Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences, Volume 1


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Pagina 238 - We only need here houses, cellars, kitchens, scholarly men, amiable women, and a few other such trifles to possess a perfect city...
Pagina 184 - That nothing herein contained shall be construed to vest in the United States any right of property in the soil, or to affect the rights of individuals therein, otherwise than the same shall or may be transferred by such individuals to the United States.
Pagina 237 - This embryo capital, where Fancy sees Squares in morasses, obelisks in trees; Which second-sighted seers even now adorn With shrines unbuilt, and heroes yet unborn. Though nought but woods, and Jefferson they see, Where streets should run, and sages ought to be.
Pagina 227 - I will not by myself or any other, directly or indirectly, trouble, molest, or discountenance, any person professing to believe in Jesus Christ, for or in respect of religion.
Pagina 203 - Congress may by law direct, shall be, and the same is hereby forever ceded and relinquished to the Congress and Government of the United States, in full and absolute right, and exclusive jurisdiction, as well of soil as of persons residing or to reside thereon, pursuant to the tenor and effect of the eighth section of the first article of the Constitution of the government of the United States.
Pagina 184 - That all that part of the said territory called Columbia which lies within the limits of this State shall be, and the .same is hereby, acknowledged to be forever ceded and relinquished to the Congress and Government of the United States...
Pagina 226 - Everie man and woman duly twice a day upon the first towling of the Bell shall upon the working daies repaire unto the Church, to hear divine Service upon pain of losing his or her dayes allowance for the first omission, for the second to be whipt, and for the third to be condemned to the Gallies for six Moneths.
Pagina 217 - In fine, if any one impartially considers all the Advantages of this Country, as Nature made it; he must allow it to be as fine a Place, as any in the Universe...
Pagina 210 - ... to do away with local attachments and State prejudices, as far as the nature of things would, or indeed ought to admit, from our national councils. Looking anxiously forward to the accomplishment of so desirable an object as this is (in my estimation), my mind has not been able to contemplate any plan more likely to effect the...
Pagina 181 - The difference between requiring a continent, with an immense population, to submit to be taxed by a government having no common interest with it, separated from it by a vast ocean, restrained by no principle of apportionment, and associated with it by no common feelings ; and permitting the representatives of the American people, under the restrictions of our constitution to tax a part of the society, which is either in a state of infancy advancing to manhood, looking forward to complete equality...

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