3025 PORNY'S (M. A.) Elements of Heraldry, with a Dictionary of the Technical Terms. 8vo, many plates, neat. 28 6d, 1765-SECOND EDITION, neat. 38 6d


A useful book, as the examples of Arms illustrate English Families. 3026 PRESTWICH'S Respublica, or a Display of the Honours, Ceremonies, and Ensigns of the Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell, with the Names, Armorial Bearings, Flags and Pennons of the Commanders of the English, Scotch, Irish, American, and French. 4to, frontispiece, half russia. 98 1787 3027 ROLL of Arms of the Reign of Richard II. by T. Willement. 4to, coloured plate, cloth. 88 6d (pub. 148) 1834 3028 ROLL of Arms of the Reign of King Edward II. Edited by Sir Harris Nicholas; to which is added an Ordinary of the Arms mentioned by Jos. Gwilt, Esq. 8vo, cloth. 68 (original price 108 6d). On LARGE PAPER, 4to, cloth. 10s (original price, £1. 18) 1829 3029 RUSSELL FAMILY.-Historical Memoirs of the First Race of Ancestry whence the House of Russell had its Origin, by J. H. Wiffen. 1833-Historical Memoirs of the House of Russell from the Norman Conquest, by J. H. Wiffen. 2 vols. 1833. Together 3 vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, plates and arms, cloth. £1.58

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3030 SACKVILLE FAMILY.-Historical Notices of the Parish of Withyham, in Sussex, and of the Family of Sackville, by the Hon. and Rev. R. W. Sackville West. 4to, arms, views, tombs, &c. cloth. £1. ls 1857 3031 SANDFORD'S (F. Lancaster Herald) Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens and their Collateral Branches, enlarged by Stebbing. Folio, BEST EDITION, many fine plates of monuments, seals, &c. by Hollar and others, GOOD COPY, half russia. £4.10s

1707 3032 SCOTT FAMILY.-Pedigree of the Family of Scott of Stokoe, reprinted from the original edit. of 1783, with Introduction, Continuaton, &c. Post 8vo, bds. 38 Ed-LARGE PAPER copy, 4to, bds. 7s 1852 3033 SCRASE FAMILY.-Genealogical Memoir of the Family of Scrase of Sussex, by M. A. Lower. 8vo. 18 6d 1856 3034 SEGAR (Sir W.) Honour, Military and Civil, contained in foure Bookes, Justice and Jurisdiction Military, Knighthood in general and particular, Combats for Life and Triumph, Precedencie of great Estates, and others. Folio, half calf. 10s 6d

1602 3035 SEGAR (Sir W.) Honor, Military and Civil, contained in foure Bookes, viz. Justice and Jurisdiction Military, Knighthood in generall and particular, Combats for Life and Triumph, Precedencies of great Estates, and others. Folio, woodcuts (bat no plates) old calf. 68 London, R. Barker, 1602 3036 SEGAR (Simon) Honores Anglicani, or Titles of Honour the Temporal Nobility of the English Nation. 8vo. boards. 38 1712 3037 SEGAR (Sir W. the Herald) Original Institutions of the Princely Orders of Collars, now first printed. 4to, plates, cloth. 58 Edinb. 1822 3038 SHOBERL'S Historical Account of the House of Saxony. 8vo, portrait, half calf. 28 1816 3039 SLANE BARONY.-Additional Case of George Bryan, Esq. claiming the Barony of Slane, and Minutes of Evidence. Folio, pedigree. 38 6d 1830 3040 STEMMATA Chicheleana, or a Genealogical Account of some of the Familes derived from Thomas Chichele, of Higham Ferrers, in the County of Southampton, with the Supplement. 4to, calf gill, marbled leaves. Oxford, 1765-75

£1. 1s-boards, 188

3041 SIMS (R.) Index to the Pedigrees and Arms contained in the Heralds' Visitations and other Genealogical Manuscripts in the British Museum. By R. Sims, of the Manuscript Department. 8vo, closely printed in double columns, cloth.



An indispensable work to those engaged in Genealogical and Topographical pursuits, affording a ready clue to the Pedigrees and Arms of nearly 40,000 of the Gentry of England, their Residences, &c. (distinguishing the different families of the same name in any county), as recorded by the Heralds in their visitations between the years 1528 to 1686. 3042 SIMS (R.) A Manual for the Genealogist, Topographer, Antiquary, and Legal Professor, consisting of Descriptions of Public Records; Parochial and other Registers; Wills; County and Family Histories; Heraldic Collections in Public Libraries, &c. &c. By Richard Sims, of the British Museum, Compiler of the "Index to the Heralds' Visitations," the "Hand-book to the Library of the British Museum," &c. 8vo, pp. 540, cloth. 158


This work will be found indispensable by those engaged in the study of Family History and Heraldry, and by the compiler of County and Local History, the Antiquary, and the Lawyer. In it the Public and other Records most likely to afford information to genealogical inquirers are fully described, and their places of present deposit indicated. Such Records are-The Domesday Books-Monastic Records-Carta Antiquæ-Liber Niger-Liber Rubeus -Testa de Nevil-Placita in various Courts-Charter Rolls-Close RollsCoronation Rolls-Coroners' Rolls-Escheat Rolls-Fine Rolls-French, Gascon, and Norman Rolls-Hundred Rolls-Liberate Rolls-Memoranda Rolls-Oblata and other Rolls-Inquisitions Post Mortem-Inquisitions ad quod Damnum-Fines and Recoveries-Sign Manuals and Signet BillsPrivy Seals-Forfeitures, Pardons, and Attainders-Parliamentary RecordsCounty Palatine Records-Scotch, Irish, and Welsh Records-also WillsParochial and other Registers-Registers of Universities and Public SchoolsHeraldic Collections-Records of Clergymen, Lawyers, Surgeons, Soldiers, Sailors, etc. etc.

The whole accompanied by valuable Lists of Printed Works and Manuscripts in various Libraries, namely:-at the British Museum-The Bodleian, Ashmolean, and other Libraries at Oxford-The Public Library and that of Caius College, Cambridge-The Colleges of Arms in London and Dublin-The Libraries of Lincoln's Inn, and of the Middle and Inner Temple-at Chetham College, Manchester; and in other repositories too numerous to mention.

The more important of these Lists are those of Monastic Cartularies-Extracts from Plea and other Rolls-Escheats-Inquisitions, etc.-Tenants in Capite-Recusants-Subsidies-Crown Lands-Wills-Parochial and other Registers-Heralds' Visitations-Royal and Noble Genealogies-Peerages, Baronetages, Knightages-Pedigrees of Gentry-County and Family Histories-Monumental Inscriptions-Coats of Arms-American GenealogiesLists of Gentry-Members of Parliament-Freeholders-Officers of StateJustices of Peace-Mayors, Sheriffs, etc.-Collegians, Church Dignitaries— Lawyers-the Medical Profession- Soldiers-Sailors, etc.

To these is added an 66 Appendix," containing an Account of the Public Record Offices and Libraries mentioned in the work, the mode of obtaining admission, hours of attendance, fees for searching, copying, &c.; Table of the Regnal Years of English Sovereigns; Tables of Dates used in Ancient Records, &c. 3043 SPRUGGINS FAMILY-Portraits of the Spruggins Family (with letter-press descriptions) arranged by Richard Sucklethumkin Spruggins, Esq. 4to, humorous portraits and plates, COLOURED, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. £1. 88


This inimitable satire on genealogical pursuits, is understood to have been privately printed by the Countess of Morley.

3044 STEWART FAMILY.-View of the Evidence for proving the present Earl of Galloway is the Representative of Sir William Stewart of Jedworth, who lived in the 14th and 15th centuries. 4to, pedigree. 28 6d

3045 THOROLD (J.) Origin and Use of Coat Armour. Small 8vo, boards. 28


3046 TUFTON FAMILY.-Memorials of the Family of Tufton, Earls of Thanet. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 6d Gravesend, 1800 3047 TYAS (Robert) Flowers and Heraldry, or Floral Emblems and Heraldic Figures, combined to express pure sentiments, kind feelings, and excellent principles. 12mo, coloured plates, cloth. 78 6d 3048 UPTONI (N.) De Studio Militari; Jo. de Badis Aures tractatus de Armis; Henrici Spelmanni Aspilogia. Folio, fine plates of Arms and Seals, and beautiful portrait of Spelman, by Faithorne, FINE COPY, old calf gilt. £1. 58

8vo, cloth.




3049 VINCENT (Augustine, Windsor Herald) Memoir of, by Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas. 1827 3050 VON LOWHEN (Baron) Analysis of Nobility, and its Origin. Translated from the German, with Notes. Small 8vo, calf. 28 6d 1754 3051 WALLACE (Geo.) Thoughts on the Origin of Feudal Tenures and the

Descent of Ancient Peerages in Scotland. 4to, bds. 58 Edinb. 1783 3052 WATERHOUS (Edward) Discourse and Defence of Arms and Armory, showing the Nature and Rise of Arms and Honour in England, from the Camp, the Court, and the City. 8vo, frontispiece, russia, gilt leaves. 98 6d-a calf copy. 6s 6d

1660 3053 WATSON'S (Rev. John) Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and their Descendants to the present time. 2 vols. 4to, portraits, and many plates of arms, views, &c. half calf. £2. 28 1782 3054 WEBERI (Imm.) Examen Artis Heraldicæ Maximum partem ex insigna Opera Speneriano collectum. 8vo, many plates, half vellum. 4s 6d Jena, 1713 3055 WEST'S (— Lord Chancellor of Ireland) Inquiry into the Manner of Creating Peers. 8vo, a learned tract. 18 6d 1719 3056 WIFFEN (J. H.) Historical Memoirs of the first Race of Ancestry whence the House of Russell had its origin, from the subjugation of Norway to the Norman Conquest. Royal 8vo, cloth. 98 6d 1833 3057 WIFFEN (J. H.) Historical Memoirs of the House of Russell from the

Time of the Norman Conquest. 2 vols. 8vo, plts. & arms, cl. 16s 1833 3058 WILLEMENT'S Heraldic Notices of Canterbury Cathedral, with Genealogical and Topographical Notes, also a Chronological List of the Archbishops of Canterbury, with the Blazon of their respective Arms. 4to, engravings, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1.58) 3059 WILLEMENT'S Canterbury Cathedral.

168 (pub. at £1, 168)

1827 4to, LARGE PAPER, boards.


3060 WILLEMENT'S (Thomas) Regal Heraldry, the Armorial Insignia of the Kings and Queens of England, from coeval authorities. 4to, many plts. EMBLAZONED IN COLOURS, cl. £1. 18 (pub. £2. 28) Pickering, 1821 A particularly interesting book to the Archæologist and Architect. 3061 WILLEMENT'S Roll of Arms of the Reign of Richard II. 4to, plate, cloth. 88 6d (pub. at 14s)


3062 WOTTON'S English Baronetage of all the English Baronets now existing, their Descents, Marriages, and Issues, Memorable Actions, Religious and Charitable Donations, with their Coats of Arms, and Account of Nova Scotia Baronets resident in England. 5 vols. 8vo, plates, old calf, scarce. £1. 88 1741

3063 WYRLEY'S (W.) True Use of Arms, reprinted from the original Edition of 1592. Post 8vo, plates, cloth. 48-LARGE PAPER copy. 4to, cloth.



3064 WILLEMENT'S Account of the Restoration of the Collegiate Chapel of St. George Windsor, with some Particulars of the Heraldic Ornaments of that Edifice. 4to, two fine plates by Shaw, cloth. 4s 6d (pub. at 10s) Pickering, 1844

3065 HERBERT (Edward Lord, of Cherbury) Life and Raigne of King Henry VIII. Folio, portrait, calf. 58


3066 HERBERT (Edward Lord, of Cherbury) Life of, written by himself, with Prefatory Memoir. 12mo, portrait, cloth. 28 1824 3067 HERBERT (George) a Priest to the Temple; or, the Country Parson, his Character and Rule of Holy Life. 8vo, 2nd edition, fine clean copy in old calf. 68 6d

1671 3068 HERBERT (George) The Temple, Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. 12mo, cloth. 28 1848 3069 HERBERT (Geo.) Poems, with his Country Parson, and Life of the Author by Isaac Walton. 12mo, portrait and plate, calf gilt, marbled leaves. 48 6d

1809 3070 HERBERT'S (C.) Italy and Italian Literature. Post 8vo, cl. 3s 1835 3071 HERDMAN.-Studies from the Folio of W. G. Herdman, of Everton, Liverpool. Royal folio, 18 fine plates, in tinted lithography, half bound. 128



3072 DUNCUMB'S (Rev. John) History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford. 2 vols. 4to, ports. & plts. bds. £1. 148 Hereford, 1804-12

This is the only History of the County published. This copy contains five additional sheets (the Hundred of Greytree) and the Index to the Second Volume, which are wanting in all the Subscribers' copies.

3073 HELPS to Hereford History, Civil and Legendary, in an Ancient Account of the Ancient-Cordwainers' Company of the City, Mordiford Dragon, and other Subjects. By J. D. Devlin. 12mo, cloth (a curious volume). 38 6d

A series of very clever papers.-Spectator.


A little work full of Antiquarian information, presented in a pleasing and popular form.-Nonconformist.

3074 LODGE (Rev. John) Introductory Sketches towards a Topographical History of the County of Hereford. 8vo, hf. cf. 4s 6d Kington, 1793 3075 CARD (Rev. H.) Dissertation on the Subject of the Herefordshire Beacon. Small 8vo, map, boards. 28


3076 BISSE (Thomas, Chancellor of Hereford) Eight Sermons preached on several Occasions, at the Anniversary Meetings of the Choirs, and before the Society of the Natives of Herefordshire. 8vo, old cf. 38 1732 3077 PRICE (John) Historical Account of the City of Hereford, with Remarks on the River Wye, plates, Hereford, 1796-Price's Historical and Topographical Account of Leominster and its Vicinity, plates, Ludlow, 1795. In 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, half calf. 68

3078 VAUGHAN (Rowland) Most approved and long-experienced Water Workes, containing the manner of Winter and Summer Drowning of Medow and Pasture, by the advantages of the least River, Brooke, Fount, or Waterprill adjacent, with Panegyricke in Verse, by John Davies of Hereford, and other Poems. 4to, half calf, rare. 18s 1610 A curious volume to the Herefordshire collector.

3079 HISTORY and Antiquities of the City and Cathedral Church of Hereford, its Inscriptions, Epitaphs, &c. 8vo, clean copy in old calf, scarce. 78 6d


3080 LEWIS (G. R.) Illustrations of Kilpeck Church, Herefordshire, in a series of Drawings made on the spot, with Essay on Ecclesiastical Design. Royal 4to, plates, half calf. 188


3081 HERMITS AND SAINTS.-Thosch der Eremyten ende Eremytinnen van Aegypten ende Palestinen. 4to, 25 beautiful plates of Hermits and Saints, by Boetius a Bolswert, calf neat. £1. 48 Antw. 1619 3082 HERON (Sir Robert) Notes of Events during his Life. 8vo, cl. 6s 1851 HERTFORDSHIRE.

3083 CHAUNCY (Sir Henry) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, Foundation and Origin of Monasteries, Churches, Advowsons, &c.; also the Characters of the Abbots of St. Alban. 2 large vols. 8vo, plates, boards. 148


A correct reprint of the scarce folio edition, with reduced facsimiles of the views of gentlemen's seats.

3084 SALMON'S History of Hertfordshire. Folio, map, neat. £1 1728 3085 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Hertfordshire Families. Folio, boards. £1. 58 (pub. at £3. 10s)


3086 A COLLECTION of upwards of 70 original Writs of Covenant, all concerning Lands in the County of Hertford, temp. Hen. VI. to Queen Elizabeth, with a MS. Introduction and Translation of the material parts of each, by T. E. Tomlins (translator of Brakelond's Chronicle). The whole are neatly inlaid on royal folio paper, and whole bound in calf extra. £2. 15s

3087 THE HUMBLE Petition of the Inhabitants of the County of Hertford to his Majesty, with his Majesty's Answer thereunto, Oxford, 1642— Proclamation and Pardon of his Majestie to the County of HertsSpurre to the Associators, especially to those Counties of Hertford and Essex, printed in the year of Information, 1642-Ordinance concerning the Associating the County of Hertford with Middlesex, Essex, and Buckingham, to train and exercise their Forces jointly, 1643— Den of Theeves Discovered, 1643-Plain Dealing, or the Countryman's Doleful Complaint and Faithful Watchword to the Statesmen of the Times, by Edward Harrison, of Keensworth in Herts, sometimes Preacher to Col. Harrison's Regiment, 1849. In 1 vol. 4to, new calf extra. £1. 1s



3088 REGISTER of the Electors and Poll of 1832 for Hertfordshire. 4to, interleaved with many additions, cloth. Hertford, 1833 3089 HERTFORDSHIRE SERMONS.—Nelson's, at the Hertford School Feast, 1708-Watt's (Isaac) Sermon on the Death of Sarah Abney, daughter of Sir Thos. Abney, at Theobalds, 1732-Liddon's, at HemelHempstead, on the Sunday Schools there, 1792-Chaplin's, at Bishop Stortford, on the Death of the Rev. John Angus, 1802 and FIVE others. Together, 9 vols. 8vo, all newly half bound and lettered along the backs. 78 hd

3090 DURY and ANDREWS'S Topographical Map of the County, from an actual Survey. 12 sheets, on a large scale, royal folio, hf. bd. 7s 6d 1766 3091 TURNOR (Lewis) History of the Ancient Town and Borough of Hertford. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, map and plates on India paper, cloth. Hertford, 1830 3092 BUSHEY.-The Court Rolls of the Manor of Bushey, beginning with the Reign of Henry VIII.; also the Court Roll for 1708 of the Manor of Garston in Watford. 21 pieces, on parchment. £1. 1s


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