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Pagina 91 - INTRODUCTION TO THE ENGLISH READER: or, A Selection of Pieces, in Prose and Poetry; calculated to improve the younger Classes of Learners in Reading; and to imbue their minds with the love of virtue.
Pagina 3 - Chabouillet. —Catalogue général et raisonné des camées et pierres gravées de la Bibliothèque impériale, suivi de la description des autres monuments exposés dans le Cabinet des Médailles et Antiques, publié sous les auspices de S.
Pagina 46 - CLASSICAL GEOGRAPHY, comprising, in Twenty Plates, Maps and Plans of all the important Countries and Localities referred to by Classical Authors, constructed from the best Materials, and embodying the Results of the most Recent Investigations.
Pagina 7 - DONALDSON'S The Theatre of the Greeks. A Treatise on the History and Exhibition of the Greek Drama. With numerous Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John William Donaldson, DD 5*.
Pagina 4 - GIBBON'S ROMAN EMPIRE; Complete and Unabridged, with variorum Notes ; including, in addition to all the Author's own, those of Guizot, Wenck, Niebuhr, Hugo, Neander, and other foreign scholars. Edited by an ENGLISH CHURCHMAN, with a very elaborate Index.
Pagina 2 - Edited with Notes. Critical and Explanatory, by the Rev. JAMES DAVIES, MA 2s. 14-17. Herodotus, The History of, chiefly after the Text of GAISFORD. With Preliminary Observations and Appendices, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory, by THL LEARY, MA, DCL Part i.
Pagina 3 - Revue archéologique, ou Recueil de documents et de mémoires relatifs à l'étude des monuments, à la numismatique et à la philologie de l'antiquité et du moyen âge, publiés par les principaux archéologues français et étrangers, et accompagnés de planches gravées d'après les monuments originaux.
Pagina 86 - Family Shakspeare : In which nothing is added to the Original Text ; but those words and expressions are omitted which cannot with propriety be read aloud.

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