349 p.

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5459 1 p. l., [v]-viii, 656 p., 1 l. 2112 cm. -Letters of John Taylor, of Caroline county, Virginia.

5460 (In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college. v. 2. nos. 3 and 4. June, 1908. p. [253]-353) -New views of the constitution of the United States. Washington, Printed for the author by Way & Gideon, 1823. JK216 T24.

5461 2 p. l., 316 p. 22 122 cm. -Speech on a resolution proposing an amendment of the constitution of the U. S. relative to the mode of electing the President and Vice Presi. dent, delivered in the Senate of the U. S. December 2, 1803. PS660 W7.

5462 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S. v. 2, p. 349-363) -Tyranny unmasked, by John Taylor Washington City, Davis and Force, 1822. JK216 T245.

5463 2112 cm. Taylor, John B. Post office calendar containing a list of all the post offices

in the state of Virginia, with the distances from Richmond, and rate of postage, etc., etc. Compiled by John B. Taylor, assistant post master, Richmond, Virginia. Richmond, Shepherd & Pollard, 1825. F219 T24.

5464 35, 1 p. 2142 cm. Taylor, Joseph W. Address before the literary societies of Washington and

Lee university, on commencement day, June 22, 1871. By Joseph W. Taylor, of Alabama. Published by request of the literary societies, the Alumni association, and the Board of trustees. Baltimore, John Murphy & co. etc., 1871. F218 24 W31 T24.

5465 2142 cm. Taylor, Richard. Stonewall Jackson and the valley campaign.

5466 (In North American review. v. 126, 1878. p. 238) Taylor, Walter Herron. Four years with General Lee; being a summary of

the more important events touching the career of General Robert E. Lee, in the War between the States; together with an authoritative statement of the strength of the army which he commanded in the field. By Walter H. Taylor New York, D. Appleton and company, 1877. E470 T25.

5467 front. (port) 24cm. "Address on the character of General R. E. Lee by Captain John Hampden Chamberlayne": p. 190-199.

52 p.

199 p.


-General Lee, his campaigns in Virginia, 1861-1865, with personal reminis. cences, by Walter H. Taylor ... Norfolk, Va., For sale by the Nusbaum book and news company (Brooklyn, N. Y., Press of Braunworth & co., c 1906] E470 T26.

5468 x, 314 p. fold. maps. 23 12 cm.

-Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by Walter H. Taylor, of Norfolk, Va. Abolition of jury trials in civil cases.

5469 (In Virginia state bar association. 23rd report, 1911. p. 234-243)


394 p.

Taylor, William, mission. bp. in Africa, 1821— Seven years' street preaching

in San Francisco, California; embracing incidents, triumphant death scenes, etc.

Ed. by W. P. Strickland. New York, The author. F869 S3 T2.

5470 front. (port.) 12mo. Bishop Taylor was born in Rockbridge Co., Va., May 2, 1821. Taylor, William Henry. Outlines of every-day chemistry. Intended for use

with the text-book. Prepared for the use of pupils of the Richmond High school. By Wm. H. Taylor ... Richmond, Va., H. T. Ezekiel, printer, 1899. QD41 T24.

5471 116 p.

23cm. Taylor, Zachary. Messages and papers of Zachary Taylor, March 5, 1849, to July 9, 1850. T81 B96.

5472 (In a compilation of the messages and papers of the presidents 1896-99. v. 5) Tazewell, Littleton Waller. A review of the proclamation of President Jack

son, of the 10th of December, 1832, in a series of numbers originally published in the “Norfolk and Portsmouth herald,” under the signature of "A Virginian.” Norfolk, J. D. Ghiselin, 1888. TK211 T24.

5473 112 p. front. (port.) 24cm. Tazewell high school, Tazewell, Va. Catalog.

5474 Library has 1907, 1908. Tazewell female seminary, Tazewell C. H., Va. Catalog.

5475 Library has 1890, 1891. [Tebault, Alfred George] Chronicles of Florida. By Athanase pseud. Norfolk (Va.] J. W. Bancroft (1886) F314 T25.

5476 226 p. 12mo. Telephone directory, the Chesapeake & Potomac telephone co. of Va., Rich.

mond, Ashland, Fredericksburg, Gordonsville, Louisa, Waverly, West Point and Williamsburg, Va., June 1, 1914.

c 1914.

5477 138, 54 p. 2442 cm. Telephone directory, The Chesapeake & Potomac telephone co. of Va., Rich

mond, Ashland, Fredericksburg, Gordonsville, Louisa, Waverly, West Point and Williamsburg, Va., Nov. 1, 1914. c 1914.

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Louisa, Waverly and Williamsburg, Va. May 15, 1913. The Chesapeake & Potomac telephone co. of Va.

5479 163 p. 25cm. Temperance industrial and collegiate institute, Claremont, Va. Catalog. 5480

Library has 1907. Temple, Lucy Lilly. Home made candies, with lessons Richmond, Va., 1909? TX791 T28.


29 p.

Terhune, Mrs. Mary Virginia (Hawes). gallant fight. By Ma ion Harland. New York, Dodd, Mead & co. [c 1888]

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xi, 465 p. front., plates. 1942 cm.

19 cm.

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xii p. 1 l., 511 p. incl. illus., pl., port. front. 21162 cm. -The story of Mary Washington Boston & New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co., 1892.. ci W319 T31.

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Talks upon practical subjects. 2d. ed. New York & Chicago, The Warner bros. co., 1895. RA776 T31.

5490 18cm.

160 p.



41 p.

-True as steel; a novel. By Marion Harland New York, G. W. Carleton & co. [etc., etc.], 1876. B T318 T8.

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5492 446 p. illus., col. front. Terrell, Edwin H. Further genealogical notes on the Tyrrell-Terrell family

of Virginia and its English and Norman-French progenitors, by Edwin H. Terrell. 2d. ed. With addenda and corrigenda. San Antonio, Texas, 1909.

5493 23cm. Genealogical notes on the Tyrrell and Terrell family of Virginia and its English and Norman progenitors, by Edwin H. Terrell. San Antonio, Texas, 1907.

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5495 1972 cm. Thackeray, William Makepeace. The Virginians; a tale of the last century.

By W. M. Thackeray, with illustrations by the author. London, Smith, Elder & co., 1869.

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[6], 157 p. front. (port.) 1742 cm. Thayer, Martin Russell. The duties of citizenship. An address delivered at

the University of Pennsylvania . . Dec. 11, 1862. Philadelphia, King & Baird, 1863. JK310 v. 6.

5498 23cm.

238 p.

32 p.

46 p.

A reply to Mr. Charles Ingersoll's "Letter to a friend in a slave state" . . Philadelphia, C. Sherman & son, 1862. E459 1443,

5499 cover-title, 3-26 p.

8 vo. -The South; a letter from a friend in the North, with special reference to the effects of disunion upon slavery. Philadelphia, Printed ... by C. Sherman & son, 1856. JK 310 v. 5.

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5501 front. (port.) 19 12 cm. Theological seminary of the P. E. church, Alexandria. The Virginia seminary

magazine. Richmond, Theological seminary, Va., 1887– monthly. F218 24 T3 M18.

5501a Library has v. 1-5, 1888-92, except July 1890, and Feb., Mar., & June, 1892.

94 p.

Thom, Alfred Pembroke. Construction and constitutionality of the long and

short haul clause of the Interstate commerce act as amended, June 18, 1910. A paper by Alfred P. Thom, general counsel at Washington of Southern railway company. (Washington? 1911] HE1843 T4. 5502

102 p. 23cm.

The judicial power and the power of Congress in its relation to the United States courts. Argument of Alfred P. Thom in opposition to Senate bills 4365 and 4366, prohibiting the granting, by any court, of injunction in certain cases . Washington (Govt. print. off.] 1912. HD7819 U5 T5.

5503 23 24 cm. (U. S. 62d Cong., 2d sess. Senate Doc. 443)

17 p.

-Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by Alfred P. Thom. The inevitable readjustment of law.

5504 (In Virginia state bar association. 5th report, 1893. p. 248-271)

-Paper read [before Virginia state bar association) by Alfred P. Thom. Have the states been law-abiding?

5505 (In Virginia state bar association. 22nd report, 1910. p. 264-288)

The pending revolution. Address by Alfred P. Thom, of Washington, D. C., before the Alabama state bar association at Montgomery, Ala., July 12, 1912. Washington (Govt. print, off.) 1912. JK271 T6.

5506 23cm. (U. S. 62d cong. 2 sess. Senate Doc. 883)

12 p.

-United States commerce court. The jurisdiction of the Commerce court, considered from the standpoint of the constitutional right of a carrier to charge a reasonable compensation for each service. Brief by Alfred P. Thom, general counsel at Washington of the Southern railway company. Washington, D. C., Judd & Detweiler (inc.) printers [1911) HE2757 1911 T4.

5507 cover-title, 56 p. 23cm. Thom, William Taylor. The negroes of Litwalton, Va.: A social study of the "oyster negro." HD8051 A1.

5508 (In U. S. Bureau of labor. Bulletin no. 37. November, 1901.

p. 1115

105 p.

senate ...

26 p.

121 p.

20 p.

-The negroes of Sandy Spring, Maryland: A social study. HD8051 A1.

5509 (In U. S. Bureau of labor. Bulletin no. 32. January, 1901. p. 43-102) -The struggle for religious freedom in Virginia: The Baptists. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins press, 1900. H31 J6.

2 1. fold. map. 2412 cm.
(Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science

Ser. 18. nos. 10-12)
-The True reformers. HD8051 A1.

5511 (In U. S. Bureau of labor. Bulletin no. 41. July 1902. p. 807-814) Thomas, Alsen Franklin. Primary education and the race problem; an address to the people of Virginia. By A. F. Thomas, member of the state

Lynchburg, Va., Moose bros. co., printers and binders [n. d.) F218 23 T45.

5512 22cm. -The slavery of progress; its causes and its cure, by A. F. Thomas, New York and Washington, The Neale publishing company, 1910. HD2795 T4.

5513 19cm. -Socialism, a necessity. An address by ex-senator A. F. Thomas, before the Sphex club, Lynchburg, Virginia, December 13, 1912. [1912] HX86 T45.

5514 22 42 cm. -The Virginia constitutional convention and its possibilities. By A. F. Thomas, Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell co. 1901. F216 2 T454.

5515 77 p. 19 12 cm. Thomas, Clarence, General Turner Ashby, the centaur of the South; a mill.

tary Sketch. By Clarence Thomas. Winchester, Va., Printed by the Eddy press corporation, 1907. Ci A823 T24.

5516 xii, 211 p. front. ports. 21cm. Thomas, Ella Marshall. Virginia women in literature; a partial list. [By]

Ella Marshall Thomas, 1902, Richmond, B. F. Johnson pub. co., 1902. F218 1 T455.

5517 61 p. 22cm. Thomas, F. W. John Randolph, of Roanoke, and other sketches of character,

including William Wirt. Together with tales of real life. By F. W. Thomas. Philadelphia, A. Hart, 1853. Ci R193 T24.

5518 viii, (13)-375 p. 20cm. Thomas, Francis. Statement of Francis Thomas. [c 1845] Ci T456 S71.

5519 24 12 cm. Thomas, Henry Goddard. The colored troops at Petersburg. E468 B33.

5520 (In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 4. p. 563-567) Thomas, Isaiah. [History of printing in] Virginia. E172 A54. 5521

(In his History of printing in America. 1874. v. 1, p. 330-337. American antiquarian society. Archaeologia americana. v. 5)

For Virginia newspapers see v. 2, p. 163-165. Thomas, Lawrence Buckley. Genealogical notes: containing the pedigree of

the Thomas family, of Maryland, and of the following connected fami. lies: Snowden-Buckley-Lawrence-Chew-Ellicott-Hopkins — John.

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