6693 SUBTILTY and Cruelty, or a True Relation of the horrible and unparalleled Abuses and intolerable Oppressions exercised by Sir Sackville Crow, Ambassador at Constantinople, and his Agents, in seizing upon the Persons and Estates of the English Nation resident there, and at Smyrna. 4to, half russia, scarce. 1646 6594 SUE (Eugene) History de la Marine Francaise. 5 vols. royal 8vo, plates, sewed. 158



Paris, 1836-7

6595 MANUSCRIPT Extracts from the original Visitation of the County of Suffolk, made by W. Harvey in 1561, with some Additions from that time, with a fine Pedigree of the Wingfields, by the Rev. D. T. Powell. Folio, bound in parchment. £2. 28

6596 CATALOGUE of Suffolk Memorial Registers, Royal Grants, and Deeds, Court Baron, Leet, and Rent Rolls, Surveys, Letters, &c. to illustrate a History of the County in the possession of W. S. Fitch, of Ipswich. Royal 8vo, only 50 privately printed, cloth. 10s 6d


Ipswich, 1735

1843 6597 KIRBY'S (John) Suffolk Traveller, or a Journey through Suffolk. Small 8vo, first edition, very scarce. 6598 KIRBY (John) The Suffolk Traveller. Second Edition, with Additions. Map, half russia, uncut. 38 6d-calf. 38 1764 6599 SUPPLEMENT to the Suffolk Traveller, or Topographical and Genealogical Collections concerning that County, by Augustine Page. Very thick royal 8vo, cloth. 12s (pub. at £1.88)

1844 6600 EXCURSIONS in the County of Suffolk, with Descriptions of the Residences of the Nobility and Gentry, Remains of Antiquity, &c. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, map and numerous plates, new, green mor. gt. 12s 1818 6601 SUFFOLK Garland, or a Collection of Poems, Songs, Tales, Ballads, Sonnets, &c. connected with the County, with some newspaper cuttings from the different local papers, and many manuscript additions. Interleaved in 4 vols. 4to, half calf. £2. 28 Ipswich, 1818

This copy belonged to the Rev. J. Ford, of Navestock, the editor. 6602 THE FAUCONBERGE MEMORIAL.-An Account of Henry Fauconberge, LL.D., of Beccles, in Suffolk, and of the Endowment provided by his Will to encourage Learning and the Instruction of Youth; with Notes and Incidental Biographical Sketches. By S. W. Rix. 4to, LARGE PAPER, verg nicely got up, with 30 engravings of Old Houses, Seals, Autographs, Arms, &c. boards. 78 6d

CONTENTS.-I. Fauconberges of Olden Time-II. Fauconberge of Beccles -III. Fauconberge Endowment-IV. Fauconberge and Leman-V. Appendix, Pedigrees, Memoir of Robt. Sparrow, Esq., Memoir of Dr. Joseph Arnold (by Dawson Turner, of Yarmouth), Particulars of the Fauconberge Trust Estate, &c. &c.

6603 YATES'S Monastic History and Antiquities of the Town and Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury. 4to, plates, boards. 68 1805 6604 THE WOFFULL and Lamentable Wast and Spoil done by a suddain Fire in S. Edmondsbury, 10 Apl. 1608. 4to, curious woodcut. 28 Reprinted 1845 6605 RANDALL (Jo.) Nomina quorundam e primariis olim Regiæ grammaticalis Scholæ Buriæ Sti Edmundi inter Icenos celeberrimæ carminibus illustrata. 8vo, half calf, curious.


Lond. impensis Authoris, 1719 6606 PARKHURST (N.) Sermon preached at the Funeral of the Lady E. Brooke, of Cockfield Hall, Suffolk, with an Account of her Life. 12mo, portrait, neat, half calf. 38 6d


6607 DESCRIPTION of the Ancient and Present State of the Town and Abbey of Bury St. Edmund's. Small 8vo, half calf. 28 1771 6608 GARDNER (Thomas) Historical Account of Dunwich, anciently a City,

now a Borough; Blithburg, formerly a Town of Note, now a Village, Southwold, once a Village, now a Town Corporate. 4to (wants a plate and map), additional plates inserted, calf. 108 6d 1754


6609 GARDNER'S Dunwich, &c. Another copy. 4to, plates, wants the map (seldom with the book, as it is very large to fold) fine copy, in calf. 1734 6610 HAWES' (Robt.) History of Framlingham; with Additions and Notes by Robert Loder. 4to, portrait and plates, with six additional ones inserted, by Dawson Turner, boards. 158 Woodbridge, 1798 6611 HAWES and Loder's History of Framlingham, Suffolk, with Notices of the Masters and Fellows of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, from the Foundation of the College. 4to, plates, half calf gilt. 128 Woodbridge, 1798 6612 GORLESTON and Southtown Magazine, or the Pantheon of Literature, Science, and the Arts. 8vo, frontispiece, half calf. 38 1831 6613 COROLLA Varia Contexta per Guil. Haukinum Scholarchan Hadleianum in agro Suffolciensi. 12mo, good copy, very rare. 188

Cantab. 1634

With engraved title, and plate of seals. Several poems are prefixed, including one by A. Gill. Milton's schoolmaster. Sold in Bindley's sale for £5. 10s. 6614 CULLUM (Sir John) History and Antiquities of Hawsted and Hardwick. 4to, plates, boards. 68


6615 CULLUM (Sir John) History and Antiquities of Hawsted and Hardwick, in Suffolk. 4to, plates, second edition, boards. 10s 6d 1813 6616 GAGE (John) History and Antiquities of Hengrave, in Suffolk. 4to, portraits and plates, half calf. £1.148-boards. £1. 148 6617 PROOF Set of Engravings to Gage's History of Hengrave Hall. Folio, ON INDIA PAPER, half calf. 128



6618 TWO Rentals of the Priory of the Holy Trinity in Ipswich, temp. Hen. III. and Edw. I., transcribed from the originals. 4to, facsimile and seals, privately printed, sewed. 28 6d 6619 THE ORWELL, a Descriptive Poem, by J. Cordingley, 1837-Trial and Execution of Catherine Foster at Bury, 1847-Poll for Ipswich, 1841-Trial and Execution of Rush for Murder of Mr. Jeremy and his Son, 1849; and other tracts in the vol. 12mo, half morocco. 58 6620 SPECIMENS of Gothic Ornaments, selected from the Parish Church of Lavenham, in Suffolk. 4to, 40 plates, half calf. 7s 6d 1796 6621 BRINSLEY (John) The Glorie of the latter Temple greater than the

former; a Sermon at the Consecration or Restoration of the Parish Church of Flixton, in the Island of Lovingland, in Suffolk. 4to, por trait introduced, new, half calf, rare. 98 6d

1631 6622 IVES (John) Remarks upon the Garianonum of the Romans (Burgh Castle) the Site and Remains fixed and described. Small 8vo, maps, &c. boards. 38 6d

1774 6623 IVES (John) Remarks upon the Garianonum of the Romans. 8vo, second edition, plates, boards. 4s 6d Yarmouth, 1803 6624 TAYLOR (Edgar) The Suffolk Bartholomeans; Memoir of the Ministerial and Domestic History of John Meadows, formerly of Christ College, Cambridge, ejected from the Rectory of Ousden, in Suffolk, 1663. Royal Svo, portraits, &c. half morocco. 128 6d


6625 BADHAM (Rev. Chas.) History and Antiquities of All Saints' Church, Sudbury, and of the Parish generally. Royal 8vo, plts. cl. 78 6d 1852

6626 HOLLINGSWORTH (Rev. A. G. H.) History of Stowmarket, the Ancient County Town of Suffolk, with Notices of the Hundred of Stow. Small 4to, plates, cloth. 98 Ipswich, 1844 6627 AN INVENTORY of the Goods and Chattels of Thomas Revet, of Wetheringset, County Suffolk, deceased in August 1601. A very curios inventory, on vellum. 4to, new, half morocco.

108 6d

6628 SUFFOLK (Henrietta, Countess of) Letters to and from her Second Husband, the Hon. George Berkley, with Notes by J. Wilson Croker. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, boards. 98

1824 6629 SULLY.-Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune, Duke of Sully, Prime Minister of Henry the Great, translated from the French by Mrs. Lennox, with the Trial of Ravaillac. 5 vols. post 8vo, calf gilt.

[blocks in formation]


6632 BRAYLEY and Britton's History of the County of Surrey. 5 vols. 4to, LARGE PAPER, numerous fine plates, half russia extra. £4. 14s 6d (pub. at £14. 148) 1840-48 6633 BRAYLEY'S Surrey. 4to, vol. 1 in 2 parts, and vol. 2 part 1 (containing the Introduction and the Hundreds of Woking and Godley). 3 vols. 4to, fine plates, cloth. 16s 6634 SALMON (N.) Antiquities of Surrey, collected from the most ancient Records, with some Account of the present State and Natural History of the County. 8vo, calf, scarce. 1736 6635 BRAYLEY and BRITTON, Topographical History of the County of Surrey, the Geological Section by Dr. Mantell, 5 vols. royal 8vo, many plates, cloth. £2.28

68 6d

1850 6636 A RAPID Review of its principal Interests in Persons and Places ; also St. Martha's, a Poem. 12mo, map and woodcuts, boards. 28 1849 6637 KEANE'S Beauties of Surrey; being a particular Description of 120 Seats of the Nobility and Gentry. 8vo. 3s

1849 6638 BURTON (Johannes) Iter Surriense et Sussexiense. 8vo, half mo





6639 BERRY'S Pedigrees and Arms of Surrey, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire Families. Folio, boards. £2.5s (pub. at £5. 58) 6640 HUSSEY'S (Rev. A.) Notes on the Churches in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Thick 8vo, fine plates, cloth. 188 1852

6641 SURREY Archæological Collections relating to the History and Antiquities of the County, published by the Surrey Archæological Society. 8vo, vol. 1 (all printed) plates, &c. cloth. 10s (pub. at 158) 1858 6642 PHILLIPS (G. W.) History and Antiquities of the Parish of Bermondsey. 8vo, plates, cloth. 38 6d 1841

6643 GUIDE to the Caterham Railway and the Country round it. By Thomas Wright. Post 8vo, map.



Thousands of tourists and pleasure-seekers go hundreds of miles for beautiful scenery, without, perhaps, finding country of a more varied and interesting character than that to be met with in the Caterham Valley, and within twenty miles of the metropolis.

6644 GARROW (Rev. D. W.) History and Antiquities of Croydon, Surrey, with Sketch of the Life of Archb. Whitgift, plutes, 1818-History of Croydon, by Geo. S. Steinman, Esq., woodcuts, 1833. In 1 vol. 8vo, calf neat. 68

6645 GARROW (Rev. D. W.) History and Antiquities of Croydon, Sketch of the Life of Archbishop Whitgift. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 1818 6646 STEINMAN'S History of Croydon. 8vo, woodcuts, boards.


(pub. at 128) 6647 SOME Account of the Town, Church, and Archiepiscopal Palace of Croydon from its Foundation. By Dr. Ducarel; with Appendixes. 4to, plates, new, half calf, scarce. 1783 6648 HISTORY of Epsom. Post 8vo, plates. 28 6d-ANOTHER COPY, LARGE PAPER (wanting a plate) boards. 28

£1. 18


1825 6649 SMITH (W. C.) History of Farnham and the ancient Cistercian Abbey of Waverley. 12mo, boards. 38 Farnham, 1829 6650 SMITH (W. C.) Rambles round Guildford, with Topographical and Historical Descriptions of the Town. 12mo, plates, bds. 28 6d 1828 6651 SURREY.-Case of Sir William Clayton and the Duchy of Cornwall (relating to Lands in the Manor of Kennington). 8vo, privately printed, boords. 58 6652 ALLEN (Thomas) History and Antiquities of the Parish of Lambeth, and the Archiepiscopal Palace in the County of Surrey. Royal 8vo, colored map and numerous plates, half mor. marbled leaves. 12s 1827 6653 THE HISTORY and Antiquities of Lambeth. By John Tanswell, Esq. of the Inner Temple. 8vo, with numerous illustrations, cl. 78 6d 1858 "Mr. Tanswell dedicates his book to his Grace of Canterbury. It is the carefully executed production of a highly distinguished archeologist. The book seems far too handsomely printed and illustrated to be remunerative at the price charged. Every resident of pretensions to literary taste should st once place it on his shelves."- Leader.

"All that is known of Lambeth will be found in this work; and it must ever, therefore, form an indispensable adjunct to every library of any preten sions-public or private-in the district. Several interesting prints give additional value to this elegant volume."-Observer.

6654 ACCOUNT of the Benefactions to the Parish of Lambeth, extracted from the Vestry Books, &c. by Dr. John Denne, late Rector, with his Remarks, transcribed from loose and undigested papers, by S. D(enne). 4to, bound in parchment. 78 6d

Copied from the original MS. in the possession of the late Rev. Dr. C. Wordsworth, the Rector.

6655 LAMBETH Palace, illustrated by a series of Views representing its most interesting Antiquities in Buildings, Portraits, Stained Glass, &c. 4to, fine plates, SOME COLORED, half calf. 88 6d


6656 DALLAWAY (Harriet) Etchings of Views of the Vicarage of Letherhead, Surrey. Imp. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, 13 plates, boards, very rare. 158


6657 LYMPSFIELD and its Environs, a Series of Views, with Descriptions of that Village and Objects of Interest in its Vicinity; and the Old Oak Chair, a Ballad. With illustrations by Geo. Cruikshank. 8vo, plates, cloth. 38-LARGE EAPER, boards. 4s 6d Westerham, 1838 6658 ROBINSON (P. F.) Account of the Church of Mickleham, with Remarks on the Architecture of that Building. 4to, LARGE PAPER, plates, boards. 1824 6659 TAYLOR (W.) Annals of St. Mary Overy, an Historical and Descriptive Account of St. Saviour's Church and Parish. 4to, many plates, half morocco. 10s 6d-boards. 78 1833


6660 JACKSON and ANDREWS' Illustrations of Bishop West's Chapel in Putney Church, Surrey, with Notice of the Founder. 4to, plates, boards. 4s 6d


6661 CONCANNEN and MORGAN'S History and Antiquities of the Parish of St. Saviour, Southwark. 8vo, 3 plates, calf. 38 6d-half calf gilt. 48-ANOTHER copy, wanting the plates, boards. 28 6d 1795

6662 SURREY'S (Henry Howard, Earl of) Songes and Sonnettes, 1557. Large 8vo, pp. 272, portrait, interleaved, new, half calf. 15s

The portion of an unpublished edition, commenced by Bishop Percy, but nearly all destroyed by a fire at Bensley's printing-office.


6663 HISTORIE Dunelmensis Scriptores tres Gaufridus de Coldingham, Robertus de Graystanes, et Willielmus de Chambre. Thick 8vo, cloth.



6664 RITUALE Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis (Ang.-Saxon and Latin). 8vo, cloth. 108 1840 6665 CHRONICLE of the War between the English and the Scots in 1173 and 1174, by Jordan Fantosme; with Translation, Introduction, and Notes, by Fr. Michel. 8vo, cloth. 98

1840 6666 LIBER Vitæ Ecclesiæ Dunelmensis nec non Obituaria duo ejusdem Ecclesiæ. 8vo, cloth. 78

1841 6667 CORRESPONDENCE, Inventories, Account Rolls, and Law Proceedings (in Latin) of the Priory of Coldingham. 8vo, plates, cl. 10s 1841 6668 CORRESPONDENCE of Dr. Matthew Hutton, Archbp. of York, with


Selection from the Letters of Sir Timothy Hutton, his Son, and Matthew Hutton, his Grandson. 8vo, cloth. 10s 6669 ANGLO-SAXON and Early-English Psalter, with Latin interlinear Translation. Edited by J. Stevenson. Vol. 1, 8vo, cl. 10s 1843 6670 DURHAM Household Book, or the Accounts of the Bursar of the Monastery of Durham, from Pentecost, 1530, to Pentecost, 1534. Edited by J. Raine. 8vo, cloth. 108

8s 6d

1844 6671 OBITUARY Roll of William Ebchester and John Burnby, Priors of Durham, with Notices of similar Records preserved at Durham, from the year 1233. 8vo, plates, cloth. 1855 6672 RURAL Ecconomy in Yorkshire in 1641, being the Farming and Account Book of Henry Best, of Elmswell. 8vo, 128 1857 6673 HADFIELD'S (Bishop) Survey of the Possessions of the See of Durham, 1380, with Appendix of Original Documents, and a Glossary by Rev. W. Greenwell. 8vo, cloth.

10s 6d



6674 ROUSE (James) Beauties and Antiquities of the County of Sussex, forming a General Illustration of the Ecclesiastical and Castellated Remains. Folio, 37 sheets of plates, comprising 132 Views, colored, half calf. 128


6675 THE ORDNANCE Map of the County of Sussex, on two sheets on canvas, in a leather case, and lettered. 58


6676 CARY'S Map of Sussex, colored, in a case. 18 6d 6677 DIXON'S (F., of Worthing) Geology and Fossils of the Tertiary and Cretaceous Formations of Sussex. Edited by Professor Owen, with 40 beautiful lithographic plates containing upwards of 1000 figures, several of them colored, also a colored frontispiece of Funereal Vessels. Royal 4to, cloth. £1. 118 6d (pub. at £3. 38)


6678 COOPER'S (W. Durrant) Glossary of the Provincialisms in use in the County of Sussex. Small 8vo, SECOND EDITION, cf. 38 6d 1853

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