1129 CATALOGUES of the following Collections of Coins and Medals, viz.:-Mons. Rollin of Paris; William Ferguson, Esq. of Edinburgh ; Christopher Edmonds, J. Sabatier of St. Petersburg, and 7 others, together 12. 8vo. 1130 SMYTH'S (Capt. W. H.) Descriptive Catalogue of a Cabinet of Roman Imperial Large Brass Medals. 4to, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. Bedford, 1834 168 One of the best books ever written to make the study of Coins popular. 1131 CATALOGUE of the Valuable Collection of Coins and Medals, ENGLISH, GREEK, ROMAN, and FOREIGN MEDIEVAL, collected by Thomas Thomas, Esq. 3 parts, 35 days' sale, 8vo. 58 6d 1132 CATALOGUE of the Greek, Roman, and Foreign Medieval Coins and Medals of the late Thomas Thomas, Esq. 2 parts, 25 days' sale, 8vo, 1844 sewed. 4s 6d 1133 CATALOGUE of Greek, Roman, and Foreign Medieval Coins and Medals of the late Thomas Thomas, Esq. 8vo, part 3, prices & names. 4s 1134 CATALOGUS Nummorum Veterum Græcorum et Romanorum ex auro, argento et ære quos possidebat olim G. F. Trimm. By Thomsen et Hauniæ, 1832 Devegge. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, half calf. 38 1135 MALET'S Catalogue of the Roman Silver Coins in the Library of 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 58 1839 Trinity College, Dublin. 1136 CATALOGUE of Matthew Young's extensive, valuable, and important Collection of Coins and Medals. 8vo, parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, with prices and names, soiled.



1137 CATASTROPHE Mundi, or Merlin Reviv'd; in a Discourse of Prophecies and Predictions, and their remarkable Accomplishment, with Mr. Lilly's Hieroglyphick exactly cut, with Notes and Observations 1683 thereon. 12mo, curious plates (one wanting) old calf. 58 1138 CATCOTI'S Treatise on the Deluge, the Heathen and Scripture Accounts, and a Dissertation on the time when, and the manner how, America was first peopled. 8vo, best edition, neat. 4s 6d 1139 CATTEAU-CALLEVILLE (J. P.) Tableau des Etats Danois, envisagés sous les Rapports du Mécanisme Social. 3 vols. 8vo, map, half calf.

48 6d



8vo, full of

1812 1140 CATTEAU-CALLEVILLE (J. P.) Tableau de la Mer Baltique. 2 78 6d vols. 8vo, map, calf extra. 1141 CAUMONT, Abécédaire, ou Rudiment d'Archéologie. engravings, sewed. 69 1142 CAXTON (Wm.) the Game of the Chesse. Small folio, sheets. £1.168 -calf, antique style. £2.2s-mor. silver clasps & bosses. £3. 3s 1855


Frequently as we read of the Works of Caxton and the early English Printers, and of their Black-Letter Books, very few persons ever had the opportunity of seeing any of these productions, and forming a proper estimate of the ingenuity and skill of those who first practised the "Noble Art of Printing."

This reproduction of the first work printed by Caxton at Westminster, containing 23 woodcuts, is intended in some measure to supply this deficiency, and bring the present age into somewhat greater intimacy with the Father of Eng

lish Printers.

THE TYPE HAS BEEN CAREFULLY IMITATED, and the cuts traced, from the copy in the British Museum. The Paper and Water-marks have also been made expressly, as near as possible, like the original; and the Book is accompanied by a few remarks of a practical nature, which have been suggested during the progress of the fount, and the necessary study and comparison of Caxton's Works with those of his contemporaries in Germany, by Mr. V. FIGGINS.

£1. 148


1178 CHAMBERS (Sir W.) Treatise on the Decorative Part of Civil Architecture, with Illustrations, Notes, and Examination of Grecian Architecture. By Joseph Gwilt. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, 54 fine plates, FINE COPY, calf, gilt leaves. 1179 CHAMIER.-Memoir of Daniel Chamier, Minister of the Reformed Church, with Notices of his Descendants. By W. Courthope, Rouge Croix. 8vo, PRIVATELY PRINTED, cloth. 58 1180 CHAPMAN'S (George) Translations of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, Batrachomyomachia, Hesoid's Works and Days, Museus' Hero and Leander, and Juvenal's Fifth Satire. Edited by the Rev. R. Hooper. 5 vols. fcap. 8vo, beautifully printed by Whittingham, with frontispieces, cloth. £1. 10s 1857-8


1181 CHAMPGRAND (Goury de) Traite de Venerie et de Chasse. 4to, many plates, calf. 58 Paris, 1776 1182 CHANDLER (R.) Life of W. Waynflete, Bishop of Winchester, Lord High Chancellor of England in the reign of Henry VII., and founder of Magdalen College, Oxford. Royal 8vo, portrait, boards. 58 1811 1183 CHANDLER'S (Dr. R.) Travels in Asia Minor and Greece, a new Edit. Edited, with Notes and Life, by N. Revett and Dean Churton. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, cloth. 8s (pub. at £1, 48) Oxford, Clar. Press, 1825


8s 6d


1184 BERRY'S History of the Island of Guernsey, with particulars of Alderney, Serk, and Jersey, from the MS. Collections of H. Budd, Esq. 4to, plates, red morocco. 1185 JACOB'S (J.) Annals of Guernsey. Tk. roy. 8vo, plts. bds. 10s 6d 1830 1186 CESAREA the Island of Jersey, its History, Constitution, Government, Laws, Peculiar Privileges, Antiquities, and Biography of Eminent Natives of the Island. 8vo, map and plates, cloth. 38 6d


1187 CHANTREY.-Etched Reminiscences of the Models by Sir Francis Chantrey in the University Galleries, Oxford. 12mo, 60 pits. by J. Fisher, with autograph note to John Britton, cloth. 78 6d Oxford, 1847 1188 CHAPTAL, Traité théorique et pratique sur la Culture de la Vigne, avec l'art de faire le vin, les eaux de vie, esprit de vin, vinaigre simple et composés. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, half calf. 38 Paris, 1801 1189 CHARACTER of a London Diurnall, with several select Poems by the same Author. 4to, new, half calf. 38 1647 1190 CHARLEMONT (J. Caulfield, Earl of) Memoirs of his Political and Private Life. By Francis Hardy. 4to, portrait, calf. 48 1810 1191 CHARLES I.-Flos Britannicus veris novissimi Filiola Carolo et.

Mariæ nata XVII Martii 1636. 4to, calf neat. 58 Oxonii, 1636 1192 CHARLES I.-Sol Britannicus Regi Consecratus Lud de Grand. Domino de Brachey, &c. (Panegyric on the King). 8vo, vell.38 6d 1641 1193 CHARLES I.-Articles or Charges exhibited in Parliament against Sir Francis Windebanck, Secretary of State to his Majesty. 4to, half russia. 38

1641 1194 CHARLES I.-Remonstrance of the Lords and Commons, or the Reply of both Houses to a printed book under his Majesty's name, called "A Remonstrance," &c. concerning the business of Hull. 4to, half calf. 38 6d 1195 CHARLES I.-Regall Apology, or the Declaration of the Commons canvassed, wherein every Objection, and their whole Charge against his Majesty, is cleared, & for the most part retorted. 4to, new, 38 1648


1196 CHARLES I.-Eikon Basilicon, The Pourtraiture of his sacred Majestie in his Solitudes and Sufferings. 8vo, front. by Marshal,cf.nt. 486d 1648 1197 CHARLES I.-The King's Most Gracious Messages for Peace, and a personal Treaty. 4to, new, half calf. 38 6d 1648 1198 CHARLES I.-Narrative of the attempted Escape of Charles the First from Carisbrook Castle, and his Detention in the Isle of Wight, with the Letters of the King to Col. Titus, now first deciphered, by Geo. Hillier. Post 8vo, plates, cloth. 5s (pub. at 10s 6d)


1199 CHARLES I.-Vindication of King Charles, or a Loyal Subject's Duty manifested in Vindicating his Sovereign from a Scandalous Libel, entitled the "King's Cabinet Opened." 4to, neat. 38 6d 1648 1200 CHARLES I.-Wood's (Lambert) Life and Raigne of King Charles I. faithfully and impartially performed. 12mo, calf. 38


1201 CHARLES I.-Sylloge Variorum Tractatum Anglico quidem idiomate

et ab Auctoribus Anglis, conscriptorum sed in Linguam Latinam ⚫ translatorum quibus Caroli innocentia illustrantur. 4to,nt. 3s 6d 1649 1202 CHARLES I.-Defensio Regia pro Caroli I. 12mo, vellum. 38 Sumptibus Regiis, 1649 1203 CHARLES I.-Vindication of King Charles the Martyr, proving that he was the Author of "Eikon Basilica," 3rd edit. 1711-Defence of the "Vindication," 1699. In 1 vol. 4to, calf, neat and clean 48 1204 CHARLES I.-Histoire entiere et veritable du Procez de Charles Stuart, Roy d'Angleterre. 12mo, calf. 38 Londres, 1650 1205 CHARLES I.-Younger (William) Brief View of the late Troubles and Confusions in England, began and occasioned by a prevailing faction in the Long Parliament, deduced to the auspicious coming in of General Monck and the glorious and happy restitution of King Charles II. 12mo, neat. 38 6d


1660 1206 CHARLES I.-Scutum Regale, the Royal Buckler, or Vox Legis, a Lecture to Traytors, who most wickedly murthered Charles the 1st and banished Charles the 2nd. 12mo, frontispiece and curious portrait of Charles II. russia. 1660 1207 CHARLES I.-Effata Regalia: Aphorisms, divine, moral, politick, scattered in the Books, Speeches, Letters, &c. of Charles the 1st, collected by Richard Watson, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College. 12mo, portrait, old calf. 98


1208 CHARLES I.-Memoirs of the Reigne of King Charles I. with continuation to the Happy Restauration. By Sir Philip Warwick, edited by Dr. Smith. 8vo, russia, 4s 6d

This copy has the preface which was suppressed.


1209 CHARLES I.-Memoirs of his Reign, with the most remarkable Occurrences. By Sir P. Warwick. 8vo, portraits, half calf. 4s 6d 1702, reprinted 1813 1210 CHARLES I.-Indictment, Arraignment, Tryal, and Judgment at large of 29 Regicides, the Murtherers of King Charles I. 4to, calf neat, 4s 6d

1739 1211 CHARLES I.-An Attempt towards the Character of the Royal Martyr, from Authentic Vouchers. 8vo, half calf, 38 1738 1212 CHARLES I.-Harris's Historical and Critical Account of the Life and Writings of Charles I. 8vo, russia extra. 4s 6d 1772 1213 CHARLES I.-Narrative of John Ashburnham, of his attendance on King Charles the 1st, and Vindication of his Character and Conduct from Lord Clarendon's Misrepresentations. 2 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth, 58-calf neat, 8s 6d 1830




1214 CHARLES I.-Essay towards attaining a true idea of the Character and Reign of King Charles the First, and Causes of the Civil War. 8vo, calf. 38 1215 CHARLES II.-Manuscript of the Proceedings and Claims at his Coronation in 1661. Folio, neatly written in a contemporary hand, partly in Latin and partly in French, old binding. 10s 6d From the MSS. of Sir Edward Turnour, of Hollingbury, Essex.

1216 CHARLES II.-Monarchy Revived; being the Personal History of Charles II., from his Earliest Years to his Restoration to the Throne. 8vo, 1661; reprinted, 14 portraits, cloth. 48

1822 1217 CHARLES VI.-Les Demandes faites par le Roi Charles VI. touchant son état et le gouvernement de sa personne, avec les réponses de P. Salmon, son Secretaire et Familier, publie d'apres les MSS. de Bib. du Roi. Royal Svo, curious plates, from the original illuminated MS. Paris, 1833 1218 CHARNOCK'S Biographia Navalis, or Impartial Memoirs of Officers of the Royal Navy, from 1660, drawn from the most authentic sources. 4 vols. 8vo, portraits, &c. calf gilt. 10s 6d

boards. 158


1794 1219 CHARRON (Peter) Of Wisdome. Translated from the French by Samuel Lennard. 4to, engraved title by Hole, calf. 58 1658 1220 CHATEAUBRIAND'S Travels in Greece, Palestine, and Egypt. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 58 1221 CHATEAUBRIAND (Le Vicomte de) Etudes, ou Discours Historiques sur la Chute de l'Empire Romain, la Naissance et les Progrès du Christianisme, et l'Invasion des Barbares, suivis d'une Analyse raisonnée de l'Histoire de France. 4 vols. 8vo, hf. cf. 88 6d Paris, 1833 1222 CHATHAM (Earl of).- Correspondence of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham. 4 vols. 8vo, many facsimiles, new and elegant, in calf. £1. 11s 6d

1838-40 1223 CHATTERTON.-Sherwen (Dr. John) Examination of the Rowleian Controversy. 8vo, boards, SCARCE. 58 Bath, 1809 1224 CHATTO'S (W. A.) Facts and Speculations on the Origin and History of Playing Cards. Thick 8vo, a handsome vol. with many engravings both plain and coloured, cloth. £1. ls


"The inquiry into the origin and signification of the suits and their marks, and the heraldic, theological, and political emblems pictured, from time to time, in their changes, opens a new field of antiquarian interest; and the perseverance with which Mr. Chatto has explored it, leaves little to be gleaned by his successors. The plates with which the volume is enriched add considerably to its value in this point of view. It is not to be denied that, take it altogether, it contains more matter than has ever before been collected in one view upon the same subject. In spite of its faults, it is exceedingly amusing; and the most critical reader cannot fail to be entertained by the variety of curious outlying learning, Mr. Chatto has somehow contrived to draw into the investigations."Atlas.

1225 CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales, by Tyrwhitt. 5 vols. post 8vo, (vol. 1 is wanting) plate of Stothard's Canterbury Pilgrimage, half red

morocco. 148


1226 CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales from a New Text, with Illustrative Notes, by Thomas Wright. 3 vols. post 8vo, sewed. £1. is Percy Soc. 1847-51 1227 CHAUCER'S Troilus and Cressida (English and Latin), by Sir Francis Kinaston. 4to, BLACK LETTER, calf neat, rare. 98 1228 CHAUCER'S Ghoast, or a Piece of Antiquity, with the History of Prince Corniger and his Champion Sir Crucifag. 12mo, calf. 48 1672


1229 CHEATING Gallant, or the False Count Brion, a pleasant Novel. 12mo, extra boards. 28


1230 CHENIER (M. De) Revolution de l'Empire Ottoman et Observations sur ses Progrès, sur ses Revers, et sur l'Etat present de cet Empire. 8vo, calf. 38


Paris, 1789

1231 LYSONS'S Topographical and Historical Account of Cheshire. 4to, map and plates (wants one) half calf. 10s 6d


1232 CHESHIRE.-Lysons's Topographical Account of the County of Chester. 4to, many plates, half calf gilt. 16s-leather back, uncut. 148 1233 CHESHIRE: its Historical and Literary Associations, illustrated in a series of Biographical Sketches. By T. Worthington Barlow. 8vo, cloth. 38 6d




1234 CHESHIRE.-Another copy. Thick 8vo, illustrated with numerous portraits and plates, half morocco. 188 1852 1235 KING'S Vale Royal of England, or the County Palatine of Chester illustrated; abridged and revised, with Notes, by T. Hughes. Post 8vo, plates and woodcuts, cloth. 58-LARGE PAPER. 4to, 10s 6d 1852 1236 HANSHALL (J. H.) History of the County Palatine of Chester. Parts 1 to 10. 4to, many plates and woodcuts. 1237 A Collection of Prints illustrating the County of Chester, comprising most of those used in Ormerod's History. CHOICE ENGRAVER'S PROOFS ON INDIA PAPER BEFORE THE LETTERS of some etchings and proofs in two or three states, the Cheshire prints belonging to Aikin's Manchester, &c. printed in folio, Hollar's print of King Lupus, 3 of Batenham's Etchings of Chester, portraits of Cheshire worthies, &c. In all about 500 pieces (168 prints, 14 portraits, 300 woodcuts of Views, Seals, and Arms) belonging to Ormerod's History, THE ENGRAVER'S PROOFS, the whole in a clean state. £10. 10s

In illustrating a copy of Ormerod's History they would render it unique. 1238 WILBRAHAM (Roger) Glossary of Words used in Cheshire. Post 8vo, portrait inserted, boards, 38 6d 1820 1239 LEY (John, of Budworth, Cheshire) a Pattern of Pietie, or the Religious Life and Death of that grave and gracious Matron, Mrs. Jane Ratcliffe, Widow and Citizen of Chester. 8vo, good copy, calf. 78 6d 1640 1240 DIARY of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester, Aug. 1686, to Oct. 1687, now first printed. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Hunter. Small 4to, cloth. 28 6d Camden Society 1241 HEMINGWAY (Jos.) History of the City of Chester, from its foundation to the present time. 2 vols. 8vo, map and numerous plates, half calf. 108 6d Chester, 1831 1242 HANDBOOK to Chester, comprising a General History and Description of the City, a Walk round the Walls, and Visit to Eaton Hall. By Thomas Hughes. 8vo, 50 engravings, cloth. 5s 1243 THE EATON Tourist, or a Colloquial Description of the Hall, Grounds, and Gardens at Eaton, Seat of Earl Grosvenor. 12mo, six etchings, boards. 28



1244 SKETCH of the History of the Church at Holmes Chapel. 8vo, etched view, cloth (only 70 printed). 28 1853 1245 MARRIOTT (Rev. W.) Antiquities of Lyme (Handley, Prestbury, and its Vicinity). Small 4to, pp. 414, plates of Primeval and Roman Antiquities, bds. very rare. £1. 1s Stockport, printed for the Author, 1810

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