representatives and Senate, 57th Congress, 1st session. Gov't print. off., 1902. C1 087 U46.

100 p. front. (port.) 261⁄2 cm.



-Memorial addresses on the life and character of John S. Barbour, a Senator from Virginia, delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives, Feb. 3 and 25, 1893. Published by order of Congress. Washington, 1893. C1 B239 U46. 5799

93 p. front. (port.)


-Obituary addresses on the occasion of the death of the Hon. Henry Clay delivered in the Senate and in the House of Representatives of the United States, June 30, 1852, and the funeral sermon of the Rev. C. M. Butler, preached in the Senate, July 1, 1852.. Washington, Printed by Robert Armstrong, 1852. C1 C620 U46. 5800 135 p. front. (port.) 231⁄2 cm. -Joint committee on the library. Exercises at the ceremony of unveiling the statue of John Marshall, chief justice of the United States, in front of the capitol, Washington, May 10, 1884. With the address of Mr. Chief justice Waite, and the oration of William Henry Rawle, esq. LL. D. With the proceedings of the Philadelphia bar relating to the monument to Chief justice Marshall. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1884. C1 M368 R6. 5801

front. (port.) 30cm.

92 p. -House. Committee on elections. In the House of representatives of the United States, Sixty-first Congress: contested election case of John M. Parsons, contestant, v. Edward W. Saunders, contestee, from the fifth Congressional district of Virginia. Arguments of counsel before Committee on elections no. 2. J. H. Carrico . Hon A. J. Montague, Hon. John M. Thurston, attorneys for contestant. Hon. Edward W. Saunders, as contestee. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1910. JK1359 61st Va. 5th. 5802

224 p. 23cm.

-House of representatives. Com, on elections. O'Ferrall vs. Paul. Papers and testimony in the contested election case of C. T. O'Ferrall vs. John Paul, from the seventh congressional district of Virginia. Jan. 9, 1884. Washington, Gov't. print. off., 1884. JK1359 48th Va. 7th.

808 p. 231⁄2 cm.


-House. Committee on war-claims. Losses from Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania. Mr. Lawrence, from the committee on War-claims, submitted the following report: [To accompany bill H. R. 873] Jan. 8, 1875.

[blocks in formation]


-Senate. Committee on the library. Monument to Pocahontas at Jamestown, Va. . . Mr. Swanson, from the committee on the library, submitted the following report. [To accompany S. 2118] [Washington, 1912]

3 p. 241⁄2 cm.


-Senate. Select committee on the Harper's Ferry invasion. . . . Report [of] the Select committee of the Senate appointed to inquire into the late invasion and seizure of the public property at Harper's Ferry [Washington, 1860] E451 U57.

255, [1] p. 23cm.

(36th Cong., 1st sess.. Senate.

Rep. com. no. 278)

Submitted by J. M. Mason, chairman.


Includes, also, "Views of the minority," prepared by Mr. Collamer, journal of the committee, appendix of documents and testimony taken before the committee.

-Senate. Committee on library. Monument to Gen. William Campbell. Report to accompany S. 1098. August 4, 1911.

12 p. 23cm.

(U. S. 62d Cong. 1st session. Senate report 123)

U. S. 58th Cong. 3d sess.


Senate. Proceedings in connection with the formal presentation of a reproduction of a bust of Washington by certain citizens of the republic of France . . . Washington, Govt. print. off. 1905. C01 U58. 5808

[blocks in formation]

U. S. 61st Cong., 3d sess., 1910-1911. . . . John Warwick Daniel (late a senator from Virginia) Memorial addresses. Delivered in the Senate

and the House of representatives of the United States. Proceedings in the Senate, February 20, 1911. Proceedings in the House June 24, 1911. Proceedings in the House June 24, 1911. Comp. under the direction of the Joint committee on printing. Washington [Govt. print. off.] 1911. C1 D1842

U. S.


158 p. port. 26cm.

(61st Cong., 3d sess. Senate. Doc. 876)

Dept. of state.


Bureau of appointments. Calendar of applications and recommendations for office during the presidency of George Washington. Prepared from the files of the Bureau of appointments. Department of state, by Gaillard Hunt. Washington, Gov't. print. off., 1901. E311 U62.


xi, 146 p. 231⁄2 cm.

U. S.

Engineer office, Baltimore.

Annual report upon building monument at Yorktown, Va., by Wm. P. Craighill, lieutenant-colonel of engineers, U. S. A., for the year 1882. Washington, Government printing office, 1882. F234 Y6 C886. 5811

5 p. 23cm.

-Annual report upon building monument at Yorktown, Va., by Wm. P. Craighill, lieutenant-colonel of engineers, U. S. A., for the year 1883. Washington, Government printing office, 1883. F234 Y6 C886. 5812 2 fold. plans. 231⁄2 cm.

12 p.

[ocr errors]

A record of Vir

With an introduction by J. H.

U. S. District court. Virginia. (Eastern district).
ginia copyright entries (1790-1844)

Richmond, D. Bottom, superintendent of public printing,

[blocks in formation]

U. S. Library of Congress. Papers of James Monroe, listed in chronological order from the original manuscripts in the Library of Congress. Compiled under the direction of Worthington Chauncey Ford, chief, Division of manuscripts. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1904. C1 M753 F52.


114 p. facsim.


-[Virginia laws, etc.] printed and ms.

(In Library of Congress. Catalogue. 1830. p. 166-167)


U. S. President (A. Lincoln) Peace. Message from the president of the United States, transmitting, in compliance with the resolution of Feb. 8th, 1865, information relative to a conference held at Hampton Roads with Messrs. A. H. Stephens, R. M. T. Hunter, and J. A. Campbell. Feb. 10, 1865. 5816

12 p. 221⁄2 cm.

U. S. Superintendent of documents. Tables of and annotated index to the Congressional series of United States public documents. Prepared in

the office of the superintendent of documents, government printing office. Washington, Government printing office, 1902. Z1223 A '02.

753 p. 29cm.

Virginia, p. 721, 722.


U. S. War dept. Bibliography of state participation in the civil war, 18611866. Washington, Gov't. print. Y., 1913. Z881 U611 S.


x, 1140 p. 23cm.
Virginia: p. 822-882.

-The war of the rebellion; a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. . . Washington, Gov't. off., 1880-1901. 70 v. in 128. 231⁄2 cm.

U. S.


Weather bureau. Climatological data. Virginia section by Edward A. Evans, section director. Richmond, Va., weather bureau office. 5819 Library has 1913, 1914, 1915.

University college of medicine. Richmond, Va. Bulletin. F218 24 U3 B93. 5820 Library has Series 2: nos. 1-5. May, 1904-January, 1905; no. 8. August, 1905; nos. 20-21. July-August, 1907; nos. 26-27. July-August, 1908; no. 31. May, 1909. Series 3. no. 1. April, 1912.



F218 24 U3 C35.


Library has 1893-94, 1894-95, 1895-96, 1897-98, 1898-99, 1899-1900, 1901-02, Catalogues for 1894-95 and 1895-96 were issued under title of annual announcement.

-Depts. of dentistry & pharmacy.

Catalogue. F218 24 U3 D41.
Library has 1895-96, 1896-97, 1909.


University of Virginia. Alumni bulletin of the University of Virginia. F218 24 U5 A47.

Title varies.


In the new series the catalogue is the first number of each volume, except in vol. 6, where it is the 2d no.

Library has v. 1: no. 1. May, 1894; nos. 3-4. November, 1894-February, 1895. v. 2: nos. 1-4. May, 1895-February, 1896. v. 3: nos. 1-4. May, 1896February, 1897. v. 4: nos. 1-4. May, 1897-February, 1898. v. 5: nos. 1-4. May, 1908-February, 1909. v. 6: nos. 1-2. May-August, 1899. New series. v. 1: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1901. v. 2: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1902. v. 3: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1903. v. 4: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1904. V. 5: nos. 1-3. January-July, 1905; no. 5. March, 1906. v. 6: nos. 1-2. May-April, 1906; no. 2A. June 12, 1906; no. 2B. July, 1906. v. 7: no. 1. January, 1907; nos. 1A-1B. March-January, 1907; nos. 2-4. April-October, 1907. Third series. v. 1: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1908. v. 2: nos. 1-4. January-October, 1909. v. 3: nos. 1-3. January-July, 1910; no. 5. October, 1910. v. 4: nos. 1-5. January-October, 1911. v. 5: nos. 1-5. January-October, 1912. v. 6: nos. 1-5. January-October, 1913. v. 7: nos. 1-5. January-October, 1914. v. 8: nos. 1-2. January-April, 1915.

-Alumni bulletin of the University of Virginia. Poe number. lottesville, Va., The University of Virginia press, 1909.




24 U5


248 p. front. (port.), illus., ports. 23cm. (Alumni bulletin of the university of Virginia. 3d ser. v. 2, no. 2. April, 1909)

-Association record; a report of the religious work in the University of


F218 24
Library has v. 1-5.

U5 A84.



-Bibliographies of publications of professors of the University of Virginia since 1887.

5826 (In The Alumni bulletin of the University of Virginia. v. 5, no. 4. Feb., 1899. p. 108-111)

"In continuation of valuable statistics compiled by Prof. W. P. Trent for Adams's Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia."


F218 24 U5 C35.


Library has 1825, 1826, 1827, 1827-28, 1828-29, 1829-30, 1830-31, 1931-32, 1832-33, 1833-34, 1834-35, 1835-36, 1836-37, 1837-38, 1838-39, 1839-40, 1840-41, 1841-42, 1842-43, 1843-44. These were reprinted in one volume in 1880.

Library has 1836-37, 1839-40, 1845-46, 1847-48, 1848-49, 1865-66, (with catalogues of sessions 1861-1865 prefixed) 1869-70, 1879-80, 1881-82, 1882-83, 1884-85, 1890-91, 1891-92, 1892-93, 1893-94, 1894-95, 1895-96, 1896-97, 1899-1900, 1900-01.

Beginning with 1900-01, the catalogue was a number of the Bulletin. For catalogues of these years see F218 24 U5 A47.

Beginning with 1907-08, the catalogue is a number of the University of Virginia record. Library has 1907-08-date.

-Catalogue of exhibits at the Jamestown tercentennial exposition, 16071907. Charlottesville, University of Virginia press, 1907. F218 24 U5 C40.

15 p. 22cm.

-College topics. Semi-weekly during the college year.
University of Virginia.

F214 24 U5 C6.

Library has v. 19 & 20, Jan. 1908-June, 1909.

-The Collegian; [published at] University of Virginia.




F218 24 U5


Library has v. 1, no. 1, Oct. 1838; v. 1, no. 3, Dec. 1838- v. 1, no. 10, July, 1839; v. 2, nos. 1, 2. Oct., Nov., 1839; v. 3, no. 9, June, 1841. -Corks and curls of the University of Virginia; published by the fraternities of the University. F218 24 U5 C7.

5831 Library has 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1896, 1900, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1911. -Dissertations submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy of the University of Virginia.


(In University of Virginia record. v. 1, no. 3. Nov., 1907. p. 2 & 3) -Presentation of tablets in memory of University Confederate dead, May 23, 1906. Charlottesville, Va., The University of Virginia press, 1906. F218 24 U5 P93.

30 p. 231⁄2 cm.


(Virginia: University. Bulletin. new series. v. 6, no. 1. May, 1906) -A statement of growth. Charlottesville, Va., Pub. by the University, 1906. F218 24 U5 U51.

unp. 23cm.


A semi-centennial catalogue,

-Students of the University of Virginia. with brief biographical sketches. Baltimore, Charles Harvey & co., pub. [c 1878] F218 24 U5 S9.

unp. 271⁄2 cm.


Triangular debate between Tulane university of Louisiana, University of North Carolina and University of Virginia: resolved, that postal savings banks, as described in the Carter bill as ordered reprinted on January 6, 1909, should be established by the United States government. New Orleans, Tulane university of Louisiana, 1909? HG1956 U5 T8.

[blocks in formation]


-University of Virginia, its history, influence, equipment and characteristics, with biographical sketches and portraits of founders, benefactors,

officers and alumni. Editorial staff-Historical: Paul Brandon Barringer, M. D., former chairman of the University faculty; James Mercer Garnett, M. A., LL. D., former professor of English in the University; Biographical; Rosewell Page (U. of V. 1876-77, 1880-81) ex-president of the Bar Association of Richmond, Va. Illustrated. Lewis publishing company, New York, 1904. F218 24 U5 B2. 5837

2v. 261⁄2 cm.

Contents: Jefferson's educational bills of 1779-Brief synopsis of these bills-William and Mary College; The Albemarle Academy-Its origin— Jefferson's letter to Peter Carr in 1814-Synopsis; The literary fund-Account of its origin; The central college-Synopsis of its charter of 1816; Report of the president and directors of the literary fund in 1816-17Synopsis Mr. Garnett's resolutions-Mr. Mercer's bill of 1817 for "Primary schools, academies, colleges, and an university"-Synopsis; The central college (continued).-Passage of the bill for an university in 1818-The Rockfish Gap commission-The report of the commission, written by Jefferson-The legislative struggle for the site; The University charter of January 25, 1819-Synopsis of its provisions. From the charter to the opening of the University-The legislatures of 1819-20, 1820-21, 1821-22, 1822-23, 1823-24, 1824-25-The opening of the University, March 7, 1825Jefferson's last report-The legislature of 1825-26; The choice of the first professors for the University of Virginia-The course of study-Account of the University from Martin's Gazetteer-Detailed statements; The buildings of the University of Virginia-The great fire of October 27, 1895; The new buildings-Detailed description of the buildings; The University of Virginia from 1825 to 1861-The early professors-The board of visitors -The later faculty: Medical law, academic-Brief account of the professors -The officers-Examinations-Degrees; Detailed history of the University of Virginia from 1825 to 1861; Student activities previous to 1861-Literary Societies-Journals-Fraternities-Other organizations-"The University of Virginia during the civil war" (1861-65), paper by professor Francis H. Smith, M. A., LL. D., senior professor in the University; The University of Virginia from 1865 to the present day (1899).-The faculty and its changes-New schools instituted-Degrees and their changes-Local examinations-Teachers' courses-Examinations for women-The woman question -The president question-Scholarships-Fellowships-Legislation since 1865 -Synopsis-Student activities since 1865--"Student life in the University, 1870-1874", paper by the Hon. R. T. W. Duke, Jr., Charlottesville, Va.; The finances of the University-Gifts and endowments-Reports of the board of visitors, of proctor and of faculty-Value of real and personal property of the University; The spirit of the University of VirginiaThe alumni in various professions and occupations-Conclusion; The University of Virginia in recent years-New requirements for degree of Bachelor of Arts-Changes in the faculty-Various gifts-The general alumni association; Addenda-Mr. Jefferson's pet-Jefferson's original drawingsThe library-The "School of Athens"-A bibliography of the history of the University of Virginia-Writings of the faculty-Address by James C. Carter, LL. D.; Founders, visitors and benefactors; Officers and alumni.


v. 1-Biographical index: Allyn, Joseph T.; Allyn, Joseph T., Jr.; Anderson, Boswell P.; Arthur, Henry G.; Atkinson, Henry A.; Atkinson, Robert C.; Aylett, Patrick H.;

Baker, Richard H.; Baldwin, John B.; Barbour, James; Barbour, John S.; Barrows, Charles C.; Beale, Richard L. T.; Blackford, Charles M.; Bledsoe, Albert T.; Bonnycastle, Charles; Booker, William D.; Boyd, Elisha H.; Boykin, Elias M.; Breckenridge, James; Brewster, Patrick H.; Broaddus, John A.; Broadhead, James O.; Brooke, Samuel S.; Brooks, Lewis; Broun, Thomas L.; Broun, William L.; Buford, Algernon S.; Burks, Edward C.; Cabell, James L.; Cabell, Joseph C.; Camm, Frank; Caperton, Allen T.; Cary, Wilson M.; Chamberlayne, John H.; Claiborne, John Herbert; Clay, Clement C.; Cocke, John H.; Coleman, Frederick W.; Coleman, Lewis M.; Conrad, Holmes; Cooper, Thomas; Corcoran, William W.; Courtenay, Edward H.; Cracraft, William A., Sr.; Croft, Theodore G.; Cuthbert, William H.; Dabney, Robert L.; Dabney, Thomas S.; Dabney, Virginius; Dabney, William C.; Daniel, James R. V.; Davis, Henry W..; Davis, John A. G.: DeVere, Maximilian S.; Dew, James H.; Dillard, John W.; Doggett, Andrew C.; Dudley, Thomas U.; Dunglison, Robley; Dunlop, James N.; Dyer, William C.;

Ellyson, J. T.; Emmet, John Patton; Eve, William F.;

Fairbairn, Henry A.; Faulkner, Charles J.; Fayerweather, Daniel B.; Fenner, Charles E.; Flannagan, William W.; Fontaine, Peter; Fox. William F. Gaines, Samuel M.; Garland, Samuel, Jr.; Garlington, Creswell; Garnett, Muscoe R. H.; Garnett, Theodore S., Sr.; Gildersleeve, Basil L.; Gilliam, Marshall M.; Gray, Robert T.; Gray, William B.; Green, Samuel S.; Hardaway, William A.; Harrison, Gessner: Harrison, Jacob P.; Harrison, James P.; Harrison, Peachy G.; Harrison, Robert L.; Hawes, Walker A.;

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