4989 VAILLANT, Seleucidarum Imperium, sive Historia Regum, Syræ ad fidem Numismatum accommodata. 4to, cuts, neat. 78 6d 1681 4990 VAILLANT Numismata Imperatorum Augustorum et Cæsarum a populis Romanæ Ditionis Græce loquentibus ex omni modula percussa. Folio, many plates, old calf, 98 Amst. 1700 4991 VAILLANT Numismata Imperatorum Augustorum et Cæsarum a populis Romanæ Græce loquentibus ex omni modulo percussa, many cuts. Amst. 1700-Historia Ptolemæorum Ægypti regum ad fidem Numismatum accommodata, many cuts. Amst. 1701-In 1 vol. folio, calf neat. 14s

4992 VAUGHAN (Price) Discourse of Coin and Coinage: the first invention, use, matter, forms, proportions, and differences, ancient and modern; also Tables of the Value of Pearls, Diamonds, &c. 12mo, old cf. 48 1675 4993 WALKER (O.) Greek and Roman History, illustrated by Coins aad Medals, representing their Religion, Rites, Manners, Customs, &c. 8vo, calf neat. 38


5000 O'BYRNE'S Representative History of Great Britain and Ireland, comprising Biographical and Genealogical Notices of Members of Parliament, from 1547 to 1847. Royal 8vo. Part 1, BEDFORDSHIRE. 28 6d (pub. at 5s);

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5006 OLAI (Ericum) Historia Suecorum Gothorumque, res commemorans LXVII potentiss. regum terrâ mariq. gloriosissime gestas, nunc Vero Opera et Studio Jo. Messenii, ab erroribus vindicata. 4to, vel. 6s 1620 5007 OLD BALLADS. Catalogue of an unique Collection of 400 Ancient YUB English Broadside Black Letter Ballads, with Notes of their Tunes and Imprints, lalely on sale, by J. Russell Smith. Post 8vo, elegantly printed by Whittingham, half bound. 58 1856

5008 OLD BALLADS illustrating the Great Frost of 1683-4, and the Fair on the River Thames, collected and edited by Edward F. Rimbault. Post 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 4s 6d Percy Soc. 1844 5009 OLD ENGLISH NOBILITY.-Baronia Anglia Concentrata ; or, a Concentration of all the Baronies called Baronies in Fee, deriving their Origin from Writ of Summons, and not from any specific Limited Creation, showing the Descent and Line of Heirship, as well of those Families mentioned by Sir William Dugdale, as of those whom that celebrated author has omitted to notice; interspersed with interesting Notices and Explanatory Remarks. Whereto is added the Proofs of Parliamentary Sitting from the Reign of Edward I. to Queen Anne; also a Glossary of Dormant English, Scotch, and Irish Peerage Titles, with reference to presumed existing Heirs. By Sir T. C. Banks. 2 vols. 4to, cloth. 158 (pub. at £3. 38)



5010 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.-The Knight of the Burning Pestle, full of mirth and delight. 4to, half calf. 28 1635 5011 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.—Philaster; or, Love lies aBleeding. Third impression. 28, 1628-Fourth impression. 28, 1639-Fifth impression. 2s, 1652

5012 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.-The Tragedy of Thierry King of France and his Brother Theodoret. 4to, half calf. 28 1649 5013 BEAUMONT AND FLETCHER.-A King and No King. 4to, edges uncut, except the title. 4to. 1665


5014 BELCHIER (D.) Hans Beer Pot; his invisible Comedie of See Me and See Me Not, acted in the Low Countries by an honest Company of Health Drinkers. 4to, wanting two last leaves, otherwise good copy, half morocco. 158 B. Alsop, 1618

The only copies cited by Lowndes sold for £4. 1s and £5. 2s 6d. 5015 CARLELL (Lord) The Passionate Lovers, a Tragi-Comedy. 8vo, half calf. 38 1655 5016 CARTWRIGHT'S (W.) Royal Slave, a Tragi-Comedy; presented to the King and Queene by the Students of Christ-Church, in Oxford, August 30, 1636. 4to. 28 6d

Oxford, 1640 5017 CORNBURY (Hyde, Lord) The Mistakes; or, the Happie Resentment. A Comedy. 8vo, half calf. 28 1758 5018 D (J.) The Knave in Graine new Vampt; a witty Comedy acted at the Fortune many days together with great applause. 4to. 3s 1640 5019 DANIELL (Samuel) The Tragedie of Cleopatra. 4to. 28 6d London, 1599 5020 DAVENANT (William) The Just Italian; lately presented in the private house at Black Friers. 4to. 28 1630

5021 DAVENANT (William) The Cruell Brother. A Tragedy. 4to, boards. 28


5022 DAY (John) The Ile of Guls. A Comedy. First edition, some pages at the foot cut close. 4to. 58

1606 5023 D'URFEY, The Comical History of Don Quixote, as it is acted at the Theatre in Dublin, in 2 parts, Dublin, 1727; and 3 other Theatrical Pieces in the vol. 12mo, calf. 4s 6d

5024 FLECKNOE (Richard) The Damoiselles à la Mode. A Comedy. 12mo, calf, very scarce. 78 6d

The only two copies cited by Lowndes sold for £1. 2s and £1. 11s 6d.


5025 HAUGHTON (W.) English-Men for my Money; or, a pleasant Comedy called "A Woman will have her Will." Title-page and four leaves mended. 4to, half calf. 108 6d

5026 5026*


(W.) Another edition 4to, title in MS. calf neat. 5s. 1620 Another edition, with second title only, viz. "A Woman will have her Will." 4to. 68 1631 5027 HEYWOOD (Thomas) The English Traveller, as it hath beene acted at the Cockpit in Drury Lane. 4to, half calf, 58-cloth, 68 1633 5028 HEYWOOD (Thomas) Love's Mistresse, or the Queen's Masque, publickly acted by the Queen's Comedians at the Phenixe in Drury Lane. 4to, title mended. 58

1640 5029 HEYWOOD (Thomas) Love's Mistresse, or the Queen's Mask. 1640, reprinted, 8vo. 18 1792

5030 HEYWOOD'S (Thos.) If you Know not Me you Know Nobodie; or, the Troubles of Queen Elizabeth. 4to, woodcut portrait of Queen Elizabeth on title (date cut off). 58 London, 5031 HOWARD (Sir Robert) The Great Favourite, or the Duke of Lerma. 4to, interleaved, half calf. 28 1668 5032 HUMOURS of Oxford. A Comedy. By a Gentleman of Wadham College. 8vo. 18



5033 ILE (The) of Gulls, as it hath been often acted by the Children of the Revels. 4to, poor copy. 1633 5034 JONES (John) Adrasta, or the Woman's Spleen and Love's Conquest. A Tragi-Comedie never acted. 4to. 38 1635 5035 JONES (Inigo) Britannia Triumphans, a Masque presented at Whitehall, by the King's Majestie and his Lords, on the Sunday after Twelfth Night. 4to, wanting last leaf. 10s 6d


Scarce; supposed to have been suppressed by the clamour it excited by being represented on a Sunday. Sold in Bindley's sale for £9.

5036 JONSON (Ben) Volpone, or the Foxe. 4to (last leaf in manuscript) first edition, half calf. 58

1607 5037 KYD (Thomas) The Spanish Tragedy, or Hieronimo is Mad again; containing the lamentable End of Don Horatio and Belimperia, with the pitiful Death of Hieronimo. 4to, woodcut on title, half calf. 78 6d 1633 5038 KYD (Thomas) Tragedie of Solimon and Perseda, wherein is laide open Love's Constancie, Fortune's Inconstancie, and Death's Triumphs. 4to, original rare edition, but with 4 pp. in MS. 38 Edw. Allde, 1593 5039 KYD (Tho.) Solimon and Perseda. 4to, reprinted, boards. 28 5040 LINGUA, or the Combat of the Tongue and the Five Senses for Superiority; a pleasant Comedy, 12mo, calf neat. 6s 6d 1657 5041 LOWER (William) The Phoenix in her Flames; a Tragedy. 4to, good copy. 38 London, 1639 5042 MARLOWE (Christopher) The famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta, as it was playd before the King and Queene in his Majestie's Theatre at Whitehall, by her Majestie's Servants at the Cock Pit. 4to, good copy, sewed. 68 6d



5043 MARLOWE (Christopher) The famous Historical Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta. 8vo. 18 5044 MARSTON'S Tragedies and Comedies, viz.: Antonio and Mellida- . Antonio's Revenge-Tragedie of Sophonisba-What You Will-The Fawne and the Dutch Courtezan. Small 8vo, calf gilt, rare edition, £1. 4s (Bindley's copy sold for £2. 16s)

London, printed by A. M., for W. Sheares, 1633

5045 MASSINGER and DECKER, The Virgin Martyr, a Tragedie. 4to


1661 5046 MASSINGER and FIELD, The Fatall Dowry, a Tragedy, as it hath beene often acted at the Private House in Blackefryers. 4to. 28 1632 5047 MAY (Thomas) The Heire, a Comedie, as it was acted by the Company of the Revels, 1620. 4to. 38 1633 5048 MOTHER-IN-LAW; or, the Doctor the Disease, a Comedy. 8vo. 1734 5049 MOUNTFORT (W.) The Injured Lovers; or, the Ambitious Father, a Tragedy. 4to, half calf. 28 1668


5050 MOUNTFORT (Wm.) Greenwich Park, a Comedy. 4to, hf. cf. 28 1691 5051 MOUNTFORT (W.) The Successfull Straingers, a Tragi-Comedy. 4to, half calf. 28

4to. 4s 6d

1690 5052 NABBES (Thomas) Microcosmus, a Morall Maske, presented with generall liking at the Private House in Salisbury Court. 4to. 58 1637 5053 NABBS (Thomas) The Bride, a Comedie. 1640 5054 NABBES (Thomas) Totenham Court, a pleasant Comedy, acted at the Theatre in Salisbury Court. 8vo. 28 1709 5055 ALCIBIADES, a Tragedy, by Thos. Otway, 1687-D'Urfey's Comical History of Don Quixote, 2 parts, 1694-Otway (Thos.) The Soldier's Fortune, a Comedy, 1695-Oroonoko, a Tragedy, by Thomas Southerne, 1696-Farquhar's Recruiting Officer, a Comedy-Farquhar's Constant Couple; or, a Trip to the Jubilee, a Comedy, 1700. In 1 vol. 4to, inlaid, and a few pages MS. in Oroonoko in a fine handwriting, half calf. 58

5056 RANDOLPH.-Cornelianum Dolium Comoedia lepidissima. 12mo, with the very curious frontispiece of the Sweating Tub, new calf, old style. 68


5057 RAWLINS (Thos.) The Rebellion, a Tragedy. 4to, half calf, stained.




5058 ROWLEY (S.) The Noble Souldiers; or, a Contract Broken justly Revenged, a Tragedy. 4to, title mended, half calf. 58 5059 SHIRLEY (J.) A Contention for Honour and Riches. 4to, fine copy of the first edition. 58


5060 SHIRLEY (H.) The Martyr'd Souldier. 4to. 38 6d 5061 SHIRLEY (James) The Royall Master, as it was acted in the New Theater in Dublin. 4to. 28



5062 SHIRLEY (James) The Humorous Courtier, a Comedy. 4to. 28 1640 5063 SHIRLEY (James) Opportunitie, a Comedy. 4to. 28 5064 SHIRLEY (James) Love's Crueltie, a Tragedy. 4to. 28



5065 SHIRLEY (James) The Royal Master, a Comedy, 1638; reprinted.

8vo. 18


5066 SKETCH of a Farce, that may be acted during the Parliamentary Recess by his Majesty's Servants. 8vo, boards. 28


5067 THE FALL of Public Spirit, a Dramatic Satire, in Two Acts. 8vo, half calf. 28


5068 THE TRAGEDY of Nero, newly written. 4to, new, half calf, 48sewed, 38

1633 5069 TOURNEUR (Cyril) The Revenger's Tragedie. 4to, half morocco. 58 London, G. Eld. 1607

5070 TOURNEUR (Cyril) The Atheist's Tragedie; or, the Honest Man's Revenge. 4to. 38 1612 5071 WILKINS (George) The Miseries of Inforst Marriage. 4to. 3s 1629 5072 Another edition. 4to. 38 1637


5073 OLDY'S British Librarian, a compendious Review of our most scarce, useful, and valuable Books, manuscript and print. 8vo, half calf, marbled edges. 88 6d-calf. 98 5074 OLLIER (Chas.) Fallacy of Ghosts, Dreams, and Omens, with Stories of Witchcraft, Life in Death, and Monomania. 12mo, plts. cl. 38 1848 5075 OPERATIONS of the Raby Pack, the Earl of Darlington's Fox Hounds, in the years 1802, 3, 4. 2 vols. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 58


5076 OPIE'S Lectures on Painting at the Royal Academy, with his Memoirs, &c. By Prince Hoare. 4to, portrait, calf gilt. 68 1809 5077 ORATIO de Vellere aureo Scholastico recitata Argentinæ in progressionibus Classicis, 20 Aprilis 1590, authore Michaele Boschio præceptore primæ classis ibidem. 4to, woodcut on title, colored, half morocco. 38 6d Argentorati, 1591 5078 ORATIONES VARIÆ.-Croeser, de Hominis primo ortu, 1724Wynperse denaturæ Humanæ præstantia, 1780-Wynperse, De recta Philautia, 1780-Schultens, De Regina Sabæorum, 1740-Schultens, De Finibus Literarum Orientalium Proferendis, 1774-Schultens, De Studio Belgarum in Literis Arabicis excolendis, 1779-Schroeder, De Confusiones Sermonis Babelica, 1642. 4to, and various others. 68


5079 ARMENIAN.-Elegie sur la Prise d'Edesse par les Mussulmans; par Nerses Klatetsi, Patriarche d'Armenie; publie pour la première fois en Armenien, par Dr. T. Zohrab. 8vo, sewed. 48


5080 CHINESE.-Meng Tseu vel Menicum, inter Sinenses Philosophos, ingenio doctrina nomisque claritate Confucio proximum, edidit, latina interpretum (with the Chinese Text) a Stanislaus Julien. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. 1. 58

1824 5081 GEORGIAN.-Chronique Georgienne, traduite (avec le texte original) par M. Brosset jeune. 8vo, sewed. 78 1830 5082 GEORGIAN. Klaproth, Vocabulaire et Grammaire de la Langue Georgienne. 8vo, sewed. 128

1827 5083 JAPANESE.-Rodriguez, Elemens de la Grammaire Japonaise, avec Supplement par Landresse et Remusat. 8vo, sewed. 108 1825 5084 PALI.-Burnouf et Lassen, Essai sur le Pali, ou Langue Sacrée de la

presqu'ile au-dela du Gange. 8vo, six plates, sewed. 88 1826 5085 SANSCRIT.-La Reconnaissance de Sacountala, drame Sanscrit et Pracrit de Calidasa, publie pour la première fois en original, accompagné d'une traduction Française, de Notes philologiques, critique et litteraires. Par A. L. Chezy. 4to, sewed. 5086 SANSCRIT.—Yajnadattabada, ou la Mort d'Yajnadatta, episode extrait du Ramayana, poëme épique Sanscrit, avec le Texte et une traduction Française et Latine, par Chezy et Burnouf. 4to, sd. 12s 1826

£1. 108


5087 ORIENTAL ALBUM.-Characters, Costumes, and Modes of Life in the Valley of the Nile, from Designs taken on the spot by E. Prisse, with descriptive Letter-press by J. A. St. John. Royal folio, 32 beautiful tinted lithographs and 35 fine wood engravings, hf. bd. in morocco, cloth sides, a very interesting volume. £2. 108 (pub. at £5. 58 1848 5088 ORIGINAL LETTERS illustrative of English History, including numerous Royal Letters, with Notes and Illustrations by Sir H. Ellis. THE THREE series, 11 vols. post 8vo, ports. & plts. bds. £3. 10s 1825-46 5089 ORIGINIS de Oratione, Gr. et Lat. 12mo, neat. 28 Oxon.

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