11-141. Andrews, C. W. A memorial; being the substance of an address delivered

at the funeral of Mrs. Eleanor Shepherd; with a historical notice of the earlier ministers and supporters of Trinity church, Shepherdstown, Va., from the year 1762 . .. New York, Anson D. F. Randolph, 1855. 20 D. 184cm.

128 16 p.


294 p.

22 p.

V. 2.

36 p.

Andrews, Eliza Frances. Seven great battles of the Army of Northern

Virginia. A program of study and entertainment, arranged for the J. E. B. Stuart chapter of Children of the Confederacy . . . Mont. gomery, Alabania. Montgomery, The Brown printing co. [1906?] E470 A56.

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132 16cm. Anecdotes of the peninsular campaign. E468 B33.

133 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war.

p. 275-277) The annual visitor; or Almanac for the year of our Lord 1803 . . . calcu.

lated for the meridians of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee Baltimore, printed for Thomas, Andrews & Butler by John W. Butler, No. 37, South Gay-street (1802] F224 A4. 134

18cm. Ansted, D. T. Report on the “Wilson survey,” near the Great Kanawha river,

Va. By Professor D. T. Ansted, F. R. S., F. G. S., consulting mining engineer. New York, Wm. C. Bryant & co., printers, 1853.

135 16 p. fold. maps. 22cm. Anthony, Matilda. Poems, by Matilda. Richmond, Printed by Colin, Baptist, and Nowlan, 1851. PS1039 A46 1851.

136 xii, 311 p. 19cm. Anti-Jackson convention, Richmond. Proceedings. Richmond, 1828. F216 P.

137 21cm. Antoni, Andrew. In the Supreme court of the United States. Andrew Antoni

vs. Samuel C. Greenhow, treasurer, &c. The brief and argument of the attorney-general of Virginia for the respondent.

n. d.

K108 A635.

138 22 p. 30cm. An appeal for the brotherhood (of the Protestant episcopal church of the diocese of Virginia] By a layman. Richmond, Clemmitt & Jones, 1877.

139 8 p. 22cm. An appeal for the speedy completion of the water line of Virginia, and

through that of the great central water line of the Union, which will reach from the wharves of Norfolk, far into Kansas, and eventually to the very bases of the Rocky mountains ... Norfolk, 1857.

140 [28] p.

map. 2242 cm. An appeal to the legislature of Virginia, by the friends of literary, benevo

lent, and religious associations in Virginia, for the passage of a law authorizing them to receive and hold bequests. Richmond, H. K. Elly. son's press, 1844. F216 P.

141 14 p. 25cm.

38 p.

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