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State activities in relation to labor in the United States, by William Franklin Willoughby .. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins press, 1901. H31 J6.

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Territories and dependencies of the United States, their government and administration, by William Franklin Willoughby

.. New York, The Century co., 1905. JV562 W7.

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doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America. With an appendix. By the late Rev. William H. Wilmer, D. D. ... New and improved edition, revised and adapted to the present state of the church, with considerable additions and emendations. Philadelphia, R. S. H. George, 1841.

xvi, 312 p. 20cm.
Wilson, Hill Peebles. John Brown, soldier of fortune; a critique, by Hill

Peebles Wilson .. Lawrence, Kan., H. P. Wilson, 1913. ci B878

3 p. l., [9]-450 p. 2 port. (incl. front.) 23cm.
Wilson, James S. [Biographical sketch of Edward Alfred Pollard, with
selections from his writings, by James S. Wilson)

(In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. v. 9.

P. 4147-4165)
Wilson, Joseph T. Emancipation. Its course and progress from 1491 to

1875, with a review of President Lincoln's proclamation, and the XIII

Hampton, Va., Normal school steam press print, 1882. E453' W76.

6550 23cm. Wilson, Ralph Elmer.

New positions of the stars in the Huyghenian
region of the great nebula in Orion, from observations made at the
Leander McCormick observatory, by Ralph E. Wilson. Charlottesville,
Va., University of Virginia, 1910. F218 24 U5 S41.

cover-title, p. 85-125 incl. tables. pl. 26 142 cm.
(Bulletin of the Philosophical society. Scientific series. vol. 1. no. 4)

242 p.


[ocr errors]

Wilson, Samuel Mackay. Catalogue of revolutionary soldiers and sailors of

the commonwealth of Virginia to whom land bounty warrants were granted by Virginia for military services in the war for independence. Comp. by Samuel M. Wilson, from official records in the Kentucky state land office at Frankfort, Kentucky. E202 4 K37.

(In Sons of the revolution. Kentucky society. Year book .. 18941913. Lexington, Ky., 1913. p. (189)-272. front. (port.) 2 pl.)

Includes nearly 5,000 names, alphabetically arranged.
Wilson, Thomas. A brief journal of the life, travels and labours of love,

in the work of the ministry, of at eminent and faithful servant of
Jesus Christ, Thomas Wilson. Who departed this life, at his own
habitation, near Edenderry, in the kingdom of Ireland, the 20th, of the
third month, 1725. Dublin, Printed by and for Sam. Fuller, 1728. 6553

xlviii, 98 p. 16cm.
In Virginia: p. 28-32, 47-49, 56.

An epistle to Friends in Virginia and Carolina, from King's Creek in
Maryland, the twelfth of the second month, 1692: p. 65-70.

Wilson, William H. William Lyne Wilson.

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v. 5.

1901. p. 263-290) Wilson, William Lyne, 1843-1900. The national democratic party: its his

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Wilson, Woodrow. Address of the President of the United States, delivered

at a joint session of the two houses of Congress at the beginning of the first session of the Sixty-third Congress. April 8, 1913. Washington, Govt. print. ofl., 1913. JK585 A5 1913.

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(Half-title: Columbia university lectures. George Blumenthal foundation, 1907) The course of American history. Delivered before the New Jersey historical society.

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V. 9.

p. 1199-1218)
Division and reunion, 1829-1909, by Woodrow Wilson

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prepared... by ... Edward S. Corwin."- Pref. to new ed.


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28 p.

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6566 5 v. fronts., illus., ports., maps, plans, facsims. 22 14 cm.

23 p.


21 p.

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6568 3 p. l., 247 p. 19 12 cm.

Contents.-Mere literature.—The author himself. On an author's choice of company-A literary politician [Walter Bagehot]--The interpreter of English liberty (Edmund Burke)-The truth of the matter.-A calendar of great Americans.—The course of American history.

Speech of Governor Wilson accepting the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Together with the speech of noti. fication delivered by Hon. Ollie M. James at Seagirt, N. J., August 7, 1912 ... Washington Gov't. print. off, 1912. JK2317 1912. 6569

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62d Cong., 2d sess. Senate doc. 903) - The state; elements of historical and practical politics, by Woodrow Wilson ... Rev. ed. Boston, D. C. Heath & co., 1904. JC11 W76.

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Wingfield Now first printed from the original manuscript in the Lambeth library. Ed., with notes and an introduction, by Charles Deane ... E172 A54.

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(In Smith, Capt. John. Works, Ed. by E. Arber. Birmingham, 1884. p. lxxiv-xci) -A discourse of Virginia per: Ed: Ma: Wingfield. F229 5665. 6573

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V. 1.

44 p.



[ocr errors]

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? Winston, R. A. Soil survey of Campbell county, Virginia, by R. A. Winston.

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Mrs. Rosalie Bankhead Winston, Fredericksburg, Va. .. Richmond, Va., Walford & son, 1885.

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great remedy for social and political evils." An address delivered before the Young men's Christian association of Boston and Richmond. By Robert C. Winthrop. Boston, Little, Brown and co., 1859. 6589

64 p. 22cm. Oration pronounced by the Honorable Robert C. Winthrop, speaker of the House of representatives of the United States, on the Fourth of July, 1848, on the occasion of laying the corner-stone of the national monument to the memory of Washington. With an introduction and an appendix ... Washington, J. & G. S. Gideon, printers, 1848. W318 W280.

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6592 (Modern eloquence. v. 15, p. 2135-2140)

burn ...

[ocr errors]

67 p.

-A discourse on the lives and characters of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, who both died on the 4th of July, 1826: delivered, at the request

V. 5.

[ocr errors]

of the citizens of Washington, in the Hall of Representatives of the U. S., on the 19th October, 1826. PS660 W7.

6593 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S.

p. 454-503) ini

-? -Letter to a law student.

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The biographical sketch is by P. H. Cruse. -The old bachelor. Richmond, Va., T. Ritchie & F. Lucas, 1814. PS3344 W3 04.

6596 2 p. 1., 235 p. 12mo. -[Letter, Red Sulphur Springs, Aug. 25, 1833]

6597 (In Southern literary messenger. v. 9. p. 422-424) -Sketches of the life and character of Patrick Henry. By William Wirt of Richmond, Virginia . · Philadelphia, Jas. Webster, 1817. H523 W29.

6598 xv, 427, xii, [1] p. front. (port.) 22cm. -Speech in the trial of Aaron Burr for treason, in preparing the means of a military expedition against Mexico, in the circuit court of the U. S. for the district of Virginia, 1807. PS660 67.

6599 (In Williston, E. B. Eloquence of the U. S.

v. 4.

p. 394-417) Wise, Barton Haxall, 1865-1899. The life of Henry A. Wise of Virginia.

1806-1876. By his grandson, the late Barton H. Wise. New York & London, The Macmillan co., 1899. ci W812 W29.

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6602 1972 cm. Wise, Henry Alexander, 1806-76. Address delivered by Gov. Henry A. Wise,

in October 1856, before the Virginia mechanics institute of the city of Richmond. Richmond, Ritchie & Dunnavant, 1857. F218 24 V80 W81.

6603 15 p. 21cm.

312 p.

18 p.

v. 26.

-Address of Henry A. Wise, at West Point, Va., Dec. 29, 1874, to the
Knights of Pythias, on their invitation. (n. p. 1875?]

22 142 cm.
-The celebration of February 22, 1858.

6605 (In Southern literary messenger.

p. 241-244) -The currency question. Letter of Gen. Henry A. Wise, to Hon. J. E. Holmes, of S. C. Nov. 11, 1863.

6606 22 142 cm. -Gov. Wise's inaugural address, at Lexington Va. military institute, July 1856.

6607 22cm. An address delivered on the occasion "of placing on its pedestal a copy

19 p.

30 p.

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