358 BARBIER, Dictionnaire des Ouvrages Anonymes et Pseudonymes. 2 thick vols. 8vo, neat. 68

1806 359 BARCLAY (Jean) Tableau des Esprits par lequel, ou cognoist les humeurs des Nations, leurs advantages et défaux, les inclinations des hommes, tant à cause de leurs propres naturels que des conditions de leurs charges. 8vo, vellum.


Paris, 1625

360 BARCLAY, his Argenis, or the Loves of Polyarchus and Argenis. Translated from the Latin by K. Long. 4to, engraved title and plates, calf. 48 6d



361 BARCLAY'S Apology for the Quakers. 8vo, calf. 28 362 BARET (Michael) An Hipponomie, or the Vineyard of Horsmanship, Theorick and Practicke. 4to, good clean copy (but a few leaves wormed) vellum. 68

1618 363 BARGAGLI (Scipione) I Trattenimenti dove da vaghe donne e da giovani huomini rappresentati sono honesti e dilettevoli giuochi narrate Novelle e cantate alcune amorose Canzonette. 4to, FIRST EDITION, vellum. 78 6d Venetia, 1587 364 BARKER (Thos., of Bath) Thirty-two Lithographic Impressions from Pen Drawings of Landscape Scenery. Royal 4to, ONLY 50 COPIES PRINTED. Boards. £1. 18

1814 365 BARKER.-Literary Anecdotes and Contemporary Reminiscences of Professor Porson and others, from the Manuscript Papers of the late E. H. Barker, Esq., of Thetford, Norfolk; with an Original Memoir of the Author. 2 vols 8vo, cloth. 128 1852

A very singular book, full of strange stories and jests. 366 BARKER (W.B.) Lares and Penates, or Cilicia and its Governors from the Earliest Times, with Description of some Household Gods of the ancient Cilicians, broken up by them on their conversion to Christianity. Edited by W. F. Ainsworth. Svo, map and woodcuts, cloth. 4s 6d 1853 367 BARKSDALE (Clement) Monumenta Litteraria sive Obitus et Elogia doctorum virorum. 4to, half calf. 38 1640

368 BARKSDALE (C.) Remembrancer of excellent Men-Reynolds, Hooker, Featley, Bramhall, Taylor, &c. 12mo, half cf. sc. 58 1670 369 BARKSDALE'S (Clement) Memorials of Worthy Persons, in Five Decades. 12mo, collected together, and inlaid in 4to, newly half bound, russia, uncut. £2. 28


The contemporary Biography of a number of persons not to be found elsewhere; comprising Bp. Hall, Donne, Sir W. Cockain, Bodley, Geo. Herbert, Jewel, Usher, Hales, R. Evelyn, Lake, F. Peyto, Laud, Brandeston, Dod, Mede, Shute, Bacon, Jackson, Lady Falkland, Heylyn, Colet, Langley, Morton, More, Wotton, Bedel, the Bishop of Spalatro, Wheelock, Edward VI., Lady Jane Grey, Cheek, Whitgift, Hooker, Andrews, Brownrigg, Gataker, Hammond, and Bishop Smith.

370 BARNARDE (John, of Cambridge University).-The Tranquillitie of the Minde, a very excellent and most comfortable Oration, plainely directing every man and woman to the true tranquillitie and quyetnesse of their minde. Translated into English by Anthony Martin. Svo, BLACK LETTER, old calf. 188 1570

371 BARNES'S (Joshua) Gerania, a new Discovery of a little sort of People, called Pigmies. 12mo, calf. 28 1675

372 BARNES'S (Rev. W.) Philological Grammar. grounded upon English, and formed from a comparison of more than Sixty Languages, being an Introduction to the Science of Grammars of all Languages, especially English, Latin, and Greek. 8vo, pp. 322, cloth. 98 1854

373 BARNES'S (Rev. W.) Poems of Rural Life, in the Dorset Dialect, with a Dissertation and Glossary. Royal 12mo, SECOND EDITION, cloth. 108

1848 374 BARNES'S (Rev. W.) Poems, partly of Rural Life, in National English. 12mo, cloth. 58 1846 375 BARON'S (Robert) Pocula Castalia, the Author's Motto, Fortune's Tennis-Ball, Eliza, Poems, Epigrams, &c. 8vo, mor. gt. edges, 128 1650 376 BARRI (Christophoro) Cochin China, containing many admirable Rarities and Singularities of that Country, during a Residence of some Years. Published by Robert Ashley. 4to, hf. cf. RARE. 10s 6d 1633 377 BARRINGTON (Dr. Archibald) Plain Hints for understanding the Genealogy and Armorial Bearings of the Sovereigns of England, with Description of the different Styles of British Architecture. 12mo, plates, boards. 38


378 BARRINGTON (Daines) Miscellanies, viz., Tracts on the Possibility of reaching the North Pole; Accounts of Mozart, Charles Wesley, Samuel Wesley, Crotch, and Earl of Mornington; History of the Gwedir Family; Journal of a Spanish Voyage in 1775, to Explore the Western Coast of North America; and various others. 4to, plates, calf gilt. 78 -whole calf neat. 68

1781 379 BARROW (John) Visit to Iceland by way of Tronyem, in the Summer of 1834. Post Svo, plates and woodcuts, cloth. 38 1835 380 BARROW (John) Excursions in the North of Europe, through parts of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 6d 1835 381 BARROW'S (Sir John) Voyage to Cochin China in 1792 and 1793, and Journey to the Chief of the Booshnana Nation. 4to, 20 plates COLOURED, and map, boards. 98

1806 382 BARROW (William) Memoir of the Life and Services of the late William Barrow, H.M.S. Rose, Commander R.N. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 4s 6d 1850

383 BARROW Diggers: a Dialogue in imitation of the Grave Diggers in Hamlet, with Notes. 4to, many plates of articles found in Tumuli, in Dorsetshire, boards, very few printed. 7s 6d



384 BARRY'S (Dr. Martin) Ascent to the Summit of Mont Blanc, in 1834. 8vo, large folding plate, boards. 38 1836 385 BARTHE (N. T.) La jolie Femme, ou la Femme du Jour. 2 vols. small 8vo, calf gilt, SCARCE. Toulouse, 1776 386 BARTHOLOMEO, Musei Borgiani Velitris Codices Manuscripti Avenensis, Paguani, Siamici, animadversionibus accedunt monumenta inedita et cosmogonia Indico-Tibetana auctore P. Paulino, A. S. Bartholomæo. 4to, curious plates, half calf. 98 Roma, 1793 387 BARTHOLINI (Tho.) De Armillis veterum Schedion, accessit Ol. Wormii de aureo cornu Danico ad Licetum responsio. Thick 12mo, plates, uncut. 38 6d Amst. 1676 388 BARTHOLINI (Alb.) De Scriptis Danorum. Small 8vo, old calf. 38 Hafnia, 1666 389 BARTHOLINI (Thomas) De Libris Legendis Dissertations et de Vana Librorum pompa præfatus est Jo. G. Menschen. Small 8vo, some leaves wormed, old calf. 28 6d Francf. 1711 390 BARTOLI (Pietro Santi) Le Antiche Lucerne Sepolcrali figurate raccolte dalle Cave Sotteranee e Grotte di Roma, con l'Osservazioni di Gio P. Bellori. Folio, fine impressions of the numerous plates, half calf extra. Roma, 1729


391 BARTOLI Veterum Lucernæ Sepulchrales ex Italico in Latinum Sermonem transtulit Alex. Dukerus, numerous plates, Lug. Bat. 1728Bartoli, Veterum Sepulchra seu Mausoleo Romanorum et Etruscorum inventa in Urbe Roma numerous plates, ib. 1728. In 1 vol. folio, half calf. £1. ls


392 BARTSCH.-Anleitung zur Kupferstichkunde. 2 vols. 8vo, 11 plates, half calf gilt. 128 Wien. 1821 393 BARZAZ-BREIZ.-Chants Populaires de la Bretagne, recueillis et publiés avec une Traduction Française des Arguments, des Notes, et les Melodies originales. Par Th: Hersart de la Villemarqué. 2 vols. Svo, sewed. Paris, 1846 394 BASIRE (Rev. Dr. Isaac) Correspondence of, in the Reigns of Charles I. and II., with Memoir of his Life. By W. N. Darnell. 8vo, boards. 1831 395 BASNAGE.-Dissertation historique sur les Duels et les Ordres de Chevalrie, et Discours par P. Roques sur le même sujet. Svo, half calf. 38 6d Basle, 1740



396 BASSOMPIERRE (Marshal de) Memoirs of the Embassy to the Court of England in 1626. Translated, with Notes, by J. W. Croker. 8vo, boards. 38 6d 1819 397 BASTWICK and LILBURN.-A Just Defence Dr. John Bast wick against the Calumnies of Col. John Lilburn, and his false accusations, written in way of reply to a letter of Master Vicars, in which he desires to be satisfied concerning that reproach. 4to, vellum wrapper. 58 1645 398 BATTLE of OTTERBURN.-The History of the Battle of Otterburn, fought in 1388, with Memoirs of the Warriors who engaged in that Memorable Conflict. By Robert.White. Crown 8vo, hf. mor. 8s 1857 Comprising a brief sketch of the Armies of England during the fourteenth century, an account of the early condition and inhabitants of the Borders, several historical and romantic ballads; illustrated also by a map and plan of the camp, with a large variety of woodcuts representing heraldic bearings, antiquities, and scenery connected with the battle-field.

399 BATTY (E. F.) Italian Scenery, from Drawings made in 1817. Royal 8vo, 63 plates, GOOD IMPRESSIONS, with letterpress descriptions, calf gilt, marbled leaves. 158


400 BATTY Capt.) French Scenery, from Drawings made in 1819. Imperial 8vo, fine original impressions, russid extra, gilt leaves, the plates are slightly water-stained at the back corner. 168


401 BATTY (Capt.) German Scenery, from Drawings made in 1820. Imp. 8vo, good impressions of the 60 fine plates, cloth. 128


402 BATTY'S (Capt.) Campaign of the Left Wing of the Allied Army in the Western Pyrenees and South of France. 4to, 26 etchings by the author, boards.



403 BAXTER (W.) Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum. 8vo, portrait, calf. 48

1733 404 BAXTER (Thomas) An Illustration of the Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman Costume, with Descriptions. Royal 8vo, 40: plates, half russia gilt. 78 6d 1810 405 BAYARD.-Histoire de Pierre Terrail Seigneur de Bayart, dit le bon Chevalier sans puer et sans Reproche, suivie de recherches Genealogiques, par Alfred de Terrebassi. 8vo, calf gilt 48 Paris, 1828 406 BAYEUX (The) Tapestry Elucidated. By the Rev. John Collingwood Bruce, Author of the "Roman Wall." 4to, a handsome volume, illustrated with 17 COLOURED plates representing the entire Tapestry, half morocco. £1. 1s


407 BAYFII (Laz.) Annotationes in L. 11, de captivis et postliminio reversis, in quibus tractatur de re Navali, ejusdem annotationes in tractatum de auro et argento legibus quibus vestimentorum et vasculorum genera explicantur-Thylesii (An.) de Coloribus. 4to, woodcuts, neat, scarce. 108 6d 408 BAYLE'S Historical and Critical Dictionary, with Life by Des Maizeaux. 5 vols. folio, BEST EDIT. leather backs, edges uncut. £4.48 1734 409 BAYLE'S Historical and Critical Dictionary, selected and abridged from the great work. 4 vols. 12mo, calf neat. 14s

Paris, 1536


410 BAZIN (l'Abbé) La Philosophie de l'Histoire. 8vo, cf.nt. 38 Amst. 1765 411 BEATTY (Dr. W.) Authentic Narrative of the Death of Lord Nelson. 8vo, portrait and plate, new, half calf. 58



1807 412 BEAUFORT (Admiral Francis) Karamania, or Brief Description of the South Coast of Asia Minor, and of the Remains of Antiquity. 8vo, frontispiece, map and woodcuts, boards. 413 BEAUMONT (John) Bosworth Field, with a Taste of the Variety of the other Poems. 12mo, MS. title and one leaf wanting. 38 1629 414 BEAUMONT (Francis) Poems: The Hermaphrodite, the Remedy of

Love, Elegies, Sonnets, with other Poems. Small 8vo, portraits inserted, with collations in the handwriting of Joseph Haslewood, Esq., calf neat. 158 1653

Sold in Bindley's sale for £2. 5s.


415 BEAUMONT'S (G. D. Barber) Suggestions on the Ancient Britons. Svo, complete, cloth. 1854 416 BEAUMONT'S (John) Gleanings of Antiquities, containing an Essay for explaining the Creation and Deluge, according to the Sense of the Gentiles, and Discourse of Oracles, with Notes, and on Familiar Spirits. 8vo, calf. 58


417 BEAUTEMPS-BEAUPRE (C. T.) Introduction to the Practice of Nautical Surveying and Construction of Sea Charts, translated from the French by Capt. R. Copeland. 4to, plates, new, half calf. 98 1823 418 BEAUTY.-Discourse of Artificial Beauty in Point of Conscience between two Ladies. 12mo, frontispiece, half calf. 3s 1692

419 BEAUVAIS; ou Memoires des Pays, Villes, Evesques, Comté, Comtes, Pairrie, Commune et Personnes de Renom de Beauvais et Beauvases. Par M. Ant. l'Osiel. 4to, vellum.




Paris, 1617 420 BEAVAN'S (Rev. J.) Account of the Life and Writings of St. Irenæus. Svo, cloth. 58 6d 1841 421 BEAVER (Capt. Philip) African Memoranda relative to an Attempt to establish a British Settlement on the Island of Bulama, on the Western Coast of Africa, in 1792. 4to, cloth. 1805 422 BEBELIANI.-Opuscula, Epistolæ, Facetiarum, Proverbia Elegia, laus Musicæ, Novus liber facetiarum, Varia de rebus laetis et jucundis. 4to (wanting part of a leaf) good copy, vellum. 78 6d Argent. 1512 423 BECK (Dr. Theod.) Elements of Medical Jurisprudence. SECOND EDITION, with Notes of the latest Discoveries, by W. Dunlop. Thick 8vo, boards. 58-calf gilt. 63


424 BECKET (Thomas à).—Leben des St. Thomas von Canterbury, alt französisch, herausgegeben Imm. Bekker. 8vo, hf. cf. 58 Berlin, 1838 425 BECKET (Thomas à).-Vitæ et Epistolæ cum Epistolæ Gilberti Foliot et Herberti de Bosham Opera, edidit Giles. 8 vols. 8vo, FINE PAPER COPY (only 7 printed) cloth. £2. 28 1845

426 BECKET.-The Life, or the Ecclesiastical Historie of S. Thomas, Archb. of Canterbury. 8vo, calf, very scarce. 15s Collonia, 1639

427 BECKET (Thomas à).—Canda (Charles du) La Vie de S. Thomas, Archêvesque de Cantorbie, contenante une belle et mémorable Histoire du Roy et du Royaume d'Angleterre. 4to, vell. sc. 98 St. Omer, 1615 428 BECKET.-Epistolæ et Vita divi Thomæ Martyris et Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, opera J. F. Lupi. Thick 4to, neat. 128- Brux. 1682 429 BECKFORD'S (W.) Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaca and Batalha. 8vo, portrait, boards. 4s 6d 1835 430 BECKFORD (W.) Italy; with Sketches of Spain and Portugal. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 68


431 BECKFORD'S (W.) Vathek; translated from the original French. 8vo, boards. 38

1832 432 BECMANI (Christ.) Manuductio ad Latinam Linguam necnon de originibus Latinæ Linguæ. 2 vols. 8vo, calf neat. 48 Francof. 1672

433 BECQUEREL, Traite Experimental de l'Electricité et du Magnetisme.

3 vols. 8vo, sewed.



Paris, 1834 434 BEDE (Venerabilis) Opera Historica Minora cura Jos. Stevenson. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, boards. 1841 435 BEDE'S (Venerable) Ecclesiastical History of the English Nation; also Biographical Writings and Letters. Translated by Dr. Giles. 2 vols. 8vo, facsimiles, leather backs, uncut. 98 6d


1845 436 BEDE (Venerable) Historical Tracts, including the Lives of St. Cuthbert and other Saints, with a new English Translation, by the Rev. J. A. Giles. Royal 8vo, cloth. 1843 437 BEDÆ Presbyteri et Tredegarii Scholastici concordie ad Senioris Dagoberti difiniendam monarchiæ periodum atque ad primæ totius regum Francorum Stirpis Chronologian Stabiliendam, in duas partes divisa, quarum prior continet Historiam Ecclesiasticam Gentis Anglorum, cum Notis et Dissertationem de Annis Dagoberti Francorum regis eo nomine primi Auctore Petro Fra. Chiffletio, Soc. Jes. Presbytero. 4to, vellum, scarce. 108 6d Parisiis, 1681 438 BEDDOE'S (Dr. Thomas) Hygeia, or Essays, Moral and Medical, on the Causes affecting the Personal State of our Middling and Affluent Classes. 3 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, scarce. 98

Bristol, 1803 439 BEDELL (W., Bishop of Kilmore) Life of, by H. J. Monk Mason. 8vo, cloth. 4s 6d



440 LYSONS'S Topographical Account of Bedfordshire. 4to (from the Magna Britannia) plates, boards. 68 6d 1806

441 PARRY'S Illustrations of Bedfordshire. 4to, 6 plates, boards. 3s 1827 442 O'BRYNE'S Representive History of Bedfordshire, comprising Biographical and Genealogical Notices of Members of Parliament, from 1547 to 1847. Royal 8vo. 28 6d (pub. at 58)


443 REGISTER of the Electors to vote in the Choice of a Member of Parliament for this County. 4to, boards. 38 6d Bedf. 1832 444 FISHER (Thomas) Collections, Historical, Genealogical, and Topographical, for Bedfordshire. Royal 4to, consisting of 80 plates, engraved title, boards. £1. 1s


445 COLLECTIONS towards the History and Antiquities of Bedfordshire, viz., Puddington, Luton, and Dunstable. 4to, plates, bds. 78 6d 1783 446 SHAW (H.) History and Antiquities of the Chapel at Luton Park, a Seat of the Marquess of Bute. Royal folio, many fine plates, cloth. 16s-half bound. 188


The Chapel exhibits a splendid specimen of Gothic Architecture, which was totally destroyed in the late fire.

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