1704 DANISH.-English-Danish Dialogues and Progressive Exercises, by E. F. Ancker. 12mo, cloth.





1705 DANISH.-Key to the foregoing. 12mo, cloth. 58 1706 DANSEY (W.) Hora Decanica Rurales; an Attempt to illustrate, by a Series of Notes and Extracts, the Name and Title, the Origin, Appointment, and Function, Personal and Capitular, of Rural Deans. 2 vols. 4to, cloth. £1. 1s (pub. at £2. 28) 1707 DANTE.-Comment on the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. By Taafe. Vol. 1 (no more published). Thick royal 8vo, cl. 9s Flor. 1822 1708 DANUBIAN PROVINCES.-La Romaine, ou Histoire, Langue, Litterature, Geographie, statistique des Peuples de la Langue d'Or, Adrialiens, Vallaques, et Moldaves, resumés sous le nom de Romans. Par J. A. Vaillant. 3 vols. 8vo, sewed. 188



1709 DAPPER (Dr. O.) Historische beschryving der Stadt Amsterdam. Thick folio, maps and numerous very interesting plates, red morocco. Amst. 1663 1710 DARCIE'S (Abraham) Historie of the most high, mighty, and everglorious Empresse Elizabeth, invincible Queen of England. 2 parts in 1 vol. 4to (wanting title to the first part), calf. 58 8.3. 1625 1711 DARE (Josiah) Counsellor Manners, his last Legacy to his Son, enriched and embellished with grave Advises, pert Histories, and ingenious Proverbs, Apologues, and Apothegms. 8vo, new, half calf, rare. £1. 1s

A most amusing book.


1673 1712 DARLING'S (J.) Cyclopædia Bibliographica; a Library Manual of Theological and General Literature, and Guide to Books for Authors, Preachers, Students, and Literary Men, Analytical, Bibliographical, and Biographical. Super-royal 8vo, pp. 1664, cloth. £2.28 1713 DARWIN'S (Charles) Monograph of the Sub-class Cirripedia, with Figures of all the Species. 2 thick vols. 8vo, plts. cl. £1.48 1851-3 1714 D'ATHANASI (Giov.) Account of the Researches and Discoveries in Upper Egypt, made under the direction of Henry Salt, Esq., with a Catalogue of Mr. Salt's Egyptian Antiquities. 8vo, plts. bd. 38 1836 1715 DAUNCEY (John) Compendious Chronicle of the Kingdom of Portugal, from Alphonso the first King, to Alphonso the Sixth. Small 8vo, frontispiece, calf neat. 38 6d

1661 1716 DAVENANT (Sir William) Madagascar, with other Poems. 12mo, good copy, in the original calf. 58

1717 DAVENANT (Sir William) Gondibert, an Heroic Poem. original calf, good clean copy.





1718 DAVIDSON (G. F.) Trade and Travel in the Far East, or Recollections of Twenty-one Years passed in Java, Singapore, Australia, and

China. Post 8vo, cloth.

48 6d

1846 1719 DAVIES (Rev. E.) Celtic Researches on the Origin, Traditions, and Language of the Ancient Britons. Royal 8vo, boards. 10s 6d 1804 1720 DAVIES (Rev. E.) Claims of Ossian examined and appreciated, an Essay on the Scottish and Irish Poems under that name. Royal Svo, boards. 58 Swansea, 1825 1721 DA VINCI'S (Leonardo) Treatise on Painting, translated and digested under proper heads, by J. F. Rigaud, with Life of the Author, and Critical Account of his Works, by J. W. Brown. Post 8vo, portrait and 22 plates, boards, 5s


1722 DA VINCI (Leonardo) Life of, and Critical Account of his Works, by J. W. Brown. Post 8vo, portrait, cloth. 38


1723 DA VINCI (Leonard) Traite de la Peinture, traduit d'Italien en Francois. Par de Chambray. Folio, portrait and many plates, FINE COPY, £1.58

in old red morocco, rare.

Paris, 1651

1724 DAVIES (J., of Queen's Coll. Camb.) Estimate of the Human Mind. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 68 6d 1828 1725 DAVIS (W.) An Olio of Bibliographical and Literary Anecdotes and Memoranda. 12mo, boards. 38 6d 1817 1726 DAVIS and Thurnam's Crania Britannica; Delineations and Descriptions of the Skulls of the Early Inhabitants of the British Islands, together with Notices of their other Remains. Parts 1 and 2 (all out) many plates and woodcuts. £2. 2s 1856-57 1727 DAVY'S (Sir Humphry) Consolations in Travel. 12mo, cl. 4s 6d 1851 1728 DAVY (Sir Humphry) Salmonia, or Days of Fly Fishing, with some Account of the Habits of Fishes belonging to the Genus Salmo. 12mo, woodcuts, cloth. 4s 6d 1851 1729 DAVY (Sir Humphry) Life of. By Dr. A. Paris. 4to, port. cl. 58 1831 1730 DAVY'S Practical and Scientific Treatise on Artificial Foundations for Buildings. 8vo, plates, cloth. 48 6d


1731 DAVY'S Architectural Precedents, with Notes and Observations. Thick 8vo, many working drawings, cloth. 98


1732 DAVY'S Letters upon Subjects of Literature, including a Translation of Euclid's Section of the Canon, and his Treatise on the Harmonic, with an Explanation of the Greek Musical Modes according to the Doctrine of Ptolemy. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 48 6d-calf neat. 58 1787 1733 DEBARY (Rev. Thos.) Notes of a Residence in the Canary Islands, South of Spain, and Algiers. Post 8vo, frontispiece, cloth. 38 6d 1851 1784 DEBES (Lucas Jacobson) Description of the Islands and Inhabitants of Foeroe, being 17 Islands belonging to the King of Denmark. Englished by J. S. 12mo, maps, old calf, very scarce. 68 6d 1676 1735 DE BODE'S (Baron) Travels in Lauristan and Arabistan. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, new, cloth. 58 (pub. at £1. 88) 1845

Two interesting volumes of Travel in parts of Persia very little known to Europeans. 1736 D'EBULO (Pet.) Carmen de Motibus Siculis et rebus inter Henricum II. et Tancredum, Seculo XII. gestis, nunc primum edita S. Engel. 4to, curious facsimile plates from the original illuminated MS. half calf. 58 Basil. 1746 1737 DECEMBRII (Angeli). Politiæ Litterariæ Angeli Decembrii libri septem. Folio, curious woodcut on title-page, russ. 15s Aug. Vind. 1540 1738 DECLARATIONS of the Practises and Treatises Attemted and Committed by Robert, late Earle of Essex, and his Complices, against her Majestie (Q. Elizabeth) with their Confessions. 4to, green morocco. £1. 18


With the autograph of Wm. Shakspeare on title-page, forming one of the volumes of the Pseudo-Shakspeare Library.

1739 DE FOE'S History of the Union between England and Scotland, with Collection of original Papers relating thereto, with Life of Daniel De Foe, by George Chalmers. 4to, port. cf. gilt. 9s-bds. 78 6d 1786 1740 (DE FOE'S) Minutes of the Negotiations of M. Mesnager at the Court of England, wherein some of the most secret transactions relating to the interest of the Pretender, and a clandestine separate Peace, are detected and laid open. 8vo, FINE COPY, new, calf. 58 1717 1741 DE FOE'S Account of some remarkable Passages in the Life of a Private Gentleman, with Reflections. 8vo, calf. 58



1742 DE FOE.-The Storm, or a Collection of the most remarkable Casual-
ties and Disasters in the late dreadful Tempest by Sea and Land.
8vo, first edition, calf, clean copy. 68
1743 DE FOE'S Memoirs of the Life and Adventures of Signor Rozelli,
his Birth, Education, Slavery. 8vo, frontispiece, but wanting a leaf
in Appendix, calf. 48


1713 1744 DE FOE'S Consolidator, or Memoirs of Sundry Transactions from the World in the Moon. First edition, 8vo, neat and clean. 68 1705 1745 DE FOE'S Jure Divino, a Satyr, in 12 books. 8vo, calf gilt. 48 1706 1746 DE FOE'S Complete English Tradesman, and Supplement, directing him in all the several parts and progressions of Trade. Second edit. Thick 8vo, good clean copy, calf. 48 1747 DE GERVILLE, des Villes et Voies Romaines en Basse-Normandie. 8vo, half calf. 38 6d Valognes, 1838 D'HANCARVILLE.-Recherches sur l'Origine, l'Esprit, et les Progrès des Arts de la Grèce; sur leur connection avec les Arts et la Religion des plus Anciens Peuples conaus; sur les Monumens antique de l'Inde, de la Perse, du reste de l'Asie, de l'Europe, et de l'Egypte. 3 vols. in 2, 4to, plates, calf, very neat. 188 1785


1749 DEI Delitti e delle Pene; da Beccaria. 8vo, cf. port. 28 Paris, 1766
1750 DELAFARGUE.-Œuvres Mêlés de Litterature. 2 vols. 8vo, plates,
fine copy, calf, gilt leaves. 48 6d
Ib. 1786
1751 DE LA GRAVIERE (Capt. E. Jurieu) Sketches of the last Naval
War. Translated from the French by the Hon. Captain Plunkett.
2 vols. 8vo, plans, cloth. 78 6d

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1752 DELANY'S (Mrs.) Letters, 1779 to 1788, comprising many unpublished
and interesting Anecdotes of George III., his Queen, and Family.
Small 8vo, portrait, half calf. 38 6d
1753 DELLA CELLA (Dr. Paolo) Narrative of an Expedition from Tripoli,
in Barbary, to the Western Frontier of Egypt. Translated by Ant.
Aufrere. 8vo, map, boards.



1754 DE LA PRIMAUDAYE (Peter) French Academie, wherein is discoursed the Institution of Manners, and whatsoever else concerneth the good and happy Life of all Estates and Callings. Translated by T. B. 4to, neat. 68 6d

A curious book (see Collier's Poet. Decam. vol. ii. 274).

10s 6d



1755 DELLA VALLE (Pietro) Viaggi descritti da lui medesimo cioé la
Turchia, la Persia, e l'India, colla Vita dell' Autore. 2 vols. thick 8vo,
new, half calf, marbled leaves.
1756 DELAVERGNE (L. E. Comte de Tressan) Histoire de Robert, sur-
nommé Le Brave. 8vo, portrait, calf neat.
1757 DELEPIERRE, Macaroneana, Mélanges de Littérature Macaronique
des différent Peuples de l'Europe, avec Notes, Extraits, &c. 8vo,
vellum paper, sewed. 78



Paris, 1852

Dans cet ouvrage plein de finesse et d'erudition, M. Octave Delepierre, dont
les connaissances littéraires et Bibliographiques sont bien connues, à réuni
tout ce que l'on pouvait désirer sur les Macaronées et les ouvrages en style
Macaronique. On sait combien Ch. Nodier affectionnoit ce genre de Littéra-
ture, il ne laissait passer aucune occasion de parler dans ses opuscules Biblio-
graphiques. Bien avant lui encore, Naudé disait: "La Maccaronée est à mon
avis, la plus divertissante raillerie que l'on puisse jamais faire, et je me flatte
d'avoir en cela aussi bon gout que le Cardinal Mazarin, qui en recitait quelque-
fois trois et quatre cent vers de suite,"

1758 DELESCORNAY (Jacques) Memoirs de la Ville de Dourdan (Dept.
Seine). 12mo, calf gilt, SCARCE.
Paris, 1624


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Paris, 1798

1759 DE L'EPY (Heliogenes) Voyage into Tartary, containing a curious Description of that Country, with part of Greece and Turkey, manners, opinions, and religion of the Inhabitants. 12mo, front. cf. 38 6d 1689 1760 DELPHINI (Fed.) De fluxu et refluxu Aquæ Maris et de motu octavæ sphæræ. Folio, fig. half calf. 58 In Academio Veneta, 1559 1761 DE LUC (J. A.) Lettres sur l'Histoire Physique de la Terre. 8vo, calf gilt. 38 1762 DEMOCRITUS Ridens sive campus recreationum honestarum cum Exorcismo Melancholiæ. 12mo, portrait, imperfect after p. 406, old red morocco, gilt leaves. 28 Coloniæ, 1649 1763 DE MORGAN (Augustus) Elements of Algebra. 8vo, cloth. 28 1828 1764 DENHAM, Clapperton, and Oudney, Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa. 4to, many fine plates, boards (title little mended). 108 6d-half calf gilt. 168 1826 1765 DENISON (Lord Albert, now Lord Londesborough) Wanderings in Search of Health. Post 8vo, front. PRIVATELY PRINTED, cl. 10s 6d 1849 1766 DENMARK.-Lettres sur le Dannemarc. 2 vols. 8vo,cf. 48 Genève,1757 1767 DENMARK.-The Traveller's Hand-book to Copenhagen and its Environs. By Anglicanus. 12mo, with large Map of Sealand, Plan of Copenhagen, and Views, 12mo, cloth. 88 Copenhagen, 1853 1768 DENMARK.-A Map of the Kingdom of Denmark, and Duchies of Slesvig-Holstein and Lauenberg. On FOUR SHEETS, by Adolphus Bull. 168


This map, drawn in the years 1849-50, after the latest and best authorities, is the only complete map of Denmark on an enlarged scale.

1769 DENNIS.-The Grounds of Criticism in Poetry, contained in some new Discoveries never made before, requisite for the writing and judging of Poems surely. (exemplified in a review of Milton). 8vo, vellum. 4s 6d 1770 DENNISTOUN'S Memoirs of the Dukes of Urbino, illustrating the Arms, Arts, and Literature of Italy, from 1440 to 1630. 3 vols. 8vo, illustrated with 46 engravings, comprising ports. views, medallions, maps, facsimiles of handwriting, &c. Extra cloth. 188 (pub. at £2.88) 1851 1771 DENON (Vivant).—Voyages dans la basse et la haute Egypte, pendant les Campagnes de Bonaparte. 2 vols. 4to, and folio atlas of plates, half calf. £1. 68


1772 DENON'S Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt. By Kendal. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, neat. 68


1773 DENON.-Plates to the English Translation of Denon's Description of Egypt. 4to, 64 plates, boards. 3s


1774 DENON'S Travels in Sicily and Malta. 8vo, calf gilt. 28 1789 1775 DENKMÆLER Deutscher Sprache und Literatur, aus handschriften des 8ten bis 16ten Jahrhunderts zum erstem Male herausgegeben H. F. Massman. 8vo, sewed. Munchen, 1827 1776 D'EON (Chevalier) Lettres, Memoires, et Negociations particulieres, du Chevr. D'Eon, Ministre Plénipotentiare de France, aupres du Roy de la Grande Bretagne. Thick 4to. 38 1764 1777 DE PAUW'S Philosophical Dissertations on the Egyptians and Chinese. Translated by Capt. J. Thomson. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, cf. nt. 4s 6d 1795 1778 DELPIT (Jules) Collection Générale des Documents Français qui se trouvent en Angleterre. 4to, tome premier (all printed) sd. 158 Paris, 1847 1779 DE PILE'S Art of Painting, with the Lives and Characters of above 300 of the most Eminent Painters. 8vo, calf neat. 38 6d N.D. 1780 DE PILE'S Art of Painting, and Lives of the Painters. Translated from the French. 8vo, frontispiece, old calf gilt. 38 6d 1706

1781 DE PODAGRÆ laudibus. Sm. 8vo, cf. scarce. 5s Argentorati, 1570 1782 DEPPING, Sammlung der besten alten Spanischen Historichen, Ritter und Maurischen Romanzen (the text is in Spanish). 12mo, calf

extra. 4s 6d


1783 DE QUINCY (Q.) sur l'Enlèvement des Ouvrages de l'Art Antique à Athenes et à Rome. Royal 8vo, extra boards. 4s 6d ib. 1836 1784 DE QUINCY (Q.) On the Destination of Works of Art, and the Use to which they are applied. Translated by Henry Thomson, R.A. 12mo, boards. 23 1821

68 6d




1785 VESTIGES of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, and the Sepulchral Usages of its Inhabitants, from the most remote Ages to the Reformation. By Thomas Bateman, Esq., of Yolgrave, Derbyshire. In one handsome vol. 8vo, with numerous woodcuts of Tumuli and their contents, Crosses, Tombs, &c., cloth. 1848 1786 WATSON (White) Delineation of the Strata of Derbyshire forming the surface. from Bolsover in the east, to Buxton in the west. 4to, folding plate, boards. 1787 BRAY (W.) Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire. 8vo, plts. bds. 38 1783 1788 HISTORY and Topography of Ashbourn, the Valley of the Dove, and adjacent Villages, with Biographical Sketches of Eminent Natives, &c. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth. 98 (pub. at 168) Ashbourn, 1839 1789 MOSSE'S (Rev. S. T.) Archæological and Graphic Illustrations of Ashbourn Church. Royal fol. with 8 fine tinted lithographs, cl. 158 1842 1790 ALEXANDER'S (W., Keeper of the Prints in the British Museum) Journey to Beresford Hall, in Derbyshire, the seat of Charles Cotton, the celebrated Angler. Cr. 4to, fine front. & vig. title-page, cloth. 58 1841 1791 DE GREY, a Tale of Codnor Castle, in Derbyshire, in Six Cantos. Post 8vo, vignette, cloth. 28


1792 TRIALS at Derby of Brandreth, Turner, Ludlam, Weightman, & others, for High Treason at Southwingfield. 2 vols. 8vo, cf. nt. 4s 6d 1817 1793 RAYNER'S (S.) History and Antiquities of Haddon Hall. 4to, Part I. 16 plates, cloth. 1836 1794 MANDER (James) Derbyshire Miners' Glossary, or Explanation of the Technical Terms of the Miners used in the King's Field, in the Hundred of High Peak, Derby, and in the open customary Lordships within the same, with Mineral Laws and Customs. 8vo, frontispiece, boards. 58 Bakewell, 1824 its Vicinity, an Post 8vo, map, 1845

1795 ADAM (W.) Gem of the Peak, or Matlock, Bath, and Account of Derby, and Tour from Derby to Matlock. numerous plates and woodcuts, cloth. 38 1796 BLORE (Tho.) History of the Manor and Manor House of South Winfield. 4to, plates, half calf. 68

1793 1797 MANLOVE (Edward) The Liberties and Customs of the Lead Mines within the Wapentake of Wirksworth, Derby. 4to (in verse) sewed, scarce. 108 6d

1653 1798 HOUGHTON (Thomas) Rara Avis in Terris, or the Compleat Miner, containing the Liberties, Laws, and Customs of the Lead Mines within the Wapentake of Wirksworth, in Derbyshire, and the Art of Dialling and Levelling Grooves. 12mo, calf, scarce. 58


1799 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Antiquities and Miscellaneous Objects preserved in the Museum of Thomas Bateman, Esq., at Lomberdale House, Youlgrave, Derbyshire. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth (very few printed).

108 6d


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