1894 SYDENHAM (John) Dissertation on the antient colossal Figure at Cerne, Dorsetshire. 8vo, plate, cloth. 38 6d

1895 WEST'S (Rev. J.) Memoir of Mrs. John West, of Chettle, Dorset.

12mo, cloth. 28 6d




1896 WEST (W.) History of Cranbourne Chase in Dorsetshire. 8vo, bds. 1816 1897 CHAFIN (W.) Anecdotes and History of Cranbourn Chase. Svo, frontispiece, boards. 1818 1898 CRISWICK'S Walk round Dorchester; Account of the Abbeys of Milton, Cerne, and Bindon; with Sherborne, Lulworth, and Corfe Castles. 8vo, map and plate, boards. 28 6d

1820 1899 CARR (John) Epistle to the Inhabitants of Gillingham, Dorset, wherein is a Looking-glass for the Faithful, to shew them that their Names were written in the Lamb's Book of Life before the Foundation of the World, &c. Second edition, with an Appendix of Hymns. Svo, half calf, CURIOUS. Brecknock, 1787 1900 SYDENHAM'S History of the Town and County of Poole. 8vo, plates, cloth. 68




1901 HISTORY of the Town of Poole. 8vo, half calf. 28 1902 HISTORY of the ancient Town of Shaftesbury, from the Founder Alfred the Great. Post 8vo, portrait, bds. scarce. 58 Sherborne, 1808 1903 ELLIS'S History of Weymouth. 8vo, boards. 4s 6d 1829 1904 HALL (Rev. Peter) Historical and Descriptive Guide to the Town of Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire. Small Svo, plates, bds. 28 1830

1905 DOUSA (Jano) Batavia Hollandiæq. Annales. 4to, FINE COPY from the Meerman Collection, printed on writing paper, vellum. 78 6d Lug. Bat. 1601 1906 D'OYLY (Rev. Dr. George) Life of William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, also a Life of the learned Henry Wharton. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, half calf neat. 88 6d



1907 D'OYLY (Dr.) Remarks on "Sir W. Drummond's Edipus Judaicus.” 8vo, boards, scarce. 38 1908 DRAGONCINO da Fano (Giov. Batt.) Marfisa Bizara, an early Italian Romance Poem. 8vo, calf, gilt leaves, from Utterson's Library. 10s 6d Venetia, 1620 1909 DRAKE'S (Dr.) History of the last Parliament begun at Westminster the 10th February, 1700, and Defence of the last Parliament. By the same Author. Old calf. 28 1702 1910 DRAKE'S (Dr. N.) Essays, Biographical, Critical, and Historical, illustrative of the Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, Rambler, Idler, &c., other Periodical Papers to the year 1809. 5 vols. 12mo, portraits, very neat, in brown calf, blind tooled, marbled edges. 148 1805-10 1911 DRAKE (Dr. N.) Noontide Leisure, or Sketches in Summer, Outlines from Nature and Imagination, and including a Tale of the Days of Shakespeare. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 38 6d

1824 1912 DRAKENBORCHIO (A.) Compendium Historia Foederati Belgii temp. Caroli V. Traj. ad Rhenum, 1757-Linguarum Vett. Sept. Thesaurii G. Hickesii conspectus, 1708-Notæ in Anglo-Saxonum Nummos, Oxon. 1708 in 1 vol. 12mo, half calf. 48 6d


V. Y.


1913 ACTOR (The) A Treatise on the Art of Playing, with Anecdotes and Critical Remarks on celebrated Actors. 2 vols. 12mo, hf. cf. 58 1750 1914 ADRASTA, or the Woman's Spleene and Love's Conquest, a Tragi

Comedie, never acted. 4to, half calf. 58 1635 1915 ALABASTRO (Gul.) Roxana Tragoedia. 12mo, front. 28 6d Lond. 1632 1916 ALEXANDER (Sir William) The Alexandræan Tragedie, and the Tragedie of Darius. 12mo, half calf. 58


1917 AL IERI (Vitt.) Quindici Tragedie ed aggiuntevi sue Memorie letterarie con la Merope di Maffei e l'Aristodemo di Monti. 3 vols. 12mo, half calf neat. 68 Edinb. 1806 1918 ANSWER to a whimsical Pamphlet, call'd "The Character of Sir John Edgar, &c., humbly inscrib'd to Sir Tremendous Longinus." Written by Sir John Edgar's Baker, mentioned in the third Theatre. 8vo, new, half morocco. 1720

38 6d

1919 APOLLO and Daphne, a Masque set to Musick, and performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. 4to. 1s 6d

1716 1920 ARLEQUIN Balourd, Comedie Italienne, en Cinq Actes. 8vo, red morocco, gilt leaves. 28 6d

Londres, 1719 1921 ARMIN'S (Robt.) Italian Taylor and his Boy, a Play, 1609. 4to, curious woodcuts. Reprinted, 1810 1922 AVERSA (Don Tomaso d') Il Bartolomeo Tragedia Sacra. 12mo, vell.



Trento, 1648

1923 AYRER (F.) Whitsun Plays, the History of the English John Posset, Owleglas, and others. 36 in number (IN GERMAN) very curious, folio, new, half morocco. £2. 12s 6d Nurimb. 1610

The title and preliminary leaves are from the Opus Theatricum, 1618: no separate title to these plays printed in 1610 being known. 1924 BACON AND SHAKESPEARE. - An Inquiry touching Players, Playhouses, and Play-writers, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. By William Henry Smith, Author of a "Letter to Lord Ellesmere." To which is appended, an Abstract of a Manuscript Autobiography of Tobie Matthews. Fcap. 8vo, cloth. 28 6d 1857

1925 BAKER (Sir Richard) Theatrum Redivivum, or the Theatre vindicated, in answer to W. Pryn's Histrio-Mastix. 12mo, cf. nt. scarce. 78 6d 1662 1926 BAKER (D. E.) Biographia Dramatica, or a Companion to the Playhouse, containing Historical and Critical Memoirs of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, with Alphabetical Account of their Works. 2 vols. 8vo, new, half calf. 48


1927 BAKER'S Biographia Dramatica enlarged. By Isaac Reed and S. Jones. 4 vols. 8vo, boards. 10s 6d 1812 1928 BANKS (J.) Virtue Betrayed, or Anna Bullen, a Tragedy. 12mo. 1s 1727 1929 BEHN (Mrs. A.) The Town Fop, or Sir Timothy Tawdrey, a Comedy. 4to. ls 6d


1930 BETTERTON (Thomas, the Tragedian) Life, with his Amorous Widow, a Comedy. 8vo, neat. 38 6d 1710 1931 BIBIENA (Cardinale) Calandra Comedia. 12mo, FINE COPY, red morocco extra. 68 Fiorenza, 1558 1932 BLADEN (Capt.) Solon, or Philosophy no Defence against Love, a TragiComedy, with the Mask of Orpheus and Eurydice. 4to. 28 1705 1933 BOADEN'S Life of J. P. Kemble, including a History of the Stage from the time of Garrick. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, boards. 78 1825 1934 BOOTH (Barton, Tragedian) Life of that excellent Tragedian. 8vo, half calf. 28 1733

1935 BRAITHWAITE'S (R.) Mercurius Britanicus, Tragi-Comœdia Lutetia, summo cum applausa publice acta. 4to, sewed. 48

Mense terribili mandatur typis quo Stygiis Judices appulere ripis, N.D. 1936 BRITISH Theatre. 18 vols. bound in 9, 18mo,, half morocco, gilt leaves, contents lettered. 188 Lond. Sharpe, 1840 1937 BROME (Richard) The Antipodes, a Comedie acted in 1638 by the Queene's Majestie's Servants at Salisbury Court in Fleet Street. 4to, new, half calf. 48


1938 BROME (R.) A Jovial Crew, or Merry Beggars, Comedy. 4to. 186d 1684 1939 BUCKINGHAM (Duke of) The Rehearsal. 4to. 18 1687 1940 BURN (David) Plays and Fugitive Pieces in Verse. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, boards. 58 Hobart Town, 1842 1941 CARD'S (Rev. Henry) The Brother-in-Law, a Comedy. Post 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, half morocco. 58-bds. 38 6d Lee Priory Press, 1817 1942 CAREY'S (Henry) Dramatick Works. 4to, calf neat. 38 6d 1743 1943 CARLELL (Lod.) The Deserving Favourite, as it was lately acted at Black-Friers. 4to, half-calf. 48-sewed. 38

1629 11944 CARLILE (James) The Fortune Hunters, or two Fools well met, a Comedy. 4to, sewed. 18 6d 1689 1945 CARPENTER (Richard) a New Play called the Pragmatical Jesuit New-Leven'd, a Comedy. 4to, half calf. 58 Printed for N. R., and are to be sold at Westminster Hall and the New Exchange, N.D. 1946 CARTWRIGHT (W.) Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with other Poems. 8vo, old calf, wants portrait and a leaf. 58


1947 CARTWRIGHT'S Royal Slave, a Tragi-Comedy, presented to the King and Queen by the Students of Christ Church in Oxford, 1646. 4to, fine copy, calf gilt. 58 Oxford, 1639 1948 CELESTINA Tragicomedia di Calisto et Mellibea tradotta de Lingua Castigliana in Italiano Idioma. Sm. 8vo, vellum. 68 Vinegia, 1531 1949 CENTLIVRE (Mrs. Susanna) The Busie Body, a Comedy, N.D.-MarPlot, or the second part of the Busie Body, a Comedy, 1711-The Gamester, a Comedy, 1708. 4to. 18 6d each

1950 CHAPMAN AND SHIRLEY, The Ball, a Comedy. 4to, inlaid and interleaved, half calf. 28 6d

1639 1951 CHAPMAN (Geo. and James Shirley) The Ball, a Comedy, 1639. Post 8vo. 18 6d 1824 1952 CHAPMAN, JONSON, AND MARSTON, Eastwood Hoe, as it was playd in the Black-friers by the Children of her Majestie's Revels. 4to, half russia. 1605 1953 CHARLES I.-The famous Tragedie of King Charles I. basely butchered by those who are omne nefas pronii, &c. 4to, new, hf. mor. 68 1649 Roxburghe copy sold for £2. 2s.



1954 CHETWOOD'S (W. R.) General History of the Stage, with Memoirs of the principal Performers on the English and Irish Stages for these last Fifty Years. 12mo, neat. 1749 1955 CHRONICLE Historie of Perkin Warbeck, a strange Truth, acted by the Queene'sServants at the Phenix in Drury Lane. 4to,new,hf.mor. 58 1634 1956 CIBBER'S (Theophilus) Lover, a Comedy. 8vo. 1s 6d 1730 1957 CIBBER.-An Apology for the Life of Mr. T—C—, Comedian, being a proper Sequel to the Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber. 8vo, calf 48

1740 1958 CLANCY (Mich.) Hermon, Prince of Chorca, or the Extravagant Zealot, a Tragedy, 1746-Young, the Revenge, a Tragedy, 1721Antiochus, new Tragedy, by a Gentleman of Gloucestershire, 1740; and two other Plays. In 1 vol. 8vo, half calf. 28

1959 CELUM Britannicum, a Masque at Whitehall in the Banquetting House on Shrove Tuesday Night, the 18th February, 1633. 4to. 58 1634 1960 COFFEY'S (Chas.) Beggar's Wedding, a New Opera. 8vo. 18 1729 1961 COLLIER'S (Jeremy) Defence of his "View of the Stage." 8vo, neat.




1962 CONGREVE.-Life, Writings, and Amours of W. Congreve (the Dramatist) by W. Wilson. 8vo, neat. 38 1730 1963 CONSTABLE'S (F.) Pathomachia, or the Battel of Affections, a Play. 4to, half morocco, rare. 10s 6d 1964 CONSTABLE (F.) Pathomachia. Sewed (title soiled). 58 1630 1965 CORNBURY (Lord) Mistakes; or the Happy Resentment, a Comedy. By the late Lord * * * * (Cornbury). 8vo, old red morocco, gilt edges. 4s 6d 1966 COURTENAY'S (Hon. T. P.) Commentaries on the Historical Plays of Shakespeare. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 88 6d (pub. at £1. 18) 1840 1967 D. (T.) The Bloodie Banquet, a Tragedie. 4to, new, hf. cf. 68 1639 1968 DABBORNE (Robert) The Poor Man's Comfort, a Tragi-Comedy as it was divers times acted at the Cock Pit in Drury Lane. 4to, new, half calf. 78 6d


1655 1969 DAVENANT (Sir William) Dramatic Works. Folio, good copy, wanting portrait, half calf. 98


1970 DAVENPORT (Robert) The City Night Cap; or, Crede quod habes et habes, a Tragi-Comedy. 4to, new, half calf. 78 6d 1661 1971 DE BEAUCHAMPS, Recherches sur les Theatres de France, depuis

l'année 1161 jusques à present. 3vols. 12mo, FINE COPY, 1735 1972 DENNIS.-Appius and Virginia, a Tragedy. 4to, half calf. 38 N.D. 1973 DENNIS (John) A Plot and no Plot, a Comedy. 4to, N.D.-Iphigenia, a Tragedy. 4to, 1700. 18 6d each


1974 DODSLEY'S Collection of Old Plays, a new edition, with additional Notes and Corrections by Reed, Gilchrist, and J. P. Collier. 12 vols. post 8vo, boards, scarce. £4. 48 1975 DODSLEY.-Five Old Plays, forming a Supplement to the Collections of Dodsley and others. Edited by J. Payne Collier. Post 8vo, cloth, very scarce. £1. 18

1833 1976 DODSLEY'S Collections of Old Plays, with Notes by Collier. Vols. 1, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 12, together 8 vols. post 8vo, cl. 168 1825 1977 DRAMATIC Works of Ben Jonson and Beaumont and Fletcher, with


Notes of Whalley and Coleman. 4 vols. roy. 8vo, ports. 128 1811 1978 DUMBE KNIGHT (The) an Historical Comedy acted sundry times by the Children of his Majestie's Revells. 4to, title inlaid, half russia. 1633 1979. D'URFEY (Tom) The Comical History of Don Quixote, as it was acted at the Queen's Theatre, the 3 parts, 1729-Rowe's Tragedy of Jane Shore, 1748. Good clean copies, in 1 vol. 12mo, half calf. 1980 DYCE'S Few Notes on Shakespeare, with Occasional Remarks on the Emendations of the Manuscript-Corrector in Mr. Collier's copy of the folio, 1632. 8vo, cloth. 58



"Mr. Dyce's Notes are peculiarly delightful, from the stores of illustration with which his extensive reading, not only among our writers, but among those of other countries, especially of the Italian poets, has enabled him to enrich them. All that he has recorded is valuable. We read his little volume with pleasure, and close it with regret."-Literary Gazette. 1981 FALSE (The) Favourite disgrac'd, and the Reward of Loyalty, a Tragi-Comedy. 12mo, half morocco. 1657


1982 FLETCHER (John) The Coronation, a Comedy. 4to,new, 38 1640

1983 FONTAINE (De la) Astrée Tragedie, representée par l'Academie Royale de Musique. 4to, FINE COPY, red mor. gilt, gt. leaves. 58 Par. 1691 1984 FOOTE'S (Dr.) Life of Arthur Murphy, the Dramatist. 4to, portrait and plates, elegant, in calf. 68


1985 FORD (John) The Chronicle Historie of Perkin Warbeck, acted at the Phoenix in Drurie Lane. 4to, half calf. 48 6d


1986 FORD (John) Dramatic Works, with Introduction and Notes. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, cloth. 28 6d



1987 FORTUNE in her Wits, a Comedy. 4to, sewed. 18 1988 GAY'S What d'Ye Call It, a Tragi-Comical-Pastoral Farce. 8vo. 18 1716 1989 GOFFE (Thomas) The Courageous Turke, or Amurath the First, a Tragedie. 4to. 38 6d 1632 1990 GRANVILLE (Hon. Geo.) Heroick Love, a Tragedy. 4to, sd. 18 1698 1991 GREENE (Robert). Dramatic and Poetical Works. Edited by Dyce.

2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. £1. 1s



1992 GWINNE (Matt.) Nero Tragœdia Nova. 4to. 38 6d 1993 HABINGTON'S (W.) The Queene of Arragon, a Tragedi-Comedie. Small folio, scarce. 38 6d


1994 HAUSTED (P.) Senile Odium Comoedia Cantabrigiæ publice Academicis recita in Coll. Reginali ab ejusdem Coll. juventute. 12mo. 28 Camb. 1663 the Age of

1995 HAZLITT (W.) Lectures on the Dramatic Literature of Elizabeth. 8vo, boards. 48


1996 HEMINGS (W.) The Fatal Contract, a French Tragedy. half calf. 58

4to, new, 1654

4to, half

calf. 48


1997 HEMINGS (W.) The Fatal Contract, a French Tragedy.

1998 HEYWOOD (Thomas) Love's Mistress, or the Queen's Masque, 1640. Post 8vo. 18 6d


1824 1999 HIGHLAND FAIR, or the Union of the Clans; an Opera, with select Scots Tunes and Music to the Songs. 8vo. 18 6d 2000 HILL'S (John) Orpheus, an English Opera, with a Preface, appealing to Public Justice between him and Mr. Rich. Folio. 28 1740 2001 HONE'S (William) Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English

Miracle Plays. 8vo, plates (wants two) boards. 38

1823 2002 HOWARD'S (Sir Robt.) Four New Plays. Folio, neat. 38 6d 1665 2003 HUMOURS of the Court, a new Ballad Opera. 8vo, facetious. 28 1732 2004 HUMOURS of Oxford, a Comedy, as acted at the Theatre Royal. 8vo, curious frontispiece. 18 6d 1730 2005 IGNORAMUS Comœdia coram rege Jacobo primo et totius Angliæ Magnatibus ab Academicis Cantabrigiensibus habita. Small 8vo, plate, russia. 38 6d


2006 IGNORAMUS, or the English Lawyer; a Comedy. 12mo, frontispiece, FINE COPY, in calf. 4s 6d 1736 2007 JACK the Giant Killer, a Comi-Tragical Farce. 8vo. 18 6d 1730 2008 JONSON'S (Ben.) Workes. Folio, engraved title, and title-page to

each play, GOOD SOUND COPY, but slightly stained, cf. nt. £1. 1s 1616 2009 KILLIGREW (Henry) The Conspiracy, a Tragedy, as it was intended. for the Nuptialls of the Lord Charles Herbert and the Lady Villers. 4to. 38 6d 1638 2010 KNIGHT (Henry Gally) Hannibal in Bythynia, a Play. 12mo, boards. 18 6d 1839 2011 LACOMBE.-Précis de l'Art Théatral Dramatique des Anciens et des Modernes. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. 28 Paris, 1808

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