4558 MIRABILIS Annus, or the Year of Prodigies and Wonders, being a faithful and impartial Collection of Signs seen in the Heavens, Earth, and Waters. 4to, curious folding plate of 12 figures in compartments. 68 1661 4559 MISCELLANEOUS Pieces of Antient English Poesie, viz.: The Troublesome Raigne of King John, by Shakespeare; the Metamorphosis of Pigmalion's Image, and certain Satyres, and Scourge of Villanie, by John Marston. Small 8vo, half calf. 6s 6d 1764 4560 MISCELLANEA Poetica Anglicana, containing Ancient Critical Essays upon English Poets and Poesy, by Puttenham, Gascoigne, Spenser, Daniel, Meres, Bolton, and others. Edited by Haslewood. 2 vols. -England's Helicon, a Collection of Pastoral and Lyric Poems of Queen Elizabeth's Reign. Edited by Brydges and HaslewoodParadise of Dainty Devices. Edited by Brydges-Ludus Sacacchiæ, Chesse Play, a Prety and Pleasant Poeme of a Game of Chesse. By G. B. 1597. In 4 vols. 4to, bds. scarce. £3. 3s Reprinted 1811, &c. 4561 MISCELLANEOUS Antiquities; or, a Collection of curious Papers, either republished from scarce Tracts, or now first printed from original MSS. 4to, two parts, all printed PRIVATELY at Horace Walpole's press at Strawberry Hill, sewed. 68


4562 MITFORD'S (Rev. John) Cursory Notes on "Beaumont and Fletcher," as edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce; and on his "Few Notes on Shakespeare." 8vo, sewed. 28 6d


1856 4563 MITFORD.-Principles of Design in Architecture traced in Observations on Buildings. 8vo, half calf. 38 4564 MITFORD'S (Mary Russell) Recollections of a Literary Life; or Books, Places, and People. Second edition, complete in 2 vols. post 8vo, portrait, cloth (a very amusing book). 4s 6d (pub. at £1. 18) 1853 4565 MITFORD'S (William) History of Greece. Edited by Lord Redesdale and J. King. 8 vols. 8vo, LAST AND BEST EDIT. cloth. £1. 18 1838 4566 MITRE (The) a Sacred Poem. 8vo, MS. title, with some corrections and additions, half calf. 158 (1756)

38 6d

Written by the Rev. E. Perronet, Vicar of Shoreham, Kent. It was never published or any title printed for the book. From the Rev. T. Streatfield's collection. 4567 MODENA.-Discourse of the Dukedom of Modena, containing the Origine, Antiquity, Government, Manners, and Qualities of the People; as also the Temperature of the Climate, with the Nature and Fertility of the Soil. 4to, new, half calf. 1674 4568 MODERN Syrians, or Native Society in Damascus, Aleppo, &c. from Notes by an Oriental Student. Post 8vo, cloth. 38 1844 4569 MODUS Latinitatis. 4to, GOTHIC LETTER, calf, very neat, rare. 58 No place or date 4570 MOHUN (Sir Reginald) Some Account of his Life and Adventures, done in Verse by George John Cayley. Square 8vo, boards. 28 Pickering, 1849 4571 MOLESWORTH'S (Lord) Account of Denmark as it was in the year 1692 (with the Royal Law of Denmark; Account of Sweden, 1688; Gylenbourg and Jackson, and Death of Count Palkul, who was broke on the Wheel in Livonia). 8vo, calf neat. 4s 6d 1738 4572 MOLESWORTH.-Denmark Vindicated, being an Answer to a late Treatise, called "An Account of Denmark as it was in the year 1692." 8vo, calf neat.



4573 MOLINO Navarrete (Fr. Juan del) Constituciones Anadidas a las Synodales del Obispado de Palencia. Folio, vellum. 58 Madrid, 1681

Paris, 1556

4574 MOLINEO (Carolo) Tractatus Commerciorum et usurarum redituumque pecunia constitutorum et monetarum cum nova et analytica explicatione. 4to, good clean copy, vellum. 38 4575 MOLLER (Dr. George) On the Origin and Progress of the Gothic Architecture, deduced from the Ancient Edifices of Germany, with References to those of England, and from the 8th to the 16th centuries. Post Svo, boards. 38 1824 4576 MOLLER'S Memorials of German Gothic Architecture, with additional Notes and Illustrations from Stieglitz, &c. By W. H. Leeds. 8vo, frontispiece, cloth. 48 1836 4577 MOLLIEN'S Travels into the Interior of Africa to the Sources of the Senegal and Gambia. Edited by T. E. Bowditch. 4to, map and plates, calf neat.

78 6d


4578 MOLNAR.-Lexicon Latino-Græco-Ungaricum. Thick 8vo, sewed.



Francoff. 1644 4579 MOLTHERUM (Menradum) De Rhetorica et Virtutibus Disputatio. 12mo, curious ornamented title-page, half calf, scarce. Paris, apud S. Colinæum, 1529 4580 MONARCHY Triumphing over Traitorus Republicans, or the Transcendant Excellency of that Divine Government fully proved against the Utopian Chimeras of our ridiculous Commonwealth's Men. By G. S. 12mo. 23 6d



4581 MONCADA (Francisco de) Expedicion de los Catalanes y Aragoneses contra Turcos y Griegos. 8vo, calf. 58 Madrid, 1777 4582 MONK (General, Duke of Albemarle) Observations upon Military and Political Affairs. Folio, old calf. 38 1671 4583 MONK (General) Life of, from an original Manuscript of Thos. Skinner; and Observations in Vindication of General Monk's Conduct, by W. Webster. 8vo, large paper, old calf. 38 6d 4584 MONK.-Skinner (Thomas) Life of General Monk, Duke of Albemarle. 8vo, portrait, neat and clean. 48 6d 4585 MONKISH HISTORIAN.-Gul. Neubrigensis Rerum Anglicarum, Libri quinque. Thick 12mo, calf. 58




Ant. 1567

4586 DESCRIPTION of a Roman Building and other Remains, lately discovered at Caerleon, in Monmouthshire. By J. E. Lee. Imp. 8vo, with 20 interesting etchings by the author, sewed. 58


"If we have a fault to find with the book, it is that it is issued at a price greatly below its merits."-Northampton Mercury.

4587 HEATH'S (C.) Account of the Ancient and Present State of the Town of Monmouth. 4to, very neat. 48 6d 1804 4588 HEATH'S (C.) Historical Account of Ragland Castle. 8vo, cf. 28 N.D.

4589 MONRO (Dr. Alex.) On the Structure and Physiology of Fishes. Folio, many plates, boards, scarce. Edinb. 1785


An elaborate Work on the Anatomy of Fishes.

4590 MONRO (Rev. Vere) Summer Ramble in Syria, with a Tartar Trip from Aleppo to Stamboul. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, boards. 68 1825 4591 MONT ST. MICHEL.-Histoire et Description de Mont St. Michel en Normandie, texte par Hericher, dessins par Bouet, publiés par Bourdon. Folio, 150 pp., and 13 beautiful plates executed in tinted lithography, leather back, uncut. £2. 2s

A handsome volume, interesting to the Architect and the Archeologist.


4592 MONSON'S (Lord) Extracts from a Journal (in Italy, Dalmatia, Illyria, Sicily, &c.) 8vo, plates, boards. 58.



4593 MONTAGU'S Ornithological Dictionary of British Birds, enlarged by 1831 Professor Rennie. Thick 8vo, woodcuts, cloth, scarce. 4594 MONTAIGNE'S Works, comprising his Essays, Letters, Journey through Germany and Italy, with Notes of all the Commentators. Edited by W. Hazlitt. Royal 8vo, portrait, &c. cloth. 138 6d 1853 4595 MONTAIGNE'S Essays, translated into English, with the Amendments 1776 and Improvements of Peter Coste. 3 vols. 8vo, cf. nt. 98 6d 4596* MONTBAREY (Le Prince de, Ministre de la Guerre sous Louis XVI.) Mémoires. 3 vols. 8vo, sewed. 58 Paris 1826

4597 MONTEFIORE'S (Lady) Private Journal of a Visit to Egypt and Palestine, by way of Italy and the Mediterranean. Post 8vo, PRIVATELY 1836 PRINTED, boards. 78 6d 4598 MONTEMAYOR (George de) Los siete libros de la Diana, Anvers, 1570 -Diana enamorada cinco libros que prosiguen los siete de la Diana, de Jorge de Montemayor, compuestos por Gaspar Gil Polo, Antwerp, 1567 in 1 vol. nice copy, new morocco, gilt leaves, rare. £1. 158 4599 MONTEMAYOR (Jorge de) La Diana, y Memoria sobre la Vida y obras del Autor. Sm. 8vo, calf gilt, with marbled leaves. 58 Madrid, 1795 4600 MONTESQUIEU, Euvres de, nouvelle edition, plus correcte et plus complette que toutes les précédentes. 5 vols. 8vo, nt. cf. 9s Paris, 1788 4601 MONTESQUIEU'S Spirit of Laws, and his other Works. 3 vols. 4to, neat. 128 1800 4602 MONTESTRUCH (El Doctor de Pablo de) Viage Real del Rey Nuestro Senor Phelipe Quinto, Causa de la Guerra y Remedio para Conseguir la Paz. 4to, vel. 10s 6d (Thorpe's Cat. 1825 at £3. 38) Mad. 1712 4603 MONUMENTA Vetustatis Kempiana in duas partes divisa quaram altera Mumias, Simulacra, Statuas, Signa Lares, &c. altera nummos, materia, modoque diversos continet. 8vo, plates, calf. 38 1720 4604 MONUMENTAL Brasses of England, a Series of Engravings from every variety of these interesting and valuable Memorials, accompanied with Descriptive Notices, and Indexes of Heraldry, Names, and Places. By the Rev. Chas. Boutell. Royal 8vo, 149 plates, new, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1.88)


This very cheap volume is a good accompaniment to the same author's "Manual of Monumental Brasses and Slabs." 4605 MONUMENTAL Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons, comprising the Sepulchral Antiquities of Great Britain, from Drawings by Edward Blore, with Historical and Biographical Illustrations. Imp. 8vo, fine plts. by Le Keux, &c. cloth. 18s-calf extra,marbled leaves. £1.48 1826 4606 MONUMENTA Historica Britannica, or Materials for the History of Britain from the Earliest Period. Vol. 1, extending to the Norman Conquest. Prepared and illustrated with Notes by the late Henry Petrie, Esq. and Rev. John Sharpe. Fol. hf. calf, uncut. £2. 2s 1848 "Sir Robert Inglis remarked, that this work had been pronounced by one of our most competent collegiate authorities to be the finest work published in Europe."-Proceedings in Parliament, March 11th, 1850.

4607 MONZAMBANE, l'Estat de l'Empire d'Allemagne, traduit par le S. F. Savinien d'Alquie. 12mo, FINE COPY, mor. ex. gt. lvs. 7s 6d Amst. 1669 4608 MOORE (Geo.) Lives of Cardinal Alberoni and the Duke of Ripperda, Ministers of Philip V. King of Spain. 8vo, boards.



4609 MOORE'S (Francis) Voyage Six Hundred Miles up the River Gambia. Svo, plates, calf neat. 38





4610 MOORE (Dr. George) The Use of the Body in Relation to the Mind. Post 8vo, cloth. 58 6d 1846 4611 MOORE (George Fletcher, Advocate General of Western Australia) Descriptive Vocabulary of the Language in Common Use amongst the Aborigines in Western Australia. 4612 MOORE (Edward) Poems, Fables, and Plays. 4to, calf. 38 1756 4613 MOORE (Thomas) Memoirs, Journal, and Correspondence. Edited by Lord John Russell. 8 vols. post 8vo, portraits, cloth, quite clean. £1. 188 (pub. at £4. 14s 6d)


4614 MOORE (Thomas).--Notes from the Letters of Thomas Moore to his Music Publisher, James Power (the publication of which was suppressed in London) with an Introduction by Thomas Crofton Croker, F.S.A. Post 8vo, cloth. 38 6d New York, 1854

The impressions on the mind of a reader of the Letters of Moore in Lord John Russell's edition will be not only incomplete but erroneous without the information to be derived from this very interesting volume.

4615 MORAN (Benjamin) The Footpath and Highway, or Wanderings of an American in Great Britain. Thick post 8vo, front. cl. 28 6d 1853 4616 MORE (Sir Thos.) Utopia, with Notes and Literary Introduction by Dr. Dibdin. 2 vols. post 8vo, portrait, neat, half calf. 148 1808 4617 MORE.-Life of Sir Thomas More. By his Great-Grandson, Thomas More. 8vo, neat, scarce. 38 6d


4618 MORE.-Life of the Learned and Pious Dr. Henry More. By R. Ward. 8vo, portrait, neat. 58 1710 4619 MORE (Mrs. Hannah) Memoirs of her Life and Correspondence. By W. Roberts. 4 vols. post 8vo, portrait, cloth, 128 1834 4620 MORELLI (Grey) Scala di tutte le Scienze et Arti, divisa in quattro Settioni. 8vo, vellum. 2s Vinegia, 1568 4621 MORGAN (John Minter) Letters to a Clergyman on Institutions for Ameliorating the Condition of the People. Post 8vo, plts, cl. 28 1846 4622 MORGAN (Lady) Life and Times of Salvator Rosa. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, new, half calf. 8s 6d

1824 4623 MORGAN (Nicholas, of Crolane, in Kent) The Perfection of Horsemanship, drawne from Nature, Arte, and Practise. 4to, a curious book, calf. 68


1609 4624 MORIER (James) Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constantinople, in 1808 and 1809. 4to, maps and many plates, boards. 168 4625 MORIER.-Second Journey through Persia to Constantinople, 1810 to 1816. Royal 4to, maps and plates, woodcuts, boards. £1.18 1818 4626 MORIN, Aide Mémoire de Mécanique Pratique à l'usage des Officiers. d'Artillerie et des Ingénieurs. 8vo, half calf. 38 1838 4627 MORLAND.-Account of the Life, Writings, and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland, Master of Mechanics to Charles II. By J. O. Halliwell. 8vo, sewed. 18


4628 MORLAND (George, the Painter) Authentic Memoirs of, with Remarks on his Abilities and Progress as an Artist. Imp. 4to, with 18 colored plates of his pictures & comical vignette, hf. bound. 12s 1806 4629 MORNAY (M. de Seigneur du Plesis Marli) Mémoires, contenans divers Discours, Instructions, Lettres, et Despeches. 2 vols. 4to, calf. 58

1626 4630 MORTON. -Barwick (John) Sermon at the Funeral of the Lord Bishop of Duresme, at Easton Mauduit, in Northamptonshire, with the Life of the said Bishop. 4to, boards. 48 1660


Paris, 1843

4631 MOSBLECH (L'Abbé B.) Vocabulaire, Oceanien-Français et FrançaisOceanien, des Dialectes parlés aux Iles Marquises, Sandwich, &c. 8vo, sewed. 4632 MOTTE (Andrew) Treatise on the Laws of Motion. Svo, plates, calf. 28 1727 4633 MOTTEVILLE (Mad. de) Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire d'Anne d'Autriche, epoux de Louis XIII., Roi de France. 6 vols. 12mo,

neat. 58

1750 4634 MOULE (Thos.) On the Roman Villas of the Augustan Age, their Architectural Disposition and Enrichments, and on the Remains of Roman Domestic Edifices discovered in Great Britain. 8vo, 2 plates, cloth. 48 6d (original price 8s)


1833 4635 MUFFLING (Baron Von) Passages from my Life, with Memoirs of the Campaign of 1813 and 1814. Edited, with Notes, by Colonel Philip Yorke. 8vo, second edition, new, cloth. 38 6d 4636 MUFFLING (Baron) Narrative of Missions to Constantinople and Saint Petersburg, in 1829 and 1830. Translated by David Jardine. 12mo, cloth. 28

1855 4637 MUIR (W.) Life of Mahomet, and History of Islam to the era of the Hegira. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. £1. 1s (pub. at £1. 12s) Calcutta, 1858 4638 MUIR.-Mackenzie's Life of Thos. Muir, Esq., Advocate, tried for Sedition, with his Trial and Sentence. 8vo, portrait, boards. 28 Glasgow, 1831 4639 MULLER (Peter Erasmus) Critisk Undersögelse af Danmarks og Norges Sagn-historie eller om Troværdigheden af Saxos og Snorros Kilder. 4to, boards, scarce. 128 Kiobenhavn, 1823 4640 MULLER'S (C. O.) Ancient Art and its Remains, or a Manual of the Archæology of Art. New edition, by Welcker, translated by Leitch. Thick 8vo, cloth. 98 6d (original price 188) 4641 MULLERUS (Andreas) Hebdomas observationum de rebus Sinicis. 4to, parchment cover. 58 Col. Brand, 1674 4642 MUNTINGIO (Abrahamo) De vera Antiquorum Herba Britannica, plates, Amst. 1681-Aloidarium sive Aloës Mucronato, folio, Americanæ Majoris, plates, 1680 In 1 vol. 4to, calf. 58—boards. 4s 4643 MUNT'Z Encaustic; or, Count Caylus's Method of Painting in the Manner of the Ancients. Small 8vo, neat. 38 6d 1760 4644 MURATORI.-Vitale (P. A.) Riflessioni su le nuove scoverte di Lod. Ant. Muratori, per gli Annali d'Italia. 4to, sewed. 38 1746 4645 MURRAY-KEITH.-Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Robert


Murray-Keith, with Memoir of Queen Caroline Matilda of Denmark. Edited by Mrs. Gillespie Smyth. 2 vols. post 8vo, portrait, new, cloth. 98 6d

1849 4646 MURRAY (Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Africa, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. 2 vols. 8vo, maps, calf gilt. 98 6d Edinb. 1818 4647 MURRAY (Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in Asia, from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. 3 vols. 8vo, maps (one wanting) boards. 6s 6d ib. 1820 4648 MURRAY (Rev. James) Sermons to Asses, to Doctors in Divinity, to Lords Spiritual, and to Ministers of State, with Sketch of the Author's Life. 8vo, portrait, half calf, scarce. 4s 6d Lond. W. Hone, 1819 4649 MUSEUS on the Loves of Hero and Leander, with Annotations by Sir Robert Stapylton. 12mo, poor copy, and imperfect at the end, new, half calf. 38


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