952 CANOVA (Antonio) Vita, compilati da Melchior Missirini. Thick 12mo, portrait and plates, half calf. 38

Milano, 1825 953 CANZONETS and Madrigals for Three and Four Voices, of Thomas Morley, 1588. Edited by Holland and Cooke. 4to, boards. 10s 6d 954 CAPEFIGUE, Histoire de la Reforme, de la Ligue, et du Regne de


Henri IV. (1450-1610). 8 vols. 8vo, sewed. 148 Paris, 1834 955 CAPEFIGUE, Histoire de Charlemagne. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. 48 6d 1842 956 CAPEL'S (Arthur Lord, Baron of Hadham) Excellent Contemplations, together with some Account of his Life, and his Letters whilst he was Prisoner in the Tower. 12mo, neat. 1683 957 CAPELL'S (Edw.) Prolusions, or select Pieces of Ancient Poetry, contaming The Notbrowne Mayde-Master Sackvile's Induction-and Overbury's Wife-Edward III., a Play-Nosce teipsum, by Sir John Davis. 8vo, calf neat. 98


958 CAPITULATIONS and Articles of Peace between the King of England and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, set forth and published by Paul Ricaut, Esq., Secretary to the Ambassador. 4to, hf. cf. scarce. £2.28 Printed at Constantinople by Abraham Gabai, chaf nahat, 1663 Probably the first English book printed at Constantinople. George Chalmers's copy, who has written on the flyleaf "No copy in the British Museum." 959 CARACCI.-Galerie Farnesiane depinta da Annibale Caracci, intagliata da P. Aquila. Royal folio, portrait and 34 fine plates, very neat in half russia, marbled leaves. £2. 28 Roma, 1674 960 CARACCI (Annibale). Le Arti di Bologna disegnate de Caracci, ed intagliate da Guilini e la Vita del sudetto Annibale Caracci. Folio, port. and 80 plates of the cries of Bologna, vellum. £1. 5s Roma, 1740 961 CARD (Rev. Henry) Reign of Charlemagne, considered chiefly with reference to Religion, Laws, Literature, & Manners. 8vo, bds. 28 1807 962 CARDELLA (Guiseppe M.) Compendio della Storia della Bella, Litteratura Greca, Latina, e Italiana, ad uso degli Alunni, del Seminario, e Collegio, Archivescovile di Pisa. 3 vols. 8vo, morocco, gilt leaves. Pisa, 1816 963 CARICATURES.-British Antidote to Caledonian Poison, consisting of 50 Humorous and Historical Prints, for the Years 1762 and 1763, with Political Songs, &c. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo (one plate wanting and another torn) new, calf gilt. 1764 964 CARLETON'S (Geo.) Military Memoirs of Capt. Geo. Carleton, from the Dutch War, 1672, to the conclusion of the Peace of Utrecht, 1713. 8vo, fine copy, calf. 58




The best account of Lord Peterborough that I have happened to meet with is in Capt. Carleton's Memoirs.-DR. JOHNSON. 965 CARLETON.-Memoirs of Capt. George Carleton, and English Officer, in the War in Spain, under the Earl of Peterborough. A new edition, edited by Sir W. Scott. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, russia, marbled leaves. 98


966 CARLETON'S (Sir Dudley) State Letters during his Embassy at the Hague, A.D. 1627, now first edited by Sir Thomas Phillips, Bart. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 108 6d Middle Hill, 1841

967 CARLISLE (Nicholas) Inquiry into the Place and Quality of the Gentlemen of H.M. Privy Chamber. Royal 8vo, boards. 68 1829 968 CARLISLE (Nicholas) Historical Account of the Origin of the Commission appointed to inquire concerning Charities in England and Wales, with Illustrations of Old Customs and Words. 8vo, boards. half calf. 58 6d (pub. at £1)



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969 CARLISLE (N.) Concise Description of the Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 12s 6d 1818 970 CARLISLE (Nicholas) Topographical Dictionary of England, in alphabetical order. 2 vols. in 1, very thick 4to, half calf. 98 1808 971 CARLISLE'S (Nic.) Hints on Rural Residences. 4to, PRIVATELY

PRINTED, boards. 78 6d


An interesting book to those about to build a country house; it is com.posed of extracts from various writers, arranged under general heads. 972 CARLISLE'S (Nic.) Memoirs of the Life and Works of W. Wyon, the Engraver to the Royal Mint. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, with autograph letter of the Author. 98 6d 1837


973 CARLISLE (W.) Essay on Evil Spirits, or Reason to prove their Existence. 12mo, boards. 1827 974 CARLYLE (Thomas) Passages selected from his Writings, with Biographical Memoir by Thomas Ballantyne. Post 8vo, cl. 48 6d 1855 975 CARNARVON'S (Lord) Portugal and Gallicia. 2 vols. 8vo, post 8vo, half calf. 38

1837 976 CARO (Annibal) Opere, colla vita dell' autore scritta da Ant. F. Seghezzi. 8 vols. 8vo, portrait, sewed. 158 Milano, 1807 977 CAROLOIADES, or the Rebellion of Forty-one, in Ten Books. A Heroick Poem. 8vo, portrait of Charles I. inserted, hf. russ. 4s 6d 1689 978 CARNE'S (John) Letters from the East during a Tour through Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, the Holy Land, Syria, and Greece. 2 vols. post 8vo, boards. 48

1826 279 CARPENTER (Rev. Lant.) Memoirs of his Life, with Selections from his Correspondence, edited by his Son. 8vo, portrait. 4s 6d 4s 6d 1842 980 CARTER'S (Francis) Journey from Gibraltar to Malaga, the Ancient and Natural History of those Cities, illustrated with the Roman Inscriptions and Coins of each Municipal Town. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, map, and plates, fine copy in calf. 68 6d

1780 981 CARTER (Mrs. Elizabeth) Memoirs of her Life, with a New Edition of her Poems and Essays. By Rev. M. Pennington. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth. 1816


982 CARTWRIGHT.-Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Mechanical Inventions of Edmund Cartwright, D.D., F.R.S., inventor of the Power Loom, &c. Post 8to, engravings, bds. 28 6d (pub. at 138 6d) 1843 It contains some interesting literary history, Dr. Cartwright numbering among his correspondents, Sir W. Jones, Crabbe, Sir H. Davy, Fulton, Sir S. Raffles, Langhorne, and others; he was no mean poet, as his Legendary Tale of "Armine and Elvira" (given in the Appendix) testifies; Sir W. Scott says it contains some excellent poetry, expressed with unusual felicity.

983 CARY (Rev. H. C.) Memoir of the Rev. Henry Francis Cary, Translator of Dante, with his Literary Journal and Letters. 2 vols. post 8vo, cloth. 68 1847 984 CASAUBONI (Merici) De quatuor Linguis Commentationis pars prior quæ de Lingua Hebraica et de Lingua Anglo-Saxonica. 8vo, very neat, in brown calf. 4s 6d 1650 985 CASTELL'S Villas of the Ancients illustrated. Atlas folio, fine plates, neat. 158 1728 986 CASTELLANI (Vinc.) De Bello Melitensi Historia. Small 8vo, boards. Pisauri, 1566 987 CASTLEMAIN (Earl of) Short and True Account of the material Passages in the first War between the English and Dutch since the King's Restauration. 12mo, portrait, calf gilt. 38 6d 1672




988 CATALOGI Librorum Manuscriptorum Angliæ, et Hiberniæ, in unum Collecti, cum Indice Alphabetico. Folio, engraved frontispiece of portraits, half morocco.


Oxon. 1697
Another copy, leather back, uncut, scarce in this state. £1. 18
Ibid. 1697

A valuable catalogue of the contents of the Public and Private Collections of MSS. then existing in England, drawn up by Maittaire, Bernard, and others. 990 CASLEY'S (David) Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the King's Library (in the British Museum) forming an Appendix to the Cottonian Library, with 150 Specimens of the Manner of Writing in different ages, from the 3rd to the 15th Century. 4to, 16 plates, russia. calf. 138 6d



991 CATALOGUE of the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, with copious Indexes. 4 vols. folio, half russia. £2. 128 6d 1808-12 992 CATALOGUE of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, with Emendations and Additions, and Catalogue of Charters preserved in the same Library.

8vo, sewed, scarce. 58


There is information in this volume not to be found in the next article.

993 CATALOGUE of the Cottonian Manuscripts in the British Museum. Folio, boards. 68



1802 994 CATALOGUE of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, British Museum (with Manuscript Notes pointing out where articles have been printed). Folio, half calf. 995 CATALOGUE.-Ayscough (S.) Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the British Museum hitherto undescribed, including the Collection of Sir Hans Sloane, Rev. Thomas Birch, &c. (of which no other catalogue is printed). 2 vols. 4to, half calf. 148


996 CATALOGUE of the, Arundel and Burney Manuscripts in the British Museum, and Index to same. Ry J. Forshall. Together, 3 vols. folio, fine plates, boards. £2. 2s (pub. at £3. 1s)


997 INDEX to the Arundel and Burney MSS. in the British Museum. Folio, boards. 98 1840 998 CATALOGUS Codicum Manuscriptorum Orientalium qui in Museo Britannico asservantur, 2 vols. continens Codicis Syriacos et Carshunicos et Arabicos amplectens. Folio, facsimile plate, boards.





999 CATALOGUE of Manuscripts formerly in the possession of Francis. Hargrave, Esq., now deposited in the British Museum. 4to, boards. 68-calf. 78 6d 1000 CATALOGUE of the Heralds' Visitations, with References to many other Genealogical and Topographical Manuscripts in the British. Museum (by Sir Harris Nicolas). 8vo, new, cf. 6s—bds. 58 1825 1001 CATALOGUE of the Manuscript Music in the British Museum. By Sir F. Madden. Royal 8vo, cloth. 1842 1002 CATALOGUS Librorum Manuscriptorum quos Collegio Corporis Christi et B. Mariæ Virginis in Academia Cantabrigiensi legavit, Matt. Parker, Archiep. Cantuariensi, cura Nasmith. 4to, half calf. 78 6d -boards. 68 Cantab. 1777 1003 CATALOGUE of the Manuscripts in the Library of Gonville and Caius Coll. Cambridge. By Rev. J. J. Smith, Fellow and Librarian. 8vo, cloth. 10s 6d-second-hand copy. 1004 CATALOGUE of the European and Asiatic Manuscripts in the Library of the late Dr. Adam Clarke. By J. B. B. Clarke. Royal 8vo, plates, boards. 4s 6d

78 6d



1005 CATALOGUES of a fine Collection of Manuscripts and some rare Books, on sale by John Cochran (drawn up by the late John Holmes, of the British Museum). 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth. 48 1829-37 1006 CATALOGUE of the Arundel Manuscripts in the Library of the College of Arms (by Sir C. G. Young). Royal 8vo, cloth (not published). 128 1007 CATALOGUE of the highly interesting and valuable Autograph Letters and Historical Manuscripts, the Collection of Mons. A. Donnadieu. 4to, facsimiles of the most interesting, cloth, not printed for sale. 168



1008 CATALOGUE of the highly interesting and valuable Autograph Letters and Historical Manuscripts of Mons. A. Donnadieu. 8vo.



1009 CATALOGUE of the Manuscripts in the possession of the Earl of Hardwicke. PRIVATELY PRINTED, 1794-Catalogue of the Manuscripts formerly in the possession of Francis Hargrave, now in the British Museum, 1818. In 1 vol. 4to, half russia. £1. 18 1010 CATALOGUE des Archives du Baron de Joursanvault, contenant une précieuse collection de MSS., Chartres, et Documentes originaux au nombre de plus de 45,000. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. 58


A curious history of this collection will be found in the Evidence before the House of Commons on the British Museum.

1011 CATALOGUE des Cartes Geographiques, Topographiques et Marines de la Bibliothèque du Prince Alexandre Labanhoff de Rostoff, suivi d'une notice de Manuscrits. Thick 8vo, sewed. 68 Paris, 1823 1012 CATALOGUE of the interesting and valuable Collection of Historical Manuscripts and Autograph Letters of the late Francis Moore, Esq., formed during a residence of nearly 50 years in Paris. 8vo, THICK PAPER COPY, with facsimile plates of autographs, cloth. 68 1856 1013 CATALOGUE of Manuscripts in the Library of All Souls' College, Oxford, by H. O. Coxe. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cl. 158 Oxf. 1842 1014 PLATT (Thomas Pell) Catalogue of the Ethiopic Biblical Manuscripts in the Royal Library of Paris, and in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and Account of those in the Vatican Library. 4to, boards.



1015 CATALOGUE des Manuscrits et Xylographes Orientaux de la Bibliothèque Imperiale publique de St. Petersbourg. Thick 4to, sewed. £1.58 St. Petersbourg, 1852 1016 AYLOFFE (Sir Jos.) Calendar of the Ancient Charters and of the Welch and Scottish Rolls now remaining in the Tower of London, and Calendars of all the Treaties of Peace entered into by the Kings of England with those of Scotland. 4to, facsimiles, cf. gt. 10s 6d 1774 1017 CODICES Manuscripti Bibliothecæ Regii Taurinensis Athenæi, per Linguas digesti (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, and French) recens Jos. Pasinus. 2 vols. fol. pits. LARGE PAPER, old cf. 18s Taurini, 1749 1018 UPCOTT'S (W.) Catalogue of his Collection of Original Letters, Manu

scripts, and State Papers. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, bds. 158 1836 1019 UPCOTT.-Catalogue of W. Upcott's Collection of Manuscripts and

Autograph Letters (3 days' sale). 8vo, fine paper, sewed. 18 1846 1020 CATALOGUS Librorum Manuscriptorum Antonii à Wood, being a Minute Catalogue of each Particular contained in his Manuscript Collection deposited in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. By W. Huddesford. 8vo, half calf. 68 Oxford, 1761



1021 CATALOGUE of a portion of the valuable Library of the late Stanesby Alchorne, Esq., of the Mint. 8vo, some articles priced, 1s 6d 1813 1022 ATHENÆUM CLUB.—Catalogue of the Library of the Athenæum Club. Royal 8vo, half morocco, printed only for the members. 108 6d


1023 CATALOGUE of the Library of the Athenæum, Liverpool. By George Burrell. 8vo, boards. 28


1820 1024 CATALOGUE (W. Bent's) of the Books published in London from 1814 to 1839. 8vo, cloth. 1839 1025 BIBLIOTHECA Bentesiana sive Catalogus Librorum quos Collegit vir Amplissimus Albertus Bentes, Judicum Amstelodamensium quondam Praeses. 4to, with prices, half morocco. 2s 6d Amst. 1702 1026 CATALOGUE of the Library of the late Charles Bernard, Esq. with prices, formerly Dr. Rawlinson's and R. Farmer's, the latter of whom has made some manuscript observations. Sm. 8vo, old calf. 58 1711 1027 CATALOGUE of the Books relating to British Topography and Saxon and Northern Literature, bequeathed to the Bodleian Library in the year 1799 by Rich. Gough, Esq. 4to, bds. 108-cf. 128 6d Oxf. 1814 1028 BOHN (H. G.) Catalogue of Books on Natural History, Books of Prints, Science, Language, Bibliography, Oriental and Northern Literature, Old English Historians, Early Voyages, and Games. Vol. 1, 8vo, half morocco. 58

1847 1029 CATALOGO de Novellieri Italiani posseduti dal fu Conte A. M. Borromeo. Royal 8vo, sewed. 38 6d 1817 1030 CATALOGUE of the very extensive, curious, and rare Library of B. H. Bright, Esq. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, boards. 98 1845 1031 CATALOGUE of the Printed Books in the British Museum. Folio, vol. 1, containing the letter A (all printed) cloth. 158 1841 1032 CATALOGUE of the valuable Library of the Duke of Buckingham, removed from Stowe House (24 days''sale). 8vo, new, hf. cf. 58 1849 1033 CATALOGUE of the Library of Rev. S. Butler, Bishop of Lichfield. 8vo, containing the most complete Collection of Aldines ever formed in this country. 8vo, FINE PAPER, only 40 copies printed for presents, half morocco, uncut. 1840 The valuable MSS. (described in the catalogue) were bought entire for the British Museum.


1034 CATALOGUE of the Library of the College of St. Margaret and St. Bernard, called Que T's College, in the University of Cambridge, methodically arranged by Tho. Hartwell Horne. 2 vols. royal 8vo, boards, scarce. £1. 48 (pub. at £3. 38)

1827 1035 COLE'S (John, of Scarborough) Descriptive Catalogue of a select portion of his Stock of Books. 8vo, one of two copies printed on drawing paper, being the author's own (the other belonging to Archdeacon Wrangham) illustrated with prints, drawings, illuminations, &c. half bound, uncut, a very curious and unique volume. £1. 1s 1825 1036 CATALOGUE of Printed Books at the Priory, Leatherhead, in Surrey

(the seat of W. Cotton, Esq.) Royal 8vo, privately printed, sewed. 38 1037 CATALOGUE of the Curious and Distinguished Library of the Rev.

Thos. Crofts, sold by Patterson (43 days' sale). 8vo, bds. 2s 1783 1038 CATALOGUE of the Library of Rev. H. J. De Salis, 1811-Jos. Windham, Esq., 1811-Dr. Lettsom, 1811; and 2 others, all with prices. 8vo, half russia, uncut. 4s

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