7381 WISEMAN'S (Sir William) Christian Knight, compiled for the Public Weale and Happiness of England. 4to, half calf, a curious and rare work. 108 6d


1619 7382 WITCHCRAFT.-The Question of Witchcraft debated; or, a Discourse against their Opinion that affirm Witches. By J. W. Small 8vo, old calf. 48 6d 7383 WITCHES.-Account of the Trial, Confession, and Condemnation o Six Witches at Maidstone, Sept. 1645. 8vo, reprinted. 7384 WITHER'S (George) Hymns and Songs of the Church. £1. 58 7385 WITHER'S Hymns and Songs of the Church. A new edition, edited by Edward Farr. Fcap. 8vo, elegantly printed, portrait after Hole,



18 6d 1837

12mo, neat. 1623


Mr. Farr has added a very interesting biographical introduction, and we hope to find that the public will put their seal of approbation to the present edition of an author who may fairly take his place on the same shelf with George Herbert.-Gent's Mag., Oct. 1856. 7386 WITHER'S Hallelujah, or Britain's second Remembrancer, in Praiseful and Penitential Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Moral Odes. Edited by Edw. Farr. Fcap. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 68 1857 7387 WITHER'S (J.) Truth Try'd, or Mr. Agate's pretended plain truth proved an untruth, in which his false stories are detected with respect to the Jesutism and Donatism of the Dissenters, and their being the cause of the Civil Wars. 2 parts in 1 vol.8vo,very nt. 48 Exeter, 1708-9 7388 WITHER'S (J.) History of Resistance, as practised by the Church of England, written against Mr. Agate's Sermon at Exeter, on the 30th of January. 8vo, 6th edition, half calf. 38 7389 WITTIE'S (Dr. Rt.) Survey of the Heavens; to which is added, Gout Raptures, in English, Latin, and Greek Lyric Verse. 12mo, neat.




7390 WITTII (R. P. Bernardi) Historia Antiqua Occidentalis Saxoniæ, seu nunc Westphaliæ. Thick 4to, bds. 78 6d Monas. Westphalorum, 1778 7391 WITTE (J. de) Description d'une Collection de Vases, Peints, et Bronzes Antiques provenant des fouilles de l'Etrurie. Svo, plates, sewed. 28 Paris, 1837 7392 WITTWOR (L. O.) Geological Tour through England and Wales, and brief Geological Sketch of the Isle of Wight. Small 8vo, colored map. 28 1847 7393 WITTY'S (Dr. Robert) Gout Raptures, in English, Greek, and Latin Verse; or, an Historical Fiction of a War among the Stars. 12mo, very neat. 48 6d Cambridge, 1677 7394 WODENOTE (Theoph.) Hermes Theologus, or New Descents upon Old Records. 12mo, engraved title, half calf. 58 1649 7395 WODROW Society's Publications; comprising Works of the Fathers and Early Writers of the Reformed Church of Scotland. 26 thick vols. 8vo, A COMPLETE SET, new, in cloth. £4. 188

1842, &c.

Containing Calderwood's History of the Kirk of Scotland, 8 vols.; John Knox's Works, 4 vols.; Autobiographies of Blair and Melville, 2 vols.; Scot's Narration; Row's Kirk of Scotland; Bruce's Sermons and Life; Ferme and Melville on Romans; Rollock's Works, 2 vols.; Woodrow's Correspondence, 3 vols.; Select Biographies, 2 vols. ; and Miscellany of the Wodrow Society. 7396 WODROW SOCIETY.-Miscellany of the Wodrow Society, containing Tracts and Original Letters, chiefly relating to the Ecclesiastical Affairs of Scotland during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Selected and edited by David Laing. Vol. 1, thick 8vo, facsimiles, cloth. 58 Edinb. 1844

7397 WOLFF (Rev. Joseph) Narrative of a Mission to Bokhara, in 1843-45, レ to ascertain the Fate of Col. Stoddart and Capt. Conolly. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 48 1846 7398 WOLF (Ferdinand) Ueber die Lais Sequenzen und Leiche, ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der rhythmischer formen and singwissin der Volkslieder und der Volksmässigin Kirchen und Kunstlieder in Mittelalter. 8vo, plates, boards. 88

Heidelberg, 1841

A very curious book on Medieval Lyric Poetry and its Music. Only a small number of copies were printed.

399 WOLLSTONECRAFT (Mary) Letters from Sweden, Norway, and

Denmark. 12mo, half calf. 28

1802 7400 WOLSEY (Cardinal) Life and Death of, written by one of his own Servants. 8vo, poor copy. 18 6d


7401 WOLSEY.-Memoirs of that Great Favourite, Cardinal Wolsey. 8vo, neat. 38


-4409 WOLSEY (Cardinal) Life and Administration, by John Galt. 4to, portrait, boards. 28 6d



7403 WOLSEY, the Cardinal, and his Times, Courtly, Political, and Ecclesiastical. By Geo. Howard. 8vo, portrait, boards. 1824 7404 WOMEN.-Les differens Caractères des Femmes du Siècle, avec la Description de l'Amour propre. 12mo, calf. 38 6d Paris, 1694 7405 WOOD (Captain George) The Subaltern Officer, a Narrative. Imperial 8vo, frontispiece, boards. 38

1825 7406 WOOD (Lambert) Florus Anglicus, an exact History of England. 12mo, portrait. 4s 6d

1658 7407 WOOD (Joseph) Letters of an Architect from France, Italy, and Greece. 2 vols. 4to, fine plates, boards. 168 (pub. at £4. 48) 1828

A work which may be referred to with confidence, and read with pleasure by every person who is attached to the fine arts, or to architectural antiquities in particular.-BRITTON.

7408 WOOD (Robert) Essay on the Original Genius and Writings of Homer. 4to, plates, FINE COPY, calf gilt. 98 1775 7409 WOODS (N. A., Correspondent of the "Morning Herald") Past Campaign, a Sketch of the War in the East, from the Departure of Lord Raglan to the Capture of Sevastopol. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 88 1855 7410 WOOD (M. A. Everett).-Letters of Royal and Illustrious Ladies of Great Britain, from the commencement of the 12th Century to the close of the Reign of Queen Mary. 3 vols. post 8vo, facsimile, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1.11s 6d)


7411 WOODBURN'S Gallery of Rare Portraits, consisting of original Plates, illustrating English History, with facsimile copies from the rarest and most curious Portraits. 2 vols. 4to, 200 portraits (two are wanting) half bound. £2. 10s (pub. at £15. 158)

1816 7412 WOOD ENGRAVING.-Figure del Nuovo Testamento illustrate da Versi Vulgari Italiani. 8vo, woodcuts (wanting two) by Le Petit Bernard, half morocco. 78 6d In Lione par Gio di Tournes, 1559 7413 WOOD ENGRAVINGS.-Images de Saints et Saintes, issues de la famille de l'Empereur Maximilian I. Folio, 19 woodcuts of Saints by different engravers, after the design of HANS BURGMAIER, printed from the aacient woodblocks, sewed. £3.38 Venice, 1799 7414 WOOD ENGRAVINGS.-Religious Emblems; a Series of Engravings on Wood, by the first Artists, from Designs by J. Thurston, and Descriptions by Rev. J. Thomas. 4to, numerous woodcuts by Clennell, Branston, Nesbit, &c., boards. 68


7415 WOODWARD (Dr. J.) An Attempt towards a Natural History of the Fossils of England. 2 vols. 8vo, neat and clean. 68


7416 WOODWARD (Dr. Jn.) Natural History of the Earth. 8vo, cf. 3s 1726 7417 WOODWARD (Dr. J.) Fossils of all Kinds digested into a Method. 8vo, neat. 28


7418 WOODWARD (Samuel) Synoptical Table of British Organic Remains, in which all the edited British Fossils are systematically arranged. 8vo, plate, cloth. 38



7419 NASH'S (Dr. T.) Collections for the History of Worcestershire (including Domesday for the County, and the Supplement). 2 vols. royal folio, half russia, edges uncut, a very choice copy. £9.108 1799 7420 A FACSIMILE of that portion of Domesday Book which relates to Worcestershire, engraved on 13 pages folio, sewed. 58

7421 CHAMBERS' (John) Biographical Illustrations of Worcestershire, including Lives of Persons or Residents eminent for Piety or Talent. Thick 8vo, half calf. 58 1820 7422 THE ANCIENT British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and FolkLore of Worcestershire. By Jabez Allies, F.S.A. 8vo, pp. 500, with

6 plates and 40 woodcuts, SECOND EDIT. cl. 78 6d (pub. at 14s) 1852 "The good people of Worcestershire are indebted to Mr. Jabez Allies for a very handsome volume illustrative of the history of their native county. His book, which treats On the Ancient British, Roman, and Saxon Antiquities and Folk-lore of Worcestershire, has now reached a second edition; and, as Mr. Allies has embodied in this, not only the additions made by him to the original work, but also several separate publications on points of folk-lore and legendary interest, few counties can boast a more industriously or carefully compiled history of what may be called its popular antiquities. The work is very handsomely illustrated."-Notes and Queries.

7423 ANCIENT Confirmation Deed relating to certain Lands formerly possessed by the Abbey of Shaftesbury, Dorset, 1818-Copy of an Exemplification of a Decree relating to Broadway, Worcestershire, 1819-Copy of an Ancient Deed relating to Broadway and Pershore Fairs, in Worcestershire, 1819. In 1 vol. 4to, boards, PRIVATELY PRINTED by Sir Thomas Phillipps. 78 6d Evesham, 1818-19 7424 SCENES in our Parish (Claines, in Worcestershire) from Original Sketches. Etched by H. & E. A. Eginton. 4to, 6 plts. cl. 78 6d 1852 7425 TINDAL'S (W.) History and Antiquities of Evesham. 4to, plates, fine paper, half calf gilt. 78 6d


7426 CHAMBERS' (J.) History of the City of Worcester. Post 8vo, plates, boards. 38

1819 7427 GREEN'S History and Antiquities of the City of Worcester. 2 vols. in 1, 4to, FINE PAPER COPY, many plts. cf. nt. and gt. 15s 1796 7428 DUNKIN'S Report of the Proceedings of the British Archæological Association, at the 5th General Meeting in the City of Worcester. 8vo, plates, cloth (only 100 printed). £1. 18-LARGE PAPER, in 4to. (only 15 printed) cloth. £1. 118 6d


7429 DUNKIN'S (A. J.) Report of the Proceedings of the British Archæological Association at Worcester. 8vo, plates, boards, scarce, only 150 printed. 148


7430 DESIGNS of an Infirmary at Worcester, by Henry Keene, Architect. Oblong folio, 8 original drawings, sewed. 58 (about 1770)

7431 ABINGDON'S Antiquities of Worcester Cathedral, Malvern Priory,

&c. 8vo, poor copy.


7432 THOMAS (Rev. Dr. William) Survey of the Cathedral Church of Worcester, with Account of the Bishops from the foundation of the See to the year 1660. 4to, plates, neat. 12s




7433 WORDSWORTH'S Inscriptione Pompeiana, Specimens and Facsimiles of Ancient Inscriptions discovered on the Walls of Buildings at Pompeii. 8vo, boards. 1838 7434 WORMIUS (Olaus) Cornicen Danicus seu carmen de aureo Domini Christiani Daniæ, Norvegeæ et electi Principis Cornu in Cimbria invento, anno 1639. 4to, plates of the Horn, boards. 58 7435 WORRALL (John) Bibliotheca Topographica Anglicana; or, a New and Complete Catalogue of all the Books extant relating to the Antiquity, Description, & Natural History of England. 12mo, cf. sc. 4s 6d 1736 7436 WORSAAE (J. J. A.) Primeval Antiquities of Denmark. Translated and applied to the Illustration of similar Remains in England, by W. J. Thoms, F.S.A. 8vo, illustrated with numerous fiine woodcuts, cloth. 68 (pub. at 10s 6d) Oxford, Parker, 1849


A very interesting volume to the archeologist. 7437 WOTTON'S Short View of G. Hickes's Grammatical, Critical, and Archæological Treasury of the Ancient Northern Languages, with Notes by Maurice Skelton. 4to, half calf. 78 6d 7438 WOTTON (Sir Henry) Characters of Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, and Geo. Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, Compared and Contrasted. Imp. 8vo, boards. 38 6d Le Priory Press, 1814 7439 WOTTON.-Reliquiæ Wottonniana; or a Collection of Lives, Letters, and Poems, with Characterr of sundry Personages, by Sir Henry Wotton, published by Izaak Walton. 12mo, port. calf. 78 6d 1651 7440 WRENCH'S (Rev. F.) Recollections of Naples; being a Selection of the Plates contained in the "Real Museo Borbonico of the Statues, Vases, Candelabra, &c., discovered at Herculaneum and Pompeii. 4to, 30 plates etched by the author, with descriptions. 128 (pub. at £1.108) 1832 7441 WRIGHT (Andrew) Court Hand restored; or, the Student's Assistant in reading Old Deeds, Charters, Records, &c., describing the Old Law Hands, with their Contractions and Abbreviations. 4to, 20 plates, boards. 98

[ocr errors]


7442 WRIGHT (Andrew) Court Hand restored. 4to, eighth edition, corrected, 23 plates, boards. 128 6d 1846 7443 WRIGHT'S (Thos., M.A., F.S.A.) Biographia Britannica Literaria; or, Biography of Literary Characters of Great Britain and Ireland arranged in Chronological Order. ANGLO-SAXON & ANGLO-NORMAN PERIODS. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 12s


7444 WRIGHT'S Essays on Subjects connected with the Literature, Popular 7444 Superstitions, and History of England in the Middle Ages. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 16s


7445 WURTEMBERG (Frederick, Duke of) Travels in England in A.D. 1592, described in German by Professor Cellius of Tübingen; also his Travels in Italy in 1529. 2 parts in 1, 4to, woodcut portrait of the Duke to both parts, and folding plates, but it is doubtful if it contains the whole of them, boards. £1. 18 Tübingen, 1604 The book is of great rarity in England; a copy sold at Sotheby's in 1856 for £4. 158.

7446 WYCLIFFE.-Vaughan's Life and Opinions of John de Wycliffe, D.D., and State of the Protestant Doctrine in Europe to the commencement of the 14th Century. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, boards. 88 6d 1831 7447 WYNNE (W.) Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins, Judge of the Admiralty, Secretary to King Charles II., and compleat series of Letters relating to the Peace of Cologn and Nimeguen. 2 vols. folio, calf. £1.1s 1724

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