4738 NIEUHOVII (Jo.) Legatio Batavica ad Magnum Tartariæ Chamum Sungteium, modernum Sinæ Imperatorem, historiarum narratione Latinitate donata per G. Hornium. Folio, map and numerous curious plates, calf. 68 Amst. 1668 4739 NISBET (Sir John, of Dirleton) Some Doubts and Questions in the Law, especially of Scotland, as also some Decisions of the Lords of Council and Sessions. Folio, portrait, good copy, calf. 68 1698 4740 NOBLE (Rev. Mark) Lives of the English Regicides and other Commissioners appointed to sit in Judgment on King Charles the First. 2 vols. 8vo, portraits, boards. 10s 6d


4741 NOBLE'S Memoirs of the Protectorate-House of Cromwell. 2 vols. Svo, portrait aud plate, half bound. 68


4742 NOLLEKENS and his Times, a Life of that celebrated Sculptor, and and Memairs of several contemporary Artists. By John Thomas Smith. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, boards. 6s-hf. morocco gt. 10s 6d 1828 NORFOLK.

4743 BLOMFIELD'S History of Norfolk, vol. 5, folio. Imperfect, but containing the hundreds of Mitford, Smethdon, Taverham, Tunstede, Walsham, and Flegg. Folio, plate, and Pedigree of Lestrange, boards.


Lynn, 1775 4744 ANALYSIS of Domesday Book for the County of Norfolk. By the Rev. George Munford, Vicar of East Winch. In 1 vol. 8vo, with pedigrees and arms, cloth. 10s 6d


"Many extracts have been made, at various times, for the illustration of local descriptions, from the great national (but almost unintelligible) record known as Domesday Book; but Mr. Munford has done more in the case of his own county, for he supplies a complete epitome of the part of the survey relating to Norfolk, giving not only the topographical and statistical facts, but also a great deal that is instructive as to the manners and condition of the people, the state of the churches and other public edifices, the mode of culti vation and land tenure, together with a variety of points of interest to the ecclesiologist and antiquary.”—Bury Post.

4745 WOODWARD (S.) Nine Maps of Norfolk and Norwich, in the time of the Romans. 4to, colored maps, cloth. 4s 6d

Edited by J. O. £1.5s 1852 and Convents of 178 6d-LARGE Norwich, 1857

4746 POLL for Knights of the Shire for the County of Norfolk. 8vo, boards. 38 6d Norwich, 1802 4747 THE NORFOLK Anthology, a Collection of Poems, Ballads, and Rare Tracts, relating to the County of Norfolk. Halliwell. Thick 4to, only 80 copies printed, cloth. 4748 HARROD (Henry) Gleanings among the Castles Norfolk. 8vo, many plates and woodcuts, cloth. PAPER. £1. 38 6d "This volume is creditable to Mr. Harrod in every way, alike to his industry, his taste, and his judgment. It is the result of ten years' labour. * The volume is so full of interesting matter that we hardly know where to begin our extracts or more detailed notices.”—Gentleman's Magazine, November, 1857. 4749 NORFOLK TOUR.-A concise Description of all the principal Towns, Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, and other remarkable Places. 12mo, map, half cnlf. 28

1808 4750 MEMOIRS illustrative of the History and Antiquities of Norfolk and the City of Norwich, communicated to the Archæological Institute of Great Britain held at Norwich, July, 1847. 8vo, plis. cl. 13s 6d 1851 4751 GREEN (Charles) History, Antiquities, and Geology of Bacton, in Norfolk. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 6d Norwich, 1842


4752 BLOOM (Rev. J. H.) Notices, Historical and Antiquarian, of the Castle and Priory at Castleacre. Royal 8vo, plates, cloth. 1843 4753 EDES Walpoliana; or, a Description of the House and Collection of Pictures at Houghton Hall, in Norfolk, the seat of the Earl of Orford. 4to, plates, neat. 68 1747 4754 PARKIN'S Topography of Freebridge Hundred and Half, including the History of King's Lynn. Folio, plates, one of Walpole Church inserted, half bound (soiled). 4s 6d

1772 4755 PARKIN.-Another copy. Folio, plates, very nice clean copy in boards. 10s 6d 1762

Horace Walpole's copy from Strawberry Hill.

98 6d


4756 RICHARDS' (W.) History of Lynn, Civil, Ecclesiastical, Municipal,
Military, &c. 2 thick vols. 8vo, plates, boards.
4757 MEMORIALS of the Vicarage House and Garden of all Saints, King's-
Lynn; with a List of the Vicars, and a quantity of other useful in-
formation. By J. N. Chadwick. 8vo, 4 engravings, sewed. 28 6d 1851
4758 PHELPES (Charles) Lamentation for the Loss of the Good Man, a
Funeral Sermon on Mr. John Horne, of Lynn Regis; with Poems on
his Death. 18mo (last leaf in MS.), calf. 58
4759 NARRATIVE of the Visit of King Charles II. to Norwich in Sep-
tember 1671. Edited by Dawson Turner. Privately printed, royal
8vo, cloth. 38 6d
Yarmouth, 1846
4760 POLL for the City of Norwich, 1780-Narrative of the Proceedings.
at the contested Election, Norwich, 1780. 8vo, half calf.
4761 POLL for the City of Norwich. 8vo, half calf. 28
4762 HISTORY of the City and County of Norwich from the earliest Ac-
counts to the present Time. 8vo, plates, half calf. 4s Norwich, 1768
4763 PARKIN'S History of Norwich. 8vo, neat (wants last leaf). 28 1783
4764 TOPOGRAPHICAL and Historical Account of the City and County
of Norwich. 8vo, frontispiece aud map, boards. 28 Norwich, 1819
4765 BRITTON (John) History and Antiquities of the See and Cathedral


Church of Norwich, with Anecdotes of the Bishops and other Eminent
Persons connected with the Church. 4to, numerous plates, an original
copy, leather back. 158


4766 BRITTON's Norwich Cathedral. Crown folio, LARGEST PAPER, 25 1816 fine plates, boards. £1. 10s (pub. at £6. 6s)

4767 TAYLOR'S (R., of Norwich) Index Monasticus; or, History of the Abbeys, Monasteries, Alien Priories, &c., formerly established in the Diocese of Norwich. Folio, maps and coats of arms, bds. £1. 58 1821 4768 TAYLOR.-Another copy (wanting the 3 maps and plates), new, calf.


10s 6d



Another copy. Royal folio, LARGE PAPER, maps and coats of 1821 arms, boards. £1. 11s 6d 4770 BRITTON (J.) Essay on the Ancient Gate-House of the City of Norwich, read at the Archæological Institute. 8vo, 4 proof woodcuts, cloth. 48 4770* BROWNE (Sir Thos.) Posthumous Works, viz.: Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Norwich; Account of Urns, &c., found at Brampton, in Norfolk; Letters between Sir W. Dugdale and Sir Thos. Browne; and Miscellanies, with his Life. 8vo, plates, cf. 58 1723 4771 PAR NOBILI.-Two Treatises: the one concerning Lady Frances Hobart, late of Norwich; the other at the Funerals of Lady Katherine Courten, preached at Blicklin, Norfolk. By J. Collings, 1652. 8vo, calf, very neat and scarce.




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4772 NOTES concerning Norwich Castle, from a Manuscript Volume of the Collections of Mr. John Kirkpatrick, in the possession of William Herring, Esq. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 38 6d 4773 MINUTES of Evidence on the Norwich and Lowestoft Navigation Bill. Folio. 28 1826


4774 CARTER (John) The Tombstone; or, a Broken and Imperfect Monument of that worthy Man, Mr. John Carter, Pastor first of Bramford, and last of Belsted, in Suffolk, erected above 18 years after his decease, by his Son; with his "Rare Sight," a Sermon before the City of Norwich, with hieroglyphic cuts. 12mo, new, calf, very scarce. 108 6d 1653 4775 WHITEFOOT (John) Funeral Sermon at St. Peter's, Norwich, for Rev. Joseph Hall, Bishop of Norwich. Sm. 8vo, port. old cf. 4s 6d 1656 4776 HUMSTON (Robt.) Sermon preached at Reyfham, in Norfolk, 22nd Sept. 1588, and eftsoones at request published. 12mo, BLACK LETTER, slightly wormed, new, calf extra. 128 London, Jo. Wolfe, 1589 4777 MARTIN (Thomas) History of the Town of Thetford, in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, from the earliest accounts to the present time. 4to, plates, boards. 128

1779 4778 LEWIS (G. R.) Ancient Font of Little Walsingham, in Norfolk, illustrated with a descriptive Interpretation. Folio, 5 plates. 4s 6d 1843 ✓ 4779 SWINDEN'S History and Antiquities of the Ancient Burgh of Great Yarmouth. 4to, neat, in old russia, marbled leaves. 158 1772 4780 HISTORY of Great Yarmouth, collected from Ancient Records and

other Authentic Materials. 8vo, front. bds. 3s-calf, 38 Lynn, 1776 ! 4781 DRUERY'S Historical Notices of Great Yarmouth, and the Half Hundred of Lothingland in Suffolk. Post 8vo, plates, cloth. 4s 6d 1826 4782 YARMOUTH.-Hints on the Yarmouth Navigation, 1830-Letter on the Recorder, 1831-Poll Books, 1830, 32, 48-Elegaic Verses on John Shelley, Esq.-Lusus Yermout henses-Guide to Yarmouth, 34 illustrations-Drainage of the Denes, 1819-And above 20 other Tracts, all relating to Yarmouth. Collected by Dawson Turner. 3 vols. 8vo, half vellum. 10s

4783 PALMER (C. J.) History and Illustration of a House in the Elizabethan Style of Archirecture, the Property of J. D. Palmer, Esq., and situated in Great Yarmouth. Imp. 4to, portrait, 43 fine engravings from drawings by H. Shaw, F.S.A., PRIVATELY PRINTED. £1.18s 1838 4784 YARMOUTH.-Narrative of the Grand Festival at Yarmouth, 19th April, 1814; with Appendix, containing copies of all the Handbills published on the occasion, List of Subscribers, and Account of Expenditure. 8vo, curious plates, boards. 28 6d 4785 YARMOUTH.-Plan of Yarmouth River, from the Bridge to the mouth of the Haven, shewing at once its present state and projected improvements, by James Walker, Civil Engineer, 1827; a Colored Drawing many feet long, 1827-Map of the Parish of Gorleston, a Drawing on two sheets. Both in 1 vol. imp. 4to, cloth lettered, from Dawson Turner's Collection. 158


4786 TURNER (Dawson) Sepulchral Reminiscences of a Market Town, as afforded by a List of the Interments within the Walls of the Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth. 8vo, pedigrees, cloth. Yarmouth, 1848

4s 6d 4787 WOODWARD (Samuel) Outline of the Geology of Norfolk. 8vo, colored maps and plates, boards. 48 Norwich, 1833

4788 IVES (John) Remarks upon the Garianorum of the Romans, and the Site and Remains fixed and described. (Burgh Castle, near Yarmouth). Small 8vo, maps and plates, half calf, scarce. 4s 6d 1774 4788*NORDEN (John) Speculum Britanniæ; an Historical and Chronological/ Description of Middlesex and Hartfordshire. 4to, maps and shields of arms, boards, edges uncut. 10s 6d 1723 4789 NORMAN'S (Robert) Voyage of the Wandring Knight (dedicated to Sir Francis Drake). 4to, BLACK LETTER, wanting title and end, calf neat. 38

4790 NORMAN'S (Robert) Safeguard of Saylers, or Great Rutter, containing the Courses, Distances, &c., with the Markes for entering of sundry Harboroughs in England, France, Spaine, Ireland, Flanders, and the Soundes of Denmark. Translated from the Dutch by Robert Norman. 4to, FINE COPY, BLACK LETTER, calf neat, 10s 6d 1632 4791 NORMANDIE.--Coutumes du Pays et Duché de Normandie, anciens ressorts et enclaves d'icelui avec les edits, declarations, arrets, &c., jusqu'en Mars, 1760. Thick 12mo, old calf gilt. 58 Rouen, 1760 4792 NORMANDY.-Dictionnaire des Communes, Hameaux, Chateaux, &c. du Dept. de l'Eure. 12mo, half calf. 38 Evereux, 1837 4793 NORTH (Dudley, Second Lord) Observations and Advices Economical. Small 8vo, original binding. 38

1669 4794 NORTH (Dudley, Second Lord) Light in the Way to Paradise, with other Occasionals. 8vo, calf. 38 1682


4795 NORTH (Dudley, Third Lord) Forest of Varieties, in Verse and Prose (the three parts). Folio, half morocco, scarce. 1645 4796 NORTH (Hon. Roger) Memoirs of Musick, now first printed from the original Manuscript, and edited, with copious Notes, by E. F. Rimbault. 4to, portrait, a handsome volume, printed in the old style, half morocco, scarce. 158


4797 NORTH'S (Hon. Roger) Discourse on the Study of the Laws, now first printed. Post 8vo, portrait, boards. 2s 6d 1824 4798 NORTH (Roger) Examen; or, an Enquiry into the Credit and Veracity of a pretended (Bp. Kennett's) Complete History of England, shewing the perverse and wicked design of it. 4to, portrait, calf neat. 188

1740 4799 NORTH (Roger) Life of the Hon. Sir Dudley North and of the Hon. John North. 4to, portrait by Vertue, calf. 68 1744 4800 NORTH (Hon. Roger) Life of the Right Hon. Francis North, Baron of Guilford. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, neat. 5s 1808 4801 NORTHCOTE (James) One Hundred Fables, original and selected. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, 280 woodcuts, boards. 1828 4801*NORTHERN ARCHEOLOGY, Guide to. By the Royal Society of Northern Antiquaries of Copenhagen. Edited by the Earl of Ellesmere. Svo, many engravings, cloth. 68



4802 NORTHERN SAGA.-Færeyinga Saga eller Færoboernes Historie i den Islandiske grundtext, med Færoisk og Dansk oversættelse udgiven, af C. C. Rafn. Royal 8vo, sewed. 98


Kiob. 1832


4802* WHELLAN'S History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Northamptonshire. Thick 8vo (nearly 1000 pages), new, half morocco. 68 4803 SEPULCHRAL Memorials from the Altar Tombs, Effigies, and Monuments, Ancient and Modern, within the County of Northampton. By W. H. Hyett. 4to, plates, half calf extra. 168


4804 BAKER'S (Miss) Glossary of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases, with Examples of their colloquial use, and Illustrations from various Authors; to which are added the Customs of the County. 2 vols. post Svo, cloth. £1.48-second-hand copy. 168


"We are under great obligations to the lady, sister to the local historian of Northamptonshire, who has occupied her time in producing this very capital Glossary of Northamptonshire provincialisms."-Examiner.

"The provincial dialects of England contain and preserve the elements and rudiments of our compound tongue. In Miss Baker's admirable 'Northamptonshire Glossary' we have rather a repertory of archaisms than vulgarisms. But it is much more than a vocabulary: it preserves not only dialectical peculiarities, but odd and disappearing customs; and there is hardly a page in it which does not throw light on some obscurity in our old writers, or recal old habits and practices."-Christian Remembrancer, Quarterly Review. 4805 STERNBERG (Thos.) The Dialect and Folklore of Northamptonshire. 12mo, cloth. 28 6d



✓ 4806 CATALOGUE of the Pictures at Althorp House (Lord Spencer's Seat). 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 1831 4807 ARCHITECTURAL Notices of the Churches of the Archdeaconry of Northampton. Royal 8vo, numerous beautiful woodcuts and plates, cloth. £1. 1s (pub. at £1. 158) 4808 ROBINSON'S (P. F.) History of Castle Ashby, the Seat of the Marquis of Northampton, illustrated by Plans, Elevations, and internal Views, from actual measurement. Royal folio, fiue plates, boards.

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4809 BELL (Thos.) The Rural Album, containing Descriptive and Miscellaneous Poems, with Historical Notices of Barnwell and Fotheringhay Castles. 8vo, cloth. 28 6d

1853 4810 GUIDE to Burghley House, Northamptonshire, the Seat of the Marquis of Exeter a Catalogue of all the Paintings, Antiquities, &c. 8vo, frontispiece, boards. 28


4811 GIBSON (Rev. Kennet) Comment upon part of the 5th Journey of Antoninus through Britain, in which the situation of Durocobrivæ is discussed, and Castor, in Northamptonshire, is shown to claim that situation, with Gough's Account of Marham and its Neighbourhood. 4to, plates, boards. 10s 6d

1800 4812 FORD'S (Dr. Simon) Christian's Acquiescence, opened in a Sermon preached at Cottesbrook, at the Interment of the Right Honourable and eminently pious Lady, the Lady Elizabeth Langham, Wife to Sir J. Langham, Kt. Small 8vo, frontispiece, neat, in brown calf, gilt leaves, rare. 108 6d


At the end are 53 pages of Poetry, in English, Latin, and French, by various authors, on the lady's merits.

Oundle, 1821

4813 BONNEY (Rev. H. K.) Historic Notices of Fotheringhay, in Northamptonshire. Royal 8vo, plates, boards. 48 6d 4814 PECK (Francis) Academia tertia Anglicana; or, the Antiquarian Annals of Stanford, in Lincoln, Rutland, and Northamptonshires, in XIV. Books. Folio, plates, fine copy, calf. £1.48 1727 4815 MASTIN (Rev. John) History and Antiquities of Naseby, in the County of Northampton. Svo, map of the Battle, boards. 38 6d, 1792-Another edition. 12mo, half calf. 38


4816 RENNIE'S (Sir John) Report and Estimates for the Improvement of the River Nene, the Drainage of Whittlesea Mere, &c. 4to, plans, privately printed, boards. 58


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