1039 CATALOGUE of the Printed Books and Manuscripts bequeathed by Francis Douce, Esq., to the Bodleian Library. Folio, facsimiles of MSS., cloth. £1. 48 1040 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Library of the Rev. Henry Drury. 8vo. 18 6d

Oxford, 1840


1827 1041 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Library of Rev. Henry Drury. 8vo, one of the 25 copies printed on writing paper, bds. 58 1827 1042 CATALOGUE of the curious, valuable, and extensive Library of Rev. Richd. Farmer (35 days' sale). 8vo, boards. 38 6d 1798 1043 CATALOGUE of the valuable Library of John Dunn Gardner, Esq. (11 days' sale). 8vo, new, half calf. 4s 6d 1044 CATALOGUE of Chap Books, Garlands, and Popular Histories, in the possession of J. O. Halliwell, Esq. (now in the British Museum). Post 8vo, woodcuts, printed for private circulation. 148 1849 1045 CATALOGUE of the splendid, choice, and curious Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq., the 5 parts in one volumé, COMPLETE. 8vo, cloth. 58in parts, sewed. 68 1046 CATALOGUE of the splendid, choice, and curious Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq., the 5 parts complete. In 1 vol. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, the first 5 days' sale priced. 98

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1047 CATALOGUE of the splendid, choice, and curious Library of P. A. Hanrott, Esq. 3 parts in 1 vol. half calf. 38 1833 1048 CATALOGUE Bibliothecæ Harleianæ (classified). 4 vols. 8vo, half bound. 68 Lond. T. Osborne, 1743 1049 CATALOGUE of Theological Books in the Library of W. Harrison, Esq., of Cheshunt, Herts, with introductory Remarks and Notes. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 58




1837 1050 CATALOGUE of the Library of Richard Heber (the most extensive ever sold in England). 13 parts COMPLETE, bound in 4 vols. 8vo, cloth, lettered. 168 1834-6 1051 CATALOGUE of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq. Thick 8vo, containing many articles of the greatest rarity, plates of MSS. boards. 48-half calf. 1052 CATALOGUE of Books in the Library of John Holmes, of Retford, Notts., with Notices of Authors and Printers. Vols. 2 and 3. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. Norwich, 1830 1053 CATALOGUE of the Library of Christr. Hull, Esq., of Sidcup, in Kent, 1815-Part of the Library of the late Gen. Robert Craufurd, 1815— Catalogue of the Books, Drawings, and Engravings of the late John Roberts, Esq.; and another. 8vo, all with names & prices, hf. russia. 3s 1054 CATALOGUE Raisonné of the Library (Early Typography) of J. Mordaunt Johnson, Esq., with an Account of his Life and Services. Royal 8vo, boards. 28 1817 1055 CATALOGUES of Libraries: J. P. Kemble's, with prices, 1821William Hayley, with prices, 1821-Earl Spencer's Duplicates cata. logued by Dr. Dibdin, with prices, 1821-Edward Knight, Esq., of Portland Place, 1821-Lord Chetwynd, 1821-Duke of Norfolk's from Home Lacy, 1821; and others. In 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 68 1456 CATALOGUE of the Library of the London Institution, Moorfields, systematically classed, preceded by an Historical and Bibliographical Account of the Establishment. 4 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, NOT PUBLISHED. £2. 28 1835-52

1057 CATALOGUE of the Library of the London Institution. Vols. 1, 2, and 3, royal 8vo, cloth. £1. 58 1835-43

1058 CATALOGUE of the Printed Books, with a Short Account of the Manuscripts in the Library of Lincoln's Inn. Royal 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 4s 6d

1835 1059 CATALOGUE of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London. 8vo, half calf. 38 1840 1060 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Library and Collection of Munuscripts of the Earl of Macartney. 5 days' sale (on fine paper, only 12 printed). 1s 6d



1854 1061 CATALOGUE of Books, Illustrated Works, and Music, in the Library of Archibald McLennan, Esq., Glasgow. Royal 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, morocco extra, gilt leaves. 1839 1062 CATALOGUE of the extensive Library of John Maddison, Esq. 8vo, with prices, boards. 18 6d-unpriced. 18 1809 1063 BIBLIOTHECA MARSDENIANA: a Catalogue of Books and Manuscripts collected with a view to a general comparison of Languages, and to the Study of Oriental Literature. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 148 1827 1064 CATALOGUE of the Library of Arnold Mello, Esq., of Clapham, 11 days' sale, with prices. 8vo, boards. 18 6d 1065 CATALOGUE of the entire and valuable Library of the Rev. Dr. M. M. Merrick. 8vo, half calf. 1783 1066 CATALOGUE of the Library of a Nobleman, valuable and scarce Books, 14 days' sale, 1800-Catalogue of the curious, valuable, and extensive Library of Rev. R. Turner, 36 days' sale, 1798-Catalogue of the curious and valuable Library of Geo. Steevens, Esq., 11 days' sale, with prices, 1800-Catalogue of a genuine and extensive Collection of English Portraits; by an eminent Collector (Musgrave) 31 days' sale, by Richardson. In 1 vol. 8vo, hf. russ. uncut, curious collection. 7s 6d 1067 CATALOGUE of the magnificent and celebrated Library of Maffei Pinelli, late of Venice. Thick 8vo, 60 days' sale, with some of the articles priced, half bound, uncut. 38 1789 1068 CATALOGUE of Biblical, Classical, and Historical Manuscripts, and rare and curious Books, with prices, by W. Pickering. 12mo, cloth. 18 6d



1069 CATALOGUE of the Plymouth Public Library, and Supplements. 8vo, boards. 28 1843-46


1070 CATALOGUE of the curious and extensive Library of Isaac Reed, Esq., 39 days' sale. 8vo, portrait, half russia. 3s 6d 1071 CATALOGUE de la Bibliothèque des Livres de feu l'Abbé Rive, mis en ordre par C. T. Achard. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 38 6d 1793 1072 CATALOGUE (Classified) of the Library of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, with Indexes of Authors and Subjects, and a List of Historical Pamphlets, chronologically arranged. By Benj. Vincent, Librarian. Thick 8vo, pp. 948, half morocco, marbled edges. 158 1857 It will be found a very useful volume to book collectors, and indispensable to public librarians.

1073 CATALOGUE of the Library and Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

8vo. 28

1846 1074 CATALOGUE of the Library of the Royal Society of London. Large 4to, boards. 48 1825 1075 CATALOGUE of the Scientific Books in the Library of the Royal Society, by Ant. Panizzi. Large 8vo, pp. 776, cloth. 68 1839 1076 CATALOGUE of Lord Rutherford's Library, 11 days' sale. 8vo. 18 1855

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1077 CATALOGUE of the Library of the Society of Writers to the Signet,
in four parts, with a General Index. 4to, half calf. 148 Edinb. 1837
1078 CATALOGUE of a unique Collection of 400 Ancient English Broad-
side Ballads, printed entirely in the Black Letter, lately on sale by J.
Russell Smith. With Notes of their Tunes, and Imprints. Post 8vo,
a handsome volume, printed by Whittingham, in the old style, half
bound. 58

Another copy, on THICK PAPER, without the prices to each,
and a different title-page, ONLY 10 COPIES SO PRINTED. 10s 6d 1856
1080 BIBLIOTHECA Smithiana seu Catologus Librorum, D. Josephi
Smithii Angli per cognomina Authorum dispositus. 4to, containing
the prefaces and letters of the first edition of books in the collection
printed before the year 1500. 4to, good copy, cf. 78 6d Venetiis, 1755
1081 CATALOGUE of the Duplicates (Books of the 15th Century, catalogued
by Dr. Dibdin) in the Library of Earl Spencer. 8vo, some priced, half
calf. 38

1821 1082 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Library of the Duke of Sussex. 6 parts, 8vo, complete. 10s 6d 1844-5 1083 BIBLIOTHECA Sussexiana, a Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscript and Printed Books in the Library of the Duke of Sussex. By T. J. Pettigrew. 3 vols. imp. 8vo, COMPLETE, many fine plates of the MSS., boards. £1. 18s 1827-39 ✓ 1084 CATALOGUE of the important and extensive Library of M. le Baron J. Taylor. 8vo, 14 day's sale. 28 1853

1085 TERNAUX-COMPANS (H.) Bibliothèque Asiatique et Africaine, ou Catalogue des Ouvrages relatifs à l'Asia et à l'Afrique qui ont paru, depuis la Decouverte de l'Imprimerie jusqu'en, 1700. 8vo, sewed. Paris, 1841


1086 CATALOGUE of the Principal Part of the Library of Dawson Turner,
Esq. of Great Yarmouth, 13 days' sale. 8vo. 28
1087 DE BURE.-Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliothèque de M. Le Duc
de la Valliere. 3 vols. 8vo, portrait and plates, FINE COPY, half
russia, uncut, 78 6d
Paris, 1783
1088 WILLIAMS.-Catalogue of the Library in Red Cross Street, founded
by the Rev. Dr. Daniel Williams (rich in Theology and Works of
Nonconformists). 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. 88 64

1841 1089 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable Library of the Duke of York, also Prints and Drawings. Royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER. 28 1827 CATALOGUES OF PICTURES AND PRINTS.

1090 CATALOGUE des Livres, Estampes et Dessius composant la Bibliothèque et le Cabinet de feu M. Arnaud Bertin. 8vo, sd. 28 Par. 1854 1091 BROMLEY'S Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, from Egbert the Great to the present time, methodically disposed in classes. 4to, calf neat. 78 6d


1092 CATALOGUE of the very valuable Collection of British Portraits, from the Reign of Egbert to the Revolution of 1688, the property of the late JAMES BINDLEY, Esq., with names of purchasers and prices. 4to, half calf, portraits, three parts complete. 108 6d

This sale realized at Messrs. Sotheby's, £3865. 98 6d.


1093 CATALOGUE of the extensive and valuable series of Engraved British Portraits and distinguished Foreigners, from William I. to James II. illustrating Granger's England, from Stowe House, Buckinghamshire. 8vo, new, half calf. 58



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1094 BRITTON'S Catalogue Raisonné of the Pictures at Cleveland House (Marquis of Stafford's). 8vo, boards. 18 1808 1095 CUMBERLAND (Geo.) Essay on the Utility of collecting the best Works of the Ancient Engravers of the Italian School, and Critical Catalogue, with Chronological Series of rare and valuable Prints in British Museum and Royal Academy. 4to, portrait and plates of monograms, boards. 1827 1096 JOMBERT (Chas. Antoine) Essai d'un Catalogue de l'Euvre d'Etienne de la Belle, Peintre et Graveur Florentin. 8vo, half calf, uncut. Paris, 1772 1097 CATALOGUE of a genuine extensive Collection of English Portraits, comprising the choicest Works of Delaram, Elstrack, Faithorne, Hollar, &c. &c. the property of Sir W. Musgrave. 8vo, 31 days' sale, the first five days with prices, new, half calf gilt.



1098 CATALOGUE du Cabinet de M. Paignon Dijonval; etat detaillé et raisonné des dessins et estampes dont il est compose (11,000 articles). 4to, boards. 48 6d

Paris, 1810 1099 CATALOGUE of Portraits of Foreigners who have visited England, as noticed by Lord Clarendon, Heath in his Civil Wars, Thurloe in his State Papers, &c. 12mo, boards. 28

1814 1100 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Series of Pictures formed on Subjects selected from the History of England, painted by British Artists for Alex. Davidson, Esq. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cl. 78 6d 1807 1101 GROSVENOR GALLERY.-Catalogue of the Pictures at Grosvenor House, London, with Historical Notices of the Principal Works. By John Young. 4to, 143 etchings, good impressions, hf. mor. 10s 6d 1820 1102 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Pictures collected by Edmund Higginson, Esq. of Saltmarshe, Yorkshire. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 68


1103 VERTUE (Geo.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Wenceslaus Hollar, with Account of his Life. 4to, BEST EDITION, vignettes, also a portrait and landscape by Hollar inserted, calf gilt. £1.18 1759 1104 VERTUE'S Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures belonging to King James II. with Catalogue of Pictures and Drawings in the Closet of Queen Caroline, and also of the principal Pictures in Kensington Palace. 4to, some leaves wormed, calf. 158 1758 1105 CATALOGUE of the Prints which have been engraved after Martin Heemskerck. By T. Kerrich, Librarian to the University of Cambridge. 8vo, portrait, boards. 38 6d


1106 CATALOGUE of Pictures, composed chiefly by the most admired Masters of the Roman, Florentine, Parman, Bolognese, Venetian, Flemish, and French Schools; with Descriptions and Critical Remarks, by Robert Foulis. 3 vols. 12mo, cloth. 58



1107 CAREY'S (W.) Descriptive Catalogue of Sir J. Fleming Leicester's Gallery of Pictures. Royal 8vo, cloth. 38

1108 CATALOGUE of the Pictures in the Shakespeare Gallery, Pall Mall. 8vo, half calf. 38



1109 STRANGE'S (Sir Robert) Descriptive Catalogue of Pictures collected by him in Italy. 12mo, neat. 38 6d 1110 WILSON.—Catalogue Raisonné of the Select Collection of Engravings of an Amateur (Thomas Wilson, Esq.). 4to, plates, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. £1. 15s





1111 CATALOGUE of the celebrated Collection of Works of Art, from the Byzantine Period to that of Louis XVI., of Ralph Bernal, Esq., and of the beautiful Decorative Furniture, &c. Royal 8vo, plates of the most valuable articles, cloth. 68 6d 1112 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Antiquities and Miscellaneous Objects preserved in the Museum of Thomas Bateman, Esq., at Lomberdale House, Youlgrave, Derbyshire. 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth (very few printed). 10s 6d 1113 CATALOGUE of the Sculpture, Miniatures, Paintings, &c. at Stowe (the Duke of Buckingham's) four Supplementary Catalogues. 4to. 1848 1114 CATALOGUE of the Collection of Assyrian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Indian, Peruvian, and Mexican Antiquities, formed by B. Hertz. 4to, PLATES, not printed for sale. 68 1851 1115 CATALOGUE of the Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, collected at Manchester in 1857. Small 8vo, sewed. 18 1857 1116 DESCRIPTIVE Catalogue of the Collection of Antiquities and other Objects illustrative of Irish History, exhibited in the Belfast Museum, at the Meeting of the British Association, Sept. 1852, with Antiquarian Notes. 8vo, sewed. 18 6d



1117 WILDE (W. R.) Descriptive Catalogue of the (Primeval and Medieval) Antiquities of Stone, Earthen, and Vegetable Materials in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy. 8vo, numerous woodcuts, sewed.


Dublin, 1857

1118 CATALOGUE of the Museum of London Antiquities (now in the British Museum) collected by Charles Roach Smith. Royal 8vo, many plates and cuts, printed for subscribers only. 128

1854 1119 CATALOGUE of Works of Antient and Mediæval Art exhibited at the House of the Society of Arts, London. 4to, cloth. 28 1850 1120 STRAWBERRY HILL.-Catalogue of the Classic Contents of Straw

berry Hill, collected by Horace Walpole. 4to, port. sewed. 2s 1842 1121 CATALOGUE of the Valuable Contents of Strawberry Hill, 24 days'

sale, by Geo. Robins. 4to, LARGE PAPER copy, with autograph note of George Robins and Dr. T. F. Dibdin inserted, boards. 58 1842 CATALOGUES OF COINS AND MEDALS. 1122 CATALOGUE d'une Collection de Medailles Antiques faite par la Comtesse Douaire de Bentinck, née Contesse d'Aldenburg. 3 vols. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, medallic heads, calf neat. 188 Amst. 1787 1123 CATALOGUE of the Duplicate Coins and Medals of the British Museum (7 days' sale) with prices. 8vo, half calf. 28 6d 1842 1124 CATALOGUE des Medailles Antiques et Modernes, principalement des inedites et des rares en or, argent, bronze, &c. du Cabinet de M. d'Ennery. 4to, half calf, uncut. 58 Paris, 1788 1125 CATALOGUE of the extensive exceedingly choice Collection of English Coins of the late Lt.-Col. Durrant, 9 days' sale. 8vo, sd. 2s 6d 1847 1126 AKERMAN (J. Y.) Catalogue de la Collection de Medailles du Che

valier de Horta, faite par son Père pendant ses Ambassades à Vienne, la Haye, et Saint Petersbourg. 8vo, sewed. 38-hf. cf. 48 1839 1127 CATALOGUE of Valuable Cabinet of Coins and Medals formed by C. W. Loscombe, Esq., of Clifton. 8 days' sale. 1s 6d 1855 1128 MEAD'S COINS.-Museum Meadianum sive Catalogus Nummorum veteris ævi monumentorum ac gemmarum. 8vo, front.hf. cf. 286d 1755

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