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A List of Some Books on Debating in the
Virginia State Library


No. 1

Interest in debating has increased very greatly in Virginia schools in the past few years. During the school year a great many letters come to the Virginia State Library from teachers throughout the State asking for the loan of material on specific questions or of books dealing with the principles of debate, or inquiring what aid the library is prepared to give the schools in this department of their work. It has been thought, accordingly, that a bulletin giving lists of the books and pamphlets in the library along this general line-with the titles of a few which, though not in the library, teachers might wish to secure would be extremely useful.

The books in the first list appearing in this bulletin may all be borrowed from the library, under the usual regulations. For the convenience of those who may wish to purchase some of the books, prices have been added to the titles. In most cases, the publications of universities and colleges may be obtained by sending postage. Address the Department of Debate and Public Speaking in the institution issuing the publication. When it has been possible to find the prices which some of the universities charge, these prices have been stated. The second list in this bulletin includes the titles of books which are not in the library, but which some teachers or debaters might wish to purchase.

The Virginia State Library has two special collections of material which ought to be of use to debaters in the schools. One consists of leaflets, small pamphlets and newspaper and magazine clippings on subjects of general social and political interest; the other, of clippings from Virginia newspapers on subjects of special interest in this State-social, politiral and historical. These collections, the subjects of which are printed in two separate lists in this bulletin, may be borrowed from the library.

Not only is the library staff prepared to send to debaters the books which have been listed here, but it will undertake, on request, to make a small collection of books on any given subject, selecting from the library the best books for the particular purpose. The Library contains about one hundred thousand books, and is increasing at the rate of about five thousand books a year, much of the new material being political and sociological. With the exception of bound periodicals, newspapers, rare books, and books on Virginia, of which the Library has but one copy, the entire collection is at the service of the colleges and schools of the State. Application for material should be made by the librarian, president, or principal of the institution to the Librarian, Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va.


Bulletin of the Virginia State Library

M 7 The 1:15

Askew, John Bertram. Pros and cons. A newspaper reader's and debater's guide to the leading controversies of the day (political, social, religious, etc.), by John Bertram Askew. Second impression of the fifth edition, rewritten and enlarged by W. T. Swan Sonnenschein, M. A. (Oxon), of the Inner Temple, Fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford. With many new articles and a complete index. London, George Routledge & Sons, Limited, 1912. E. P. Dutton & Co., New York. 269p. $.60.

"The object of this little book is to place in the hands of the everyday reader and debater, in as fair and impartial a manner as may be possible, a concise, yet more or less comprehensive, statement of the opposing arguments advanced by the partisans of the several rival schools or theories which are at the present day striving to catch the ear of the public, whether in social, political, or religious spheres.

"When we consider the enormous increase in the controversial literature of the last few years, and the number of the battles that are being fought out today in the pages of books, reviews, and newspapers, it seems likely that a work which digests and epitomizes all this floating and scattered material should, if properly executed, be of real service as an aide-mémoire to the casual inquirer, to the newspaper reader, and perhaps, incidentally, to the serious student of sociology, though the book is not sufficiently full or elaborate to be of service to the specialist in his own department. I cannot hope that the present volume is perfect; but I believe it to be trustworthy, as far as it goes, great care having been given adequately to represent the chief points in each subject, and the attitude taken up with respect to them by each side.

"The present edition is in many respects a new work. The pros and cons have been put in parallel columns throughout, and the pros and cons of the same number deal with the same aspect of the question under consideration. They do not always answer each other, but they are intended to give the retort (sometimes an argument, sometimes the lie direct, sometimes a mere petitio principii) whch is offered by the one side to that particular contention of the other.

"Every article in the book has been carefully revised; in some thirty cases more than half the article to be found in this edition was not in the old, whilst in addition there are over twenty entirely new articles. In order to make room for this new matter, some of the discussions no longer of living interest or dealing with questions that appear to have been settled have been excluded. Even so, the book is very considerably longer than hitherto. Room has, however, been found for a much more exhaustive index than has yet been given the book, and it is hoped that in future no difficulty can arise as to finding the matter required, whilst the index will render a useful guide to ancillary subjects for debate or discussion."-Preface.

Beman, L. T. Compulsory arbitration of industrial disputes. L. T. Beman.
50+115p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W.
Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.
Bowling Green Business University Debating Societies. Seventh annual de-
bate between the Big 4 and Coreco Debating Societies of the Bowling
Green Business University, May 20, 1913. Compiled and reported by
Allen P. Cubbage, Big 4, and Felbert Philips, Coreco. Bowling Green,
Ky. 48p.

Question: "Should we take Mexico?"

-Eighth annual debate between the Big 4 and Coreco Debating Societies of the Bowling Green Business University, May 18, 1914. Compiled and reported by W. W. Drake, Coreco, and S. Godbey, Big 4. Bowling Green, Ky. 39p.

Question: "Resolved, that immigration to the United States should be further restricted."

Brookings, W. Du Bois and Ringwalt, Ralph Curtis. Briefs for debate on

current political, economic, and social topics. Edited by W. Du Bois Brookings, A. B. of the Harvard Law School, and Ralph Curtis Ringwalt, A. B. Assistant in Rhetoric in Columbia University, with an introduction by Albert Bushnell Hart, Ph. D. Professor of Harvard University. New York, Longmans, Green & Co., 1903. 213p. $1.25.

Contents: Introduction.-The Art of debate; Briefs for debatePolitics, Suffrage, Parties, Political methods, Institutions, National policy (foreign), National policy (domestic); Parliamentary procedure; Economics Currency, Tariff, Taxation; Sociology-Government intervention, Labor, Liquor, Education; Miscellaneous; Additional topics for debate; Index.

"In preparing this volume the editors have had a threefold object in view. They have aimed (1) to furnish a text-book for formal courses in public speaking and discussion; (2) to provide a manual for literary and debating societies; and (3) to give the ordinary worker, not a specialist in the subjects treated, suggestion and assistance. The value of the book for these three classes must lie chiefly in the fact that it states concisely the principal arguments, pro and con, on a large number of the important topics of the day; that it presents working bibliographies on these topics; and that it gives examples of logical statement, and may suggest a systematic method for the treatment of other topics.

"The basis of the work has been a collection of some two hundred briefs prepared during the past ten years by students in Harvard University, under the direction of instructors. Of these briefs the most useful and interesting have been selected; the material has been carefully worked over, and the bibliographies enlarged and verified. A number of new topics, as well as a list of questions suitable for debate, have been added, and the whole has been made uniform in treatment."-Preface. Brown, Charles Walter. The complete debater's manual, containing upwards of three hundred questions for debate, extemporaneous speech, original discourse and general conversation, designed for practical exercises in declamation, conversation, and as a guide and assistant in the organization and conduct of clubs and debating societies, with special reference to lodges, G. A. R. posts, town and ward meetings, political and all miscellaneous assemblages, by Charles Walter Brown. Chicago. Frederick J. Drake & Co., 1902. 158p. Bullock, E. D. Child labor. E. D. Bullock. xx, 196p. book series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. $1.00 a volume. -Compulsory insurance. E. D. Bullock. xxxv, 266p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

Paper, $.25.
Debaters' hand-
Price (cloth),

-Employment of women. E. D. Bullock. xviii, 147p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

-Trade unions. E. D. Bullock. xxvii, 262p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00. California University. Constitution of the Interscholastic Debating League of California. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1914. University of California, Bulletin of the University Extension Division.. Series 4. Bulletin No. 2. Bureau of Public Discussion. 12p. -Debating and debating societies. Berkeley, University of California Press, November, 1914. University of California, Bulletin of the University Extension Division. Series 4. Bureau of Public Discussion. Bulletin No. 3. 30p.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Debate index.

[blocks in formation]

Pittsburgh. Carnegie

"This index was begun as a card index to the debaters' manuals in the Reference Department of this Library. The increasing number of such manuals and the frequent requests for material on debates made it seem desirable to combine in one list the indexes to all the manuals, thus bringing references to all the material on one subject together and saving the time required to consult the index of each book. The card index has been so useful here that it has been printed, in the hope that, incomplete as it is, it may also be useful elsewhere. It will be seen that it does not index single debates published separately, but is merely a combined index to the books listed at the beginning. Under each subject are given the proposition for debate, page references to the manuals, and a note indicating the material to be found there, whether briefs, references, specimen debates or synopses of debates."-Preface.

Book Indexed: Alden, Raymond Macdonald, "Art of Debate," 1900; Askew, John Bertram, "Pros and Cons," Ed. by A. M. Hyamson, 1906; Brookings, Walter Du Bois and Ringwalt, R. C., Ed., "Briefs for debate

on current political, economic and social topics," 1906; Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, "Debates," 2v.; Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, "Reference lists," "Manuscript lists"; Craig, Asa H., "Pros and Cons," 1907; Denney, Joseph Villiers, and others, "Argumentation and Debate." 1910; Foster, William Trufant, "Argumentation and Debating," 1908; Gibson, Laurence M., "Handbook for literary and debating societies," 1898; Matson, Henry, "References for literary workers," 1893; Pattee, George Kynett, "Practical Argumentation," 1909; Pearson, Paul Martin, Ed., "Intercollegiate Debates," 1909; Ringwalt, Ralph Curtis, "Briefs on public questions, with selected lists of references," 1906; Rowton, Frederic, "How to conduct a debate"; Speaker (quarterly). v1-v6, No. 3. (Whole No. 1-23.) 1905-11; Thomas, Ralph Wilmer, "Manual of Debate," 1910; Wisconsin University-University Extension Division, "Bulletin, Oct, 1907-March, 1911." 1907-'11

-Debate index. 2d edition. Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library, 1912.


Additional Books Indexed: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, "Debates," 3v. (Typewritten book of references). Debaters' handbook series. 16v. Robbins, Edwin Clyde, comp., "High school debate book," 1911. -Debate index. Supplement to the second edition, 1912-1913. Reprinted from the monthly bulletin, November, 1913. Pittsburgh, Carnegie Library, 1913. 23p.

Additional Books Indexed: Carpenter, Oliver Clinton, "Debate outlines on public questions," 1912; Debaters' handbook series, v17-22; Independent, May 29, August 7, 28, October 16, November 6, 1913; Intercollegiate debates, v2, 1912; Johnson, Julia E., comp., "Selected articles on the recall," 1911; National Economic League, Boston, "Initiative and referendum," 1912; Oregon High School Debating League, "Announcements for the year 1910-'11, 1912-'13; Shurter, Edwin DuBois, and Taylor, C. C., "Both sides of 100 public questions briefly debated," 1913; Wisconsin University (Department of Debating and Public Discussion), "Bulletin, December 1911-November, 1912," 1911-'12.

Craig, A. H. Pros and Cons. Complete debates. Important questions fully discussed in the affirmative and the negative, with by-laws and parliamentary rules for conducting debating societies, and with a list of interesting topics for debate, by A. H. Craig. New York. Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, c. 1897. 564p. $1.50.

Contents: How to organize a society; Rules governing debates; Introductory observations; Political economy; [21] Questions fully discussed in the affirmative and the negative; [6] Questions outlined; [250] Subjects for debate; [8] Addresses for salutatory, valedictory, and other occasions.

Appendix: The Philippine Islands; The initiative and referendum; Good roads; Our standing army; Trusts; Capital vs. Labor.

"In presenting this volume to the public, the author desires to state that he has assumed no authority of his own beyond the mere presentation of the arguments comprising the discussions. Let the volume be considered a series of suggestions from which extended discussions may arise. The outline debates present programmes, as it were, but not their elaboration. The essays and orations are to supply the foundation thoughts as aids in the preparation of subjects for school and public use. The questions analyzed are the questions of the day, and not the old, time-worn topics of the past.

"One desires something new, something practical, and something up-to-date. This new debater will fit into the last three years of this century. It treats of the questions of the present and of the future, not the dead issues of the past. It discusses Science of finance; Transportation; Government control; Foreign policies; Tariff; Postage; License; Social life; Immigration; Revenue; Suffrage; Patriotism; Commerce; Phases of political economy."-Preface.

Debaters' Handbook Series:

"The volumes in this series contain reprints of the best reference material available in books, magazines and pamphlets on the various questions. All articles are carefully selected, so as to furnish the main arguments on both sides of the question and the necessary historical data without undue repetition. Much of the material is from original sources, and is not available to the average reader or library."

"Each volume contains a complete bibliography, and, many of them, a brief also, and is arranged with a view to the special need of librarians, high school debating leagues, and others who want reliable information in condensed form."

The volumes in this series, which are in the State_Library, are entered in this list under the authors: L. T. Beman, E. D. Bullock, C. E. Fanning, J. E. Morgan, E. M. Phelps, E. C. Robbins.

Drury, Newton B. Debating material. Prepared by Newton B. Drury, Instructor in Oral English. Berkeley, University of California Press, October, 1914. University of California, Bulletin of the University Extension Division. Series 4. Bureau of Public Discussion, Bulletin

No. 1. 8p.

Fanning, C. E. Capital punishment. C. E. Fanning. 2d edition, revised. xxiv, 239p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y. H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

-Conservation of natural resources. C. E. Fanning. xv, 153p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

-Direct primaries. 2d edition, revised and enlarged. C. E. Fanning. xx, 145p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

-Election of United States senators. 2d edition, revised and enlarged.
C. E. Fanning. xxvi, 116p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White
Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.
-Enlargement of United States navy. 3d edition, revised and enlarged.
C. E. Fanning. viii, 138p. (Debaters' handbook series.) White
Plains, N. Y., H. W. Wilson Co. Price (cloth), $1.00.

Foster, William Trufant. Argumentation and debating. By William Trufant Foster, Professor of English and Argumentation in Bowdoin College. Boston. Houghton Mifflin Co., c. 1908. 486p. $1.25.

Contents: Phrasing the proposition; Analyzing the proposition; Proving the proposition-Evidence; Proving the proposition-Inductive and deductive argument; Proving the proposition-The argument from example; Proving the proposition-Argument from causal relation; Refuting opposing arguments-Fallacies; Refuting opposing argumentsSpecial methods; Constructing the brief; Developing the argument from the brief-Relation of the brief to the complete argument; Developing the argument from the_brief-The principles and qualities of style; Arousing the emotions-Persuasion; Debating; Appendix.

"The aim of this book is to present the essentials of argumentation and debating as simply as possible, following the order in which the difficulties arise in actual practice. The point of view is that of the student rather than that of the instructor. The amount of practical material, therefore, in proportion to the amount of theoretical material, is larger than is usual in manuals on this subject. The chapter on briefdrawing, for example, starts with a familiar proposition and takes the student step by step through the development of a complete working brief. The chapter on fallacies deals not only with the common sources of fallacies, but as well with the most effective methods of exposing fallacies; the chapter on evidence deals not only with the tests of evidence, but as well with the sources and the methods of using evidence. In short, the book aims throughout to show the student how to go to work. It deals with no imaginary difficulties; the necessity for every topic has been proved in many class-rooms for many years.

"Special care has been taken to present an abundance of striking illustrations, free from extraneous and exceptional elements, and always within the range of the student's information and experience, in order that he may direct his attention to the principles involved. In order that the first specimens of argument may not be discouragingly far above the beginner's possibilities, examples are presented from the recent work of students at Harvard College, Bowdoin College, and other institutions." Preface.

Gislason, Haldor B. Effective debating, by Haldor B. Gislason, Instructor in Rhetoric and Public Speaking, University of Minnesota. Bulletin of the University of Minnesota. General series No. 14. April, 1914. Published by the General Extension Division, the Department of Rhetoric and Public Speaking, and the High School Debating League. 55p. The Idaho High School Debate League. Announcements for the year 191112. Prepared by the Department of Public Speaking, University of

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