3170* HONDY (J.) Historia Mundi, or Mercator's Atlas, containing his Cosmographical Description of the Fabricke and Figure of the World. Thick folio, engraved title, curious maps, particularly of America, good clean copy, in calf. 108 6d


3171 HONE (W.) Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English Miracle Plays; with Notices of Ecclesiastical Shows. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, best edition, boards.

88 6d


3172 HONE (W.) Facetiæ and Miscellanies. 8vo, many woodcuts designed by George Cruikshank, calf gilt, the genuine edition. 10s 6d 1827 3173 HOOD'S Own, or Laughter from Year to Year; being former Runnings

of his Comic Vein, with an infusion of new blood for general circulation. 8vo, portrait, and full of woodcuts, half calf. 128 1839 3174 HOOK'S (Theodore) Tentamen, or an Essay towards the History of Whittington. 12mo, boards. 58


One of the earliest productions of this witty author. It is an ironical history of Alderman Waithman. 3175 HOPE (Th,) Historical Essay on Architecture, illustrated from Draw ings made by him in Italy and Germany. 2 vols. royal 8vo, 97 plates,

cloth. 198


3176 HOPE (Dr. Jas.) Memoirs of, by Mrs. Hope, with Remarks on Classical Education, edited by Dr. Klein Grant. Post 8vo, port. cl. 4s 1848 3177 HORNE'S (R. H.) Ballad Romances. 12mo, pp. 248, cloth. 38 (original price 68 6d)


Containing the Noble Heart, a Bohemian Legend; the Monk of Swineshead Abbey, a Ballad Chronicle of the Death of King John; three Knights of Camelott, a Fairy Tale; the Ballad of Delora, or the Passion of Andrea Como, Bedd Gelert, a Welsh Legend; Ben Capstan, a Ballad of the Night Watch; the Elfe of the Woodlands, a Child's Story.

"Pure fancy of the most abundant and picturesque description. Mr. Horne should write us more Fairy Tales; we know none to equal him since the days of Drayton and Herrick."-Examiner.

"The opening poem in this volume is a fine one: it is entitled the Noble Heart,' and not only in title but in treatment well imitates the style of Beaumont and Fletcher."-Athenæum.

3178 HORNEMAN (Frederick) Journal of Travels from Cairo to Mourzouk, the Capital of the Kingdom of Fezzan, in Africa. 4to, maps, boards. 38-calf gilt. 5s-half morocco. 4s 6d

1802 3179 HORTON (T.) Sermon at the Funeral of Rev. James Nalton, late Minister of God's Word at St. Leonard's, Foster Lane. 4to, half morocco. 28




3180 HOROLOGGI (Gios) L'Inganno, Dialogo. 12mo, half calf. 48 6d Venetia, 1562 3181 HORSEMAN (Rev. John, of Heydon, Essex) Poems and Sonnets, with Life of the Author. 8vo, cloth. Cambridge, 1845 3182 HORSLEY.-Case of John Horsley, Esq., late a Captain in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards Blue (relating to the Hon. E. Goulbourn's Satire of the "Blueviad"). 8vo, calf. 38 3183 HOSKINS (G. A.) Travels in Ethiopia above the second Cataract of the Nile, illustrating the Antiquities, Arts, & History of the Kingdom of Meroe. 4to, numerous plates, cloth. £1. 4s (pub. at £3. 13s 6d) 1835 3184 HOSTE (Paul) L'Art des Armées Navales, ou Traité des Evolutions Navales, numerous plates, Lyon, 1697-Hoste (P.) Théorie de la Construction des Vaisseaux, qui contient plusieurs traitez de Mathematique sur des matières nouvelles et curieuses, plates, ib. 1697. In 1 vol. folio, calf neat, scarce. £1. 1s

3185 HOSTE (P. Paul) Treatise on Naval Tactics. Translated by Capt. J. D. Boswell, with Notes. 4to, 52 plates, cloth. 15s Edinb. 1834 3186 HOTEL (L') de Cluny au Moyen Age, suivi des Contenances de Table, et autres poésies inédites des XVe et XVIe Siècles. Post 8vo, sewed. 58 1835 3187 HOUGHTON (Thomas) Royal Institutions; being Proposals for Articles to Establish and Conform Laws, Liberties, and Customs of Silver and Gold Mines, in such parts of Africa and America which are now or shall be dependant on the Crown of England. Small 8vo, old calf. 38 6d 1694 3188 HOUGHTON (John) Husbandry and Trade Improved, a Collection of many Valuable Materials relating to Corn, Cattle, Coals, Hops, Wool, &c. with Prefaces and Indexes, by R. Bradley. 3 vols. 8vo, calf neat. 78 6d 1727 3189 HOUSEHOLD and Privy Purse Accounts-Account Book of Domestic Expences, 1619-The Accompte of Howse Expence since 29 June, 1605-Receipts, 1615-A Book of Accounts, dated 1601-My Cosin's Accompt, anno 1614-A Book of Accounts, dated from 1604 to 1606 -A Doctor's Bill for a Lady, dated April, 1629, very curious-The Charge and Accounts from January, 1606, to January, 1607-A Booke of my Expences begone the 1st Jan. 1616, continued at great length through several years-Accounts commencing 25 Dec. 1602-The Howse Account begon December, 1601; and many other pieces, original MSS. in fine preservation. In 1 vol. fol. new, & very nt. in russ. £5.5s This large collection of early original household accounts contains a vast number of curious notices of domestic articles, travelling expenses, sights, costume, &c. a careful selection of which would be well worthy of publication. 3190 HOWARD'S (Hon. Edward) British Princes; an Heroic Poem. 12mo, neat and clean. 38 1669

3191 HOWARD'S (Luke) Collection of Letters from the Original Manuscripts of many Princes, Great Personages, and Statesmen, with some curious and scarce Tracts, and Pieces of Antiquity. 4to, boards, scarce, Horace Walpole's copy. 108 6d

3192 HOWARD (L.) Another copy (wanting title). Old calf. 58

1753 1753

A very curious work, which was reviewed in vol. 15 of the Retrospective Review. 3193 HOWARD (Henry, Earle of Northampton) a Defensative against the poyson of supposed Prophecies not hitherto confuted by the Pen of any Man, which being grounded either upon the warrant and authority of old painted Bookes, Expositions of Dreams, Oracles, Revelations, Invocations of Damned Spirits, Judicials of Astrologie, or any other kind of pretended knowledge whatsoever. Folio, portrait inserted, fine copy, calf neat. 10s 6d 1620 3194 HOWARD.-Lives of Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel, and of Anne Dacres his wife. Edited from original MSS. by the Duke of Norfolk. 8vo, new, cloth. 88

1857 3195 HOWELL (James) Dodona's Grove, or the Vocall Forrest. Folio, plates by Merian, FINE COPY, calf gilt. 10s 6d 1640 3196 HOWISON (John) Views of the European Colonies in various parts of the World, in their Social, Moral, and Physical Condition. 2 vols. Svo, boards. 68 1834 3197 HOYLE'S Complete Dictionary of Music. 8vo, half calf. 28 1791 3198 HUARTE'S (John) Examen de Ingenios; the Examination of Men's

Wits, in which, by discovering the varietie of natures, is shewed for what profession each one is apt, and how far he shall profit therein, Englished by R. C. 4to, a curious book. 4s 6d


3199 HUARTE (John) Examination of Men's Wits, Englished by R. C. 4to, half calf, a curious book. 38 6d


It is herein proved, that from the three qualities, hot, moist, and dry, proceed all the differences of men's wits; as is also shewn in what manner parents may beget children of a wit for learning; how children, male, and not female, may be born; and what diligence ought to be used that children may prove witty and wisc. 3200 HUBER on the English Universities, a Translation from the German, edited by Francis W. Newman. 3 vols. 8vo, with numerous illustrations (some coloured) cloth (pub. at £1. 10s). 148 Pickering, 1843 3201 HUDDART (Captain Joseph, R.N., F.R.S.) Memoir of, by his Son, Sir Joseph Huddart. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, portrait, boards, 1821 3202 HUGHES'S (W.) Complete Vineyard, or an excellent Way for the Planting of Vines. 12mo, folding plate by Gaywood. 28 6d 1670 3203 HUGO (Herm.) Pia Desideria, lib. III. 12mo, full of plates of Emblems . by Boetius Bolswert (which were afterwards used for Quarles' Emblems). neat. 78 6d Antw. 1628 3204 HUGO (C. L.) Sacræ Antiquitatis Monumenta Historica Dogmatica, Diplomatica, tomus I. (all printed). Folio, very neat. 108 6d


Stivagii, 1725

A very important and curious collection of ancient Monkish Chronicles. 3205 HUISH (Robert) Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and Practical Management of Bees. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 1817 3206 HUMBOLDT (Alex. von) Views of Nature. Thick post 8vo, frontispiece and facsimile, cloth. 28 6d

Bohn, 1850

3207 HUME (David) Account of his Life and Writings. By Thos. E. Ritchie. Thick 8vo, boards. 28


3208 HUMPHREY'S (E. R.) Claims of History upon the Age, a Lecture.

Svo, cloth.

18 6d


3209 HUNGARY.-Scenes of the Civil War in Hungary, 1848-9. Post Svo, third edition, cloth. 38 6d

12mo, boards.




3210 HUNT'S (Leigh) Story of Rimini. 3211 HUNT (Leigh) The Indicator and Companion, a Miscellany for the Field and Fireside. 2 vols. post 8vo, portrait, cloth. 98. 1835 3212 HUNT'S (Leigh) Literary Examiner, consisting of the Indicator, a Review of Books and Miscellaneous Pieces, in Prose and Verse. Svo (the original edition) boards, scarce. 3213 HUNT'S (Leigh) Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla. 8vo, fine woodcuts, extra boards. 58




3214 HUNT (Leigh) Lord Byron and some of his Contemporaries, with Recollections of the Author's Life, and of his Visit to Italy. 2 vols. 8vo, portraits, cloth. 7s 6d


3215 HUNT (T. Knight) The Fourth Estate: Contributions towards a History of Newspapers, and of the Liberty of the Press. post Svo, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1. 48)

1850 3216 HUNT (Nicolas) Newe Recreations; or, the Mind's Release and Solacing, in a rare and exquisite Invention for the exercising of acute Wits and industrious Dispositions. 12mo, last four pages in manuscript, calf, very scarce. 78 6d


3217 HUNTER (John) Historical Journal of the Transactions at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, with Discoveries made in New South Wales and the Southern Ocean. 4to, maps and many plates, FINE COPY, in calf, with marbled leaves. 10s 6d-boards. 78 6d 1793

3218 HUNTER (John) Observations on certain Parts of the Animal Economy. Plates. 1792-Treatise on the Blood, Inflammation, and Gunshot Wounds. Plates. 1794-Natural History of the Human Teeth and their Diseases. Plates. 1803-Treatise on the Venereal Disease. Plates. With Life of the Author, and Observations, by Everard Home. 4 vols. 4to, portrait, half calf, uniform. 12s 3219 HUNTER'S (Dr.) Culina Famulatrix Medicina; or, Receipts in Modern Cookery. 12mo, half calf, frontispiece. 28 York, 1806 3220 HUNTER'S (Rev. Joseph) Who wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey? 4to, boards. 28 6d

3221 HUNTER'S (Rev. Joseph) Historical and Critical Tracts. 28 6d each (except No. 5, which is 28)

1814 Post 8vo. 1850-52

1. Agincourt; a contribution towards an authentic List of the Commanders of the English Host in King Henry the Fifth's Expedition.

II. Collections concerning the Founders of New Plymouth, the first Colonists of New England.—Out of print (since rewritten-see No. 3223).

III. Milton; a Sheaf of Gleanings after his Biographers and Annotators. IV. The Ballad Hero, "Robin Hood," his period, real character, &c., investigated, and, perhaps, ascertained.

V. Pope: his Descent and Family Connections, Facts and Conjectures. 2s.
To this may be added,

Pope: Additional Facts concerning his Maternal Ancestry. By Robert
Davies, F.S.A., of York. Post 8vo. 2s.

3222 HUNTER'S (Rev. Joseph) Three Catalogues-describing the Contents of the Red Book of the Exchequer, of the Dodsworth MSS. in the Bodleian Library, and the MSS. in Lincoln's Inn Library (with Life of Dodsworth, Dugdale's Coadjutor in the Monasticon). 8vo, cloth, only 150 printed. 88 6d


3223 HUNTER'S (Rev. Joseph) Collections concerning the Church or Congregations of Protestant Separatists, formed at Scroby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I. the Founders of New Plymouth, the Parent Colony of New England. 8vo, cloth. 88


This work contains some very important particulars of these personages and their connections previously to their leaving England and Holland, which were entirely unknown to former writers, and have only recently been discovered, through the indefatigable exertions of the author. Prefixed to the volume are some beautiful Prefatory Stanzas, by Richard Monckton Milnes, Esq., M.P.

3224 HUNTING.-Beckford's Thoughts on Hunting, in a Series of Familiar Letters to a Friend. 4to, front. by Bartolozzi, calf. 38 1781 3225 HUNTING and HAWKING.-Reliqua Librorum Frederici II. Imperatoris de Arte Venandi cum Avibus, cum Manfredi Regis additionibus accedunt Alberti Magna Capita de Falconibus Asturibus et Accipitribus quibus Annotationes addidit suas. Io G. Schneider. 4to, plates, boards. 10s 6d


Lips. 1688

-3226 GREENWOOD'S Large Map of the County of Huntingdon, from an actual Survey. On canvas, in a case, covered with calf, and lettered as a book. 128


3227 VISITATION of the County of Huntingdon under Camden, 1613. Edited by Sir H. Ellis. Small 4to, many beautiful woodcuts of arms, cloth. 10s 6d Camden Soc. 3228 RECORDS of the Churches of Christ gathered at Fenstanton, Warboys, and Hexham, 1644-1720. Edited for the Hansard Knollys Society, by E. B. Underhill. 8vo; cloth. 58


3229 FOX (Robert) History of Godmanchester, in the County of Hunting-
don, its Ancient, Modern, Municipal, and Ecclesiastical History.
8vo, facsimile of the Charter of King John, cloth. 88 6d-LARGE
PAPER COPY, cloth. 128
3230 GORHAM (Rev. G. C.) History and Antiquities of Eynesbury and
St. Neots, Huntingdonshire, and of St. Neots, Cornwall. 8vo, many
plates, boards. 78 6d
3231 EXEMPTION from the Payment of Tithes of the Lands of the Mo-
nasteries and Abbies dissolved by Stat. 31 Henry VIII. as stated in
the Arguments in the Case of Devie against Lord Brownlow, with
Documents relative to the local Site of Farcet Fen. 8vo, hf. cf. 3s 1792
3232 HUON de Bordeaux, Histoire contenant ses faits et actions héroiques,
mise en deux livres, aussi beaux et divertissans que jamais on ait lu.
4to, half calf gilt. 78 6d
à Lille, N.D.
3233 HURDIS (Rev. James) Lectures showing the several Sources of that
Pleasure which the Human Mind receives from Poetry. 4to, boards.
58 Printed at the Author's own press at Bishopstone, Sussex, 1797
3234 HURSTHOUSE'S (C.) New Zealand; or, Zealandia the Britain of the
South. 2 vols. post 8vo, maps and views, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at
(£1. 18)
3235 HUSBANDRY.-Curiosities of Nature and Art in Husbandry and
Gardening. 8vo, neat. 38


3236 HUTCHINSON (Dr. Francis) Historical Essay concerning Witchcraft. 8vo, good clean copy, calf neat. 48 6d


3237 HUTCHINSON (Thomas J.) Impressions of Western Africa, with Remarks on Diseases of the Climate. 8vo, cloth. 58 1858 3238 HUTCHINSON.-Memoirs of the Life of Col. Hutchinson, Governor of Nottingham Castle during the Civil Wars, by his Widow; with the Life of Mrs. Hutchinson, written by herself. 4to, portraits, bds. 68 6d


3239 HUTTON (Chas.) Tracts on Mathematical and Philosophical Subjects. 3 vols. 8vo, portrait and plates, calf. 10s 6d 1812

3240 HYPERIDES' Oration against Demosthenes respecting the Treasure
of Harpalus, with Preliminary Dissertation and Notes, and Facsimile
of the Greek Manuscript discovered at Thebes in 1847, by Churchill
Babington. 4to, boards. 68

LLUSTRATIONS OF EATING, displaying the Omnivo-
rous Character of Man, and exhibiting the Natives of
various Countries at Feeding Time. By a Beef-Eater.
Fcap. 8vo, with woodcuts. 28



3242 IL MONDO Rovesciato; or, the World turned Upside Down. In 28 plates, from the elegant designs of Giuseppi Salviati. Engraved by C. T. Lewis. 4to, with explanatory verses, sewed. 58 (pub. at 158)



3253 ACCOUNT of the Success of two Danish Missionaries lately sent to the East Indies for the Conversion of the Heathen in Malabar, with an Account of Coromandel, &c. 8vo, map, neat. 38 6d 1718 3254 AGREEMENT of the Customs of the East Indians with those of the Jews and other Ancient People. 8vo, plates, calf. 38 6d 1705 3255 ALEXANDER'S (Sir J. E.) Travels from India to England, through Persia, Asia Minor, European Turkey, and on the War between Russia and Persia. 4to, plates, half russia. 8s 6d


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