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4817 BILLINGS and WINTER'S Architectural Illustrations of Kettering Church, Northamptonshire. 4to, 20 plates, cloth. 78 6d 1843 4818 NORTHAMPTON TRACTS.-Dr. Grey's Sermon at All Saints, Northampton, for the County Infirmary, 1744-Five other Sermons. by various Authors on the same Subject, 1746-48-Gillespy's Disquisition upon the Criminal Laws; Existence of Witches investigated, N.D.-Epitome of Gunton's History of Peterborough Cathedral, plate, 1807-Sermon by Thos. Hartley, Rector of Winwick, 1775. In 1 vol. 8vo, new, calf. 68

4819 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE FAMILIES.-Those leaves containing Pedigrees of Families, selected out of Baker's History of the County, and neatly half bound in 1 vol. 432 pages folio.

£2. 28

4820 BRITTON'S History and Antiquities of Peterborough Cathedral. 4to, 16 fine plates, original impressions, boards, 108 6d 1828

4821 CASE of Mrs. Clerke (of Watford, Northamptonshire) set forth by her Brothers, Sir Edward and Mr. Arthur Turnor, with the Depositions, N.D. Mrs. Clark's Case, 1718. In 1 vol. 8vo, boards.



4822 WALLIS'S Natural History and Antiquities of Northumberland, and so much of the County of Durham as lies between the Tyne and Tweed. 2 vols. bound in 1, 4to, russia, marbled leaves, a few leaves damaged in the margins. 148

4823 COMPLETE Collection of all the Papers which appeared from the different Parties in the Contest for Members for the County of Northumberland, 1774-Poll at the Election for Northumberland, 1774, 8vo, half calf. 68 6d

The names of the writers of the different papers are inserted in manuscript. 4824 OLIVER'S (Stephen, i.e. W. A. Chatto) Rambles in Northumberland and on the Scottish Border. 12mo, boards. 38 6d 1835 4825 SOPWITH (T.) Historical and Descriptive Account of All Saints' Church, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 8vo, plates, boards, 3s 6d—new, half calf gilt, 4s 6d Newcastle, 1826 4826 WALKER and Richardson's Armorial Bearings of the Incorporated Companies of Newcastle-on-Tyne, with Notices of the Miracle Plays anciently performed by the Societies. 8vo, plates, boards. 58 1824 4827 BRAND'S History and Antiquities of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 2 vols. 4to, numerous plates, boards, clean. £1. 1s 1789 4828 NEWCASTLE-His Majestie's passing through the Scots Armie, as also his Entertainment by General Lesly, &c. 1641-Siege of Newcastle, by W. Lithgow, 1645-Particular Relation of the Taking of Newcastle, 1644-A full Relation of the Scots' March from Barwicke to New Castle, 1644, reprinted, with Prefaces, &c. by J. T. Brockett. Post 8vo, half morocco extra. 88 6d 1820 4829 GARDINER'S England's Grievance discovered in relation to the Coal

Trade, and the tyrannical Oppression of the Corporation of Newcastle, 1658. 8vo, curious plates, half calf. 68 Reprint, 1796 4830 CONSERVATORSHIP OF THE TYNE.-Plea and Defence of the Mayor and Burgesses of Newcastle against the malevolent Accusations of Gardiner (Author of England's Grievance in the Coal Trade) 1653, with Appendix of Unpublished Documents respecting the River Tyne. By M. A. Richardson. 8vo, only 150 printed. 28 Newcastle, 1849

4831 EXTRACTS from the Letter Book of William Scott, Father of the Lords Stowell and Eldon, with Notes on their Family History. By M. A. Richardson. Post 8vo, pedigree. 1s 6d Newcastle, 1848 4832 VIEWS on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, from original Drawings by Carmichael, with Descriptions by Blackmore, Engineer to the Company. 4to, beautiful plates, proofs on India paper, cloth. 5s 1836 4833 BENWELL.-A most pleasant Description of Benwell Village, in the County of Northumberland, intermixt with several diverting Incidents, both Serious and Comical, in Verse (by Dr. Ellison). Thick 12mo, very neat, rare. 168 Newcastle, 1726 4834 HODGSON'S (Rev. John) Poems written at Lanchester. 12mo, woodcuts of Roman altars discovered near there, boards. 28 6d 1807 4835 HODGSON'S (Read) Honest Man's Companion, or the Family's Safeguard, done at the Request of several Gentlemen and others, occasioned by an Attorney's defying any Person to paint him or his Brotherhood in their proper Colours. 8vo, two curious satirical plates, scarce. 12s Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1736

A curious work relating to Read Hodgson, his connection with Seaton Colliery, Sir William Strickland, &c. &c. So very rare that Mr. Brand, the historian of Newcastle, could not obtain a copy, though a sedulous collector of Northumberland tracts.

4836 SURRIDGE (Rev. Dr. of Thorneyburn) Notices of Roman Inscriptions discovered at High Rochester, Risingham, and Rudchester. 4to, plates, cloth. 38 1853 4837 NEWCASTLE General Magazine for the year 1747 (two or three leaves damaged) 4to, half bound. 28 6d Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1747 4838 PROVERBIAL Folk-Lore of Newcastle-on-Tyne. By M. A. Denham. Post 8vo, sewed (only 50 printed). 3s

78 6d


4839 NEWCASTLE Song Book, or Tyne-side Songster; a Collection of Comic and Satirical Songs, chiefly in the Newcastle Dialect. Four parts, 12mo, half calf, scarce. Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1842 4840 HUTTON (W.) History of the Roman Wall, which crosses the Island of Britain from the German Ocean to the Irish Sea. 8vo, map and plates. 68


1802 4841 NORTON (Hon. Mrs.) Child of the Island, a Poem. Royal 8vo, frontispiece by Maclise, and engraved title, cloth. 1845 4842 NORWOOD (Capt. Robert) England's Return into and unto itself; or, a Pathway unto England's perfect Settlement. 4to, half calf, curious. 38 6d

1653 4843 NOTES and QUERIES, a Medium of Intercommunication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, &c. 4to, 18 vols. and General Index to the first 12 vols., quite a complete set, cloth. £6. 158 (pub. at £10) 1850 to Dec. 1858 4844 NOTICES sur le Département de la Loire-Inferieure, et sur la Ville de Nantes en particulier, par J. L. B. 2 vols. 12mo, maps and plates, sewed. 38 Nantes, 1832 4845 NOTITIA ANGLICANA; shewing the Atchievements of all the English Nobility, their several Quarterings, their Titles of Honour. 2 vols. 8vo, plates finely engraved, calf. 98

1734 4846 NOUE (Lord de la) His Politicke and Militarie Discources; also certaine Observations of the same Author, of Things happened during the three late Civil Warres of France. Translated by E. A. 4to, BLACK LETTER, calf neat. 78 6d. 1587


4847 LAIRD'S Topographical and Historical Description of the County of Nottingham. 8vo, plates, boards. 3s 6d

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4848 HOLDEN (Samuel) Two Sermons preached at the Funeral of the Rt. Hon. Robert Lord Lexington and the Lady Mary, his Wife (of Aram, Notts). 4to, half calf. 38



1676 4849 DEERING (Dr. Charles) Historical Account of the ancient and present State of Nottingham. 4to, map and plates, GOOD COPY, calf. Nottingham, 1751 4850 POLL BOOK for Nottingham, 1774. 8vo, neat. 38 6d 1774 4851 THE PAPER WAR carried on at the Nottingham Election, 1803; with all the Addresses, Songs, Squibs, with the History of Daniel and Joseph (in Scripture style). Thick 12mo, boards. 38 4852 THE SPIRIT of Election Wit and Satire at the Nottingham Election. 12mo, calf. 28 6d Nottingham, 1803 4853 TRIAL of Bovill v. Moore and others, of Nottingham, for Infringement of Patent Machine for making Lace. 8vo, ha'f calf. 28 1816 4854 WORSHIP (William) Earth Raining upon Heaven: a Sermon preached at the Assizes holden at Nottingham August 5, 1614. 4to, half morocco. 38 6d


4855 PIERCY'S History of Retford. 12mo, plates and woodcuts, boards. 28 6d

1828 4856 PIERCY'S History of Retford. Pest 8vo, LARGE PAPER, bds. 58 1828 4857 HUNTER'S (Rev. Jos.) Collections concerning the Church or Congregation of Protestant Separatists formed at Scrooby, in North Nottinghamshire, in the time of James I., the founders of New Plymouth, the parent colony of New England. 8vo, cloth. 88


An interesting book to the Yorkshire collector also, as many of the transactions recorded took place in that county. The volume is introduced with some beautiful stanzas by R. Monckton Milnes, M.P., of the Hall, Bawtry. 4858 DICKINSON-RASTALL'S History and Antiquities of the Town and Church of Southwell. Royal 4to, plates, FINE COPY in calf. 148 1787 4859 BROOKES' (R.) Observations illustrative of the Accounts given by

Historical Writers of the Battle of Stoke Field in 1487. Royal 8vo,

1825 4860 FIVE ETCHINGS by the Countess of Oxford of the Welbeck Oaks. Folio, privately printed, boards. 78 6d 1727

4861 NOUGURET (P. J. B.) Aventures les plus remarquables des Marins, ou Précis des Naufrages les plus extraordinaires depuis le XVe Siècle, jusqu'à nos jours. 12mo, plates, calf. 28 6d Paris, 1821 4862 NOUVEAU Recueil d'Apophtegmes, ou Bons Mots, Rencontres agreables et Pensées judicieuses des Anciens et Modernes, mis en Vers François. 12mo, frontispiece, old calf. 28 6d Toulouse, 1695

NOVELS (as good as new).

4863 CLEVE HALL. By the Author of "Amy Herbert," &c. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth. 48 6d

4864 HUBBACK (Mrs.) Malvern, or the Three Marriages.

8vo, cloth. 48 6d

4865 LEE (Holme), Thorney Hall, a Story of an Old Family.

cloth. 28


3 vols. post


Post 8vo,


4866 MOODIE (Susannah). The Monctons. A Novel. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth. 38 6d


4867 MOREDUN, a Tale of the Twelve Hundred and Ten. By W. S. (attributed to Sir W. Scott). 3 vols. post 8vo, facsimile, cl. 4869 CROWE (Mrs.) The Story of Lilly Dawson. 2 vols. in cloth. 28

58 1855 1, 12mo,

4870 NOWELL (Alexander, Dean of St. Paul's) Life of, chiefly from Registers, Letters, and other authentic Evidences. By Ralph Churton. Svo, plates, half russia. 78 6d-half calf. 6s 6d Oxford, 1809 4871 NUENARI (H.) De Gallia Bélgica Commentariolus, Antv. 1584Divæ (P.) De Galliæ Belgica Antiquitatibus, ib. 1584. Sm. 8vo, vel. 38 4872 NUGE POETICA.-Select Pieces of Old English Popular Poetry, illustrating the Manners and Arts of the XVth Century. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. Post 8vo, only 100 copies printed, cloth. 5s 1844 CONTENTS.-Colyn Blowbol's Testament; the Debate of the Carpenter's Tools; the Merchant and his Son; the Maid and the Magpie; Elegy on Lobe, Henry VIII.'s Fool; Romance of Robert of Sicily; and five other curious pieces of the same kind.

4873 NUGENT'S (Lord) Lands, Classical and Sacred. 2 vols. post 8vo, plates, best edition, cloth.



4874 ADDISON (Joseph) Dialogues upon the Usefulness of Ancient Medals, especially in relation to the Latin and Greek Poets. 12mo, plates,

neat. 2$

1751 4875 AINSLIE'S (General) Illustrations of the Anglo-French Coinage. Royal 4to, plates, cloth. 188



4876 AKERMAN'S (J. Y.) Descriptive Catalogue of Rare and Unedited Roman Coins. 2 vols. 8vo, many plates, cloth. £1. 5s (pub. at £2. 128 6d) 4877 AKERMAN, Catalogue d'une Partie de la Collection de Médailles du Chevalier de Horta, faite par son Père pendant ses differentes Ambassades à Vienne, la Haye, et St. Petersbourg. 8vo. 38 4878 AKERMAN'S Ancient Coins of Cities and Princes, geographically arranged and described, Hispania, Gallia, Britannia. By J. Y. Akerman, F.S.A. 8vo, with engravings of many hundred coins from actual examples, cloth, 78 6d-half calf gilt. 98 6d



4879 AKERMAN'S (J. Y.) Numismatic Manual. 12mo, plts. cl. 38 6d 1832 4880 AKERMAN'S Coins of the Romans relating to Britain described and illustrated. SECOND EDITION, ENLARGED, 8vo, with a new set of plates and woodcuts, cloth. 10s 6d


The "Prix de Numismatique" was awarded by the French Institute to the author for this work.

"Mr. Akerman's volume contains a notice of every known variety, with copious illustrations, and is published at a very moderate price; it should be consulted, not merely for these particular coins, but also for facts most valuable to all who are interested in Romano-British History."-Archæol. Journal. 4881' AKERMAN'S Tradesmen's Tokens struck in London and its Vicinity, from 1648 to 1671, described from the Originals in the British Museum, &c. 8vo, with eight plates of numerous examples, cloth, 158 -LARGE PAPER, in 4to, cloth. £1. 18


This work comprises a list of nearly three thousand Tokens, and contains occasional illustrative topographical and antiquarian notes on persons, places, streets, old tavern and coffee-house signs, &c. &c. with an introductory account of the causes which led to the adoption of such a currency.

4882 AKERMAN'S Introduction to the Study of Ancient and Modern Coins. Foolscap 8vo, with numerous wood engravings from the original coins (an excellent introductory book) cloth. 6s 6d


CONTENTS: SECT. 1.-Origin of Coinage-Greek Regal Coins.-2. Groek Civic Coins.-3. Greek Imperial Coins.-4. Origin of Roman Coinage-Consular Coins.-5. Roman Imperial Coins.-6. Roman British Coins.-7. Ancient British Coinage.-8. Anglo-Saxon Coinage.-9. English Coinage from the Conquest.-10. Scotch Coinage.-11. Coinage of Ireland.-12. Anglo-Gallic Coins.-13. Continental Money in the Middle Ages.-14. Various Representatives of Coinage.-15. Forgeries in Ancient and Modern Times.-16. Table of Prices of English Coins realized at Public Sales.

4883 AKERMAN'S Numismatic Illustrations of the Narrative Portions of the New Testament. 8vo, numerous woodcuts from the original coins in various public and private collections, cloth. 58

1846 4884 ASHBY (Rev. Geo.) Dissertation on a Singular Coin of Nerva. 4to, half calf. 38 1774 4885 BAYERI (Theop. Sig.) Historia Osrhoena et Edessena, ex Numis illustrata. 4to, FINE COPY (from M. Mionnet's Collection) calf gilt. 148 Petropoli, 1734 4886 BOIZARD (J.) Traité des Monoys de leurs circonstances et dependances. 12mo, neat. 38 1689 4887 BURN J. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of the London Traders' Tavern and Coffee-house Tokens current in the 17th Century, presented to the Corporation Library by H. B. H. Beaufoy. 8vo, portrait & plate, privately printed, cloth. 78 6d

1853 4888 CARDWELL'S (Professor) Lectures on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans, delivered in the University of Oxford. 8vo, cloth. 48 (pub. at 88 6d)-calf gilt. 6s 6d

Oxford, 1832

A very interesting historical volume, and written in a pleasing and popular


1843, &c.

4889 CARTIER (E.) Notice sur les Monnoies du Limousin-Numismatique Boulonnaise-Monnoies de Corse-Monnoies de Piemont-and 7 other Numismatic Tracts. 38 4890 CATALOGUE of the Coins of Canute, King of Denmark and England, plates, 1777- Pegge's (S.) Essay on the Coins of Cunobelin, and Dissertation on the Seat of the Coritani, plates, 1766-Noble (Mark) Two Dissertations upon the Mint and Coins of the Episcopal Palatines of Durham, medallion heads, &c. Birmingham, 1780. In 1 vol. calf gilt.


4891 CATALOGUE of the very extensive and valuable Collection of English Coins and Medals of the late Col. Durrant. 8vo, 9 days' sale. 28 1844 4892 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Numismatic Library of MATTHEW YOUNG, and also his important Collection of Coins and Medals. The 9 parts in 1 vol. 8vo, half calf. 128 1838-41 4893 CATALOGUE of the very important Collection of Coins and Medals, comprising Greek and Roman, Saxon and English Series (of the Duke of Devonshire). 2 parts, 12 days' sale by Christie and Manson.


1844 4894 CATALOGUE of the Greek, Roman, and Foreign Medieval and English Coins and Medals, collected during the last 50 years by the late Thos. Thomas, Esq. 3 parts, 34 days' sale. 8vo. 68 1844 4895 CLARKE (Wm.) Connection of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins, deduced from Observations on the Saxon Weights and Moncy. 4to, cuts, calf neat. 148


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