4128 LIFE, Poetry, and Letters of Ebenezer Elliott, the Corn-Law Rhymer (of Sheffield). Edited by his Son-in-Law, John Watkins. Post 8vo, cloth (an interesting volume). 3s (original price 78 6d) 1850 4129 LIGHT'S (Capt. Henry) Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Libanon, and Cyprus, in the year 1814. 4to, many plts. bds. 58 1818 4130 LINACRI (Thomæ) De Emendata Structura, Latini Sermonis. 8vo, vellum. Aldus, 1557


The author, one of the most eminent scholars of his time, was physician to King Henry VII. and VIII., and preceptor to Prince Arthur.




4131 HOWLETT'S (B.) Selection of Views in the County of Lincoln. Royal 4to, 76 fine plates. first and choice impressions, boards. 13s-Another, half russia. 1805 4132 POLL BOOK for Southern Division of Lincolnshire, with Addresses, Speeches, &c. 12mo, cloth. 28 Sleaford, 1841 4133 STONEHOUSE (Rev. W. B.) History and Topography of the Isle of Axholme (being that part of Lincolnshire west of Trent). 4to, maps, plates, and woodcuts, half morocco, gilt top. £1. 48 1839 4134 THOMPSON (Pishey) Topographical and Historical Account of Boston and the Hundred of Skirbeck, Lincolnshire. Royal 8vo, plates and woodcuts, boards. 68 4135 BOSTON.-Thompson (Pishey) History and Antiquities of Boston and the Villages of Skirbeck, Fishtoft, Frieston, Butterwick, Benington, Leverton, Leake, and Wrangle. Royal 8vo, pp. 900, illustrated with 100 engravings, cloth. £1. 11s 6d-FOLIO, LARGE PAPER, cloth. £3. 38 Boston, 1856 4136 VISITOR'S Guide to and History of Crowland Abbey. Small 8vo, plan, cloth. 18 6d 1839 4137 SOME ACCOUNT of Coyland Abbey, Lincolnshire, from MSS. and Drawings of Rev. W. Stukeley, read at the Leicestershire Architectural Society, by Rev. John M. Gresley. 4to, curious plates. 5s 1856 4138 ANGLO-SAXON Version of the Life of St. Guthlac, Hermit of Croyland, now first printed, with a Translation by C. W. Goodwin. 12mo, cloth. 58



4139 STARK'S History and Antiquities of Gainsborough. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, plates, cloth. 1843 4140 TURNOR (Edmund) Collections for the History of the Town and Soke of Grantham, with authentic Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton. 4to, map and plates, boards.



4141 SHUTE (Christopher) Sermon at the Solemn Funeral of that worthy Gentleman Sir William Armyne, Baronet, of Lenton, in Lincolnshire. 4to, half calf.


1658 4142 STARK'S History of the Bishopric of Lincoln, from its origin to and endowment at Sidnacester until the removal of the seat of the See to Lincoln. Thick 8vo, cloth, very few printed. 128


4143 HUGH OF LINCOLN-.A Collection of all the known Ballads and Poems in Latin, Norman, and English, respecting Hugh of Lincoln, a boy alleged to have been murdered by the Jews there in 1255, with Historical Notes investigating the whole Tradition. By Dr. Abr. Hume. 8vo, sewed. 28


4144 ILLINGWORTH (Rev. Cayley) Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton, and Roman Antiquities discovered there; also, Anecdotes of the Family of Bolle. 4to, plates, boards. 98 1810

4145 RELIQUIÆ Galeanæ, or Miccllaneous Pieces by the learned Brothers Roger and Samuel Gale, with an Account of the Gentlemen's Society at Spalding, being an Introduction to the Reliquiæ Galeanæ, 1784. 3 vols. in 2, 4to. boards, scarce. £1.58

Nichols, 1786 4146 RELIQUIE Galeanæ. Part I. only. Boards. 38 ib. 1781 4147 BUTCHER (Richard) Survey and Antiquity of the Town of Stamford, in the County of Lincoln, and Tottenham High Cross, in Middlesex; with the Tournament of Tottenham, or the Wooing, Winning, and Wedding of Tibbe, the Reve's Daughter, there. 8vo, FINE COPY, in brown calf. 78 6d 1717

4148 PECK'S (Rev. Francis) Antiquarian Annals of Stamford, in Lincoln, Rutland, and Northampton Shires, Folio, frontispiece and plates, neat, half calf (little stained on the bottom margin). £1. 1s 1727 4149 BURTON (Geo.) Chronology of Stamford, compiled from Peck, Butcher, Hargrave, Harrod, Drakard, Parliamentary Reports, &c. 12mo, frontispiece and pedigree of the Cecil family, cloth. 38 6d


Hull, 1836

4150 ANDREW (W.) History of Winterton and adjoining Villages in the Northern Division of Manley, Lincolnshire. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 6d 4151 BOTELER'S (Edward, Rector of Wintringham) No Home but Heaven; a Sermon at the Funeral of the Worshipful Lady Sybilla Anderson, in the Church of Broughton. 12mo, frontispiece of the Anderson Arms, new, calf extra, rare. 158


4152 LINDENBROGII (Esp.) Scriptores Rerum Germanicarum Septentrionalium Viciniorumque Populorum Veteres diversi. Edidit Jo. A. Fabricii. Folio, sewed. 10s 6d-half calf. 158 Hamburgi, 1706 4153 LINDLEY (Professor) Flora Medica; a Botanical Account of all the more important Plants used in Medicine in different parts of the World. Thick 8vo, cloth. 98 (pub. at 188)




4154 LINDSAY (Rev. John) Voyage to the Coast of Africa in 1758, and Account of the Expedition and Taking of Goree, under the Hon. A. Keppel. 4to, maps and plates, neat, in half calf. 48 6d 1759 4155 LINDSAY'S Voyage to the Western Coast of Africa in 1758. 4to, plates (two wanting) half morocco. 4156 LINDSAY (Lord) Progression by Antagonism, a Theory involving considerations touching the present Position, Duties, and Destiny of Great Britain. Svo, cloth. 1846 4157 LINNEUS and other Naturalists' Correspondence. Edited from the original MSS. by Sir Jas. Edw. Smith, the Botanist. 2 vols. 8vo, facsimiles, boards. 48 6d 1821 4158 LIPPI (Lorenzo) Il Malmantile racquistato di Perlone Zipoli colle note di Puccio Lamoni del' Salvini e del Biscioni. 4 vols. in 2, 4to, frontispiece and portrait, sewed. 6s 6d


Prato, 1815 4159 LIPSII (Justi) Philosophia et Physiologia Stoica. Thick 18mo, very neat. 38


4160 LIPSII (Justii) De Bibliothecis Syntagma, Antw. 1602-Dispunctio Notarum Mirandulani Codices ad Corn. Tacitum, 1602 In one vol. small folio, vellum. 38

4161 LISTER.-The Autobiography of Joseph Lister (a Nonconformist), of Bradford, Yorkshire, with a contemporary Account of the Defence of Bradford and the Capture of Leeds, by the Parliamentarians, in 1642. Edited by Thos. Wright, F.S.A. 8vo, cloth. 28


4162 LISIANSKY (Captain Urey) Voyage round the World, in the Years 1803, 4, 5, & 6, by order of Alexander, the first Emperor of Russia, in the Ship Neva. Portrait, maps and plates, boards. 48 6d 1814 4163 LITERATURE of the Troubadours.-Histoire de la Poésie Provençale, par M. Fauriel, publié par J. Mohl, Membre de l'Institut de France. 3 vols. 8vo, new, sewed. 14s (original price £1. 48) 1846 A valuable work, and forms a fit companion to the Literary Histories of Hallam, Ticknor, and Ginguene. J. R. S. is the only agent in London for the sale of it, at the above moderate price.

4164 LITERARY Anecdotes and Reminiscences, during the last half century, with "Porsoniana," or Memoirs of Professor Porson. Edited from the MS. Collection of E. H. Barker, Esq., of Thetford, with an original Memoir of the Author. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (a curious book). 128

1852 4165 LITTLE BOOK of Songs and Ballads, gathered from Ancient Music Books, MS. and printed, by E. F. Rimbault, LL.D., F.S.A., &c. Elegantly printed in post 8vo, pp. 240, half morocco. 68


Dr. Rimbault has been at some pains to collect the words of the songs which used to delight the rustics of former times.-Atlas.

4166 LIVELIE (Edward, Reader of the Holy Tongue at Cambridge) a True Chronologie of the Times of the Persian Monarchie to the Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romanes. Small 8vo, vellum. 58 London, 1597 4167 LIVES of those eminent Antiquaries, Leland, Hearne, and Wood, with Account of their Writings and Publications. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, calf neat. 98 6d Oxford, 1772 4168 LIVES of all the Lords Chancellors, Lords Keepers, and Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, more particularly of Clarendon, and Bulstrode Lord Whitlock. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf. 4s 6d 1712 4169 LIVES of British Physicians. 12mo, ports. cl. 28 Family Library, 1830 4170 LIVINGSTONE'S (Dr. David) Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa. Thick Svo, many plates, cl. 10s 6d (pub. at £1. 18) 1857 4171 LLEWELLIN (M.) Men-Miracles, with other Poems. By M. L. L. St. of Ch. Ch. in Oxon. 12mo, calf neat. 78 6d 1656 4172 LLOYD (David) Modern Policy Compleated, or the Public Actions and Councils, Civil and Military, of the Lord General Monck. 12mo, calf, fine clean copy. 58

1660 4173 LLOYD'S (Professor) Lectures on Population, Value, Poor Laws, and Rent, delivered in the University of Oxford, during the Years 1832 to 1836. 8vo, cloth. 4s


1837 4174 LLOYD (Lod.) The Stratagems of Jerusalem, with the Martial Lawes and Militarie Discipline as well of the Jewes as of the Gentiles. 4to, vellum. 4s 6d 4175 LOCCENII (Jo.) Antiquitatum Sveo-Gothicarum libri tres in quibus prisci Sveonum et Gothorum mores status regni atque instituta cum hodiernis pro re nata comparantur. Svo, calf. 58 Upsaliæ, 1670 4176 LOCCENIO (Jo.) Sveciæ Regni Leges Provinciales et Leges Civiles aut Civitatum. In 1 vol. thick 8vo, vellum. 68 Londini, Scanorum, 1675 4177 LOCH (James) Memoir of George Granville, first Duke of Sutherland. Royal 4to, portrait and plates, NOT PUBLISHED, cloth. 128 1834 4178 LOCKE'S (John) Whole Works. 3 vols. folio, portrait, calf neat. 1740 4179 LOCKE (John) Works, with Life of the Author. 3 vols. folio, portrait, GOOD COPY, calf neat. £1. 1s -1751


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4180 LOCKHART PAPERS, containing Memoirs and Commentaries upon the Affairs of Scotland, from 1702 to 1715, by Geo. Lockhart; his secret Correspondence with the Son of King James the Second, from 1718 to 1728; and Journals and Memoirs of the Young Pretender's Expedition in 1745. 2 vols. 4to, very neat, in calf gilt. £1. 48— ANOTHER, half calf, marbled leaves. £1. 18 1817 4181 LOCKHART'S (of Carnwath) Memoirs concerning the Affairs of Scotland, from Queen Anne's Accession to the Throne to the Union in May 1707. 8vo, calf. 38 1717

4182 LODGE'S (E.) Illustrations of British History, Biography, and Manners, in the Reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, and James I. 3 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 148 1838 4183 LODGE (E.) Life of Sir Julius Cæsar, Judge of the Admiralty temp. Kings James and Charles I., with Memoirs of his Family and Descendants. 4to, 18 portraits and pedigrees, boards. 78 6d 1827 4184 LODOCLE (Antonii, Medici Olyssiponensis) De Occultis Proprietatibus. Folio, half calf, with curious woodcut initial letters. 58 1540 4185 LOEWE'S Dictionary of the Circassian Language, English-CircassianTurkish, and Circassian-English-Turkish. 8vo, sewed. 88 6d 1854 4186 LOLLI (Giambatista) Osservazioni teorico-pratiche sopra il giuoco degli Scacchi (Chess), ossia il giuoco degli Scacchi esposto nel suo miglior lume. Large 4to, calf. 68 Bologne 1763 4187 LOMBARDELLI (Gregoire) La Vie du bien hereux Franc Sienois, de l'ordre de Notre Dame du Mont Carmel, traduite en François. 8vo, portraits of Mary de Medici and Sienois, calf. 58 Brusselles, 1637 4188 LONDONDERRY'S (Marquess of) Story of the Peninsular War. 12mo, map and portraits, cloth. 38 1849

4189 LONG (Jacques le) Bibliothèque Historique de la France: contenant le Catalogue de tous les ouvrages tant imprimez que manuscrits qui traitent de l'Histoire de ce Royaume, ou qui y ont rapport, avec des Notes critiques et historiques. 2 vols. folio, LARGE PAPER, GOOD COPY, calf neat.


4190 LONG (George) Essay on the Moral Nature of Man.


Paris, 1719

8vo, cloth. 1841

4191 LONG (H. Lawes) on the March of Hannibal from the Rhone to the Alps. 8vo, map. 28 6d

1831 4192 LONGFELLOW (H.W.) The Golden Legend. 12mo, cloth. 38 6d 1852 4193 LONG PARLIAMENT.-Narrative of some Passages in, or relating to, the Long Parliament. By a Person of Honour (Dudley North). 12mo, calf. 38 1670

4194 LONG PARLIAMENT.-Some Sober Inspections made into the Carriage and Consults of the late Long Parliament. 12mo, boards. 28



4195 LONGWORTH (J. A.) A Year among the Circassians. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth. 1840 4196 LOPEZ (Domingo) Noticias Historicas de las tres Florentissimus Provincias del celeste orden de la Santissima Trinidad redempcion de captivos en Inglaterra, Escocia, y Hibernia. Folio (wanting 2 leaves) calf neat, scarce. 188

Madrid, 1714

4197 LORD (P. B.) Algiers; with Notices of the neighbouring States of Barbary. 2 vols. post 8vo, map and plate, cloth. 58 1835 4198 LORD High Steward of England, or Historical Dissertations on the Origin, Antiquity, and Functions of that Officer. 8vo, plate from an illuminated MS., half calf. 4s 6d


4199 LOREDANO (G. F.) Life of Adam. Rendered into English by J. S. 12mo, sewed. 38 1659 4200 LORET (J.) La Muse Historique, ou Recueil des Lettres, en Vers, contenant les Nouvelles du Temps ecrites à Duchesse de Nemours, revue sur les MSS. et les editions originales, avec Notes, &c. par Ravenel et De la Pelouze. Tom. 1, 1650-54, all yet printed, thick 8vo, 600 pages, sewed. 14s Paris, 1857 4201 LOSELEY Manuscripts and other rare Documents illustrative of some of the more minute particulars of English History, Biography, and Manners, from the reign of King Henry VIII. to James I., with Notes by A. J. Kempe. 8vo, plates, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1. 18) 1836 4202 LOUDON'S (J. C.) Arboretum et Fructiceum Britannicum, or the Trees and Shrubs of Britain Pictorially and Botanically delineated. 8 vols. 8vo, with nearly 3000 plates, cloth. £4. 48 (pub. at £10) 1844 4203 LOUDON'S (J. C.) Hortus Lignosus Londinensis, or Catalogue of all the Ligneous Plants round London. 8vo, cloth. 38 1838 4204 LOUDON'S (Mrs.) Philanthropic Economy, or the Philosophy of Happiness. 8vo, boards. 28

1835 4205 LOUNGER'S (The) Miscellany, or the Lucubratious of Abel Slug, Esq. (a Periodical Paper). Folio, COMPLETE, half calf. 38 1789 4206 LOUNGER aud Mirror (Periodical Papers). 6 vols. 12mo, uniformly bound in calf gilt. 48


4207 LOUNGER'S Common-Place Book, or Miscellaneous Collections in History, Criticism, Biography, Poetry, and Romance. 3 vols. 8vo (complete) half calf. 78 6d-boards. 88 6d


4208 LOVEDAY'S (R.) Letters, Domestic and Foreign. 12mo, portrait, extra boards. 28 6d

1659 4209 LOVELACE (Rich.) Lucasta Epodes, Odes, Sonnets, Songs. Edited by Singer. Part 1, 12mo, frontispiece, boards. 38 Chiswick, 1817 4210 LOVELL (Robert) Panzoologicomineralogia, Compleat History of

Animals and Minerals. Thick 8vo, old calf. 38 Oxford, 1661 4211 LOVE Letters of Mrs. Piozzi (formerly Mrs. Thrale, friend of Dr. Johnson) written when she was Eighty, to the handsome Actor, William Augustus Conway, aged Twenty-seven. 8vo, sewed. 28 1843 written at three, four, and five o'clock (in the morning) by an Octogenary pen, a heart (as Mrs. Lee says) twenty-six years old, and as H. L. P. feels it to be all your own."-Letter V. 3rd Feb. 1820.

"This is one of the most extraordinary collections of love epistles we have chanced to meet with, and the well-known literary reputation of the ladythe Mrs. Thrale, of Dr. Johnson and Miss Burney celebrity-considerably enhances their interest. The letters themselves it is not easy to characterise; nor shall we venture to decide whether they more bespeak the drivelling of dotage, or the folly of love; in either case they present human nature to us under a new aspect, and furnish one of those riddles which nothing yet dreamt of in our philosophy can satisfactorily solve.”—Polytechnic Review. 4212 LOWER'S (M. A.) English Surnames. An Essay on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous; with several illustrative Appendices. 2 vols. post 8vo, THIRD EDITION, ENLARGED, woodcuts, cloth. 128


This new and much-improved Edition, besides a great enlargement of the Chapters contained in the previous editions, comprises several that are entirely new, together with Notes on Scottish, Irish, and Norman Surnames. The "Additional Prolusions," besides the articles on Rebuses, Allusive Arms, and the Roll of Battel Abbey, contain Dissertations on Inn Signs, and Remarks on Christian Names; with a copious INDEX of many thousand names. These features render "English Surnames" rather a new work than a new edition.

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