17 ADAMS'S (J. Quincy, American President) Letters on Silesia. 8vo, map, neat, half calf. 48 6d 1804 18 ADAMS (Geo.) Essays on the Microscope; a General History of Insects, their Transformations, Peculiar Habits and Economy, and Description of 379 Animalcula. 4to, front. and atlas of plates, cf. 98 1787 19 ADANSON'S Voyage to Senegal, Goree, and the Gambia. 8vo, neat and clean. 1759


20 ADELUNG (J. C.) Mithridates, oder Allgemeine Sprachenkinde fortgesetzt
von J. S. Vater. 4 vols. divided into 6 vols. calf, marbled leaves.
Berlin, 1806-17
A history of all the known languages and dialects, with an account of books
printed in or relating to them, and above 500 different specimens, consisting
chiefly of the Lord's Prayer, divided as follows :-Vol. 1. Asiatic Languages,
Berlin, 1806-Vol. 2, European Languages, 1809-Vol. 3, part 1, African
Languages, 1812; parts 2 and 3, American Languages-Vol. 4, Supplement
by Vater, 1817-Humboldt's Supplement on the Basque Language, 1817.
21 ADOLPHUS'S "clever" Letters to R. Heber, Esq. containing Critical
Remarks on the Novels of the "Author of Waverley." Post 8vo,
boards, best edition. 48


22 ADOLPHUS (John) British Cabinet, containing Portraits of Illustrious
Personages, engraved from original Pictures, with Biographical Me-
moirs. 2 vols. in 1, royal 4to, 50 fine ports. calf gilt. 158 1799
23 ADOLESCENS Academicus sub Institutione Salomonis. 8vo, 20 fine
plates. 4s 6d
Duac. 1633
24 ADVENTURES of Mr. George Edwards, a Creole. 12mo, neat. 3s 1751
25 ADVENTURE of Hunchback, and the Stories connected with it. Im-

perial 4to, India proof impressions of the engravings by W. Daniell,
from pictures painted by R. Smirke, R.A., whole morocco, extra joints,
gilt edges. £1.58


26 ÆGYPTIACA seu veterum Scriptorum de rebus Ægypti Commentarii
et Fragmenta, collegit T. A. Stroth; Græce. 2 vols. small Svo, calf
gilt. 48 6d
Gotha, 1784
27 ESOP'S Fables, English and Latin, interlineary by (the celebrated) John
Locke. 8vo, plates, calf, good clean copy, scarce. 58
28 ESOP at Oxford, or a few select Fables in Verse. 8vo, boards, curious.


1709 29 AFRICA.-Histoire de Bello Africano in quo Sebastianus sereniss. Portugallia Rex Periit 4 Aug. anno 1578, in Latinum sermone, translata per To. Freigium. Small 8vo, maps and plates, new, calf, SCARCE. 68 Noriberga, 1590 30 AGE (The) a Poem; Moral, Political, and Metaphysical: with Illustrative Annotations, in ten books. (By the late Rev. R. Montgomery.) 8vo, boards. 38 1810 31 AGLIONBY (W.) Painting Illustrated, containing some choice Observations upon the Art, with Lives of the most eminent Painters, from Cimabue to the time of Raphael and Michael Angelo. 4to, calf gilt.



32 AGNEW (H. C.) On the Practical Application of the Quadrature of the
Circle in the Configuration of the Great Pyramids of Gizeh. 4to,
plates, cloth.
48 6d

33 AGRIPPA (Camillo) Trattato di transportar la Gulia in su la Piazza di
San Pietro. 4to, with the folding plate, morocco extra, gilt edges, FINE
COPY, rare. 108 6d
Roma, 1583
34 AIKIN (Dr. John) Memoirs of, with Selection of his Miscellaneous
Pieces. 2 vols. 8vo, portraits, boards. 48-half calf. 58 6d 1823

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35 AIKIN (Dr. John) Vocal Poetry, a select Collection of English Songs, with Essay on Song Writing. Post 8vo, half mor. gilt top. 58 1810 36 AIKIN'S (Dr. J.) Letters from a Father to his Son, relative to Literature and Conduct of Life. 2 vols. 8vo, calf neat. 1793 37 AKERMAN'S (J. Y., Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries) Archæological Index, or Guide to Celtic, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon Antiquities. 8vo, with engravings of 500 objects, cloth. 158 1847 "It is a book which we can safely and warmly recommend to all who are interested in the antiquities of their native land."-Literary Gazette.

"A book of such utility. -so concise, so clear, so well condensed from such varied and voluminous sources cannot fail to be generally acceptable.”—ArtUnion.

38 AKERMAN (J. Y.) Remains of Pagan Saxondom, principally from Tumuli in England. Drawn from the Originals. Described and illustrated. 4to, 40 coloured plates, half morocco. 1855


The plates are admirably executed by Mr. Basire, and coloured under the direction of the Author. It is a work well worthy the notice of the Archeologist. 39 ALABASTRO (Guiel.) Spiraculum Tubarum sive Fons spiritualium Expositionum ex Æquivocis Pentaglotti (Hebrew, Chaldaic, Syriac, and Arabic) significationibus. Folio, engraved title, old calf. 78 6d 1637 40 ALAMANNI (Luigi) Opere Toscane. 12mo, vellum. 38 Lugd. 1532 41 ALBEMARLE (G. Tho. Earl of) Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham and his Contemporaries, with Original Letters and Documents, now first published. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 98


42 ALBERT (Prince) Speeches and Addresses delivered on different Public Occasions. 4to, beautifully printed, cloth. 7s 6d 1857 43 ALBERTI (Leon. Bapt.) De re Edificatoria, Libri Decem. 4to, neat, in half russia, rare. 10s 6d Parisiis, 1512 44 ALBERTI (L. B.) Architecture, Painting, and Statuary, translated into English by James Leoni. Folio, 75 plates engraved by Picart, calf.



1755 45 ALBERTI (Louis) Description Physique et Historique des Cafres sur la Côte Méridionale de l'Afrique. 8vo, map and coloured plates, boards. Amst. 1811 46 ALBERTUS DE EYB.-Margarita Poetica, de Arte dictandi ac practandi Epistolas. Folio, very fine copy, calf. £1. 58 Without date or printer's name.

A splendid specimen of printing in the fifteenth century, and in the most beautiful preservation.

47 ALCIATI (And.) Emblemata, elucidata Cl. Minois Commentariis et Notæ posteriores. Th. 8vo, 212 woodcuts, very neat in calf. 68 Lug. 1614 48 ALCIATI (And.) Emblemata cum Commentariis per Cl. Minoem. Thick Svo, numerous woodcuts, calf neat (wants 2 leaves). 38 6d Paris, 1618 49 ALCIATI (Andr.) Rerum Patriæ. Ex MS. Bibliothecæ Ambrosinæ. 8vo, engraved title, calf. 38 Mediolani, 1625 50 ALCUIN OF BRITAIN.-The Life of Alcuin, the Learned Anglo-Saxon, and Ambassador from King Offa to the Emperor Charlemagne. By D. F. Loreuz, translated by Slee. 12mo, pp. 280, cloth. 28 (original price, 68)


51 ALDHELMI (Sancti), ex Abbate Malmesburiensi Episcopi Schireburnensis Opera quæ extant, edidit J. A. Giles. 8vo, cloth. 6s Oxon. 1844 52 ALEMANO (Matteo) Vita del Picaro Gusmano D'Alfarace, osservatore della Vita humana, tradotta da B. Barezzi. 2 vols. small 8vo, green morocco, gilt leaves. 98

Venezia, 1615

78 6d

53 ALEXANDER SEVERUS (Emperour) The Image of Governance compiled of the Actes and Sentences notable, translated out of Greke by Sir Thomas Eliot. 4to, BLACK LETTER, wanting pages 13 to 16, and all after 99 Bb iii, green morocco. 1541 54 ALEXANDER (Sir James Edward) Expedition of Discovery into the Interior of Africa, through the Great Namaquas, Boschmans, and Hill Damaras. 2 vols. post Svo, plates, cloth. 6s 6d


55 ALEXANDER (Sir James) on Military Exercises. Royal 8vo, plates, privately printed. 38 1840 56 ALEXANDER'S (Sir J. E.) Travels to the Seat of War in the East through Russia and the Crimea, in 1829. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth.


1830 57 ALEXI (Io.) Grammatica Daco-Romana sive Valachia Latinitate donata, aucta ac in hunc ordinem redacta. Svo, new, cf. gt. 8s 6d Vien. 1826 58 ALFRED (King) Annales rerum gestarum Alfredi Magni Auctore Asserio Menevensi, recensuit Fran. Wise. 8vo, port. calf. 58 Oxonii, 1722 59 ALLASON (Thomas, Architect) Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of Pola, in Istria. Royal folio, fine plates, neat, half calf. 10s 6dcloth. 7s 6d

1819 60 ALLEN and Thomson's Narrative of the Government Expedition to the River Niger in 1841, under the command of Captain Trotter. 2 vols. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth. 128 (pub. £1.108)

1848 61 ALLIES (Thomas W., Rector of Launton, Oxon) Journal in France in 1845 and 1848, with Letters from Italy in 1847, of things and persons concerning the Church and Education. Post 8vo, cloth, suppressed and very scarce. 10s 6d


62 ALLIES (Jabez) on the Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and Folk-lore of Worcestershire. 8vo, pp. 500, with 6 plates and 40 woodcuts, SECOND EDITION, cloth. 68 (pub. at 148)


"The good people of Worcestershire are indebted to Mr. Jabez Allies for a very handsome volume illustrative of the history of their native county. His book, which treats on the Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and Folk-lore of Worcestershire, has now reached a second edition; and as Mr. Allies has embodied in this, not only the additions made by him to the original work, but also several separate publications on points of folk-lore and legendary interest, few counties can boast a more industriously or carefully compiled history of what may be called its popular antiquities. The work is very handsomely illustrated.”—Notes and Queries.

63 ALLOU (C. N.) Description des Monumens des differens Ages observes dans le Departement de la Haute-Vienne, avec un Précis des Annales de ce Pays. 4to, sewed (a very interesting vol. to the Archaeologist). 58 (pub. at 168) Limoges, 1821 64 ALLWOOD (Rev. Philip) Literary Antiquities of Greece, as developed in an Attempt to ascertain Principles for a new Analysis of the Greek Tongue. 4to, plates, calf, very neat. 68


65 ALMELOVEEN (T.J.) de Vitis Stephanorum Celebrium Typographorum. 12mo, vellum. 28


66 ALTING (Mensouis) Descriptio secumdum Antiquos Agri Batavi et Frisii, una cum conterminis sive Notitia Germaniæ inferioris cis et ultra Rhenum quà hodie est in dicione vii, Foederatorum et commentario in loca oninia, A. C. Julio Cæsare ad Justinianum Aug. Folio, maps and inscriptions, calf neat. Amst. 1697 67 AMADIS of Gaul, from the Spanish Version of Garciordonez de Montalvo. By Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12mo, half calf, scarce.

78 6d

£1. 148 1803

68 AMERICA.-History of Oregon and California, and the other Territories on the North-West Coast of America, accompanied by a Geographical View and Map, and a number of Proofs and Illustrations of the History. By Robert Greenhow, Librarian of the Department of State of the United States. Th. 8vo, LARGE MAP, cl. 6s (pub. at 168) 1844 69 AMERICA.-Increase Mather's Remarkable Providences of the Earlier Days of American Colonization. With Introductory Preface by George Offor. Fcap. 8vo, portrait. 58


A very singular collection of remarkable sea deliverances, accidents, remarkable phenomena, witchcraft, apparitions, &c. &c., connected with inhabitants of New England, &c. &c.

70 AMERICA.-Voyages, Relations, et Memoires originaux pour servir à l'Histoire de la Decouverte de l'Amerique, publiés pour la première fois en Francais. Par H. Ternaux-Compans. 20 vols. 8vo, both series, and complete. Sewed. £3. 108


A valuable collection of early voyages and relations on South America: also translations of unpublished MSS., principally relating to Old and New Mexico.

71 AMERICA.—Journal of an Officer during the Siege of Fort Detroit, in the War with Pontiac as Leader of the North American Tribes against the English after the Conquest of Canada, 1763-4. Now first printed, fcap. 8vo, cloth, very few printed. 58


72 AMERICA.-Smith (J. T.) Discovery of America by the Northmen in the tenth Century, comprising Translations of all the most important original Narratives of this Event, together with a Critical Examination of their Authenticity; to which is added an Examination of the Comparative Merits of the Northmen and Columbus. Post 8vo, maps and plates, SECOND EDITION, enlarged cloth. 4s 6d 1850

A very interesting volume, principally translated from the Icelandic, Danish, and Latin "Antiquitates Americana," published by the Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen.

73 AMERICA.—New York in the year 1695, with Plans of the City and Forts as they then existed. By the Rev. John Miller. Now first printed, 8vo, boards. 38 6d

1843 74 AMERICA.-Drake's Biography and History of the Indians of North America from its first Discovery. Thick royal 8vo, pp. 728, 11тH AND LAST EDITION, many maps, portraits and plates, new, half calf gilt. 188 Boston, 1851 75 AMERICA.-Drake's History and Antiquities of Boston, the Capital of Massachusetts, and the Metropolis of New England, from its first settlement in 1630 to 1770. Also an Introductory History of the Discovery and Settlement of New England. Royal 8vo, pp. 800, with numerous plates, facsimiles, pedigrees, &c., half morocco, marbled leaves. £1. 16s Boston, U.S. 1856

This copy has portraits and pedigrees not in the usual published copies. 76 AMHURST (N., of St. John's Coll. Oxford) Poems on several Occasions.

8vo, calf. 38


77 AMORIS Effigies sive quid sit Amor? Efflagitanti responsum Rob. Waring. 18mo, neat. 38 1637

78 AMOS (Andrew) The Great Oyer of Poisoning, the Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury in the Tower of London. Thick 8vo, 2 portraits, cloth.



79 AMYOT (Thomas) Inventory of Effects formerly belonging to Sir John Fastolfe. 4to (from the Archæologia), cloth. 28 6d


80 ANALECTA, or a Collection of some of the Choicest Notions and what seemed most remarkable in more than forty Authors, by T. B. 8vo, calf. 38


81 ANCIENT Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters explained, with Account of the Egyptian Priests. Translated from the Arabic by Joseph Hammer. Small 4to, boards. 68


82 ANCIENT Critical Essays upon English Poets and Poesy, by Puttenham, Gascoigne, Harvey, Spenser, King James, Webb, Harrington, Meres, Campion, Daniel, and Bolton. Edited by Jos. Haslewood. 2 vols. 4to, boards, but 220 printed, scarce. £2.58


83 ANCIENT Metrical Tales, printed chiefly from original sources. Edited by Rev. Chas. Henry Hartshorne. Post 8vo, half calf. 158 1829

This copy has numerous collations and important corrections from the original MSS. at Cambridge and Oxford.

84 ANCIENT Scottish Melodies, from a Manuscript of the reign of King James VI., with Introductory Enquiry illustrative of the History of the Music of Scotland. By W. Dauney. 4to, many with musical notes, boards.


Edinb. 1838 85 ANCIENT Scottish Poems, published from the Manuscript of Geo. Bannatyne, 1568. 8vo, calf. 58 Edinb. 1770 86 ANCIENT TAPESTRIES.-Le Tapisserie de Bayeux, representant la Conquête de l'Angleterre par les Normands-de Berne-de Aix-d'Aulhac -de Dijon-de Rheims-de Valenciennes-de Nancy-de Beauvais -du Louvre-et de l'Eglise de la Chaise Dieu gravure au traite de Sansonetti, texte par Jubinal. 9 parts, COMPLETE in one vol. oblong folio, 123 fine plates in outline, and many woodcuts, half bound in russia, gilt leaves. £8. 8s Paris, 1838

A very interesting work to the Artist and Archeologist. 87 ANCIENT TAPESTRY.-Tapisserie de Nancy ayant appartenu a Charles le Téméraire, Duc de Bourgogne, edite par Jubinal. Oblong folio, 6 interesting plates, boards. 78 6d

88 ANCIENT TAPESTRY.-Tapisseries de Valenciennes, du Chateau d'Haroué, et de la Collection de Sommerard, représentant un Tournois au 15 Siecle, et des Chasses au Faucon au 16 Siecle. Oblong folio, 6 interesting plates, boards. 8s 6d

89 ANCIENT Tracts concerning the Management of Landed Property reprinted (as Sir Ant. Fitzherbert's Book of Husbandry and Surveying, 1539; Xenophon's Treatise of Householde). 8vo, neat.

58 1769 90 ANCIENT POEMS.-The Nutbrowne Maid; The Turnament of Totenham and the Feest; The Tale of the Basyn and the Frere and the Boy; Songs and Carols. Handsomely printed in large gothic type, by C. Whittingham. 4 vols. sq. 12mo, sewed. 138 6d Pickering, 1836 Very few sets of these curious pieces were printed: edited from the original MSS. with copious Introductory Notes and Glossaries by T. Wright.

91 ANCILLON, Vie de Soliman II., Emp. des Turcs. 12mo, port. 28 1706 92 ANECDOTA Literaria: a Collection of short Poems in English, Latin,

and French, illustrative of the Literature and History of England in the 13th Century; and more especially of the Condition and Manners of the different Classes of Society. By T. Wright, M.A., F.S.A., &c. 8vo, cloth, only 250 printed. 58


93 ANDERSON (Robert, the Cumberland Bard) Poetical Work's, with Life of the Author, written by himself, and Essay on his Style and Conius. By Tho. Sanderson. 2 vols. 12mo, boards. 48 6d Carlisle, 1820

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