3434 ARSDEKIN: £1.48

Another edition. 3 vols. 4to, bouud in vellum.

Antv. 1696 Much curious information respecting Ireland, and notice of the Catholics who suffered death there, as well as in England and Germany, will be found in this work; which is also a complete storehouse of authorities on the various points of Roman Catholic Theology, and contains Bibliographical accounts of the later Heresies, and of Authors in the several departments of Theology, &c 3435 ANGLESEY'S (Arthur, Earl of) Letter from a Person of Honour in the Country, written to the Earl of Castlehaven, being Observations and Reflections upon his Lordship's Memoirs concerning the Wars of Ireland. Small 8vo, morocco, gilt leaves. 98

1681 3436 BARRINGTON (Sir Jonah) Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation. 8vo, portraits, cloth, scarce. 78 6d-half calf. 88 6d Paris, 1833 3437 BARROW (John) Tour round Ireland through the Seacoast Counties in the Autumn of 1835. Post 8vo, frontispiece and woodcuts, cloth. 38 6d 1836 3438 BARTON'S Lectures on the Petrifactions, Gems, Crystals, &c. of Lough Neagh, intended as an Introduction to the Natural History of the Lake, and the County of Ardmagh. 4to, plates, calf. 58 175) 3439 BEAUFORT (D. A.) Memoir of a Map of Ireland, illustrating the Topography of that Kingdom. 4to, map of the mountains and rivers, half calf. 78 6d 3440 BEAUMONT (Gustavus de) Ireland, Social, Political, and Religious, translated by W. C. Taylor. 2 vols. post 8vo, boards. 68 3441 BETHAM (Sir W.) Irish Antiquarian Researches. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, some coloured, boards. 148 Dublin, 1826-7



about 1750

3442 BOOK of Common Prayer in the Irish Language and Character. 8vo, calf. 58 3443 BOOK of Surveys and Distribution of the Estates in the County of Westmeath, forfeited in the year 1641. Oblong folio, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. £1. 18 Ladiston, 1852 3444 CALENDAR of Irish Saints, the Martyrology of Tallagh, with Notices of the Patron Saints of Ireland, and Select Poems and Hymns from an Ancient Breviary and Antiphony. Edited by Mat. Kelly. 12mo, cloth. 58 Dublin, 1857 3445 CASTLEHAVEN'S (Earl of) Review, or his Memoirs of his Engage.. ment and Carriage in the Irish Wars. 12mo, calf. 38 6d 1684 3446 CHATTERTON'S (Lady) Rambles in the South of Ireland, 1838. 2 vols. post 8vo, plates and woodcuts, boards. 48 1839 3447 CLONCURRY (Valentine; Lord) Personal Recollections of his Life and Times, with Extracts from his Correspondence. 8vo, bds. 58 1849 3448 CLOYNE (Bp. of) Present State of the Church of Ireland, Dublin, 1787 -Strictures on the above, 1787-Burrowes(Rev. R.) Letter containing a Refutation of Dangerous Doctrines in the above Strictures, ib. 1787 -Campbell (W.) Vindication of the Principles and Character of the Presbyterians of Ireland, 1787-Stook (Jos.) Reply to the Vindication, 1787-and 2 others in the vol. 8vo, half calf. 38 6d 3449 COLBY'S (Col.) Ordnance Survey and Memoir of the City and Liberties of Londonderry. 4to, many plates, cloth (a valuable volume on the Natural History, Antiquities, Productive Economy, &c. of this district). 78 6d 1837

8450 CROKER (T. Crofton) Researches in the South of Ireland, illustrative of the Scenery, Architectural Remains, and the Manners and Superstitions of the Peasantry. 4to, plates, boards. 10s 6d



3451 D'ALTON'S History and Antiquities of the County of Dublin. Thick imp. 8vo, LARGE PAPER, nearly 1000 pages, cloth. 10s 6d 1838 3452 DAVIES (Sir John) Historical Tracts-True Cause why Ireland was never subdued; Letters of the Earl of Salisbury on the State of Ireland, Ulster Plantation, &c. with Life. 8vo, neat. 68 1787 3453 DEBATES relative to the Affairs of Ireland in the years 1763 and 1764, by a Military Officer (Sir James Caldwell). 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 48 6d 1766 3454 DISPUTATIO Apologetica de Jure regni Hiberniæ pro Catholicis Hibernis adversus Hæreticos Anglos, authore C. M. Hiberno accessit Catholicos exhortatio. 4to, half morocco, only 100 copies reprinted. Francofurti, 1645, reprinted 3455 DRENNAN'S Philosophical Essay on the Moral and Political State of Ireland. 8vo, half calf. 28 1797 3456 DUBLIN.-History of the City of Dublin, from the earliest Accounts to the present time, its Annals, Antiquities, Ecclesiastical History, and Charters. By J. Warburton, Rev. J. Whitelaw, and Rev. Robt. Walsh. 2 vols. 4to, numerous plates, plans, and maps, boards. 12s (pub. at £6.68) 3457 FITTON'S (Dr.) Notes on the Mineralogy of Part of the Vicinity of Dublin. 8vo, plates, boards. 1812 3458 FORBES (Dr. John) Memorandums made in Ireland in the Autumn of 1852. 2 vols. post 8vo, map & woodcuts, cl. 9s (pub. at £1. 18) 1853 3459 GALE (Peter) Inquiry into the Ancient Corporate System of Ireland, and Suggestions for its immediate Restoration, with Appendix of Original Documents. Post 8vo, cloth. 38



1834 3460 GETTY (Edmund) Notices of Chinese Seals found in Ireland. 4to, plates, cloth. 48 6d Dublin, 1850 3461 GILBERT'S (J. T.) History of the City of Dublin, vol. 1 (all yet published, vol. 2 is in the press). 8vo, cloth. 108 6d


"From the unpublished Anglo-Irish legislative enactments, and from suchlike decayed and decaying manuscripts, ancient records, which have become almost hieroglyphics to the present age, the author of this work has gathered the life-history of an ancient city; he has made the stones to speak, and evoke the shadows of the past to fill up the outline of a great historical picture. Fifty, even twenty years hence, the production of such a work would be impossible. In a history illustrated by human lives and deeds, and localized in the weird old streets, once the proudest of our city, many a family will find an ancestral shadow starting suddenly to light, trailing with it long memories of departed fashion, grandeur, and magnificence.”—Dublin University Magazine.

"We have been much interested with the originality and variety of this work. The author's research and reading are beyond dispute; and his performance leads us to expect still more from him as an authentic illustrator of the domestic life of Dublin in bygone days. Other writers, in fiction and history, will be indebted to him for the indication of much matter that might otherwise have remained unknown to them. The continuation of his work will be looked forward to with pleasure."-Athenæum.

"This will be the standard history of the Irish Capital. In the vast variety of the information, which one is astonished could have been so perfectly brought together-in the recondite sources from which the author gathered it, the greater part having been collected from ancient and deep-buried records-and in the scrupulous care with which every fact has been verified, this work stands almost alone in ability, interest, and research."—Dublin Freeman's Journal. 3462 GRAVES and Prim's History, Architecture, and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny. 4to, fine plates and woodcuts, cloth. £1.18s



3463 GORDON (Rev. James) History of Ireland, from the earliest Account to the Union in 1801. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. 68 3464 HALL (Mr. and Mrs. S. C.) Ireland. The first three divisions (comprisig vol. 1). Royal 8vo, cl. many plates. 7s 6d (pub. at £1. 1s 3465 HALL (Mrs. S. C.) Sketches of Irish Character. First series, post 8vo,

boards. 28


3466 HEAD (Sir Francis) a Fortnight in Ireland. 8vo, map, cl. 38 6d 1852 3467 HERON (D. C.) Constitutional History of the University of Dublin. 8vo, frontispiece, cloth. 48 6d

Dublin, 1847

3468 HISTORIE Catholicæ Iberniæ compendium a Phil. Sullevani, with English Introduction and Notes by Mat. Kelly. Royal 8vo, cloth.

Dublin, 1850

63 3469 HOLMES (G.) Sketches of some of the Southern Counties of Ireland. 8vo, tinted plates, calf gilt. 48 1801 3470 INGLIS (Henry D.) Journey throughout Ireland during 1834. Post 8vo, map, cloth. 33 1838 3471 INSURRECTION of the 23rd July, 1843. By H. B. C. Dub. N.D.— Report of the Proceedings in the Cases of High Treason at a Court of Oyer and Terminer in Dublin, by W. Ridgway, 6 parts, Dub. 1803 -Curious Correspondence, or the Letters of W. Todd Jones to the Secretary of State, Cork, 1804. In 1 vol. 8vo, half calf gilt. 58 3472 IRISH (The) Who Are They? By B. DONBAVAND. (A Philological and Ethnological Work). Post 8vo, pp. 36. 1857 3473 KING'S State of the Protestants of Ireland under the late King James's Government. 8vo, calf neat, and clean. 38 6d


3474 KING (Dr. W.) The Toast, an Epic Poem, in Four Books, with Notes and Observations. 8vo, calf. 78 6d Dublin, 1732

This edition is exceedingly scarce. It relates to a suit which Dr. King had about an estate in Galway. 3475 KING (Robert) Memoir introductory to the Early History of the Primacy of Armagh, with some Account of the Ancient Discipline of the Irish Church previously to its Subjugation to the See of Rome in the 12th Century. Imp. 8vo, cloth, printed for Subscribers only. 78 6d Armagh, 1854 3476 KINGSTON.-Vindication of Sir Robert King's Designs and Actions in Relation to the late and present Lord Kingston (of Abbey Boyle, Roscommon); being an Answer to a Scandalous Libel sent abroad under the Title of Materials for a Bill of Discovery against Sir Robt. King, Bart., Ant. Raymond, Charles Gosling, W. Sprigge, Anthony Cope, Dean of Elphin, Anthony Sheppard, Mrs. Choppyne, Thomas Twigge, G. Misset, Capt. S. Pash, Dean Quaile, Lady Kingston, Mr. Rochfort, Sir St. George, A. Cooper, J. Johnson, J. Reading, W. Palmer, H. Farrell, and Standish Hartstrong. PRIVATELY PRINTED, 8vo, old morocco. £1. 1s

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8477 KILLARNEY.-Description of the Lakes of Killarney and the sur

12mo, map, cloth.

18 6d

rounding Scenery. 1849 3478 LAMB (Francis) Geographicall Description of the Kingdom of Ireland, from the actual Survey made by Sir W. Petty. Small 8vo, 37 maps, old calf. 78 6d


3479 LAWRENCE (Richard) The Interest of Ireland in its Trade and Wealth stated. 8vo, calf.



3480 LYNCH (W.) Case Illustrative of the Law and Usage of the Prescriptive Baronies of Ireland, as distinguished by the Law of Baronies by Writ, peculiar to England. Folio, boards. 7s 6d


3481 LEWIS (Samuel) Topographical Dictionary of Ireland. 2 vols. 4to, cloth. 158


3482 MACDOUGALL (Archibald) Treatise on the Irish Fisheries, and various other Subjects connected with the Improvement of Ireland. 8vo, half calf. 38

Belfast, 1819

3483 M'SKIMIN (Samuel) History and Antiquities of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus. 8vo, frontispiece, bds. 58 Belfast, 1829 3484 MADDEN'S Reflections and Resolutions proper for the Gentlemen of Ireland as to their Conduct for the Service of their Country, 1738, reprinted. 8vo, calf gilt. 38 6d

Dublin, 1816 3485 MARTIN (R. M.) Ireland before and after the Union with Great Britain. 8vo, cloth. 38 6d


3486 MASON (W. S.) Statistical Account, or Parochial Survey of Ireland. 8vo, vols. 1 and 2, maps, calf neat. 4s 6d Dublin, 1816 3487 MASON (William Monck) History and Antiquities of the Collegiate and Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, near Dublin, from its Foundation in 1190 to the year 1819. 4to, plts. bds. 108 6d Dublin, 1820 3488 MONTMORENCY.-Morres, Historical Enquiry into the Origin and Use of the Irish Pillar Tower. Royal 8vo, plts. boards. 68 1821 3489 MULLALLA'S View of the Irish Affairs, 1688 and 1795. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 58


Rebellions in 4to, plts. cf. nt. 98 Dublin, 1801 Contests in Ireland in 1649 and Small 4to, cloth. 48 Camden Soc.

3490 MUSGRAVE (Sir Richard) Memoirs of the different Ireland, particularly that of 1798. 3491 NARRATIVES illustrative of the 1693. Edited by T. C. Croker. 3492 NEAVE (Sir Digby) Four Days in Connemara (in Ireland). Post 8vo, new, cloth. 28 6d

1852 3493 O'CONNOR'S Dissertations on the Antient History of Ireland, wherein an Account is given of the Origin, Government, Letters, Sciences, Religion, Manners, and Customs of the Antient Inhabitants. Svo, map, calf. 38 6d Dublin, 1753 3494 O'DRISCOL (John) History of Ireland. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, scarce. 108 6d 1827

Highly praised in the Edinburgh Review. 3495 O'HANLON (Rev. John) Life of St. Laurence O'Toole, Archbishop of Dublin, and Delegate Apostolic of the Holy See for the Kingdom of Ireland, 1132-1180. 12mo, cloth. 18 6d Dublin, 1857 3496 O'KEARNEY (Nicholas) The Prophecies (in Irish) of SS. Columbkille Maeltamlacht, Ultan, Seadlina, Coircall, Bearcan, &c., with literal Translations and Notes. 12mo, cloth. 58 Dublin, 1856 3497 O'PHELAN (John) Epitaphs on the Tombs in the Cathedral Church of St. Canice, Kilkenny, with Preface and Notes; also, Observations on the Round Tower. Sm. folio, curious plts. 98 Dublin, 1813 3498 O'REILLY (Edward) Chronological Account of nearly 400 Irish Writers, from the earliest time to 1750, with Descriptive Catalogue of their Works extant. 4to, boards. 78 6d Dublin, 1820 3499 ORIGINAL Letters and Papers, in Illustration of the History of the Church in Ireland during the Reigns of Edward VI., Mary, and Elizabeth. Edited, with Notes, by E. P. Shirley, Esq., M.P. Post 8vo, cloth. 58 (pub. at 108 62)


3500 PIECES of Irish History, illustrative of the Condition of the Catholics of Ireland, of the Origin and Progress of the United Irishmen, and their Transactions with the Anglo-Irish Government, published by W. J. Mac Neven. 8vo, half calf. 58 New York, 1807

3501 PILKINGTON'S (Matthew) Poems-Progress of Music in Ireland, &c., revised by Dean Swift. 8vo, frontispiece, neat. 38 6d 1731 3502 PRESENT State of Ireland (no title) 1711-Woodhouse on the Overflowing of Lough Neagh, Dub. 1834-Trial of Rob. Edgeworth, Esq. for Perjury, Dub. 1788. In 1 vol. 8vo, half calf. 28 3503 REEVES'S Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Down, Connor, and Dromore, consisting of a Taxation of those Dioceses, compiled in the year 1306. With Notes and Illustrations. 4to (uniform with the publications of the Irish Archæological Society) cloth. 1847 3504 REID (Thos.) Travels in Ireland in 1822. 8vo, boards. 28 1823 3505 REPORT of the Trial at Bar of the Hon. Mr. Justice Johnson, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas in Ireland, for a Libel. 8vo, new, half calf. 38


1806 3506 REPORT of the Deputation of the Court of Assistants of the Drapers' Company, who visited the Estates of the Company in the County of Londonderry, in Ireland. 4to, plates, cloth. 38



3507 RICHARDSON (John) Great Folly, Superstition, and Idolatry of Pilgrimages in Ireland, especially of that to St. Patrick's Purgatory. 8vo, wants the plate, calf neat, scarce. Dublin, 1727 3508 RUTTY (Dr. John) Essay towards a Natural History of the County of Dublin. 2 vols. 8vo, map and plates, calf neat. 78 Dublin, 1772 3509 SHIRLEY'S (Evelyn Philip) Account of the Territory or Dominion of Farney, in the Province of Ulster, Ireland. 4to, woodcuts, a handsome vol. only 250 printed, cloth. 1845 3510 SIGILLA Ecclesiæ Hibernica Illustrata. The Episcopal and Capitular Seals of the Irish Cathedral Churches illustrated. By Richard Caulfield, A.B. 8vo, Parts I. to IV.-Cashel, Emly, Waterford, Lismore, Cork. &c. with 16 engravings, sewed. 58



3511 SMITH (Dr. Chas.) Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Cork. 2 vols. 8vo, many plates, calf neat. 10s 6d Dublin, 1774 3512 STAFFORD'S (Thos.) Pacata Hibernia. Ireland Appeased and Reduced, or a History of the Wars in Ireland in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, LARGE PAPER, portraits and facsimile maps and plans, boards. 158-ANOTHER, new, half calf gilt. £1. 18 1821 3513 STORY (Rev. George, an Eye Witness) Impartial History of the Wars in Ireland, from the time the Duke Schonberg landed to the Proclamation of William and Mary. 4to, BOTH PARTS, with folding plates, GOOD COPY, very neat, scarce. £1. 118 6d


3514 TEELING (Chas. Hamilton) Personal Narrative of the Irish Rebellion of 1798. 8vo, boards. 38 1828 3515 THOMPSON'S Natural History of Ireland. Vol. 1, Birds, Raptores, and Insessores. 8vo, cloth. 78 (pub. at 148) 1849 3516 TURNER (Dawson) Muscologiæ Hibernicæ Spicilegium. 8vo, coloured plates, boards, very scarce. 98 Yermutha, 1804 3517 ULSTER Journal of Archæology, conducted under the superintendence of a Committee of Archæologists at Belfast. Handsomely printed in 4to, with engravings. Nos. 1 to 24. £3. 108 3518 VALENTIA PEERAGE.-Minutes of the Proceedings before the Lords' Committees for Privileges upon the several Claims to the Titles of Viscount Valentia, &c. Folio, boards, scarce. 158 Dublin, 1773 3519 VALLANCEY'S Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, vol. 1, cont. Sir H. Piers's Geographical Description of the County of West Meath, 1682 -Abp. Usher on the Corbes, Ancient Irish Laws, &c. &c. Thick 8vo, neat. 78 6d



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