6244 CATALOGUE of a very valuable Collection of Shakesperian and Dramatic Literature, chiefly consisting of the Books used for the first five vols. of Mr. Halliwell's Folio Shakespeare. 8vo, with prices. 2s 1856 6246 HAMLET of 1603. The last leaf of the lately discovered Copy reprinted with a Narrative of its Discovery. 8vo. Is


6247 FACSIMILES (Six) of all the known Autographs of Shakespeare, drawn by Harris on a 4to sheet, suitable for illustrating. 1s

6248 SAND (George) Letter upon her Adaptation of " As You Like It," translated by Lady Monson. 18



6249 SMITH (W. H.) Was Lord Bacou the Author of Shakespeare's Plays ? A Letter to Lord Ellesmere. 8vo. 6d 6250 MITFORD'S (Rev. John) Cursory Notes on "Beaumont and Fletcher," as edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce; and on his "Few Notes on Shakespeare." 8vo, sewed. 28 6d


6251 SMITH'S (W. H.) Bacon and Shakespeare, an Inquiry touching Players, Playhouses, and Play-writers in the Reign of Q. Elizabeth; to which is appended an Abstract of a Manuscript Autobiography of Tobie Matthews, Fcap. 8vo, cloth. 28 6d

1857 6252 SHAKESPEARE Not an Impostor. By an English Critic. 12mo, boards. 18 1857 6253 PERICLES Prince of Tyre, a Novel, by George Wilkins, printed in 1608, and founded upon Shakespeare's Play. Edited by Prof. Tycho Mommsen; with a Preface including a Brief Account of some Original Shakespeare Editions extant in Germany and Switzerland, and a Few Remarks on the Romance of Appolonius of Tyre, with Introduction by J. Payne Collier. 8vo. 58


6254 EATON'S (Rev. T. R.) Shakespeare and the Bible. Post 8vo, cloth.



6255 ARROWSMITH'S (W. R.) Letter to the Editor of "Notes and Queries," SMITH'S on the Questionable Credit of that Periodical, and the Shakespeare Adulterators. 8vo. 6d


"Mr. Collier claims great antiquity for his old commentator, and I have much reason to believe that he is living still."-P. 12.


6256 RUSHTON'S Shakespeare a Lawyer. Post 8vo. 18 6257 BROUGH'S (R. B.) Life of Sir John Falstaff, illustrated by G. Cruikshank, with a Biography of the Knight from Authentic Sources. Royal 8vo, cloth. 108


6258 CAMPBELL'S (Lord) Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements considered. 8vo, cloth.

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58 6d



6258 SHAKESPEARE'S Romeo and Juliet, a Critical Edition of the Two first Texts, 1597 and 1599, on opposite pages, with complete various Readings of other editions to that of Rowe's, and a large Introduction (in German) by Tycho Mommsen. 8vo, pp. 381. 10s 1859 6259 SHAKSPEARE, the Beauties of, selected from his Works, with the principal Scenes in the same Author. Small 8vo, plates, 5th edition, half calf. 38 6260 THE STUDENT'S and School Shakspeare, or Plays and Scenes from Shakspeare, with Notes selected from the best Annotators. By Rev. J. R. Pitman. 8vo, 3rd edition, cloth. 6261 BRIEF Account of Stratford-upon-Avon, with a particular Survey of the Collegiate Church, the Mausoleum of Shakspeare, containing all the Armorial Bearings and Monumental Inscriptions therein. 12mo, frontispiece. 38 6d Stratford, N.D.



6262 PROSPECTUS and List of the Subscribers for the Preservation of the
Tomb and Monument of Shakespeare. Two papers, folio. 1s
6263 COLLECTION of the Vocal Music in Shakespear's Plays, including
the whole of the Songs, Duetts, Glees, Choruses, &c., engraved from
original MS. chiefly from the Collection of Dr. Kitchener. Imperial
8vo, half calf.
6263 THE CHANDOS Portrait of Shakespeare, engraved in the first style
of Art by Samuel Cousins. Folio. 158



This highly interesting portrait of the great poet ranks, in the authenticity of its likeness, with the Stratford Bust and the Droeshout Engraving, before the highly priced and highly prized folio of 1623. Its genealogy has been traced from Sir William Davenant (who lived with those to whom Shakespeare was personally known) to Betterton the great actor, thence to Mrs. Barry the great actress, who sold it for forty guineas to Mr. Keck, from whom it descended to the Duke of Buckingham, and at the Stowe sale was bought by the Earl of Ellesmere for 355 guineas. Another proof of its genuineness, if other proof is wanting, is that Sir Godfrey Kneller made a copy of it for Dryden, and that the copy thus made is now at Earl Fitzwilliam's, at Wentworth House, in Yorkshire, as an old inscription on its back attests. Dr. Waagen has described the Chandos Portrait in his able account of the Bridgwater Gallery, and refers to Mr. Cousins's engraving as "a very faithful version of the portrait." He also alludes to the Kneller copy as corroborating the truth of the Chandos original. The plate was destroyed by the Shakespeare Society after a very limited number of impressions. 6264 SHAKESPEARE'S Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, published according to the true original copies. Folio, THE SECOND IMPRESSION, portrait by Droeshout, with the opposite verses which are facsimilied with printers' ink (nine out of ten would not detect their genuineness, so admirably are they executed) GOOD LARGE COPY, in russia, gilt leaves. £12. 12s 1632

6265 STRICTURES on Mr. Collier's New Edition of Shakespeare, in 6
vols. 8vo, 1858. By the Rev. Alex. Dyce. 8vo (in the press)
6266 NOTES on Shakespeare. By the late W. Sidney Walker, edited by
W. N. Lettsom. 3 vols. fcap. 8vo (in the press)

All printed in 8vo, cloth.

6267 MEMOIRS of Edward Alleyne, Founder of Dulwich College, including
new Particulars respecting Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Massinger,
Marston, Dekker, &c. By J. P. Collier.


6268 THE COVENTRY Mysteries, with Glossary. Edited by Halliwell.

48 6d

6269 DEBATE between Pride and Lowliness, by Francis Thynne. Edited by Collier. 18 d

6270 PATIENT GRISEL, a Comedy, by Dekker, Chettle, and Haughton. Edited by Collier. 28 6d

6271 EXTRACTS from the Accounts of the Revels at Court, temp. Queen 7/4 With Introduction and Notes, by P. Cun

Elizabeth and James I.

ningham. 26d

6272 BEN JONSON'S Conversations with Drummond of Hawthornden. 2

Edited by Laing. 38

6273 FIRST Sketch of Shakespeare's Merrie Wives of Windsor, with a Collection of the Tales on which the Plot is supposed to have been founded, by Halliwell.

28 6d


6274 FOOLS and Jesters, with a Reprint of Robert Armin's Nest of Ninnies, // 1608. Edited by Collier. s

6275 THE OLD Play of Timon of Athens, now first printed from a MS. Edited by Dyce.


6276 THE CHESTER Miracle Plays. Edited by Thomas Wright. Vol. 2. 38 6d

6277 THE ALLEYN Papers, illustrative of the Early English Stage. Edited by Collier.


6278 “ HONOUR TRIUMPHANT," and a "Line of Life," two Tracts by by J. Forde, the Dramatist. Recently discovered. 28

6279 SIR THOMAS MORE. A Play, now first printed. Ed. by Dyce. 28 6d 6280 THE SHAKESPEARE'S Society's Papers, being a Miscellany of Contributions illustrative of the Objects of the Society. Vols. 1, 3, and 4. 28 6d each

6281 TRUE Tragedy of Richard III., to which is appended the Latin Play of Richardus Tertius, by Dr. T. Legge, both anterior to Shakespeare's Drama. Edited by Field.

6282 THE GHOST of Richard

speare's Historical Play.


III., a Poem, 1614, founded upon Shake-
Edited by Collier. 28

6283 TAMING of a Shrew, and the Woman Lapped in Morrel Skin. Edited
by Amyot. 28 6d

6284 ILLUSTRATIONS of the Fairy Mythology of Shakespeare, by Halliwell. 48 6d

6285 DIARY of Philip Henslowe the Player, 1591-1609. Edited by Collier. 38 6d

6286 HEYWOOD'S and. Rowley's Fair Maid of the Exchange, and Fortune by Land and Sea. Edited by Field. 38 6d

6287 MARRIAGE of Wit and Wisdom, an ancient Interlude; to which are added, Illustrations of Shakespeare and the Early English Drama, by Halliwell. 28

6288 MORAL Play of Wit and Science. Edited by Halliwell. 28 6d 6289 EXTRACTS from the Registers of the Stationers' Company, 1577 to 1587, with Notes by Collier. Vol. 2. 3s

6290 INIGO JONES.-A New Life of the Architect, by P. CunninghamRemarks on some of his Sketches for Masques and Dramas, by J. R. Planché-Five Court Masques, edited from the original MSS. of Ben Jonson and Marston, by Collier, accompanied with 15 facsimiles of drawings by Inigo Jones, and a portrait from a painting by Vandyke (a very interesting volume). 58


6291 KARL Simrock's Remarks on the Plots of Shakespeare's Plays, trans-
lated, with Notes and Additions, by Halliwell.
6292 JOHN à Kent and John à Cumber, a Comedy, by Ant. Munday, now
first printed, with other Tracts by the same Author. Edited by Collier.
28 6d

6292* SHANDYMONIAN (The) Containing a Conclamation of Original Pieces, a Higgledy-piggledy of Controversies and Opinions on various interesting subjects. By Thos. Medley, Esq. 12mo, hf. cf. 38 1779 6293 SHARPE'S (Sir Cuthbert) Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569 (in the North of England, from the Bowes MSS). 8vo, portrait, map, and woodcuts, cloth, only 200 copies printed. 98 (pub. at £1. 18) 1840 6294 SHARPE (Sir Cuthbert) Chronicon Mirabile; or, Extracts from Parish Registers, principally in the North of England. 8vo, cloth. 78 6d 1841 6295 SHARP (Thos.) Dissertation on the Pageants, or Dramatic Mysteries. anciently performed at Coventry by the Trading Companies of that City, with Pageant of the Shearmen and Taylors' Company. Royal 4to, LARGE PAPER, curious plates, cloth. Coventry, 1825



6296 SHARP (Samuel) History of Egypt under the Ptolemies. 4to, boards. 48 6d

1838 6297 SHARP (Granville) Theological, Critical, and Constitutional Tracts. 5 vols. 8vo, half russia.



Apparentiy a complete collection of the works of this eminent critic and philanthropist.



6298 SHARP (Granville) Case of Saul, showing that his Disorder was a real Spiritual Possession; with a short Tract on the Influence of Demons, 8vo, boards. 38 6299 SHARROCK (Robert) History of the Propagation and Improvement of Vegetables by the Concurrence of Art and Nature. 8vo, old cf. 38 1660 6300 SHAW (Henry) Examples of Ornamental Metal Work. 50 plates, leather back, uncut. 128 6d 6301 SHAW (Henry) a Booke of Sundry Draughtes, principaly serving for Glasiers, and not impertinent for Plasterers and Gardeners, besides sundry other Professions. 4to, 117 specimens, boards. 78 (pub. at 168) Pickering, 1848 6302 SHAW'S (Col. Charles) Personal Memoirs and Correspondence, and Narrative of the Constitutional War in Spain and Portugal, 1831-37. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 78 1837 6303 SHAW (Dr.) Travels, or Observations relating to several Parts of Barbary and the Levant, with Account of the Author. 2 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, boards. 68 6d-half calf. 88 6d Edinb. 1808 6304 SHEE'S (Sir M. A.) President of R. A.) Rhymes on Art, with Notes.

[blocks in formation]

6305 SHEIL (R. Lalor) Sketches, Legal and Political.


Edited, with Notes,


by M. W. Savage, Esq. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 68 6d 6306 SHELLEY (P. B.) Queen Mab, a Philosophical Poem. 12mo, boards.

18 6d

8vo, boards. 48 8vo, uncut. 58




6307 SHELLEY'S Revolt of Islam. 6308 SHELLEY'S Queen Mab. 6309 SHELLEY (Percy Bysshe) Essays, Letters from Abroad, Translations and Fragments. Edited by Mrs. Shelley. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 78-half calf gilt. 88 6d 1804 6310 SHEPHARD'S (C.) Historical Account of the Island of St. Vincent, in the West Indies, with large Appendix on Population, Meteorology, Produce of Estates, Revenue, Carib Grants, &c. 8vo, plates, cloth. 38 (pub. at 128)


6311 SHERER'S (Major) Notes and Reflections during a Ramble in Germany. Half calf. 38-boards. 28 6d 1827 6312 SHERIDAN (Richard Brinsley) Memoirs of his Life. By Thomas


Moore. 4to, portrait, boards.

78 6d

6313 SHERINGHAM (Robert) De Anglorum Gentis Origine Disceptatio. 8vo, neat. 38


This book on Early British History is praised by Bp. Nicolson. 6314 SHERINGHAM (Robert) The King's Supremacy Asserted, or a Remonstrance of the King's Right against the Pretended Parliament. 4to, calf. 38-boards. 28 6d


6315 SHERLOCK (Martin) Lettres d'un Voyageur Anglois, 1779-Nouvelles Lettres d'un Voyageur Anglois, 1780. In 1 vol. 8vo, cf. nt. 38 6316 SHIELDS.-De Veterum Clypeis Blasii Carogophili opusculum in quo plura quæ ad Græcum Romanamque Militiam pertinent explicantur et illustrantur. 4to, plates of shields. 38 Lug. Bat. 1751

6317 SHILLIBEER'S (Lieut.) Narrative of a Voyage to Pitcai

(the refuge of the Mutineers of the Bounty). 8vo, ching
Author, half calf. 38 6d

6318 SHIRLEY (James) Poems. 12mo, fine portrait by Marshall, calf, scarce. 108 6d

1646 6319 SHIRLEY (James) Dramatic Works and Poems, with Notes by Gifford, and Account of Shirley and his Writings, by Rev. A. Dyce. 6 vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, cloth. £3.158



6320 SHIRLEY (James) The Humorous Courtier, a Comedy. 4to, half calf. 28 6d 6321 SHIRREF'S (Rev. Dr. James) Inquiry into the Life, Writings, and Character of the Rev. W. Guild, one of the Chaplains to King Charles I. with Strictures upon Spalding's Account of him and the times in which he lived. 8vo, boards. 28 6d

Aberdeen, 1799 6322 SHOWER (John) Funeral Discourse on the Decease of Mrs. Mary Doolittle. 12mo, old calf. 28 1692 6323 SHREWSBURY (John, Earl of) Third Letter to Ambrose Lisle Phillips, Esq. of Grace Dieu Manor," on the Present Posture of Affairs." Thick 8vo, boards.




6324 ANTIQUITIES of Shropshire. By the Rev. R. W. Eyton, Rector of Ryton. Royal 8vo, vols. 2 to 7, maps, plates, and fine woodcuts.



Some purchaser, whose name is unknown, has the first volume; if this should meet his eye, he is respectfully requested to take the remaining volumes, or allow J. R. S. to return the money for it. It is the only set of the work incomplete.

Vols. I. to VII. (all yet published). 5 vols. dark blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, by Riviere (vols. 6 and 7 in parts). £12. 12s 1854-8 The only copy of the work on sale, the purchaser will be expected to take the remaining volumes.

In consequence of an accident, not more than 295 complete sets of this highly important publication can ever be made up, all of which have been subscribed for. The work, which the author proposes to complete in 12 volumes, is illus. trated with maps, facsimiles, plates of seals, and woodcuts, executed in a very superior manner. 6326 ANTIQUITIES of Shropshire, from an old Manuscript of Edward Lloyd, Esq. of Drenewydd, revised and enlarged by Thomas Farmer Dukes. 4to, woodcuts, also long list of books, maps, portraits, and views relating to the county, cloth. £1.10s Shrewsburg, 1844 6327 HARTSHORNE (Rev. Chas. H.) Salopia Antiqua; or, Enquiry into the Druidical, Military, and other Early Remains of Shropshire and North Welsh Borders, and a large Glossary of Words used in Shropshire. Royal 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cl. 16s (pub. at £1. 4s) 1841 6328 SHROPSHIRE Gazetteer, including Survey of the County, with valuable miscellaneous information. Thick 8vo, map and plates, in boards. 68 Wem, 1821 6329 PEARSON'S Selection of Antiquities in the County of Salop, comprising the principal Churches, Castles, and Ancient Buildings, with Topographical and Historical Accounts. Royal 4to, 43 finely executed etchings, boards. 188


6330 NIGHTINGALE (Rev. M.) Topographical and Historical Description of the County of Salop. 8vo, map and plates, boards. 4s 6d 1818 6331 LEIGHTON (W. A.) Flora of Shropshire. Thick 8vo, plates, boards. 88 6d (pub. at £1. 18) Shrewsbury, 1841

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