3971 LATREILLE.-Familles Naturelles du Regne Animal. 8vo, calf extra. 48 6d

1825 3972 LATROBE (Rev. C. I.) Journal of a Visit to South Africa, with some Account of the Missionary Settlements of the United Brethren near the Cape of Good Hope. 4to, map and coloured plates, bds. 68 1823 2973 LAUD (Archbishop of Canterbury) History of his Troubles and Tryal, written by himself during his Imprisonment in the Tower. Edited by Wharton. Folio, portrait, calf. 188


3974 LAUD.-Letter sent by William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, with divers Manuscripts, to the University of Oxford, with the Answer the University sent him. 4to. half calf. 48 1641 3975 L'AULNAYE (M. de) de la Saltation Theatrale, ou Recherches sur l'Origine, le Progres, et les Effets de la Pantomime chez les Anciens. 8vo, plates (one wanting) neat. 38 6d 1790 3976 LAURENS (J. B.) Souvenirs d'un Voyage d'Art à l'Ile de Majorque. Imp. 8vo, 55 plates, sewed. 78 6d Paris, 1840 3977 LAURENT (P. M.) Résume de l'Histoire de la Philosophie. 12mo, new, half green morocco extra, by Hayday. 4s 6d 3978 LAVATER (L.) De Spectris Lemuribus et magnis atque insolitis fragoribus, a curious work on spirits. 12mo. vellum. 4s 6d Genev. 1580 3979 LAVATER (J. Caspar) Aphorisms of Man. 12mo, frontispiece engraved by Blake, half calf gilt. 38



3980 LAVATER, Trois Livres des Apparitions des Esprits, Fantosmes, Prodiges et Accidens Marveilleux qni precedent souventes fois la Mort de quelque personnage renommé. 12mo, neat. 78 6d Zurich, 1581 3981 LAVELEYE (Emile de) Histoire de la Langue et de la Littérature Provençales. Royal 8vo, sewed. 68 Bruxelles, 1845


3982 A BOOK of Presidents, exactly written in manner of a Register. BLACK LETTER, small 8vo, calf neat. 78 6d Lond. R. Tottyl, 1559 3983 A MODEST PLEA for an equal Commonwealth against Monarchy, also an Apology for Younger Brothers, the Restitution of Gavelkind, &c. 12mo, MS. note as to the Author, boards. 38 6d 1659 3984 AN ALPHABETICAL Collection of Maxims, Principles, or Rules, Definitions, and Memorable Sayings, in Law and Equity. 12mo, old calf. 28 3985 ARGUMENT (a learned and necessary) to prove that each Subject hath a Propriety in his Goods. 4to, new, half calf. 28 3986 ARTICULI ad Narrationes novas pertin formati. Small 8vo, BLACK LETTER, boards. 38 Tho. Bertheletus, 1530 3987 BECK'S Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. Edited by Dunlop. 8vo, best edition, calf gilt. 68




3988 BLACKSTONE'S (W.) Commentaries on the Laws of England. 4 vols. 8vo, neat. 38 1766

3989 BLACKSTONE'S (Sir W.) Law Tracts-Collateral ConsanguinityLaw of Descents-The Great Charter of King John-Charter of the Forest, and other ancient Instruments. 2 vols. 8vo, plates of seals, calf neat.


Oxford, 1762

Defence of 3s 1838

3990 BOWYER (Geo.) Dissertation on the Statutes of the Cities of Italy, and Translation of the Pleading of Prospero Farinacio in Beatrice Cenci and her Relatives, with Notes. 8vo, cloth. 3991 BRIDGMAN (R. W.) Reflections on the Study of the Law. calf. 28

8vo, half


3992 BRISSONII (B.) Selectarum ex Jure Civile Antiquitatem Libri IV., eiusdem ad Legem Juliam de Adulteriis, de Solutionibus et Liberationibus, de Riti Nuptiarum et de Jure Connubiorum. Small 8vo, vellum. 38


3993 BRISSONII (B. Selectarum ex Jure Civili Antiquitatum Libri IV., eiusdem ad Legem Juliam de Adulteriis, &c. 8vo, vellum. 3s 6d

Antw. 1595 3994 BROWNLOW (R.) Declarations and Readings in English, being the most authentique form of Proceeding in Courts of Law. 4to, fine portrait by Crosse, calf. 38 6d 1652 3995 BRUNNEMANNI (Jo.) Commentarius, in duodecim libros, Codicis Justinianei. Thick folio, of above 1400 pages, engraved title, vellum. 78 6d Lipsia, 1672 3996 BRUNNEMANNI (Jo.) Commentarius, in quinquaginta libros, Pandectarum et autore vivis erepta ejus mandato publici juris factum, à Sam. Strykio. Thick folio, of above 1500 pages, engraved title, vellum. 78 6d Francof. 1692 3997 BRUNQUELLI (Jo. Salom.) Opuscula ad Historiam et Jurisprudentiam Spectantia Collegit atque, edidit D. H. Jo. Otto Koenig. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 78 6d Hal. Magd. 1774 3998 BRYDALL (John) Law of England relating to the Nobility and Gentry. 8vo, calf, very neat. 38 6d 1675 3999 BUCKINGHAM'S (J. S.) Report of the Action for Libel, Buckingham versus Bankes, 1826. 8vo, boards. 4000 CALVINI (Johannis) Magnum Lexicon Juridicum Juris nimirùm Cæsarei simul Canonici Feudalis item Civilis Criminalis. 2 vols. folio, FINE COPY, old calf, gilt backs. 128 Coloniæ, 1734 4001 CODE NAPOLEON.-Edition conforme aux changemens adoptés par les Corps Legislatifs le 3 Sep. 1807. 8vo, boards. 38 6d Paris, 1807 4002 COMPENDIUM of the Laws and Government, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military, of England, Scotland, and Ireland. By H. Curson, of the Inner Temple. 8vo, good copy, calf. -48



With a compendious description of the English Plantations in Asia, Africa, and America. 4003 DEINOLOGY, or the Union of Reason and Elegance, being Instructions to a young Barrister. By Hortensius. 8vo, half calf. 28 1789 4004 DIALOGUE, in English, between a Doctor of Divinitie and a Student in the Lawes of England. 12mo, BLACK LETTER, good copy, calf, gilt leaves. 58 R. Tottil, 1593 4005 DISCOURSE on the Judicial Authority belonging to the Office of the Master of the Rolls in the High Court of Chancery. 8vo, portrait of Sir J. Jekyll inserted, very neat. 4s 1728 4006 FERDINANDI Abduensis contra jurisprudentiæ vituperatores. 12mo, vellum, very rare. 4s 6d Apud Aldi filiis, Venet. 1546 4007 FITZ-HERBERT (Anthony) The New Natura Brevium, with the Authorities and Cases in the Books of Reports, and Commentary by Lord Hale. 4to, calf. 58

1755 4008 FORTESCUE (Sir John) The Difference between an Absolute and Limited Monarchy, as more particularly regards the English Constitution. 8vo, LARGE PAPER, calf neat. 58


4009 GAVELKIND.-Consuetudines Kanciæ. A History of Gavelkind, and other Remarkable Customs, in the County of Kent. By Charles Sandys, Esq. F.S.A. (Cantianus). Illustrated with facsimiles, a handsome volume, cloth. 158


4010 GAVELKIND.-Somner (W.) Treatise of Gavelkind, both Name and
Thing, shewing the true Etymologie and Derivation of the one, the
Nature, Antiquity, and Original of the other; with Observations,
pleasant and profitable to be known, of Kentish Men and others.
4to, best edition, frontispiece, half calf. 68
4011 HARGRAVE (Francis) Juridical Arguments and Collections. 2 vols.
4to, calf. 98


4012 HIGH TREASON.-Collection of Statutes now in force relating to
High Treason. 12mo, morocco. 38


This curious little volume was quoted and admitted as the real law of high
treason in the trial of Frost and his associates.

4013 HOUARD (M.) Anciennes Loix des François, conservées dans les
Coutumes Angloises, recueilles par Littleton. 2 vols. 4to, half calf.
Rouen, 1779
4014 INDEX to the Statutes, Public and Private, 1801-1839. Thick folio,
new, half calf.
Printed for the House of Lords, 1840


A most useful volume to the Legal Practitioner and Topographer, for the
information it gives respecting Personal and Private Acts.

4015 INTRATIONUM liber omnibus legum Anglie studiosis apprime neces-
sarius in se complectens diversas formes placitorum tam realium per-
sonalium, &c. Folio, BLACK LETTER, calf neat, very scarce. 88 6d
Londini, Henricus Smythe, 1546


Alchorne's copy, printed in 1510, sold for £13. 13s.
4016 JENKINS (Judge) on the Antiquity, Extent, Practice, and Jurisdiction
of several Country Corporation Courts, especially the Court Leet,
Bounding of Manors, Lands, &c. 12mo, calf neat. 58
4017 JUSTINIANI Institutionum libri quatuor. 12mo, printed in the Elzevir
style, LARGE PAPER, calf gilt. 98
Lug. Bat. 1668
4018 LAMBARD (William) Archion, or a Commentary upon the High
Courts of Justice in England. 8vo, old calf. 28
4019 LEGES Longobardorum cum Argutissimis glossis D. Caroli de Tocco.
8vo, Gothic letter, vellum. 58
Venetis, 1537
4020 LIBER Brevium, a Manuscript of the XVIIth Century, in the Court
hand. Thick folio, half calf. 68

4021 LITTLETON.-Les Tenures. 12mo, BLACK LETTER, interleaved
with numerous manuscript notes, old calf. 38 6d
4022 LYTTELTON Tenures, in Englysshe. 8vo, BLACK LETTER, old cf. 38
Printed at London, in Paule's Church Yearde, at the sygne of the
Mayden's Heed, by Tho. Petyt, N.D.
4023 MADOX'S (Thomas) Formulare Anglicanum, or a Collection of Ancient
Charters and Instruments of divers kinds, taken from the Originals.
Folio, calf neat. 158

4024 MADOX (Thomas) Baronia Anglica, an History of Land Honours,
and Baronies, and of Tenure in Capite, verified by Records. Folio,
half calf. 128
4025 MADOX'S History and Antiquities of the Exchequer. 2 vols. 4to,
BEST EDITION, half calf. 188
4026 MAGNA CHARTA.-The Great Charter, with divers olde Statutes,
translated out of Latyn and Frenshe, by Geo. Ferrers. 8vo, BLACK
London, Tho. Petyt, 1542
4027 MAGNA CHARTA, cum Statutis. BLACK LETTER, 8vo, old calf. 38
London. R. Tottel, 1576
(Norman-French) in the 17th Cen-


4028 MANUSCRIPT.-Old Law Cases
tury. 4to, old vellum. 38

4029 MANUSCRIPT.-Minutes of the Proceedings of the Commissioners of the Great Seal, to take a Survey of the Officers attending the Assizes in the Home Circuit, and to Enquire into the Fees, 1734-5. Folio, neatly written. 58

4030 MANUSCRIPT.-Hindu Law. Opinions upon Points of Hindu Law, more particularly to "Inheritance," by Sir Thos. Strange, Feb. 15, 1820. A Transcript of Original, with Index (by R. Orme). 4to. 38 4031 MANUSCRIPT.-English Laws. A Treatise on the Laws of England. Written by a Native of Somersetshire, about 1600. 12mo, neat, in half calf. 38

4032 MANUSCRIPT.-Law. A thick folio volume, on Points of Law and Constitution, Prerogative, Peerage, Precedency, Ecclesiastical Matters, &c. &c. 78 6d about 1700 4033 MIRROUR of Justices. Written originally in the old French, long before the Conquest, and many things added by Andrew Horne. Translated by W. Hughes, of Gray's Inn. 12mo, cloth. 28 1840 A curious, interesting, and authentic treatise on ancient English Law. 4034 NOVE NARRATIONES-Diversite de Courtes et leur Jurisdictions -Justice of Peace-The Chartulary-Modus tenendi curiam Baronum. GOTHIC LETTER, 12mo, curious little vol. old calf. 58

Prentyd by W. Rastell, Fletestreete, 1534

4035 PARKES (Joseph) History of the Court of Chancery. Thick 8vo, boards. 58

1828 4036 PHILLIPS (H.) The Grandeur of the Law; an exact Collection of the Nobility and Gentry who have acquired Honours and Estates by the Law. 8vo, portrait of North, Lord Guildford, calf. 38 6d 1684 4037 SELDEN'S Privileges of the Baronage of England, when they sit in Parliament. 12mo, calf. 28 6d 1641 4038 SELDEN (John) Tracts, viz. :-Jani Anglorum facies altera, rendered into English, with large Notes, by R. Westcot-England's Epinomis -Of the Original of Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions of Testaments-Of the Disposition or Administrations of Intestates' Goods. Folio, portrait, half calf. 38 6d

1683 4039 SHEPPARD (W.) The Faithful Councellor, or the Marrow of the Law, in English. 4to, calf. 28 6d 1651 4040 SPELMAN (Sir Henry) Of the Law Terms, a Discourse, wherein the Laws of the Jews, Grecians, Romans, Saxons, and Normans, are fully explained. 12mo, old calf. 28

1684 4041 SUGDEN (Sir Edward, now Lord St. Leonard's) Practical Treatise of the Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Estates. 11th edition, very thick royal 8vo, half calf. 78 6d




4042 SWINBURN (Henrie) Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Last Willes. 4to, vellum. 4043 TOPICS in the Laws of England apt for Argument, also an Exposition of several Words not touched by former Glossaries. 12mo, vel. 3s 1646 4044 TWO DIALOGUES, in English, between a Doctour of Divinity and a Student in the Laws of England, of the Grounds of the Law, and of Conscience. 12mo, BLACK LETTER, calf. 28


4045 WILLIAM'S (Walter) Jus Appellandi ad Regum Ipsum a Cancellaria, or a Manifestation of the King's Power and Part to relieve his Subjects against Erroneous and Unjust Decrees in Chancery. 12mo, very neat. 38 6d


4046 THE YOUNG CLERK'S GUIDE, or exact Collection of Choice English Presidents. By Sir R. H. Counsellor. Thick 12mo, calf. 28 1650

4047 LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas, President of the Royal Academy) Life and Correspondence. By D. E. Williams, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo, 2 portraits, boards. 78 6d



4048 LAWSON (Matthew). A few Exercises, composed on various Public Occasions. 4to, half calf, PRIVATELY PRINTED. 28 4049 LAYS of the Minnessingers, or German Troubadours of the 12th and 13th Centuries, illustrated by Specimens of the contemporary Lyric Poetry of Provence and other parts of Europe, with Historical and Critical Notices by Edgar Taylor. Post 8vo, plates, bds. 88 6d 1825 4050 LEACH (Edmund) Treatise of Universal Inland Navigation, and the use of all sorts of Mines. 8vo, plates, half calf. 38


1791 4051 LEARNING at a LOSS, or the Amours of Mr. Pedant and Miss Hartley. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, calf gilt. 38 4052 LE BLANC (M. L.) Histoire des Naufrages comprenant ceux de la Perouse, Navigation de la Meduse et autres Naufrages célèbres, suivie d'une notice sur la Navigation dangereuse de M. Dumont d'Urville dans les Mers Australes. Royal 8vo, plates, sewed. 4s Paris, 1850 4053 LE BRUYN (Cornelius) Travels into Muscovy, Persia, and part of the East Indies. Folio, numerous plates by Picart, old calf. 128 1737 4054 LECLUSE (M.) Elemens d'Odontologie, contenant l'Anatomie de la Bouche. 12mo, half calf. 48 1754 4055 LE DROIT au Travail au Luxembourg et à l'Assemblée Nationale, par De Lamartine, Thiers, Louis Blanc, Dufaure, &c. &c., avec une Introduction par Emile de Girardin. 2 vols. 12mo, sewed. 48


Paris, 1849 4056 LEGEND of Mary Queen of Scots, and other Ancient Poems, now first published from MSS. of the 16th Century, with an Introduction and Notes. 8vo, boards. 38 4057 LEGENDE Catholicæ, a Lytle Boke of Seyntlie Gestes (Pope Gregory, St. Margaret, St. Katherine, Mary Magdalen, Joachim, and Anne). Edited by W. B. Turnbull. Square 12mo, only 40 copies, and not printed for sale, half calf, uncut. £1. 4s-Another, whole blue morocco, gilt leaves. £1. 88 Edinb. 1840 4058 LEGENDE (La) de Charles, Cardinal de Lorraine et de ses Frères, de la Maison de Guise, par Françoise de l'Isle. 12mo, half bound.


Reims, 1579

4059 LEICESTER (Earl of).—The Copie of a Letter to the Earle of Leycester, Lieut.-Gen. of her Maiesties Forces in the Lowe Countreys. Written before, but delivered at his returne from thence. 4to, morocco extra, gilt leaves, rare. 128

1586 4060 LEICESTER (Earl of).-Life of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, the Eavourite of Queen Elizabeth. 8vo, portrait, neat. 38 1727


4060*BURTON (William) Description of Leicestershire, containing Matters of Antiquitye, Historye, Armorye, and Genealogy. Folio, engraved title and portrait by Delaram, map, and cuts of arms, good copy, old calf. £1. 48 4061 BURTON'S Leicestershire.-Another copy. Folio, fine portrait and engraved title by Delaram, wanting map, calf extra, gilt leaves. 1662

£1. 148


4062 BURTON'S Leicestershire. Folio, wants tiile, a leaf, and plates, neat.

78 6d.


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