8797 CATECHISME adopte par la T. R. L. de St. Jean sous le titre distinctif de Loge Française de St. Napoleon a l'O: de Marseille. 12mo, sewed. 28 1809 8798 JONES (Stephen) Masonic Miscellanies, in Poetry and Prose, comprising nearly 200 Masonic Songs, the Masonic Essayists, the Free Mason's Vade Mecum. 12mo, Frontispiece, boards. 1811 8799 ACCOUNT of the Proceedings at the Festival of the Society of Freemasons given to the Earl of Moira previous to his departure as Governor General of India. 8vo, plate and ports. sewed. 28 6d 1813 8800 ACTA Latomorum ou Chronologie de l'Histoire de la FrancheMaçonnerie, Française et étrangere. 2 vols. 8vo, frontispiece, sewed. Paris, 1815 8801 THUILEUR portatif des trente-trois degrés de l'Ecossisme du rit Ancien et Accepté. 12mo, sewed. 28 6d Paris, 1819 8802 INSTRUCTION pour les grades Symboliques du rite Moderne. 12mo, sewed. 28 6d


Paris, 1820

8803 SECRET Revealed, and the Mystic Beauties of Free Masonry developed. By an Ancient Brother. 12mo, boards. 38 1820 8804 THUILEUR.-Des trente-trois degrés de l'Ecossisme du rit Ancien, dit accepté auquel on a joint la rectification, l'interpretation et Etymologie des mots Sacres, de passe, d'attouchement de reconnaisance, &c. 8vo, 20 Masonic plates, sewed. 58 Paris, 1821 8805 ARCHIVES de la Franc-Maconnerie ou les Secrets et travaux de tous les grades jusqu'a Celui de Rose-Croix y Compris les grades Ecossais. Par un Chevalier de tous les Ordres Maconniques. 8vo, sewed.

58 Paris, 1821 8806 INSTRUCTIONS des H-G. Tels qu'ils se confèrent dans les Chapitres de la Correspondance du G. G. de France au rit Moderne, avec les discours analogues aux Receptions. 12mo, sd. 3s Paris, 1821 8807 LEVESQUE (F. Jac. Ph.) Aperçu general et Historique des Principales Sectes Maçonniques qui ont été les plus Répandues dans tous les Pays. 8vo, sewed. 58 Paris, 1821 8808 PRESTON (W.) Illustrations of Masonry, with Corrections and Additions by Stephen Jones. Post 8vo, portrait, boards. 38 6d 1821 8809 CALENDRIER Maçonnique du G. O. de France pour l'an de la V. L. 5822. 12mo, sewed. 38 Paris, 1822 8810 JACHIN and BOAZ, or an Authentic Key to the Door of Free Masonry, both Ancient and Modern; a Correct List of all the Lodges and Toasts and Sentiments for the Society of Free Masons. 8vo, frontispiece, sewed. 28


8811 OLIVER (Geo.) Antiquity of Free Masonry, comprising Illustrations of the Five grand Periods of Masonry from the Creation of the World to the Dedication of King Solomon's Temple. 8vo, Map and plates, boards. 68 6d

1823 8812 ASHE (Rev. Jonathan) The Masonic Manual; or, Lectures on Free Masonry, containing the Instructions, Documents, and Discipline of the Masonic Economy. Post 8vo, boards. 38 1825 8813 OLIVER (George) The Star in the East; shewing the Analogy which exists between the Lectures of Freemasonry, the Mechanism of Initiation into its Mysteries, and the Christian Religion. 12mo, boards. 3s bd 1825

8814 FREEMASON'S POCKET COMPANION, containing a Brief Sketch of the History of Masonry. By a Brother of the Apollo Lodge, 711. 12mo, cloth. 3s

Oxford, 1831

8815 OLIVER (Geo.) Signs and Symbols Illustrated and Explained, in Twelve Lectures on Free Masonry. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 128 1828 8816 MASONIC OFFERING to the Duke of Sussex, Grand Master of the Free Masons in England. 8vo, 2 plates, privately printed. 18 6d 1838 8817 GRYLL'S (Rev. Henry) Selection of Masonic Prayers for the Use of the Craft. 12mo, cloth. 28 6d Helston, 1844 8818 HALLIWELL'S Early History of Free Masonry in England, illustrated by a Poem of the XIVth Century. Second edition, with a Glossary, &c. Post 8vo, cloth. 28 6d 1844 8819 DAKEYNES Sermon at Lichfield on Freemasonry. 8vo. 18 1848 8820 RITUAL and Illustrations of Freemasonry and the Orange and Odd Fellows Societies, with numerous Engravings. 12mo, cloth. 38 1851 8821 AHIMAN REZON; or, a Help to a Brother, addressed to the Belfast Orange Lodge, No. 257. By a Brother, and several Mason's Songs, &c. 8vo, sewed. 38 6d Belfast, N.D. 8822 PRICHARD (Samuel) Masonry Dissected, an Universal and Genuine Description of all its Branches from its Original to the present Time. 30th edition, 8vo, frontispiece, sewed. 28

10s 6d


8823 FREETH (John) Political Songster; or, a Touch on the Times on Various Subjects, and adapted to common Tunes. Small 8vo, portrait, half calf, curious and scarce. Birmingham, 1790 8824 FRENCH GARDINER instructing how to Cultivate all sorts of Fruit Trees and Herbs for the Garden. Translated by John Evelyn. 12mo, plates, neat. 28 6d



8825 FUILANA (Don Nicolas) Recopilacion Historica de los Reyes, Guerras, Tumultos y Rebeliones de Ungria. 4to, vellum. 38 En Colonia, 1687 8826 FULBECKE (William) An Historical Collection of the continuall Factions, Tumults, and Massacres of the Romans and Italians during the space of 120 years before the Empire of Augustus Cæsar. 4to, brown calf. 38 6d Lond. W. Ponsonby, 1601 8827 FULBECKE (W.) An Abridgment, or rather a Bridge of Roman Histories to pass the nearest way from Titus Livius to Cornelius Tacitus. 4to, half vellum. 38 8828 FULLER (Dr. Thomas) Memorials of his Life and Works. By Rev. Arthur T. Russell. 12mo, cloth. Pickering, 1844 8829 FULLER'S Church History of Britanie, and the History of the University of Cambridge and Waltham Abbey, with the Index. Folio, plates, FINE COPY, green mor., antique style, gilt edges. £4.48 1655 8830 FULLER (Thomas) The Church History of Britain from the Birth of Jesus Christ until the year 1648. 3 vols. 8vo, plates, calf gilt, marbled leaves. £1. 4s

38 6d


8831 FULWOOD'S Castell of Memory. Small 8vo, BLACK LETTER, very rare, but imperfect, half calf. 58

8832 GA


AELIC.-M'Lean. Adhamh agus Eubh no Craobh Sheanachais nau Gaëls. 8vo, cloth. 38 Edinburgh, 1838

On the origin of the Celtic language.

8833 GALIFFE (James Aug.) Italy and its Inhabitants. An Account of a Tour in that Country in 1816 and 1817; with Remarks on the Origin of Rome and the Latin Language. 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, marbled leaves. 58 1820

8834 GALLI (C.) Essai sur le Nom et la Langue des Anciens Celtes. Post 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. 48 6d Saint Etienne, 1843

8835 GALPINE (John) Synoptical Compendium of British Botany containing the English Names, Places of Growth, &c. of Flowers. 12mo, half calf. 28 Salisbury, 1806 8836 GAVESTON.-Life and Death of Pierce Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall; Grand Favorite and Prime Minister to that Unfortunate Prince Edward II., King of England. 8vo, front. half calf. 28 6d 1740 8837 GAYTONO (Edmundo) Hymnus de Febribus. Small 4to, fine copy, morocco (from Dr. Bliss's library). 78 6d Londini, s. a. (1655) 8838 GEBELIN (M. Court de) Monde primitif considere dans les Origines Françoises ou Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Françoise. 4to, frontispiece, leather back, uncut. 48 Paris, 1778 8839 GEDDE (John) The English Apiary; or, the Compleat Bee Master, unfolding the whole Art and Mystery of the Management of Bees. 12mo, frontispiece, calf neat. 38

1721 8840 GELL AND GANDY, Pompeiana; the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii. Third edition, royal 8vo, numerous fine plates, cloth, gilt edges. 188


8841 GELL'S (Sir W.) Pompeiana; the Topography, Edifices, and Ornaments of Pompeii, the result of Excavations since 1819 (supplemental to the former work). 2 vols. imperial 8vo, LARGE PAPER, numerous plates, half red morocco extra, edges gilt. £2. 28 1832 8842 GERMANY.-Sketches of Germany and the Germans, with a Glance at Poland, Hungary, and Switzerland. By an Englishman resident in Germany. 2 vols. 8vo, map and frontispiece, cloth. 38 6d 1836 8843 GERMANY.-Wars in Germanie, with the Relation of the Taking of the Towne of Aix or Acon, Weesell, and divers other Townes in Germanie. By the Marquesse of Spinola, Generall of the King of Spaines' Armie. 4to, half calf. 58

1614 8844 GESNERO (Jo. Matth.) Novus Linguæ et Eruditionis Romanæ Thesaurus post Ro. Stephani et aliorum nuper etiam in Anglia eruditiss. hominum curas. 4 vols. in 2, folio, portrait, fine copy, new, calf elegant. £1. 48 Leipsia, 1749 8845 GESUALDO (F. Filippo) Plutosofia nella quale si spiega l'Arte della Memoria con altre cose notabili pertinenti tanto alla Memoria Naturale quanto all' Artificiale. 4to, vellum. 28 6d Padova, 1592 8846 GIANNONE (Pietro) Civil History of the Kingdom of Naples. Translated by Ogilvie. 2 vols. folio, GOOD COPY, calf gilt. £1. 1s 1729 8847 GILDAS.-Opus novum Gildas Britannis Monachus de calamitate Excidio et conquestu Britanniæ quam Angliam nunc vocant anthor vetustus a multis diu desyderatus et nuper in gratiam D. Cutheberti Tonstalli, Londinensi, formulis Excusus. Small 8vo, FINE COPY, new, morocco gilt, rare. £1. 58 No place or printer's name, (1525) 8848 GILES (Dr.) Collection of all the Passages in 124 Classic Writers which make mention of the British Isles; arranged Chronologically. 8vo, cloth. 38 (pub. at 78 6d) 8849 GILLY'S (Rev. W. S.) Excursion to the Mountains of Piemont, and Researches among the Vaudois. 8vo, plates, boards. 4s 6d 1825 8850 GLAS'S (G.) History and Description of the Canary Islands (with a


Glossary of the Ancient Words). 4to, maps, half calf. 4s 6d 1764 8851 GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-A Collection of 54 old Deeds and Papers relating to Gloucestershire. 10s

8852 GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-Willyams (Rev. Cooper) History of Sudeley Castle, in Gloucestershire. Folio, plate, boards. 58


8853 GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-Petit (J. L.) The Abbey Church of Tewkes bury, with Description of its Plan and Architectural Peculiarities. Royal 8vo, plates (stained), boards.



8854 GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-Ellis's History of Thornbury Castle. 8vo, plates, cloth. 38 1839

8855 GLOSSARY of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases, with Examples of their Colloquial Use, and Illustrations from various Authors; to which are added, the Customs of the County. By Anne Elizabeth Baker. In 2 vols. post 8vo, pp. 849, cloth. £1. 48--a second-hand copy. 168


"We are under great obligations to the lady, sister to the local historian of Northamptonshire, who has occupied her time in producing this very capital Glossary of Northamptonshire provincialisms."-Examiner.

"The provincial dialects of England contain and preserve the elements and rudiments of our compound tongue. In Miss Baker's admirable Northamp tonshire Glossary' we have rather a repertory of archaisms than vulgarisms. But it is much more than a vocabulary: it preserves not only dialectical pecu liarities, but odd and disappearing customs; and there is hardly a page in it which does not throw light on some obscurity in our old writers, or recal old habits and practices.”— Christian Remembrancer, Quarterly Review. 8856 GOBIEN (Charles le) Histoire des Isles Marianes nouvellement Converties à la Religion Christienne et de la mort glorieuse des premieres Missionaires, qui y ont prêché la Foy. 12mo, maps, FINE COPY, calf neat, scarce. 98 Paris, 1700 8857 GODINHO (Manoel) Relacao do novo Caminho que fez por terra e mar vindo da India para Portugal, no anno de 1663. 4to, GOOD CLEAN COPY, half calf, RARE. En Lisbon, 1665 8858 GODKIN'S (E. L.) History of Hungary and the Maygars, from the Earliest Period. Royal 8vo, many engravings, cloth. 58 1853 8859 GODWIN (W.) Thoughts on Man: his Nature, Productions, and Discoveries, interspersed with some Particulars respecting the Author, by himself. 8vo, boards. 4s 6d

£1. 58


8860 GOLBERRY (S. M. X.) Travels in Western Africa in the Years 1785, 1786, and 1787. By W. Mudford. 2 vols. 12mo, maps, half calf gilt. 48 6d 1803 8861 GOLDSMITH (Oliver) The Traveller; with 30 beautiful woodcuts by the first artists. 4to, boards. 8862 GONZAGA (Curtio) Il Fido Amante Poema Eroico.

78 6d

Art-Union, 1851 4to, engraved Venetia, 1591

title, vellum. 78 6d 8863 GOODWIN (Philip, Preacher of the Gospel at Watford, Hartfordshire) Mystery of Dreams Historically Discoursed. 8vo, PINE COPY, in the original calf. 98 6d

1658 8864 GORDON (Thomas) Cordial for Low Spirits, being a Collection of valuable Tracts. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. 4s 6d

1751 Formerly belonged to Edmund Burke, with MS. note by him. 8865 GRAHAM (Maria, Lady Calcott) Three Months passed in the Mountains East of Rome during 1819. 8vo, plates, boards. 38 1821 8866 GRANGER'S Biographical History of England, greatly enlarged, by Caulfield. Fifth edition, 6 vols. in 1, folio, cloth. £2. 28 1824 Very few copies printed on this size for the purpose of illustrating. 8867 GRANT (James) Thoughts on the Origin and Descent of the Gael, with an Account of the Picts, Caledonians, and Scots. 8vo, boards, 78 6d 1828


8868 GRAY (Mrs. Hamilton) History of Etruria. 2 vols. post 8vo, map, cloth. 128


8869 GRECO (Gioachino) on the Game of Chess.

Translated from the

French, with numerous Remarks; Critical and Explanatory, by W.
Lewis. 8vo, plates, half calf. 38 6d


8870 GREEN'S (Thos., of Ipswich) Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature. 4to, boards. 78 6d

8vo, calf. 28



8871 GREGORY (John Mack) An Account of the Sepulchres of the Antients, and Description of their Monuments. 8872 GREVILLE (Robert Kaye) Alga Britannica; or, Description of the Marine and other inarticulated Plants of the British Islands belonging to the order Algæ. 8vo, 19 plates, cloth. 68 Edinb. 1830 8873 GREW (Nehemiah) Anatomy of Vegetables, begun with a General Account of Vegetation founded thereon. 8vo, calf. 28 1672 8874 GREY (Ford, Lord) Secret History of the Rye House Plot, and of Monmouth's Rebellion. 8vo, FINE COPY, old calf. 4s 6d 1754 8875 GROSSETESTE (Rob., Bishop of Lincoln) Libellus Lincolniensis de Phisicis, Lineis, Angulis, et Figuris, per quas omnes Acciones Naturales complentur. 4to, curious woodcut on title, very rare. £1. 18 Nurenberge, 1503 8876 GRONOW (J.) Review of England and Wales; in which the Historical Events of every Town, Village, and Place, are briefly expressed. Post 8vo, Map of London as it appeared in 1560, cloth. 28 1849 8877 GROTIUS (Hugo) De Rebus Belgicis; or, the Annals and History of the Low-Countrey Warrs, faithfully rendered into English by T. M., of the Middle Temple. Thick 8vo, old ca'f, scarce. 78 6d 1665 8878 GROTIUS (Hugo) Life of, with Brief Minutes of the Civil, Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of the Netherlands. By Charles Butler. 8vo, cloth. 38 6d

1826 8879 GRUNER'S (L.) Decorations of the Garden-Pavilion in the Grounds of Buckingham Palace, with Introduction by Mrs. Jameson. Royal 4to, 15 fine plates, cloth. 158


8880 GUARDIAN'S (The) Instruction, or the Gentleman's Romance. Written for the Diversion and Service of the Gentry. 12mo, old cf. 2s 6d 1688 8881 GUARINI (Bapt.) Il Pastor Fido, the Faithfull Shepperd; a Pastorall, newly translated by R. Fanshawe: with the fourth Booke of Virgill's Eneis, on the Loves of Dido and Eneus; and other Poems. 4to, portrait, the most complete edition (sold for £1. 118 6d in Roscoe's sale), old calf. 68


8882 GUIBERT (Philbert) The Charitable Physition, with the Charitable Apothecary. Faithfully translated into English by J. W. 4to, original calf. 38 6d


8883 GUNNING (Henry) Reminiscences of the University, Town, and County of Cambridge, from the Year 1780. Second edition, 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 68 (pub. at £1. 18) 1855 8884 GUTTENBERGS-Ehren Rettung Johann Guttenbergs eingebohrnen Bürgers in Mayntz, Wegen der ersten Erfindung der Buchdrucker Kunst in der Stadt Mayntz. Von Jo. David Köhler. 4to, frontispiece, calf neat. 68 Leipzig, 1741 8885 GUYON (Abbé) Histoire des Amazones Anciennes et Modernes. 12mo, plates, calf neat. 48 6d Bruxelles, 1741 8886 HACKETT (John) Select and Remarkable Epitaphs, with Trans

lations of such as are in Latin and Foreign Languages. 2 vols. 12mo, frontispiece, calf neat. 88 6d


8887 HAHN-HAHN (Ida Gräfin) Jenseits der Berge. 2 vols. post 8vo, sewed. 28 6d

Leipzig, 1845

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