Bowling Green, Va. Academy. Announcement. n. d. F218 24 B78. 516

Bowling Green female seminary, Bowling Green, Va. Catalog.


Library has 1883.

Bownas, Samuel. An account of the life, travels and Christian experiences

in the work of the ministry of Samuel Bownas. The second edition.

London, Printed and sold by Luke Hinde, 1761. C2 B787 A7 Office.


viii. (200) p. 20cm.

Samuel Bownas was a preacher of the Friends' Church, born in 1676.

There are brief statements of his visits to Virginia in this Account of his


Bowyer, James T. The pollinctor. Richmond, Va., J. W. Randolph & co.,

1895. B B788 P51.


1 p. 1., [9]-175 p. 21cm.

-The witch of Jamestown; a story of colonial Virginia. Richmond, Va.,

Randolph & English, 1890. B791 W2.


151 p. 20 142 cm.

Boyd, Carl Evans. The county of Illinois (in Virginia] E171 A57. 521

(In American historical review. v. 4, no. 4. July, 1899. p. 623-635)

Boyd, Charles Rufus. Resources of south-west Virginia showing the mineral

deposits of iron, coal, zinc, copper and load. Also the staples of the

various counties, methods of transportation, access, etc. New York, J.

Wiley & Sons, 1881. F219 1 B78.


xiv, 321 p. incl. front., pl., fold. col. map. 8vo.

Boyd, Mrs. Lavinia. The sorrows of Nancy Richmond, O. E. Flanhart

printing company, 1899. B B790 S8.


95 p. front. 18cm.

Boyd's directory of Richmond City, and a business directory of about fifty

counties of Virginia, together with a compendium of the government,

courts, sheriffs, institutions and trades. Compiled by Wm. H. Boyd. 1869.

Richmond, Va., V. Lee Fore.


23 12 cm,

Boyd's directory of Richmond city and a business directory of Norfolk,

Lynchburg, Petersburg and Richmond, together with a compendium of

the government, courts, institutions and trades. 1870. Richmond, Va.,

State Journal Office, c1870.



Boydton academic and bible institute, Boydton, Va. Catalog.


Library has 1908.

[Boykin, Edward M.] The falling flag. Evacuation of Richmond, retreat

and surrender at Appomattox. By an officer of the rear guard. New

York, E. T. Hale & son, 1874. E481 R5 B.


67 p. 19cm.

The boys and girls stories of the war. Contents: General Stonewall Jackson,

Commodore Foot and Colonel Small, etc., etc. West & Johnson, Rich-

mond. [1864?]


illus. 1114 cm.

Bozman, John Leeds. The history of Maryland, from its first settlement in

1633, to the restoration, in 1660, with a copious introduction, and notes

and illustrations. By John Leeds Bozman. Baltimore, J. Lucas & E. K.

Deaver, 1837. F184 B8.



v. 1 contains much information concerning the Indians of Virginia.

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2 v.

[ocr errors]

Brackenridge, H. M. Recollections of persons and places in the West. By

H. M. Brackenridge, 2d ed., enlarged. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co., 1868.

529 viii, 9-331 p. 19 142 cm. Bradbeer, William West. Confederate and southern state currency; his

torical and financial data, biographical sketches, descriptions with illustrations. By William West Bradbeer, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 1915. 529a

162 p. illus. 24cm.
Virginia state currency: p. 159-162.

The best book on the subject. Bradford, Gamaliel. Confederate portraits. Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1914. E467 B78.

530 xviii p., 1 I., -41, [1] p. 8 port. (incl. front.) 2242 cm.

Reprinted from the Atlantic monthly. Neale's monthly magazine, and the Youth's companion.

"Titles of books most frequently cited": p. 265-266.

Contents:-Joseph E. Johnston.-J. E. B. Stuart.-James Longstreet.P. G. T. Beauregard.-Judah P. Benjamin.-Alexander H. Stephens.-Robert Toombs.--Raphael Semmes.-The battle of Gettysburg.-Notes. -Lee the American. Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1912. Ci L480 B79.

531 xvi, 324 p., 1 l. front., ports., facsim. 2242 cm.

"Titles of books most frequently cited": p. [286] Bradley, Arthur Granville. Captain John Smith. London, Macmillan and Co., 1905. ci S652 B64.

532 viii, 226 p. front. (port.) map. 1914 cm. Colonial Virginia. F229 B811.

533 (9) p. 22cm.

From Macmillan's magazine, March, 1907. p. 335-343. -The fight with France for North America. New York, E. P. Dutton and co., Westminster, A. Constable and co., ltd. [1900] E199 B81. 534

xv, 399, [1] p. front., maps. 22 42 cm. -Sketches from old Virginia London, New York, Macmillan co., 1897. F231 B81.

535 ix p., 1 l., 284 p. incl. front. 12 mo. Bradley, J. H. Official history of the Norfolk fire department from 1740 to

the present day, illustrating and describing the equipment of the fire department of to-day. Gathered from official sources and compiled by J. H. Bradley under the supervision of Martin J. Ryan, chief. (1897) F234 N8 B811.

536 (52) p. illus. plates. 16 by 23cm. Bradley, Joseph H. The love of God revealed to the entire universe by

man's redemption [By] Rev. Joseph H. Bradley, D. D., chaplain National soldiers' home, Va. New York, Chicago, Toronto, Fleming H. Revell company, [1899]

536a 59 p. 17cm. Bradley, Mary E. Douglass farm; a juvenile story of life in Virginia. By

Mary E. Bradley, ed. by Cousin Alice. New York, Episcopal Sunday school union, 1863. B B812 D53.

537 202 p. front., plates. 18cm. Bradshaw, Sidney Ernest. On Southern poetry prior to 1860 [Richmond, B. F. Johnson publishing company) 1900.

PS261 B65. 538
2 D. 1., 3-162 p. 1942 cm.
Thesis, University of Virginia, 1900.
Bibliography: p. 148-157.

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Brady, Joseph Plunkett. The trial of Aaron Burr. New York, The Neale publishing company, 1913. C1 B968 B63.

539 89 p. front. (port) facsims. 1912 cm. Brainerd, Wesley. The pontoniers at Fredericksburg. E468 B33. 540

(In Battles and leaders of the civil war. v. 3. p. 121-122) Branch, William, jr. Life, a poem in three books; descriptive of the various

characters in life; the different passions, with their moral influence; the good and evil resulting from their sway; and of the perfect man. Dedi. cated to the social and political welfare of the people of the United States. By William Branch, Junior ... Richmond, W. W. Gray, printer, 1819. PS1121 B35 L7.

541 xii, 218 p., 1 1. 17cm. Bransford, Clifton Wood Jacob Ammonet of Virginia, and a part of his descendants.

542 (In Southern history association publications. v. 3.

1899. p. 35-40) Braxton, Allen Caperton Address of A. C. Braxton of Staunton, Virginia, to

the graduating class of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute at Blacksburg, Va, on June seventeenth, 1903. Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell co., printers, 1903.

542a 16 p. 2212 cm.

-Address [before Virginia state bar association) of Allen Caperton Braxton, president. The eleventh amendment.

543 (In Virginia state bar association. 19th report, 1907. p. 173-193)

Co., 1901.

-The legitimate functions and powers of constitutional conventions, with special note on Virginia convention of 1901. Lynchburg, Va., J. P. Bell F216 2 B82.

544 30 p.

24 cm.
Reprint from Virginia law register of June, 1901.

Paper entitled The Fifteenth amendment-An account of its enactment read by A. Caperton Braxton at the fifteenth annual meeting of the Virginia state bar association held at Hot Springs of Virginia Aug. 21, 22 and 24, 1903. Richmond, E. Waddey co., 1903. E671 B82.

545 22 42 cm. -Response of A. C. Braxton of Staunton, Virginia, to a toast to "George Washington” at the banquet of the New York Southern society on the night of February twenty-first, 1903.

545a 23cm.

68 p.

22 p.

[blocks in formation]

-The Virginia State corporation commission. 1904.


18 p.

[Braxton, Carter] Address to the convention of the colony and ancient do

minion of Virginia, on the subject of government in general, and recommending a particular form to their consideration. By a native of the colony. E173 A51.

547 (In American archives. 4th series. v. 6. p. 748-754)

[Braxton, Carter M.] Map of the battle field of Fredericksburg, explained

by extracts from official reports; also, Gen. R. E. Lee's report of the battle, Lynchburg, Virginian power-press book and job office, 1866. E481 F8 B8.

548 fold. map. 21cm. Map wantnig in copy in Va. S. Library.

44 p.



Breckinridge, Mrs. Julia Antony. In dead earnest. By Julia Breckinridge. New York, W. B. Smith & co., 1878. B B830 18.

549 239 p. 20cm. Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston. “The ex-Confederate and what

he has done in peace." An address delivered before the Association of the Army of Northern Virginia .. Oct. 26, 1892. Printed by order of the Association. Richmond, J. L. Hill print. co., 1892. F211 B83.

550 22 p. 22 19 cm. Brenaman, Jacob Neff. A history of Virginia conventions, by J. N. Brena

man With constitution adopted by convention of 1867-'68, and constitution adopted by convention of 1901-1902 appended. Richmond, J. L. Hill printing company, 1902. F216 2 B83.

551 122, x p., 1 l., 87 p. 22 42 cm. Brent, Frank Pierce. [Biographical sketch of Armistead Churchill Gordon, with selections from his writings, by Frank P. Brent]

552 (In Alderman, E. A. Library of Southern literature. 1909. V. 5. p. 1899-1918) -Some unpublished facts relating to Bacon's rebellion on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, gleaned from the court records of Accomac County. A paper read before the Virginia historical society Tuesday, December 22, 1891, by Professor Frank P. Brent

F225 V82.

553 (In Virginia historical society. Collections. Richmond, 1892. ser., v. 11, p. (177]-189) Brentsville serrinary, Brentsville, Va. Program of commencement. 554

Library has June 25, 1885. -Catalog.

555 Library has 1886, 1887. Brereton, John A. Florae columbianae prodromus, exhibens enumerationem

plantarum quae hactenus exploratae sunt; or A prodromus of the Flora columbiana, exhibiting a list of all the plants which have as yet been collected. Compiled by John A. Brereton, M. D., U. S. Army. Washington, Printed by J. Elliott, 1830. QK153 B8.

556 86 p. 17cm.

This Prodromus is a result of the investigations of the Botanic club of Washington. 1825-1830.

"Index auctorum": p. 8-11.

See Ward, L. F. Guide to the flora of Washington and vicinity (U. S. National Museum. Bulletin 22, 1881.) p. 11-17, for a discussion of the

Prodromus. Brevard, Caroline Mays. Literature of the South ... New York, Broadway publishing co. [c1908] PS261 B84.

557 4 p. I.. 188 p. 20cm.

***References on Southern literature": p. 187-188. Bridgewater college, Bridgewater, Va.. Catalogue

Announce ments. Bridgewater, Va. F218 24 B85 C3.

558 Library has 1910. A brief enquiry into the true basis of the credit system; and into the true

basis of bank credit, as part thereof. Petersburg, Printed by E. and J. C. Rufin, 1840. JK310 v.10.

559 24 p. 2222 cm.

The Library of Congress copy of this pamphlet has in ms. on the title page: "Jág. Upshur, supposed author."

Briefe intelligence from Virginia by letters, a supplement of French-Virginia

occurrants, and their supplantation by Sir Samuel Argal, in right of the English plantation, G159 P8.

560 (In Purchas his pilgrimes. London, 1625. V. 4. p. 1805-1809) Brinley, George. Catalogue of the American library of the late Mr. George

Brinley of Hartford Conn Hartford, Press of Case, Lockwood & company, 1878

560a 4 v. 24 12 cm.

(List of books relating to Virginia] v. 2. p. 122-135. Brissot de Warville, Jean Pierre. New travels in the United States of

America. Performed in 1788 Translated from the French
London, J. S. Jordan, 1792. E164 B892.

561 2 p. 1., xliii, [488] p. 24cm.

Virginia: p. 432-446. -New travels in the United States of America. Performed in 1788. By J. P. Brissot de Warville. Translated from the French. Dublin, Printed for P, Byrne, [etc] 1792. E164 B892.

562 3 p. l., xliii, 483 p. 23cm.

Virginia: p. 421-446. Nouveau voyage dans les Etats-Unis de l'Amérique septentrionale, fait en 1788; Par J. P. Brissot (Warville), citoyen françois. Paris, Buisson, 1791. E164 B89.

563 3v. tab. 8vo.

Virginia: v. 2, p. 182-212. Bristol parish, Va. The vestry book and register of Bristol parish, Virginia.

1720-1789. Transcribed and published by C. G. Chamberlayne. Richmond, Va. [W. E. Jones, printer) 1898. F232 B8 B8.

564 vii, 419 p. 4 to. Britton, Nathaniel Lord. An illustrated flora of the Northern United States,

Canada and the British possessions from Newfoundland to the parallel of the Southern boundary of Virginia, and from the Atlantic Ocean westward to the 102d meridian, by Nathaniel Lord Britton and Hon. Addison Brown ... New York, C. Scribner's sons, 1896-98. QK117 B8.

565 3v. iflus. 28cm.

-Manual of the flora of the Northern States and Canada ... 2d ed. rev. and enl. New York, H. Holt and co., 1901. QK110 B86.

566 1112 p. 20cm.

“The area embraced extends to the southern boundary of Virginia, Kentucky and Kansas

Broaddus, Andrew. The Extra examined. A reply to Mr. A. Campbell's M.

Harbinger, extra, on remission of sins, etc. With an appendix containing remarks on Mr. C's view of divine influence in the salvation of men. By Andrew Broaddus. Richmond, Printed at the office of the Religious herald, 1831.

567 19 12 cm. The sermons and other writings of the Rev. Andrew Broaddus, with a memoir of his life, by J. B. Jeter, D. D. Edited by A. Broaddus, son of the author, and minister of the Gospel. New York, Lewis Colby, 1852. Ci B863 J16.

568 xiv, 557 p. front. (port.) 19cm.

56 p.


Broaddus, Annie Maude. Poems. n. p. n. d. PS1121 B5 A2.

front. (port.) 19 14 cm. C. A. Rominger, ed.

152 p.

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