447 HISTORICAL Account of the Parish of Odell. By St. John Cooper. 4to, half calf. 68-boards. 4s 6d

1787 448 HANKINS'S Account of the Public Charities of the Town of Bedford. 8vo, portrait of Harpur, cloth. 28 6d Bedford, 1828 449 ROBINSON'S (P. F., Architect) History of Woburn Abbey, illustrated by Plans, Elevations, and Internal Views from actual measurement. Royal folio, 8 fine plates, proofs on India paper. £1.18 450 PARRY (J. D.) Guide to Woburn Abbey. Post 8vo, interleaved with writing-paper, half calf. 28 6d Woburn, 1831


451 BEDFORD.-Correspondence of John, fourth Duke of Bedford, selected from the originals at Woburn Abbey, with Introduction by Lord John Russell. 3 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 1842


This work contains interesting Letters of or concerning Lord Anson, Alderman Beckford, Lord Bute, Boscawen, Admiral Byng, Lord Chatham, Lord Chesterfield, Rt. Hon. H. Fox, Geo. II. and Geo. III., the Grenvilles, Earl Hardwicke, Lord Mansfield, Duke of Marlborough, Duke of Newcastle, Pelham, Rigby, Earl of Sandwich, Earl Temple, Horace Walpole, &c. &c. 451*BEDLOE.-Life and Death of Captain William Bedloe, one of the

Discoverers of the Popish Plot. 8vo, portrait, calf. 38 1681 452 BEECHAM (John) Ashantee and the Gold Coast, a Sketch of the History, Social State, and Superstitions of the Inhabitants of those Countries. Post 8vo, cloth. 38 6d


453 BEECKMAN (Capt. D.) Voyage to and from the Island of Borneo, in the East Indies. 8vo, maps and plates, old calf. 38 6d 1718 454 BEGERO (Laur.) Hercules Ethnicorum ex variis Antiquitatum Reliquiis


delineatus additis in fine, modernis quibusdam ejusdem argumenti Picturis. Folio, 38 plates, fine impressions, half bound. 10s 6d 1705 455 BEKE (Charles Tilstone) Origines Biblica; or, Researches in Primeval History. Vol. 1 (all published) Svo, map, with 3 Autograph Letters to Dr. Buckland inserted, boards. 58 456 BELL (John) Observations on Italy. 4to, plates, cloth. 68 6d 1825 457 BELL (John) Observations on Italy. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, second edition enlarged, plates, new, half calf gilt. 9s-boards. 7s 6d Naples, 1834 458 BELCHER (Capt. Sir Edward) Narrative of a Voyage round the World, in H.M. Ship Sulphur, 1836 to 1842, including details of the Naval Operations in China. 2 vols. 8vo, plts. cl. 128 6d (pub. at £1.128) 1843 459 BELCHER (Capt. Sir Edward) Narrative of the Voyage of H.M. S. Samarang, 1843-46, surveying the Islands of the Eastern Archipelago, and Vocabulary of the principal Languages, with Notes on the Natural History of the Islands, by Arthur Adams, R.N. 2 vols. 8vo, coloured plates, cloth. 138 6d 1848

460 BELFOUR (F. C.) Life of Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hazin, written by himself, translated from the Persian, and illustrated with Notes. 8vo, calf neat. 68


461 BELLARMINE (Cardinal) Apologia pro responsione sua ad Librum Jacobi Magna Britanniæ regis, Colon. Agripp. 1610-Becano (M.) Refutatio Jacobi Angliæ regis Apologiæ, Moguntiæ, 1610. In 1 vol. 8vo, vellum.


462 BELLORII (G. P.) Descrizione delle Imagini dipinte de Rafaelle D'Urbino nelle Camere del Palazzo Apostolico Vaticano. Folio, portrait of Raphael by Marattus, vellum. 58 Roma, 1695 463 BELOE'S (Rev. W.) Sexagenarian, or the Recollections of a Literary Life. Second edition, 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 38


464 BELLAY (W. de) Instructions for the Warres, amply, learnedly, and politiquely discoursing the Method of Militarie Discipline, translated by Paul Ive, plate, 1589-Practise of Fortification, by Paul Ive, woodcuts, 1589. In 1 vol. 4to, half calf (two lines torn off a leaf). 68 465 BELLORUM illustriumq. actorum Principiis Alberti Ducis Saxonie. 4to, GOTHIC LETTER, new, cf. extra, old style, rare. 10s 6d Lypt.1497 466 BELSHAM (W.) Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain, of the House of Brunswick Lunenburg (Geo. I. and II.) 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 3s 1793 467 BELZONI (G.) Narrative of the Operations and recent Discoveries within the Pyranids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia. 4to, portrait and map, calf gilt. 128--boards. 98 6d 1820 468 BELZONI.-Another copy, wanting map. 4to, half calf gilt. 9s 1820 469 BELZONI.-Another copy, with the separately published atlas folio of 44 FINE COLOURED PLATES, both neatly half bound in russia. £3. 38 (pub. at £8. 118) 1820 470 BELZONI (G.) Narrative of the Operations and recent Discoveries within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait and large folding map, hf. cf. 8s 6d 1822 471 BENGER (Miss) Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 vols. post 8vo, portrait, boards. 48

472 BEN GORION (Jos.) Wonderful and most deplorable Later Times of the Jews. 8vo, cuts, neat. 38 6d 473 BENTHAM'S (Jeremy) Works, edited by Dr. Bowring. 8vo, cloth lettered. £4. 188 (pub. at £9. 18s)

474 BENTLEII (Dr. Richard) Epistolæ partim mutuæ.

Dawesii ad Joannem Taylorum, Epistola singularis.

1823 History of the 1694

11 vols. large

Edinb. 1843 Accedit Richardi Edited by the

late Dr. C. Burney. 4to, large paper, PRIVATELY PRINTED, half russia. 128-Another copy, in boards. 8s


475 BENTLEY'S (Dr. Rich.) Dissertation on the Epistles of Phalaris. Royal 8vo, calf extra, marbled leaves. 68 1816 476 BENTLEY.--Mork's (Bishop) Life of Richard Bentley, D.D., with an Account of his Writings, and Anecdotes of many distinguished Characters. 4to, portrait, cloth. 148


1830 477 BERCHMANNI (Joannis, Religiosi Soc. Jesu) Vita. 8vo, portrait. Antv. 1630 478 BERGGREN (J.) Reisen in Europa, und im Morgenlande (Vienna, Constantinople, Bosphorus, Syria, Lebanon, Damascus, Aleppo, Egypt, Holy Land, Jerusalem, Jericho, &c.). 3 vols. 12mo, maps, boards.


Leip. 1834 479 BERINGTON (Rev. Jos.) Literary History of the Middle Ages. 4to, brown calf neat. 58 1814 480 BERINGTON'S (Rev. Jos.) History of the Reign of Henry II. and of Richard and John, his sons, 1154-1216, and Vindication of Thomas à Becket against Lord Lyttleton. 4to, half calf. 4s 6d 1790 481 BERKELEY'S (Geo., Earl of) Historical Applications and Occasional Meditations upon several subjects dedicated to the Lady Harmonia, with Poems by Edmund Waller. 12mo, neat.



432 ERKENHOUT (John) Biographia Literaria, or a Biographical History of Literature, containing the Lives of English, Scotch, and Irish Authors, from the dawn of Letters in these kingdoms to the present Time. Vol. 1 (all published) half calf, uncut. 78 6d



483 ORIGINAL Letters and other Documents relating to the Benefactions of Abp. Laud to the County of Berks. Edited by J. Bruce. 4to,

cloth. 58

484 WISE (Fr.) Letter to Dr. Mead concerning some Antiquities in Berkshire, plates, Oxford, 1738-Further Observations upon the White Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire, plates, ib. 1742. In 1 vol. 4to, calf. 68

485 MUSE Berkhamstedienses, or Poetical Prolusions. By some Young Gentlemen of Berkhamsted School. 8vo, calf, curious. 38 1794 486 SOME Account of the Parish of Great Coxwell, Berks. 8vo, sewed. 58 1786 487 COATES'S History and Antiquities of Reading. Royal 4to, plates, boards. 10s 6d

1802 488 MAN'S (J.) History and Antiquities of the Town and Borough of Reading. Royal 4to, L.P. 22 plates, bds. 98 (pub. at £3. 38) 1816 489 VIEWS of Reading Abbey, with those of the Churches originally connected with it in Berks, together with some Monuments of Antiquity remaining in those Churches. 33 plates, with descriptions, 4to, boards. 98 (pub. at £2. 28)


490 FORD'S (Dr. Simon, Minister in Reading) Spirit of Bondage and Adoption practically handled, 1655-Dialogue on the Practical Use of Infant Baptisme, 1654-Sermon of Catechising, 1655-Sermon at the Assizes, held at Reading (dedicated to the Sheriff, &c. in answer to some misreports since blown about it and the Author) 1655. In 1 vol. small 8vo, very neat in brown calf, gilt leaves. 108 6d 491 HAKEWILL'S (J., Architect) History of Windsor and its Neighbourhood. Royal 4to, many fine plates, extra cloth, lettered. 128 1813 492 NASH'S (F.) View of the Collegiate Chapel of St. George, Windsor, with an Historical and Descriptive Account. Folio. 78 6d (pub. at £4.48) 1805 493 WILLEMENT'S Account of the Restoration of the Collegiate Chapel of St. George, Windsor, with some particulars of the Heraldic Ornaments of that Edifice. 4to, two fine plates by Shaw, cloth. 4s 6d (pub. at 108)

1844 494 LES DELICES de Windsor, or a Pocket Companion to Windsor Castle and the Country adjacent, also the Royal Apartments and Paintings. 12mo, plates, old calf. 28

1769 495 HEARN'S Letter, containing an Account of some Antiquities between Windsor and Oxford (from Leland's Itinerary). 8vo, boards. 28 6d

496 BERNAN'S (W., Civil Engineer) on the History of Warming and Ventilating Rooms and Buildings, with Notices of the Progress of Personal and Fireside Comfort, and of the Management of Fuel. 2 vols. 12mo, 240 woodcuts (an interesting book) new, cl. 58 6d (pub. at 168) 1845 497 BERNARD'S Narrative of the Voyages and Services of H.M. Ship Nemesis, & of the Operations in China. 8vo, many plts. cl. 6s 6d 1844 498 BERNARTI (Joh.) de Utilitate legendæ Historiæ, libri duo. 8vo, vellum. Antw. 1593 499 BEROALDI (Philippi) Oratio Proverbialis-Ejusdem Declamatio Philosophi Medici-De excellentia Disceptantium, Bonon. 1497-Libellus. quo septem Sapientium sententia discutiuntur, ib. 1488-Symbola Pythagore, ib. 1503. 1 vol. 4to, neat. 78


500 BEROALDO (Philippo) Declamatio lepidissima Ebriosi Scortatoris Aleatoris de Viciositate Disceptantium. 4to, new, half calf, rare.


Paris, 1508

501 BEROALDI (Philippi) De felicitate. 4to, new, hf. cf. 38 6d Paris, 1500 502 BERQUIN, Idylles. 12mo, pretty plates by Marillier, cf. nt. 28 503 BERTHOLLET, Elements de l'Art de la Teinture. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. 48 6d 179

504 BERVILLE (Cardinal de) La Vie de, par Germain Habert. 4to, frontisp. Sengraving on title-page, FINE COPY, in original cf. 4s 6d Paris, 1646 505 BERZELIUS (J. J.) The Use of the Blow-Pipe in Chemistry and Mineralogy. Translated by J. D. Whitney. 8vo, cloth. 3s 1845

506 BEST'S Personal and Literary Memorials (including Conversations of Archdeacon Paley). By the Author of Four Years in France," Italy as it is." Svo, half calf. 48

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507 BETHAM'S (Sir Wm.) Etruria-Celtica, Etruscan Literature and Antiquities Investigated. 2 vols. 8vo, many plates and woodcuts, new, cloth. 128 6d (original price £2. 2s)

1842 508 BEVAN'S (Sam.) Sand and Canvas; a Narrative of Adventures in Egypt, with a Sojourn among the Artists at Rome. Thick Svo, many engravings, cloth (a very amusing book). 58 (pub. at 148)


509 BEWICK'S Select Fables, with a Memoir and Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs. Bewick. Svo, with several portraits of Bewick, and upwards of 350 engravings on wood, original impressions, cloth' lettered. 10s 6d Newcastle, 1-820

510 BEYERI, Memoria Historico-Criticæ Librorum Rariorum. 12mo, neat. 38 1734 511 BIANCHINI (F.) La Storia Universale provata con monumenti e figurata con simboli degli antichi. 5 vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, many plates, half green morocco, gilt tops. £1. 15s Venez. 1825-7 512 BIANCONI (Geo. Lod.) Descrizione dei Circhi, particolarmente di quello di Caracalla e die Giuochi in essi celebrati (with a French Translation). Folio, 20 plates, half bound in vellum. 158 Roma, 1789 513 BIBLE (Holy) with the Apocrypha. Folio, printed by Baskerville, calf Birmingham, 1769

neat. 98 514 BIBLE in the Hungarian Language. 8vo, uncut. 68 1751 515 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Miscellanies, being a Selection of curious Pieces in Verse and Prose, containing the Life of Churchyard, and Wood's Life of Churchyard, Christmas Carols, Sir Philip Sidney's Sonnets, Fairy Poems. Edited by Dr. Bliss. 4to, boards. 7s 6d Oxford, 1813 516 BIBLIOTHECA MADRIGALIANA.-A Bibliographical Account of the Musical and Poetical Works published in England during the Sixteenth Centuries, under the Titles of Madrigals, Ballets, Ayres, Canzonets, &c. &c. By Edward F. Rimbault, LL.D., F.S.A. Svo, cloth. 58 1847

It records a class of books left undescribed by Ames, Herbert, and Dibdin, and furnishes a most valuable Catalogue of Lyrical Poetry of the age to which it refers.

517 BIBLIOTHECA Literaria, being a Collection of Inscriptions, Medals, Dissertations, &c. Nos. 1 to 10 (all published). 4to, cf. nt. 7s 6d 1722 Containing many valuable Papers, interesting to the ecclesiastical antiquary and classical scholar.

518 BIBLIOTHECA ANGLO POETICA, a Descriptive Catalogue of a rare and rich Collection of Early English Poetry, with Critical Remarks. (By A. P. Griffith.) Royal 8vo, half russia, uncut. 168 6d 1815 519 BIBLIOTHECA Londinensis, a Classified Index to the Literature of Great Britain during 30 years (serving as a Key to the London Catalogue of Books, 1814-46). 8vo, cloth.


£5. 58

520 BIBLIOTHEQUE Bibliophilo-Facetieuse, editée par les Frères Gébéodé, deuxième et troisième publication. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, only 60 printed. 108 1854-56 521 BIBLIOTHECA Britannica, or General Index to British and Foreign Literature. By Robert Watt. 4 vols. 4to, neat in half russia, marbled leaves. 1824 This work is of the highest utility. Vols. 1 and 2 contain a complete Catalogue of Authors and their Works, their various editions, sizes, and prices. Vols. 3 and 4 constitute an Index or Key to all that has been written on every subject. 522 BIBLIOTHECA Brememsis Nova Historico-Philogico Theologica, Classis tertiæ. Small Svo, boards. 28 6d


Brema, 1763

523 BIBLIOTHECA Scoto-Celtica, or an Account of all the Books printed in the Gaelic Language, with Bibliographical & Biographical Notices. By John Reid. 8vo, cloth. Glasgow, 1832 524 BIBLIOTHECA CANTIANA, a Bibliographical Account of what has been published on the History, Topography, Antiquities, Customs, and Family Genealogy of the County of Kent, with Biographical Notes. By John Russell Smith. In a handsome 8vo vol. pp. 370, with two plates of facsimiles of Autographs of 33 eminent Kentish Writers. 148. Reduced to 58-LARGE PAper. 10s 6d 1837 525 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL List of the Works which have been published on the English Provincial Dialects. By John Russell Smith. Post 8vo. 18


526 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Catalogue of English Writers on Angling and Ichthyology. By John Russell Smith. Post 8vo. 1s 6d 1856


Uniformly and elegantly printed in the old style, 12mo, strongly bound in Cloth. J. R. SMITH, Agent for England.

527 REFLEXIONS, Sentences et Maximes morales de la Rochefoucauld, avec Notes nouvelles par G. Duplessis. Préface par Sainte-Beuve. 58 528 LES CARACTERES de Théophraste, traduits du Grec, avec les Caractères ou les Mœurs de ce Siècle, par La Bruyère, avec Notes littéraires et historiques, par Adrien Destailleur. 2 vols. 108

529 LE LIVRE du Chevalier de la Tour Landry pour l'enseignement de ses Filles; publié d'après les Manuscrits de Paris et de Londres, par M. Anatole de Montaiglon. 58

Ce livre, œuvre d'un gentilhomme du XIVe siècle, contient de précieux renseignements sur les mœurs du moyen âge.

530 RECUEIL de Poésies françoises des XV et XVIe siècles, morales, facétieuses, historiques, réunies et annotées par M. A. de Montaiglon. Vols. I. to VI. 58 per vol.

Dans de recueil figureront les pièces anonymes piquantes et devenues rares, les œuvres de poètes qui n'ont laissé que peu de vers, les pièces les plus remarquables d'écrivains féconds, mais qu'on ne pent réimprimer en entier.

531 CHANSONS, Ballades et Rondeaux de Jehannot de Lescurel, poéte François du XIVe siècle, publiés d'après le manuscrit unique, par M. A. de Montaiglon. 28

532 ŒUVRES complêtes de François Villor.. Nouvelle édition, revue, corrigée et mise en ordre, avec des Notes historiques et littéraires, par P. L. Jacob, bibliophile. 58

533 EXTRAIT abrégé des vieux Memoriaux de l'Abbaye de Saint-Aubindes-Boys, en Bretagne, Pièce en vers, publiée par M. FrancisqueMichel.


534 ŒUVRES complètes le Saint-Amant, revues et annotées par Ch. L. Livet.

2 vols. 108

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