Bancroft, A. C. The life and death of Jefferson Davis, ex-president of the Southern confederacy. Together with comments of the press, funeral sermons, etc., etc. Ed. by A. C. Bancroft. New York, J. S. Ogilvie [c1889] C1 D262 B3. 256

256 p. incl. front., illus., port. 19cm.

Bancroft, Aaron. An essay on the life of George Washington, Commanderin-Chief of the American army through the Revolutionary war; and the first President of the United States. By Aaron Bancroft, pastor of a Congregational church in Worcester. Worcester, printed by Thomas & Sturtevant, sold by Thomas and Andrews, I. Thomas, and I. Thomas, Jun., October, 1807. C1 W318 B3. 257

2 p. 1., vii, 552 p. front. (port.) 22cm. Bancroft, George. Proceedings of the first assembly of Virginia, 1619; communicated with an introductory note by George Bancroft. 1857. F229 B213. Collections. 2nd ser. v. 3 pt. 1)

(New York historical society.


-Virginia in the revolution of 1689. An important unpublished document. F229 B21.


2 p. 23 cm.

Extract from the Magazine of American history, July, 1883.

Bangs, Nathan. The life of the Rev. Freeborn Garrettson: compiled from his printed and manuscript journals, and other authentic documents. 3d ed. rev. and cor. New York, published by J. Emory and B. Waugh, 1832. C1 G239 B3. 260

342 p. port. (front.)

Includes journals of his life in Virginia.

Banister, John, d. 1692? The extracts of four letters [dated Virginia, May 5, 1668, April 19, 1689, Aug. 2, 1690, May 12, 1692] from Mr. John Banister to Dr. Lister, communicated by him to the publisher. Q41 L8.


no. 198. March 1693.

(In Royal society. Philosophical transactions. p. 667-672) -Some observations concerning insects made by Mr. John Banister in Virginia, A. D. 1680, with remarks on them by Mr. James Petiver, apothecary and Fellow of the Royal society. Q41 L8.

262 (In Royal society. Philosophical transactions. no. 270. March and April, 1701. p. 807-814)

Banks, Henry. The vindication and reply of Henry Banks to certain writers, whose productions were published in the papers of Frankfort, into which his replies and defences were not admitted. With some remarks on the liberty of the press, and the evil consequences of partiality; and also relating to other public matters . . Lexington, Printed for the author, 1820. JK310 v. 37. 263

47, [1] p. 23cm.

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[Bannaker's Maryland (?) almanack for 1793. By Benjamin Bannaker, Baltimore co., Md.] F224 A4.


Title page wanting.

Bannaker's Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky and North Carolina almanack and ephemeris, for the year of our Lord 1796 Baltimore, printed for Philip Edwards, James Keddie and Thomas, Andrews and Butler [1795] F224 A4.

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[blocks in formation]

Bannaker's Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Kentucky almanack and ephemeris, for the year of our Lord 1797 . . . Baltimore,

printed by Christopher Jackson, No. 67 Market Street for George Keating's book-store [1796] F224 A4.

36 p. 16cm.


Baptist general association of Virginia. Address of the memorial committee of the Baptist general association of Virginia. [Staunton, Va., 1872] 267 16 p. 221⁄2 cm.


Library has 1829, 84th (1907)-89th (1912)


Baptist general association of Virginia (Colored). Proceedings of the second
annual session of the general association of Virginia, held with Calvary
Baptist church
Danville, Va. May 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, 1900

Richmond, Va., Virginia Baptist press, 1900.

[blocks in formation]

Baptist church. Woman's missionary union of Virginia. Minutes.

Library has 1909, 1911, 1912.



The Baptist preacher. Original. Monthly. Rev. Henry Keeling, editor and proprietor. Richmond, Va. 271

Library has 1846; 1847; Feb., April-December, 1848; June-Dec. 1849; 1851; 1854; 1855; Jan., June, July, 1857.

The barbarous massacre committed by the savages on the English planters, March the two and twentieth, 1621, after the English accompt. G159 P8.


(In Purchas his pilgrimes. London, 1625. v. 4. p. 1788-1790) Barbe, Waitman. [Biographical sketch of Danske Dandridge, with selections from her writings, by Waitman Barbe]


(In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 3. p. 11751193)

Barbour, B. Johnson. Address before annual meeting of Virginia state agricultural society, Oct. 27, 1875. F220 32 B239.

16 p. 20cm.


-Address before literary societies of Virginia military institute. 1854. 275 (In Southern literary messenger. v. 20. p. 513-528)

Barbour, James. Calendar of the Barbour papers, 1811-1841.

Z881 N6 B.


(In New York public library. Bulletin. v. 6. Jan., 1902. p. 22-34) -Speech of Mr. Barbour of Virginia on the restriction of slavery in Missouri, delivered in the Senate of the United States, Feb. 1, 1820. B23.



26 p. 19cm.

-Speech on a bill for abolishing imprisonment for debt, delivered in the Senate of the U. S. Feb. 17, 1824.


(In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S. v. 4. p. 216-232) Barbour, John Strode, 1820-1892. Notes to the Senators and representatives from the state of Virginia in relation to the claim of Virginia for money advanced to the general government. [1852]

23 p. 25cm.


Barclay, Alexander Tedford. The Liberty hall volunteers from Lexington to Manassas. By A. T. Barclay. Address delivered at Washington and Lee university, Feb. 21, 1900.

(In Washington and Lee university, Lexington, Va. Lynchburg, Va., 1904. no. 6, p. 123-136)

280 Historical papers.

Barker, Francis M. The mountain violet; or, The charms of early piety, as displayed in the memoir of Margaret Rust Bayne. By Rev. Francis M. Barker, Hanover, Virginia. Second thousand. Charleston, S. C., Southern Baptist publication society, 1860. 280a

54 p. 16cm.

Barker, J. N. The Indian princess; or, la belle sauvage. An operatic melodrame. In three acts. Performed at theatres Philadelphia and Baltimore. By J. N. Barker. First acted April 6, 1808. Philadelphia, Printed by T. & G. Palmer, 1808.

iv, 5-74 p. 141⁄2 cm.

Barlowe, Arthur.

The first voyage to Roanoke, 1584


written by one

of the said captaines and sent to Sir Walter Raleigh at whose charge and direction the said voyage was set forth.

E173 044 Ref.


20 p. (Old South leaflets, general series, v. 4. no. 92. 1898) Contains also charter in favor of Sir Walter Raleigh, Knight, 25 March, 1584, and extract of Master Ralph Lane's letter. . . from Virginia. -Naming of Virginia; First description of the Indians; The lost colony, 1584. D20 H8. 283

v. 10. p. 211-222)

(In Great events by famous historians. Barnard, Daniel Dewey. Lecture on the character and services of James Madison, delivered before the Young men's association for mutual improvement in the city of Albany . . . Albany, Hoffman and White, 1837. C1 M182 B25. 284

47 p. 8vo.

Barnard, John Gross. The Peninsular campaign and its antecedents, as developed by the report of Maj. Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, and other published documents. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1864. E470 B26. 285 94 p. 231⁄2 cm.

-Report on the defenses of Washington, to the Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army. Washington, Government printing office, 1871. E481 W3 B25. 286

152 p. plates. 30cm.

Barnes, James. The son of Light Horse Harry. By James Barnes. Illustrated by W. E. Mears. New York and London, Harper & brothers, 1904. B B261 S52.


[6], 243 p. front., plates. 19cm.

Barnum, Mrs. Frances Courtenay (Baylor). Behind the Blue Ridge; a homely narrative. By Frances Courtenay Baylor. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott co., 1887. B B263 B8.


313 p. 19cm.

-In and around a despatch-box. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott co., 1889. B B263 S8.


(In her A shocking example and other sketches. p. 58-107) -In the Old Dominion. [Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1889] B263 S8.



(In her A shocking example and other sketches. p. 172-194) Barrett, Philip. Flowers by the way-side. A book for children and youth ... Richmond, Va., Price & Cardoza, 1856.


144 p. 172 cm.

Barrett, Robert S. The churchman's scrap-book, by Rev. Robert S. Barrett .. Richmond, Va., Baughman Brothers, 1879.


48 p. 171⁄2 cm.


-The churchman's scrap-book.
Va., Baughman bros., 1885.
48 p.

By Rev. Robert S. Barrett. Richmond,


Barrie, Robert. Cruises, mainly in the bay of the Chesapeake, by Robert
Barrie and George Barrie, jr. Philadelphia, The Franklin press, 1909.
GV819 B3.

7 p. 1., 3-276 p. front., plates, fold. map. 22cm.
Partly reprinted from various periodicals.


Barron, James. Proceedings of the general court martial convened for the trial of Commodore James Barron, Captain Charles Gordon, Mr. William Hook, and Captain John Hall, of the United States' ship Chesapeake, in the month of Jan., 1808. Published by order of the navy department. [n. p.], Printed by Jacob Gideon, junior, 1822.

496 p. 231⁄2 cm.


Barry, William Taylor. Letters of William T. Barry, 1806-1810, 1829-1831. 296

(In American historical review. v. 16, no. 2. Jan. 1911. p. 327-336) W. T. Barry was born in Lunenburg County, Va., in 1785, graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1807. He represented Kentucky in the House of Representatives 1810-11, and in the Senate, 1815-16. Postmaster General, 1829.

Bartlett, D. W. Cases of contested elections in Congress, from 1834 to 1865, inclusive. Washington, Government printing office, 1865. JK1186 1865.


660 p. 23cm.
(U. S. 38th Congress. 2d sess. House of representatives. Mis. doc. 57)
Includes Virginia cases.

Bartlett, John Russell. The literature of the rebellion. A catalogue of books and pamphlets relating to the civil war in the United States, and on subjects growing out of that event, together with works on American slavery, and essays from reviews and magazines on the same subjects. Boston, Draper and Halliday; Providence, S. S. Rider & bro., 1866. Z1242 B2.


iv, [5]-477 p. 25cm.

Bartley, James Avis. Lays of ancient Virginia and other poems. Richmond, J. W. Randolph, 1855. PS1075 L4 1855.



204 p. 19 cm.

Charlottesville, Va., The Jeffersonian book and job printing office, 1882. PS1075 1882.


95, [1] p. 22cm.

Barton, Robert T. Address [before Virginia state bar association] of R. T. Barton, president of the association. The punishment of crime.


(In Virginia state bar association. 5th report, 1893. p. 154-181) -The first election of Washington to the House of burgesses. A paper read before the Virginia historical society, Tuesday, December 22, 1891, by Mr. R. T. Barton . . . F225 V82. 302

(In Virginia historical society. Collections. Richmond, 1892. new ser., v. 11. p. [113]-125)

-John Marshall. An address delivered on Feb. 4, 1901 by R. T. Barton, of Winchester, Virginia before Washington and Lee University at Lexington, Virginia. Privately printed, 1901. C1 M368 B3. 303

68 p. 15cm.

-Virginia colonial decisions

The reports by Sir John Randolph and

by Edward Barradall, of decisions of the General court of Virginia,

1728-1741. Ed., with historical introduction by R. T. Barton. Mass., The Boston book co., 1902.

2v. front. (port.) 24cm.

Bascom, Henry Bidleman.



The Methodist church property case. Report of the suit of Henry B. Bascom, and others, vs. George Lane, and others, heard before the Hon. Judges Nelson and Betts, in the circuit court, United States, for the southern district of New York, May 17-29, 1851. By R. Sutton, special and congressional reporter. Richmond & Louisville, Jno. Early, 1851. 304

2 p. 1., 372 p. 23cm.

Baskervill, Patrick Hamilton. Genealogy of the Baskerville family and some allied families, including the English descent from 1266 A. D. . By Patrick Hamilton Baskervill, Richmond, Va., of the twenty-first generation in direct male line. Richmond, Va., Wm. Ellis Jones' sons, inc., 1912. 305

[blocks in formation]

Baskerville, William Malone. Southern writers: biographical and critical studies. Nashville, Tenn., Publishing house of M. E. Church, South, 1902-1903. PS261 B31.


2v. 16cm.

Margaret Junkin Preston, v. 2, p. 23; Thomas Nelson Page, v. 2, p. 120; Mrs. Burton Harrison, v. 2. p. 244.


7 p. 22cm.

Bassett, Burwell. [Letter] Washington, Feb. 24th, 1823.

Bassett, John Spencer. The relation between the Virginia planter and the London merchant.

Bassler, Ray Smith.

308 (In American historical association. Report, 1901. v. 1. p. 551-575) The cement resources of Virginia, west of the Blue Ridge, by Ray S. Bassler. with an introductory chapter on the materials and manufacture of hydraulic cements, by Edwin C. Eckel ... Charlottesville, University of Virginia, 1909. F219 1 V8.

xii, 309 p. illus., xxx pl. (incl. fold. map) diagrs. 261⁄2 cm.
(Virginia Geological survey. Bulletin no. 11-A)


At head of title: Virginia geological survey. University of Virginia . .
Bibliography: p. 294-296.

Bates, Onward. Bates, et al of Virginia and Missouri. Onward Bates, his book. Printed for private distribution. Chicago, 1914.

160 p. 23cm.

Bates, Samuel P. Hooker's comments on Chancellorsville.


E468 B33. 311

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 3. p. 215-223)

Batten, J. M. Governor John Floyd. [Life]


(In The John P. Branch historical papers, of Randolph-Macon college, v. 4. no. 1. June, 1913. p. [5]-49)

Battine, Cecil William. The crisis of the Confederacy; a history of Gettysburg and the Wilderness London, New York [etc.] Longmans,

Green & Co., 1905. E470 B33.

xv. [1], 424 p. col. front., 6 fold. maps. 231⁄2 cm.


Battles and leaders of the civil war. Being for the most part contributions by Union and Confederate officers. Based upon "The century war series." Edited by Robert Underwood Johnson and Clarence Clough Buel, of the editorial staff of "The Century magazine." The Century co., New York. E468 B33.


4 v. 26cm.

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