7463 INGLEDEW (C. J. Davison) History and Antiquities of North Allerton, in the County of York. 8vo, plts. cl. 108 6d (pub. at 15s) 1858 7464 POULSON (George) Beverlac; or, the Antiquities and History of the Town of Beverley, in the Connty of York, and Collegiate Establisment of St. John's. 2 vols. royal 8vo, plates, boards. 158 1820 7465 EXTRACTS from the Literary and Scientific Correspondence of Richard Richardson, M.D., F.R.S., of Bierley, Yorkshire. Edited by Dawson Turner, Esq. 8vo, pp. 530, portrait and plate of Bierley Hall, cloth. 78 6d Yarmouth, 1835

This is a very interesting volume, and contains much curious matter respecting the state and progress of Botany, the study of Antiquities and general Literature, &c., in Great Britain during the first half of the 18th century. It was printed for private circulation only (at the expense of Miss Currer, of Eshton Hall), and copies have found their way into but few collections. 7466 PRICKETT (Rev. Marmaduke) Historical and Architectural Description of the Priory Church of Bridlington, Yorkshire. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, many plates, cloth. Cambridge, 1831 7467 CARR'S Dialect of Craven; with a copious Glossary, illustrated by Authorities from Ancient English and Scottish Writers. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 10s 6d (pub. at £1)

68 6d


7468 HUNTER (Rev. Jos.) The Hallamshire Glossary. Post 8vo, calf neat. 58-cloth. 48

1829 7469 WAINWRIGHT'S Historical and Topographical View of the Wapentake of Strafford and Tickhill. Royal 4to, LARGE PAPER, boards.

148 Sheffield, 1826 7470 SISSON (Rev. J. L.) Historic Sketch of the Parish Church, Wakefield. 4to, plates, boards. 4s 6d Wakefield, 1824 WENSLEYDALE.-Historical and Topographical Account of Wensleydale and the Valley of the Yore, in the North Riding of Yorkshire. By W. Jones Barker. 8vo, illustrated with Views, Seals, Arms, &c. cloth. 48 Ed (pab. at 88 6d) 1854


"This modest and unpretending compilation is a pleasant addition to our topographical literature, and gives a good general account of a beautiful part of England comparatively little known. It is handsomely printed, with a number of finely executed woodcuts by Mr. Howard Dudley


guide to the district exists applicable alike to the well-filled and scantily furnished purse—a defect which the author has endeavoured to supply by the present volume.


7472 CHARLTON (Lionel) History of Whitby and of Whitby Abbey, and the Antiquity of many particular Families and Places in other parts of Yorkshire. 4to, map, boards. York, 1779 7473 DAVIES (Robert) Extracts from the Municipal Records of the City of York during the Reigns of Edward IV., Edward V., and Richard III., with Notes, illustrative and explanatory, and an Appendix, containing some Account of the Celebration of the Corpus Christi Festival at York in the fifteenth and sixteenth Centuries. 8vo, new, cloth. 48 1843 7474 GENT (Thomas) Ancient and Modern History of the famous City of York, its magnificent Cathedral. Map and plan, good clean copy, calf neat. 78 6d

1730 7475 FRAGMENTA Vetusta; or, the Remains of Ancient Buildings in York, drawn and etched by Jos. Halfpenny, 4to, plates, boards. 148 1807 7476 HURTLEY (Thomas) Account of some Natural Curiosities in the Environs of Malham in Craven, Yorkshire. 8vo, plates, boards. 38half calf. 38 6d

1786 7477 MILLER'S History and Antiquities of Doncaster and its Vicinity. 4to, plates, calf neat. 78 6d-half calf. 68 1803

7478 HISTORICAL Account of the Cistercian Abbey of Salley, in Craven, Yorkshire, its Foundation and Benefactors, Abbots, Possessions, Compotus, and Dissolution, and its existing Remains. Edited by J. Harland. Royal Svo, 12 plates, cloth. 48 6d



7479 FROST (Charles) Notices relative to the Early History of the Town. and Port of Hull. 4to, curious plates, boards. 98 1827 7480 SHAWE'S (Mistris) Tomb-Stone, or the Saint's Remains, being a brief Narrative of Remarkable Passages in the Holy Life and Happy Death of that precious Servant of the Lord, Mrs. Dorothy Shawe, lately the dearly beloved wife of Mr. John Shawe, Preacher of the Gospel at Kingstone-upon-Hull, who was interred at Trinity Church. 12mo, a very interesting and rare little volume. £1. 18 7481 HISTORY of Kirkstall Abbey, Yorkshire, Antiquarian and Picturesque. Post 8vo, plates from drawings by W. Mulready, R.A., cl. 38 6d 1847 7482 THORESBY (Ralph) Ducatus Leodiensis; or, the Topography of the Ancient and Populous Town of Leeds, and parts adjacent in the County of York, with Catalogue of his Museum, Manuscripts, and Books, and Notes and Additions, by T. D. Whitaker, with both Appendixes. 2 vols. folio, plates (slightly stained) boards. £4. 188


7483 GALE (Rogeri) Registrum Honoris de Richmond, Exhibens Terrarum et Villarum quæ quondam fuerunt Edwini Comitis infra Richmundshire, descriptionem ex Libro Domesday adjiciunter in Appendice Chartæ, Observationes, Genealogiæ. Folio, Genealogical plates, Views, Seals, and Arms, calf, very neat, scarce. £1. 15s

1722 7484 REGISTRUM Honoris de Richmond. Another copy, with the plates (wants 7 leaves in the Appendix). Boards. 128 1722 7485 WHITTAKER'S (T. D.) History of Richmondshire. 2 vols. folio, numerous fine engravings, after drawings by J. M. W. Turner, a subscriber's copy, in parts. £11. 118

1823 7486 GENT (Thomas) History of the loyal Town of Rippon, with Travels into other parts of Yorkshire. 8vo, curious cuts, remarkably fine clean copy, calf neat. 188 York, 1733 7487 SHEFFIELD Dialect, in Conversations, parts 1 and 2, with Glossary, 1831; and 6 other Sheffield Tracts (by Abel Bywater) in the volume. 12mo, cloth. 4s 6d

7488 LOCKWOOD and Cates (Architects) History and Antiquities of the Gates and Fortifications to the City of York. 4to, fine plates, boards.


7489 BROWNE'S (John) History of YorkCathedral. Royal 4to, to XVII. 85 beautiful plates, many of them colored, sewed. (pub. at £6. 78 6d)


Parts I.

£1. 128 1838-42

A beautiful book, especially interesting to the Architect, as every ornament is fully detailed.

7490 THE FAWKES'S of York in the 16th Century, including Notices of Guy Fawkes the Gunpowder Plot Conspirator. By Robert Davies, F.S.A. Post 8vo. 1s 6d


7491 DAVIES (Robt.) Facts concerning the Maternal Ancestry (the Turners' of York and Towthorpe) of Pope, the Poet. Post 8vo. 28 1858 7492 YOUNG'S (Sir W.) History of Athens. 3rd edition, royal 8vo, portrait, calf gilt. 28

1804 7493 YOUNG SCARRON (a Theatrical History) (by Benj. Victor), wants a leaf, 1752-The Spouter's Companion, or Theatrical Remembrancer, N.D. In 1 vol. 12mo, calf. 3s


7494 YOUNG (Dr. Thomas) Introduction to Medical Literature, including a System of Practical Nosology. 8vo, boards, scarce. 58 7495 YOUNG (Mrs.) Our Camp in Turkey, and the Way to it. Post 8vo, cloth. 23 1854 7496 YOUNGER (William) Brief View of the late Troubles and Confusions in England, begun and occasioned by a prevailing Faction in the Long Parliament. 12mo, old calf. 38



ABAGLIA (Nicolai) Contignationes ac Pontes, una cum
quibusdam ingeniosis praxibus ac descriptione translationis
Obelisci Vaticani aliorumque, per Equitem Dom. Fontana,
susceptæ. Imperial 4to, Latin & Italian, numerous plates,
half calf, a scarce work. £1. 18
Roma, 1743

7498 ZABERELLI (Cardinalis Fr. De) Lectura super Clemintinas. Royal folio, GOTHIC LETTER with capitals rubricated, fine clean copy, half calf, from the Duke of Sussex's collection. 128 Venet. MCCCCLXXXI 7494*ZAPF (G. G.) Annales Typographiæ Augustanæ ab ejus Origine, 1466, usque ad annum 1530, accedit T. A. Veith, diatribe de Origine et Incrementis Artis Typographicæ in Urbe Augusta Vindelica. 4to, boards. 48 Augusta Vind. 1778 7495*ZEIGLERUS (Jacobus) Syria, Palestine, Arabia Petræa, Ægyptus, Schondia Holmiæ Historia. Folio, very curious woodcut maps, new, calf, antique style, carmine edges. 168 Argentorati, 1532 7496*ZEPPERI (Wil.) Legum Mosaicarum Forensium explanatio. Thick 8vo, vellum, a curious book. 38

1604 7497 ZOOLOGY of the Voyage of H. M. S. Beagle, under the command of Capt. Fitzroy, "FOSSIL MAMMALIA" described by Professor Owen with Geological Introduction by Charles Darwin, Esq. 4 parts, 4to, COMPLETE, plates. 188


7498 ZOUCHE (R.) The Dove; or, Passages of Cosmography, a Poem, 1613, reprinted, with Memoir and Notes by R. Walker. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 38 Oxford, 1839 7499 ZSCHOKKE (H.) History of the Invasion of Switzerland by the French, and Destruction of the Democratical Republics of Schwitz, Uric, and Underwalden. 8vo, maps, boards. 2s

1803 7500 ZUBLERO (Leon) Novum Instrumentum Geometricum quor erum Mensurabilium Longitudo, Altitudo, Latitudo et Profunditus Mensurantur, plates, Basil, 1607-Fabrica et Usus Instrumenti Chorographici, plates, ib. 1607. In 1 vol. 4to, fine copy, calf. 188

The plates are very interesting. The first work is dedicated to Prince Henry, son of James I.

ASSOCIATION. Established 1813, for the Encouragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments of the Early and Middle Ages, under the Direction of the Central Committee.

A volume is published annually in 8vo, profusely illustrated; vol. 14, for 1858, is the last, price in cl. £1. 11s 6d.

THE NUMISMATIC CHRONICLE and JOURNAL of the NUMISMATIC SOCIETY. Edited by JOHN YONGE AKERMAN, Fellow and Secretary of the Society of Antiquaries of London; and W. S. W. VAUX, M.A., F.S.A.

Published quarterly, in 8vo, with engravings, at 38 6d per number; the last published is No. 77. ·

SUSSEX ARCHEOLOGICAL COLLECTIONS, relating to the History and Antiquities of the County. the Sussex Archæological Society.

Published by

Published annually; the last published is vol. 10, for 1858, in 8vo, with many engravings, cloth. 14s.

ARCHEOLOGIA CAMBRENSIS: A Record of the Antiquities, Historical, Genealogical, Topographical, and Architectural, of Wales and its Marches. Published by the Cambrian Archæological Association.

Published annually; vol. 4, for 1858, is the last published, 8vo, illustrated with many engravings, cloth. £1.10s.

THE CAMBRIAN JOURNAL, illustrative of the History and Topography of Wales. Published under the auspices of the Cambrian Institute.

A volume published annually; the last is vol. 5, for 1858, 8vo, cloth, price 10s.

THE ULSTER JOURNAL of ARCHEOLOGY, conducted under the superintendence of a Committee of Archaeologists at Belfast.

Published quarterly (at an annual subscription of 12s); the last part is 25 (which commences a subscription for 1859), printed in 4to, with many engravings.

Divinity and Ecclesiastical History.

TESTIMONIE of Antiquitie, shewing the Auncient Fayth in the Church of England touching the Sacrament of the Body and Bloude of the Lord, here publikely preached and also receaved in the Saxon tyme, above 600 yeares agoe; Saxon and English. 12mo, fine copy, calf. £1. 18

Imprinted at London by John Day, N.D.

Edited by John Foxe the Martyrologist; it contains the Anglo-Saxon Text. 7502 ACTS of the Dispute and Conference holden at Paris, July and August, between two Doctors of the Sorbonne & two Ministers of the Reformed Church. Translated by John Golburne. 4to, neat, half calf. 58 1602 7503 AN ABRIDGMENT of that Booke which the Ministers of Lincoln Diocess delivered to his Majestie upon the first of December last, being the First Part of an Apologie for themselves and their Brethren that refuse the Subscription and Conformitie which is required. (Chiefly relating to the Book of Common Prayer.) 4to, clean copy, boards, rare. 78 6d 7504 AINSWORTH'S (H.) Communion of Saints; a Treatise of the Fellowship that the Faithfull have with God and his Angels, and one with the other in this Present Life. 12mo, FINE COPY, new, in antique calf, scarce. Amsterdam, 1640 7505 AKERMAN'S Numismatic Illustrations of the Narrative Portions of the New Testament. 8vo, many engravings, cloth. 58



No place, 1605


"And to him (Mr. Akerman) now especially, the cause of religion can bring its tribute of commendation for light thrown upon Holy Writ, through the medium of 'the unrighteous Mammon.' The New Testament has, it appears, in the compass of the Gospels and Acts, no less than 32 allusions to the coinage of Greece, Rome, and Judæa; and these, beautifully engraved and learnedly described, give Mr. Akerman an opportunity of serving the good cause of truth in the way of his peculiar avocation."-Church of England Journal. 7506 ALBERTI MAGNI.-De adherendo Deo Nudato intellectu et effectu et ultima et suprema perfectione hominis quantum possible est-Gerson (Io) Tractatulus de remediis contra Pusillanimitatem, &c. In 1 vol. folio, half calf. 58 Circa 1480

7507 ALIX (P.) Douze Sermons sur divers Textes. 12mo, calf. 38

Rotterdam, 1685

7508 ALLEN (William) Works of; consisting of Thirteen distinct Tracts on several Subjects, with Sermon at his Funeral by Bishop Kidder. Folio, calf neat. 108

1707 7510 ALLEN (R., Pastor of the Church at Henfield, Sussex) England's Distempers, their Cause and Cure, according to the Judgment of famous Princes, Peers, &c. 4to, cloth.


Oxford, 1684

1677 7511 ALLESTREE'S (Dr. Richard) XL Sermons preached before the King, &c., with Life. Folio, portrait by D. Loggan, BEST EDITION, neat; in old calf. 78 6d 7512 ALLINGTON'S (J., a sequestered Divine) Grande Conspiracy of the Members against the Minde, or Jewes against their Kinge, in foure Sermons. 12mo, very neat. 28


7513 ALLIX (Peter) Refiections upon the Books of the Holy Scriptures. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, calf, very neat copy. 38


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