5872 SATYRS upon the Jesuits, and some other Peices by the same hand. 8vo, neat. 28





5873 SAULL (W. D.) On the Connection between Astronomical and Geological Phenomena addressed to the Geologists of Europe and America. 8vo, diagrams, sewed. 5874 SAUMAREZ (Admiral de) Memoirs and Correspondence, from original Papers in possession of the Family, by Sir John Ross. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth. 4s 6d 1838 5875 SAVARY, Album Dianæ Leporicidæ sive Venationes Leporinæ Leges (a Poem on Hunting, with a Glossary of Terms). 12mo, vellum. 38 6d 1655 5876 SAVARY (M.) Morale de Mahomet, ou Recueil des plus pures Maximes du Coran. 12mo, LARGE PAPER, fine copy, calf, gilt leaves. 28 6d Paris, 1784 5877 SAVARY (D.) Grammatica Linguæ Arabicæ Vulgaris necnon Litteralis Dialogos complectens. Edited by Langles, with additions by himself and Mr. J. Scott. Thick 4to, half calf. 78 6d Parisiis, 1813 5878 SAXONIS Grammatici Danorum Historiæ, libri xvI. tre centis abhinc annis conscripti, tanta Dictionis Elegantia rerumque gestarum Varietate ut eum omni vetustate contendere optimo jure Videri possuit. Folio, FINE COPY, in old calf. 148 Basilea, 1534 5879 SCALA (G.) Delle Fortificationi. Folio, numerous plates. 4s 6d 1590 5880 SCALIGERANA, editio altera ad verum exemplar restituta. 12mo, fine copy of a scarce edition, old black morocco. 5s Coloniæ Agripp. 1667 5881 SCANDINAVIAN QUESTION.-Practical Reflections, by Arnliot Gellina, translated from the Swedish Original by an English Scandinavian. 8vo, pp. 40. 1s

1857 5882 SCARFO (G.) Lettera nella quale vengono expressi colle figure in rame e dilucidati colle Annotazione vari Antichi' Monumenti. Plates of Gems, Coins, Marbles, &c. and 2 other works of the author. In 1 vol. 4to, vellum. Ven. 1739 5883 SCHILDIE (Jo.) De Caucis nobilissimo Veteris Germaniæ Populo. 8vo, singular engraving on title-page, calf, very neat. 38 6d Auricæ, 1742 5884 SCHILLER (Fred.) History of the Thirty Years' War in Germany.

4s 6d

Translated by Capt. Blaquiere. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, calf. 58 1799 5885 SCHILLER (Friedrich) Life of, with Examination of his Works, by Thos. Carlyle. Second edition, small 8vo, portrait, cloth. 38 6d 1845 5886 SCHILTERI (Jo.) Thesaurus Antiquitatem Teutonicarum Ecclesiasticarum, Civilium, Litterarium, et cum Glossarium Teutonicum. 3 vols. folio, vellum (a valuable work).


Ulma, 1728

Containing a vast mass of curious matter connected with the Antiquities of Northern Nations in the Anglo-Saxon aud other Languages, ANCIENT GOLPELS, LAWS, POETRY, &c. The third volume consists of a most extensive and valuable GLOSSARIUM TEUTONICUM.

5887 SCHINER (M.) Description du Département du Simplon, ou la cidevant Republique du Valais. 8vo, half calf. 38

Sion, 1812 5888 SCHLEGEL (Fried. Von.) Ueber die Sprache und Weisheit der Indier. Small Svo, calf gilt. 48 Heidelberg, 1808 5889 SCHLEGEL (A. W.) Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. Translated by John Black. 2 vols. 8vo, stained, half calf. 48


5890 SCHLEGEL (A. W.) Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. Translated by John Black, Esq. Thick post 8vo, portrait, 28 6d



5891 SCHLEGEL (Aug. W.) Essais Litteraires et Historiques. 8vo, boards.


Bonn, 1842 5892 SCHNEIDER'S Elements of Musical Harmony and Composition. Oblong 4to, calf. 4s 1828 5893 SCHOLA Curiositatis sive antidotum Melancholiæ Joco-serium omnibus Hypochondriaci et atrabili laborantibus sive fratibus Spleneticis et Melancholicis. 12mo, front. 58 Eben im Jahr als dieses Nöhtig War— 5894 SCHOOL of Man, translated from the French, with Key to the Satirical Characters. 12mo, calf, curious. 28 6d 1753 5895 SCHOELL, Répertoire de Litérature Ancienne, ou Choix d'Auteurs Classiques, d'Ouvrages de Critique d'Archæologie, d'Antiquités, de Mythologie, &c. 2 vols. royal 8vo, boards. 78 6d Paris, 1808 5896 SCHOPPERO (Hartmanno) De omnibus illiberalibus sive Mechanicis artibus, humani ingenii sagacitate atque industria jam inde ab exordio nascentis mundi usque ad nostrum ætatem adinventis. Small 8vo, many spirited woodcuts by Jost Amman, remarkably fine clean copy, in the original calf. £2. 28 Francf. ad Monum, 1574 5897 SCHUBARTI, de Ludis Equestribus vulgo Thurnier und Ritter Spielen commentatio Historica. 4to. 38 6d

Hala, 1625

5898 SCHURMANN (Anna Maria, the most learned woman of her age) Opuscula Hebræa, Græca, Latina, Gallica, Prosaica et Metrica. 12mo, portrait. 28 1650 5899 SCLOPPETARIA; or, Considerations on the Nature and Use of Rifled Barrel Guns, with reference to their forming the basis of a permanent system of National Defence. By a Corporal of the Riflemen. 8vo, plates, calf gilt. 78


5900 SCOT (Reynolde, of Kent) A perfite Platforme of a Hoppe Garden, and necessarie Instructions for the Making and Mayntenaunce thereof. 4to, BLACK LETTER, woodcuts stained, calf neat, rare.


10s 6d

Lond. H. Denham, 1576

5901 ANE DECLARATIONN of the just and necessar causis moving us of the Nobilitie of Scotland and others to repair to his Hienes presence for resisting of the present daingeris appearing to Goddis Treu Religion. 8vo, half calf. 68 1582; reprinted 1822

A curious specimen of the Scottish Language. 5902 ANDERSON'S Historical Essay, showing that the Crown and Kingdom of Scotland is Imperial and Independent, with Appendix of Ancient Charters. 8vo, cuts, neat.


1721 5903 BALCARRES (Earl of) Historical Fragments relative to Scotish Affairs from 1635 to 1664. 8vo, boards. 38 6d Edinb. 1833

5904 BEATTIE (Dr. W.) Scotland illustrated in a Series of Views, by Thomas Allom and other eminent Draughtsmen. Complete in 30 parts, 4to, with letter-press description, GOOD IMPRESSIONS OF THE PLATES, £1. 128 (pub. at £3)

5905 BEAUTIES of Scotland, containing a clear and full Account of the Agriculture, Commerce, Mines, and Manufactures, of the Population, Cities, Towns, Villages, &c. of each County. By Forsyth. 5 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, boards. 158


5906 BOSWELL'S (James) Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. 8vo, map, calf. 28 6d


5907 CAMPBELL (John) Full and particular Description of the Highlands of Scotland. 8vo. 28



5908 CHARLES (George) History of the Transactions in Scotland in the Years 1715-16 and 1745-46, with Authentic Detail of the Dangers Prince Charles encountered after the Battle of Culloden, and Sketch of his Life. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 68 Stirling, 1817 5909 CHURCHYARD'S Chips concerning Scotland, with Historical Notices, and Life of the Author. By Geo. Chalmers. Post 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 58-boards. 38 6d 5910 COLVILLE.-Original Letters of Mr. John Colville, 1582-1603, with his Palinode, 1600; with Life, &c. by David Laing. 4to, facsimile, cloth. £2.28 Bannatyne Club, Edinb. 1858 5911 CONEI (Georgii) De Duplici Statu Religionis apud Scotos libri duo. 4to (wants two leaves) calf, very scarce. 78 6d Roma, 1628 5912 CONTRAST (The), or, Scotland as it was in the Year 1745, and Scotland in the Year 1819. Sm. 8vo, new, cf. gt. 4s-bds. 28 6d 1825 5913 CROMERTY (George, Earl of) Historical Account of the Conspiracies by the Earls of Gowry and Robert Logan of Restalrig against King James VI. 8vo, calf neat. 48 Edinb. 1713 5914 CUNNINGHAM (Allan) Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modern, with Introduction and Notes, Historical and Critical, and Characters of the Lyric Poets. 4 vols. in 2, post 8vo, hf. cf. gilt, scarce. £1. 1s 1825 5915 DEMPSTERI Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ gentis Scotorum sive de Scriptoribus Scotis, cura D. Irving. 2 vols. 4to, boards. £1.108


Bannatyne Club, 1829 5916 FINLAY'S Scottish Historical and Romantic Ballads, chiefly Ancient, with Notes and Glossary, and Remarks on the Ancient State of Romantic Composition in Scottland. 2 vols. post 8vo, calf gilt, marbled leaves. Edinb. 1808 5917 FRAGMENTA Scoto-Monastica; a Memoir of what has been done, and what Materials exist towards the Foundation of a Scottish Monasticon; to which are appended, sundry few instances of goodly matter. By a Delver in Antiquity (W. B. Turnbull). Royal 8vo, plates of seals, LARGE PAPER, only 20 printed, cloth. £1.10s Edinb. 1842 5918 FRASER'S (Capt. Simon) Airs and Melodies peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland, chiefly collected from 1715 to 1745. 4to, bds. 78 6d 1816 5919 GARDEN (Alex.) Theatre of the Scotish Kings (in Verse). 4to, title

inlaid, & 2 or 3 leaves mended, new, hf. cf. very scarce. 18s Edinb. 1709 5920 GILPIN (W.) Observations relative chiefly to Picturesque Beauty, made in the Highlands of Scotland. 2 vols. 8vo, many aquatint plates, first impressions, calf, very neat. 10s 6d

1789 5921 GOODALL (Walter) Introduction to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. 8vo, old calf gilt. 38 1769 5922 GOODALL (Walter) Introduction to the History and Antiquities of Scotland, translated from the Latin. Small 8vo, calf. 28 Edinb. 1773 5923 GOWRIE.-Treasonable Conspiracies of the Earls of Gowrie, no title -Vindication of Robert the Third, King of Scotland, and his Descendants, from the imputation of Bastardy. 8vo, half calf. 28 5924 HENDERSON (A.) Edinburgh History of the late Rebellion, 1745 and 1746, with the Manifestoes of the Pretender & his Son; also, Journal of the Young Chevalier's Expedition into England, as written by himself, 1752-The Young Chevalier; or, a Genuine Narrative of all that befell that unfortunate Adventurer, N.D. In 1 vol. 8vo, neat and clean. 98

5925 HOME (John) History of the Rebellion in the Year 1745. 4to, por

trait and plans, cloth. 58


5926 HISTOIRE des Revolution d'Ecosse et d'Irlande, ou Recueil de Pièces originales que n'ont jamais été publiées et où l'an decouvre les intrigues les plus secretes du Chevalier de St. George et de ses principaux partisans durent les années 1707, 1708, et 1709. 8vo, old calf gilt, scarce. 78 6d Dublin, 1761 5927 HOLLINSHED'S Scottish Chronicle; or, a complete History and Description of Scotland, from the original of the Nation to the year 1585. 2 vols. 4to, boards. Arbroath, 1805 5928 INVENTARY of Worke done for the State by his Majestie's Printer in Scotland, Dec. 1642, Oct. 1647, edited by Thos. Thomson. 4to, neat, in half russia. 78 6d

88 6d

Edinb. 1815 5929 JOHNSTONE (Chevalier de) Memoirs of the Rebellion of 1745 and 1746. 8vo, portraits and plan, new, half calf. 58 1842 5930 KEITH'S (Robert) History of the Affairs of Church and State in Scotland, from the Reformation in the reign of King James V. to the Retreat of Queen Mary into England in 1568, with Appendix of Original Papers and Records. Folio, map, vol. 1, no more published, calf neat. 158 Edinb. 1734

5931 KERR'S (Robert) History of Scotland during the Reign of Robert I. surnamed the Bruce. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 78 6d 1811 5932 LAUDER (Sir Thomas Dick) Memorial of the Royal Progress in Scotland (of Queen Victoria in 1842). 4to, many fine plates and woodcuts, cloth. 10s 6d 1843 5933 LETTERS from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland to his Friend in London; an Account of the Highlands and the Military Ways among the Mountains, with Introduction and Notes by R. Jamieson and Sir W. Scott. 2 vols. 8vo, frontispieces, calf gilt. 88 6d

1822 5934 LOCKHART Papers, containing Memoirs and Commentaries upon the Affairs of Scotland from 1702 to 1715, by George Lockhart, Esq., of Carnwath; his Secret Correspondence with the Son of King James II. from 1718 to 1728, and Journals and Memoirs of the Young Pretender's Expedition in 1745, by Highland Officers in his Army. 2 vols. 4to, half calf gilt. 1817 5935 MARY Q. OF SCOTS.-Lettres, Instructions et Memoires de Marie Stuart, Reine d'Ecosse, edite par le Prince Alexandre Labanoff. 7 vols. 8vo, sewed. £1. 58



The collection contains 730 Letters collected from the State-Paper Office, aud the principal archives and libraries of Europe.

5936 MEMOIRS of the Insurrection in Scotland in 1715.

By the MASTER possession of the Thick 4to, cloth.

OF SINCLAIR, from the original Manuscript in the Earl of Rosslyn, with Notes by Sir Walter Scott. £2.28 Edinb., privately printed for the Abbotsford Club, 1858 5937 MEMOIRS of North Britain, taken from authentic Writings, as well manuscript as printed. By Oldmixon. 8vo, calf. 38 6d 1715 5938 MILLER (Hugh) Scenes and Legends of the North of Scotland; or, the Traditional History of Cromarty. Post 8vo, frontispiece, cloth.

4s 6d

Edinb. 1853 5939 MISCELLANEA Antiqua, containing the Life and Death of King James the Fifth of Scotland, an Account of the Sufferings of the renowned Lady Jean Douglas, and Navigation of the King round the Orkney and Western Isles, &c. 8vo, calf. 68


5940 MODERN Athens; a Dissection and Demonstration of Men and Things in the Scotch Chapel. By a Modern Greek. Post 8vo, bds. 2s 6d 1825

5941 ON A OATH taken by the Members of the Parliaments of Scotland, 1641 to 1649, with Historical Elucidations, by J. R. Walbran, F.S.A., with a large facsimilie of the original Record, with the Autographs. Royal 8vo, ONLY 10 PRINTED, boards. 1854


This curious document was lately discovered in the Charter-chest of Major Dunbar, of Blair Castle, N.B.

5942 PENNANT'S Tour in Scotland in 1769. 3 vols. 4to, map and numerous plates, fine copy, in russia, marbled leaves. £1. 188 1790 5943 PINKERTON (John) Enquiry into the History of Scotland, preceding the Reign of Malcolm II., or the year 1056, including the authentic History of that period, map, 1794-Dissertation on the Origin & Progress of the Scythians and Goths, being an Introduction to the Ancient and Modern History of Europe, map, 1787. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 98 5944 POETIC Remains of some of the Scotish Kings, now first collected by Geo. Chalmers. 8vo, frontispiece and facsimile, boards. 38 1824 5945 DECLARATION of the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishops in and near London, testifying their abhorrenee of the present Rebellion (in Scotland). 4to, boards. 28 1715 5946 RITSON'S Caledonian Muse, a Chronological Selection of Scottish Poetry, from the earliest period. Post 8vo, new, hf. mor. 68 1821 5947 ROBERTSON (Thos.) History of Mary Queen of Scots, and Examination of the Writings ascribed to her. 4to, cf. nt. sc. 78 6d Edinb. 1793 5948 SANDERSON (Wm.) Compleat History of the Lives and Reigns of Mary Queen of Scotland, and her son James King of England. Folio, GOOD COPY, calf neat. 10s 6d

1656 5949 SCOT (Sir John, of Scotstarvet) The staggering State of the Scots. Statesmen for one hundred years, viz., from 1550 to 1650. 12mo, .calf. 58 Edinb. 1754 5950 SCOTTISH Ballads and Songs, edited by James Maidment. 12mo, cloth, only 250 printed. 10s 6d

1859 5951 SCOTTISH POETRY.-Various Pieces of Fugitive Scotish Poetry, principally of the 17th Century. Edited by David Laing. Second series, thick 8vo, cloth. 10s 6d 1852 5952 SCOTTISH Songs, Ancient and Modern, with Critical Observations and Notices, by Robert Burns, edited by Cromek. 2 vols. in 1, post 8vo, cloth. 58

1810 5953 SCOTT (Rev. James) History of the Life and Death of John Earl of Gowrie, with preliminary Dissertations. Royal 8vo, boards, scarce. 10s 6d Edinb. 1818 5954 SCOTIE Indiculum, or the Present State of Scotland, with Reflections upon its Ancient State. 12mo, frontispiece, calf. 38 1682 5955 SHAW (Samuel) Alphabetical Index of the Registered Entails in Scotland, from the passing of an Act of Parliament in the year 1685 to Feb. 1784. 4to, boards. 7s 6d Edinb. 1784 5956 SIBBALD'S Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, from the 13th Century to the Union of the Crowns, with a large Glossary. 4 vols. post 8vo, calf neat. £1. 16s

1802 5957 SINCLAIR (Sir John) Observations on the Scottish Dialect. 8vo, cloth. 4s 6d 1782 5958 SMITH (John) Icongraphia Scotica; or, Portraits of Illustrious Persons of Scotland, with their Lives. 4to, 21 portraits, boards. 98 1798 5959 STEPHEN'S (Thos., of King's College, London) History of the Church of Scotland, from the Reformation to the Present Time. many portraits, cloth. 14s (pub. at £2. 12s)

4 vols. 8vo,


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