A list of bibliographies relating to Virginia, including some references to the literature on the subject of

printing and libraries in Virginia

Whenever a bibliography is a part of a book, the title of the book is not given in full here. For complete title, consult the preceding alphabetical arrangement of authors.

Abbatt, William. A complete index

to the Magazine of American history, 1877-1893. Compiled by William Abbatt. New York, William Abbatt, 1907. E171 M171. 6710a

4 p. 1., 22 p. 26 1/2 cm.

Virginia: p. 166-168. Adams, Herbert B. A bibliography

of the history of the University of Virginia. F218 24 U5 A21.

6711 (In Adams, Herbert B. Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia. p. 203-216)

-A bibliography of the history of the university of Virginia. Based upon the bibliography by Herbert B. Adams.

6712 (In University of Virginia, its history, influence, equipment and characteristics. V. 1. p. 287-289)

-A bibliography of the history of William and Mary college. 6713

(In his College of William and Mary. 1887. p. 84-88)

The Alumni bulletin of the Univer

sity of Virginia. Bibliographies of publications of professors of the University of Virginia since 1887.

6717 (In The Alumni bulletin of the University of Virginia. v. 5, no. 4. Feb., 1899. p. 108-111)

"In continuation of valuable statistics compiled by Prof. W. P. Trent for Adams's Thomas Jefferson and

the University of Virginia." Alvord, Clarence Walworth. Bibliog

raphy relating to the first explorations of the Trans-Allegheny region by the Virginians, 1650-1670. F212 47.

6718 (In Alvord, C. W., & Bid good, Lee. The first explorations of the TransAllegheny region.. 1912.

p. 253258)

-Bibliography relating to the Illi. nois country. F536 125. 6719

(In Collections of the Illinois state historical Library. v. 2, 1907.

p. 633-638) Ambler, Charles Henry. A bibliog

raphy of sectionalism in Virginia. F230 A493.

6720 (In his Sectionalism in Virginia from 1776 to 1861. 1910. p. 339-349) American historical association. His

torical manuscripts commission. Colonial assemblies and their leg. islative journals.

6721 (In American historical association. Annual report, 1897.

p. 403453)

Virginia: p. 432-437.

J. Franklin Jameson, chairman of commission.

Alexander, James Waddell. Publications of Archibald Alexander. 6715

(In his Life of Archibald Alexander. 1814. p. 697-700)

Allison, William Henry. Inventory

of unpublished material for American religious history in Protestant Church archives and other repositories. Washington, D. C., Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1910. 27778 U5 A43. 6716

vii, 254 p. The index has references to church papers of Virginia in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia.

-Guide to the items relating to American history in the reports of

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A bibliography of white servi. tude in the colony of Virginia.

6737 (In his White servitude in the colony of Virginia. J. H. Univ. studies in hist. and polit. science. V. 13.

nos. 6, 7. p. 96-99) Bartlett, John Russell. The litera

ture of the rebellion. A catalogue of books and pamphlets relating to the civil war in the United States, and on subjects growing out of that event, together with works on American slavery, and essays from reviews and magazines on the same subjects. Boston, Draper and Halliday; Providence, S. S. Rider & bro., 1866. Z1242 B2. 6738

iv, [5)-477 p. 25cm.

6073 titles. Bassler, Ray Smith. Bibliography of the cement resources of Virginia.

6739 (In his Cement resources of Virginia. p. 294-296) Beaman, Middleton G. Index analy

sis of the federal statutes, general and permanent law, 1789-1873, together with a table of repeals and amendments. By Middleton G. Beaman

A. K. McNamara Washington, Government printing office, 1911. K71 U55.

6739a iv p., 1 l., 1146 p. 30cm, Virginia military lands: p. 1055.

Bowker, Richard Rogers. Virginia state publications.

6744 p. 681-718. 24cm. "List compiled from 'List of works relating to Virginia', in New York public library bulletin, Feb.-Mar., 1907, from the collection of Virginia documents in the State library of Massachusetts, and from cata

logues of other libraries." Bradshaw,

Sidney Ernest. Bibliography of Southern poetry prior to 1860.

6745 (In his On Southern poetry prior to 1860. Richmond, B. F. Johnson company, 1900. p. 148-157)

-Chronology of [Southern) poetry [prior to 1860]

6746 (In his On Southern poetry prior to 1860. 1900. p. 135-147) Brereton, John A. Index auctorum.

6747 (In his A prodromus of the flora Columbiana, exhibiting a list of all the plants which have as yet been collected. Washington, George Tem

pleman, 1831. p. 8-11) [Brinley, George] [List of books re

lating to Virginia in the Brinley library]

6748 (In Brinley, George. Catalogue of the American library of the late Mr. George Brinley of Hartford Conn.

Part 2 p. 122-135) Brock, Robert Alonzo. Articles of

something more than a local in. terest, instigated or communicated by or through R. A. Brock, and published in the Daily Dispatch, Richmond, Va., [Jan. 13, 1876-May 18, 1878] on the dates as severally noted. Prepared by request of the editor of the register.

6749 (In The New-England historical and genealogical register. 32.

1878. p. 344-345) Brown, Alexander. The genesis of

the United States. A narrative of the movement in England, 16051616, which resulted in the plantation of North America by English. men, disclosing the contest between England and Spain for the possession of the soil

set forth through a series of historical manuscripts now first printed, together with a reissue of rare contemporaneous tracts

ed. by Alexander Brown . Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin & co., 1890. F229 B875 G14. 6750

2v. front., illus., pl., port.,, maps, facsim. 25 14 cm.

Bigelow, John. Bibliography of the campaign of Chancellorsville. 6740

(In his Campaign of Chancellorsville. p. 513-514)


Black, David. David Black's library.

Inventory & appraisement of the books as personal estate of David Black, deceased, made March 3, 1782. F224 V8.

6741 (In The Virginia magazine of history and hiography. v. 4. no. 3. January, 1897. p. 288-292)

Books in colonial Virginia. F224 V8.

6742 (In The Virginia magazine of history and biography. v. 7. p. 299303; v. 10, p. 389-405)

Books in Williamsburg. [Including a catalogue of books for sale by Dixon and Hunter, 1775] F224 W15.

6743 (In William and Mary quarterly magazine. v. 15.

P. 100-113)

Issued also as Senate doc. no. 61, 56th Cong., 1st sess.

Includes titles relating to that part of Virginia formerly in the District of Columbia.

Brown, John Thompson. Catalogue

of a noble collection of old American law books, the property of John Thompson Brown, esq., of Evington, Campbell County, Virginia; in. cluding rare early Virginia sessionlaws. Journals of the House of Burgesses, Proceedings of the Convention of Virginia delegates, 1776 (the original edition), and other items of great rarity. To be sold at auction, Dec. 2nd, 1913, by Merwin sales co., New York. [n. d.)

6751 30 p. 24cm. Bruce, Philip Alexander. A bibliography of Robert E. Lee. 6752

(In his Robert E. Lee. 1907. p. 370, 371) ---Bibliography of the economic history of Virginia in the 17th cen. tury.

6753 (In his Economic history of Vir ginia in the 17th century. v. 1, p. XVxix)

--Bibliography of the institutional history of Virginia in the 17th cen. tury.

6754 (In his Institutional history of Virginia in the 17th century. V. 1, p. xi-xiii)

-Bibliography of the social life of Virginia in the 17th century. 6755

(In his Social life of Virginia in the 17th century.

p. 11-13) Brushfield, Thomas Nadauld. A bib

liography of Sir Walter Ralegh, Knt. Second edition with notes revised and enlarged. With portraits and facsimiles, Exeter, James G. Commin, 1908. Z3731 B85. 6756 ports. facsims.

22 42 cm.

Burchard, E. L. List and catalogue

of the publications issued by the U. S. coast and geodetic survey, 1816-1902.


E. L. Burchard, librarian. Reprint with supplement, 1903-1908. Washington, Goy. ernment printing office, 1908. 6759

237, 44 p. 29 12 cm.
(U.' s. coast and geodetic survey)
See p. 233, entry Virginia.

-Manuscripts and publications relating to the Mason and Dixon line and other lines in Pennsylvania, Maryland and the Virginias involy. ing the charter rights of Lord Baltimore and the Penns, by Edward L. Burchard and Edward Bennett Mathews. QE121 1896 R.

6760 (In Maryland. Geological survey, Report. v. 7, 1908. p. 205-403) Byrd, [William] The Byrd library at Westover. F224 18. 6761

(In The Virginia magazine of history and biography. v. 12. no. 2.

October, 1904. p. 205-207) Callahan, James Morton. Bibliography of West Virginia. 6762

(In his semi-centennial history of West Virginia. 1913. p. 284-293) Carr, Dabney. Dabney Carr's library, F224 V8.

6763 (In The Virginia magazine of history and biography. v. 2. no. 2. Oc.

tober, 1894. p. 225-228) Chapman, Frank M. [Bibliography

of birds of] Virginia [and] West Virginia.

6764 (In his Handbook of birds of eastern North America. p. 515)

181 p.

Bryan, John Stewart. Report of com

mittee on library and legal litera. ture. To the Virginia state bar association.

6757 (In Virginia state


association. Reports.

v. 11. 1898. 70)

[Clark, William Bullock] Geological

literature of the Virginia coastal plain.

6765 (In his The physiography and geology of the coastal plain province of Virginia. 1912. p. (19)-45)

p. 55

Bryan, Wilhelmus Bogart. Biblio.

graphy of the District of Columbia, being a list of books, maps, and newspapers, including articles in magazines and other publications to 1898. Prepared for the Columbia historical society. Washington, Govt. print. off., 1900. Z1269 B91.

6758 3 p. 1., 211 p. 2312 cm.

Cole, George Watson. A catalogue

of books relating to the discovery and early history of North and South America, forming a part of the library of E. D. Church. Compiled and annotated by George Watson Cole, New York, Dodd, Mead and co., 1907.

6766 5 v. facsims. (partly col.) 29cm.

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[Cooke, John Esten] The authori. ties [on Virginia history] 6769

(In his Virginia a history of the people. 1903. p. (iii)-x) Crane, Walter R. Index to mining

engineering literature; comprising an index of mining, metallurgical, civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering subjects as related to mining engineering. By Walter R. Crane, Ph. D. ... New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1909.

6770 xii, 812 p. 2312 cm.

Virginia and West Virginia. p. 241-244. Custis, Daniel Parke. Catalogue of

the library of Daniel Parke Custis. From a manuscript in the collection of the Virginia historical society. F224 V8.

6771 (In The Virginia magazine of history and biography. v. 17. no. 4. Oc

tober, 1909. p. 404-412) Dandridge, Mrs. Danske. Bibliography of Shepherdstown, W. Va.

6772 (In her Historic Shepherdstown. p. [360)-362) Darton, Nelson Horatio. Catalogue

and index of contributions to North American geology, 1732-1891. By Nelson Horatio Darton. Washington, Government printing office, 1896.

6773 23cm. (U. $. geological survey. Bulletin 127)

Virginias. [Including West Virginia) p. 981-989. (A description of the different revisals of the laws of Virginia)

6774 (In The code of Virginia. 1849. Preface. p. (iii)-x)

Dick, Charles. (List of books in the

library of Charles Dick, of Fred. ericksburg, commissary in the French and Indian war] F224 W15.

6775 (In William and Mary college quarterly historical magazine. v. 18.

p. 112, 113) Dunlop, William. William Dunlop's

library from the appraisal of his estate in Prince William county, Virginia, May 25, 1740, reported by Captain Benjamin Grayson. F224 W15.

6776 (In William and Mary quarterly historical magazine. v. 15. p. 275

279) Earnest, Joseph B. Bibliography of

the religious development of the negro.

6777 (In his The religious development of the negro in Virginia.

p. 177. 203) Eckenrode, Hamilton Jones, .. A

calendar of legislative petitions, arranged by counties: AccomacBedford. Special report of the De. partment of archives and history, H. J. Eckenrode, archivist. Richmond, D. Bottom, supt. of public printing, 1908.

6778 302 p. 24cm. (In Virginia state library.

5th report, 1908) Eldridge, James W. Catalogue of a

remarkable collection of books, pamphlets, broadsides and manuscripts, formed by the late James W. Eldridge of Hartford, Conn., relating to the American civil war from the Federal and Confederate sides, Lincolniana, John Brown, slavery, etc. Pt. 1. Offered for sale by Wm. H. Murray, Hartford, Conn. [n. d.]

6779 24cm.

106 p.

1045 p.

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