1246 CHESHIRE and Lancashire.-The Cheshire and Lancashire Historical Collector. By T. W. Barlow. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, cloth. 58 1853-4

1247 CHESNE (Joseph du) La Morocosmie, ou de la Folie, Vanité, et Inconstance du Monde. 4to, cf. extra, gilt leaves, rare. 158 Lyon, 1583 1248 CHESS.-Cochran (John) Treatise on the Game of Chess, containing the Games on Odds, from the "Traité des Amateurs," the Games of the celebrated Anonymous Modenese, a variety of Games actually played, and Catalogue of Writers on Chess. 8vo, front. bds. 5s 1822 Elijah Williams's 150 Original Games of Chess, principally played at the Grand Divan. Post 8vo, cloth. 3s 6d 1852-Walker's (Geo.) Art of Chess-Play, a New Treatise on the Game. 12mo, cloth. 4s (pub. at 8s) 1846-Staunton's Chess Tournament. Post 8vo, cl. 3s 6d 1852 1249 CHESTERFIELD (Philip, second Earl of) Letters to several celebrated Individuals of the time of Charles II., James II., William III., and Queen Anne, with some of their replies. 8vo, portrait, bds. 38 1829 1250 CHICHELE (Henry, Archb. of Canterbury) Life of, with particular relation of many remarkable Passages in the Reigns of Henry V. & VI. Written by Arth. Duck. 8vo, portrait, fine copy, calf. 58-another, calf. 38 6d


1251 CHILDREY (J.) Britannia Baconica, or the Natural Rarities of England, Scotland, & Wales, as they are found in every Shire. 8vo, cf. 38 1661


1252 MARTINII (Mart.) De Bello Tartarico Historia. 8vo, map, vellum. 28 6d Antw. 1654 1253 MARTINII (Mart.) Sinicæ Historiæ. 8vo, calf. 38 Amst. 1659 1254 HISTORIA relatio de ortu et progressu fidei Orthodoxæ in Regno Chinensi, per Missionarios Soc. Jesu, ab anno 1581, usque ad annum 1669. 8vo, portrait and map, vellum. 48 6d Ratisbona, 1672 1255 HISTORIA Tartaro-Sinici et Evangelii, apud Sinas Præcone ab 1660. 12mo. 38

1673 1256 DIVERS Voyages de la Chine et autres Royaumes de l'Orient, avec le retour de l'Autheur en Europe par la Perse et l'Armenie. 4to, half russia. 58 1681 1256*AVRIL'S (Father) Travels into China by a new way, through Russia and Tartary. 12mo, neat. 58 1257 LE COMTE (Louis) Memoirs and Observations in a late Journey


through the Empire of China. Thick 8vo, plates, cf. nt. 4s 6d 1698 1258 DUHALDE'S General History of China: an exact and particular

Account of their Customs, Manners, Ceremonies, Religion, Arts, and Sciences. 4 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, calf neat. 128 1741 1259 BRUNEM (Vojeu de) Histoire de la Conquête de la Chine par les Tartares Mancheoux. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. 48 Lyon, 1745 1260 LETTRES edifiantes et curieuses sur la Visite Apostolique de M. de la Baume, Evêque d'Halicarnasse à la Cochin Chine, en l'année 1740. 4to, half calf, uncut. 58 Venise, 1746 1261 DE GUIGNES Reponse aux Doutes proposés par Mons.Deshautesrayes sur "Memoire dans lequel ou prouve," que les Chinois sont une Colonie Egyptienne. Small 8vo, plate, half calf. 38


1262 HISTORY of China, in modern Greek. 8vo, map. 28 Ven. 1765 1263 OSBECK (Peter) "Natural History" Voyage to China and the East Indies. Translated by J. R. Foster, with a Faunula and Flora Sinenses. 2 vols. 8vo, plates, calf. 48 6d


1264 MEMOIRES sur les Chinois, par les Missionaries. 4to, vols. 2 to 9 inclusive, calf. 98


1265 GROSIER'S (Abbé) General Description of China. 2 vols. 8vo, large map, half calf. 1795

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1266 ANDERSON (Æneas) Narrative of the British Embassy to China in 1792-3, and 1794, Customs and Manners of the Chinese, &c. 8vo, half calf. 28 1796 1267 STAUNTON'S (Sir Geo.) Account of Lord Macartney's Embassy to the Emperor of China. 2 vols. royal 4to, LARGE PAPER, fine plates, ALSO A FOLIO OF LARGER PLATES AND MAPS, boards. 188 1797 1268 JOURNAL of Mr. Samuel Holmes, during his attendance as one of the Guard on Lord Macartney's Embassy to China, 1792-3. 8vo, calf gilt, SCARCE, very few printed. 68


1269 BARROW'S (Sir John) Voyage to Cochin China in 1792 and 1793, and Journey to the Chief of the Booshnana Nation. 4to, 20 plotes, COLOURED, and map, boards. 98

1806 1270 DE GUIGNES, Voyages à Peking, Manille et l'Ile de France, faits dans l'intervalle des années 1784 à 1801. 3 vols. 8vo (no 4to of plates) calf. 58

Paris, 1808

1271 LAOU-SENG-URH, or "An Heir in his Old Age." A Chinese Drama. 12mo, calf gilt. 38 181-7 1272 ABEL (Dr. Clarke) Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and Voyage to and from that Country in 1816 and 1817; the most interesting Transactions of Lord Amherst's Embassy to the Court of Pekin. 4to, plates, some coloured, russ. gt. marbled edges. 12s 1819 1273 ELLIS (Henry) Journal of the Proceedings of Lord Amherst's Embassy to China. 2 vols. 8vo, port. & maps, cf. gt. marbled leaves. 7s 6d 1818 1274 HALL'S (Capt. Basil) Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the great Loo-Choo Island, and a Vocabulary of the Loo-Choo Language. By H. J. Clifford. 4to, coloured plates, bds. 7s 6d 1818 1275 M LEOD (John) Voyage of H.M. Ship Alceste along the Coast of Corea to the Island of Lewchew, with Account of her subsequent Shipwreck. 8vo, portrait and coloured plates, boards. 38 1818. 1276 CHINESE Chronicle. By Abdalla, of Beyza. Translated from the Persian, with Notes, by S. Weston. 8vo, boards. 38 1820 1277 NARRATIVE of the Chinese Embassy to the Khan of the Tourgouth Tartars, in 1712 to 1715, by the Chinese Ambassador. Translated from the Chinese by Sir G. T. Staunton. 8vo, map, boards. 58 1821 1278 STAUNTON (Sir G. T.) Miscellaneous Notices relating to China; with Translations from the Chinese Language. 8vo, ods. 5s 1822 1279 MENG Tseu vel Menicum, inter Sinenses Philosophos, ingenio, doctrina nomisque claritate Confucio proximum, edidit, Latina interpretum (with the Chinese Text) a Stanislaus Julien. 2 vols. 8vo, sewed. £1.58 1824 1280 TIMKOWSKI (George) Travels of the Russian Mission through Mongolia to China, and Residence in Peking, with Notes by Julius Von Klaproth. 2 vols. 8vo, maps and plates, half calf. 78 6d 1827 1281 CRAWFURD'S (John) Embassy to the Courts of Siam and Cochin China. Map and plates, boards. 148 (pub. £3, 38) 1828 1282 LINDSAY and Gutzlaff's Voyage to the Northern Ports of China, in the Ship Amherst. 8vo, boards. 38 6d 1833 1283 AUBER (Peter) China, an Outline of its Government, Laws, and Policy; and of the British and Foreign Embassies to, and Intercourse with, that Empire. 8vo, map, half russia. 58


1284 MORRISON (John Robert) Chinese Commercial Guide, consisting of a Collection of Details respecting Foreign Trade in China, with a Glossary of Words peculiar to Canton. 8vo. 48 Canton, 1834 1285 THELWALL (Rev. A. S.) Iniquities of the Opium Trade with China. Post 8vo, cloth. 28


1286 MEDHURST (W. H.) China, its State and Prospects, with Especial Reference to the Spread of the Gospel. Thick 8vo, plts. cl. 58 1840 1287 DAVIS (John Francis) The Chinese, a General Description of China and its Inhabitants. Square 8vo, woodcuts. 28 1840 1288 DAVIS (J. F.) Sketches of China between Peking, Nanking, and Canton; with Notices and Observations relative to the presant War. 2 vols. post 8vo, maps, cloth. 68 6d


1289 DOCUMENTS Statistiques Officiels sur l'Empire de la Chine. Traduits du Chinois par G. Pauthier. 8vo. 38 Paris, 1841 1290 BINGHAM (Commander J. Elliot) Narrative of the Expedition to China, from the Commencement of the War to the present period, with Sketches of their Manners and Customs. 2 vols. post 8vo, plates, cloth. 78 1842 1291 LANGDON (W. B.) Descriptive Catalogue of the Chinese Collection, exhibited at St. George's Place, Hyde Park Corner. 8vo, plates, cloth. 18 6d 1842 1291*MARTIN (R. Montgomery) China, Political, Commercial, and Social Treatise and Intercourse with England, Russia, France, America, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, map and charts, boards. 1847 1292 TRANSACTIONS in the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. 1847. 8vo, sewed. Hong Kong, 1848 1293 CUNNYNGHAME (Col. Arthur) An Aide-de-Camp's Recollections of Service in China, a Residence in Hong-Kong, and Visits to other Islands in the Chinese Seas. Post 8vo, cloth. 38




1294 CHIRINO (P. Pedro) Relacion de las Islas Filipinas, i de lo que en ellas an trabaido los Padres de la Compania de Jesus. 4to, half morocco, rare. £1. 18 En Roma, 1604 1295 CHISHULL (Rev. Edmund) Travels in Turkey and back to England. Folio, fine copy, calf. 48 London (Bowyer), 1747 1296 CHOICE MANUAL, or Rare and Select Secrets in Physick and Chirurgery, collected and practised by the Countess of Kent, deceased, 165,9-A true Gentlewoman's Delight, wherein is contained all manner of Cookery, together with Preserving, Conserving, Drying, and Candying. Published by W. J. Gent, 1659. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, original calf. 58 1297 CHOPIN (J. M.) Revolutiones des Peuples de Nord (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Russia). 4 vols. 8vo, sewed. 68 Brux. 1843 1298 CHORLEY (H.F.) Music and Manners in France and Germany. A Series

of Travelling Sketches of Art and Society. 3 vols. post 8vo, cl. 7s 1844 1299 CHRIST (M.) Dictionnaire des Monogrammes, Chiffres, Lettres, Ini


tiales, &c. sous lesquels les plus celèbres Peintres, Graveurs, et Dessinateurs, ont dessiné leurs Noms. 8vo, plates, calf neat. 9s Paris, 1762 1300 CHRISTIE'S (James) Inquiry into the Early History of Greek Sculpture. 4to, portrait, PRIVATELY PRINTED, boards. 1833 1301 CHRISTMAS CAROLS.-Some Ancient Christmas Carols, with the Tunes to which they were formerly sung in the West of England. Collected by Davies Gilbert. 8vo, with the Music, boards. 5s 1822 1302 CHROMATICS, or an Essay on the Analogy and Harmony of Colours. 4to, diagrams in colours, boards. 68 (pub. at £2. 28)


1303 CHRISTMASTIDE, its History, Festivities, and Carols. By William Sandys, Esq., F.S.A. In a handsome vol. 8vo, ILLUSTRATED WITH 20 ENGRAVINGS AFTER THE DESIGNS OF J. STEPHANOFF. 58 (pub. at 148)




Its title vouches that Christmastide is germane to the time. Mr. Sandys has brought together, in an octavo of some 300 pages, a great deal of often interesting information beyond the stale gossip about "Christmas in the olden time," and the threadbare make-believes of jollity and geniality which furnish forth most books on the subject. His carols too, which include some in old French and Provençal, are selected from numerous sources, and comprise many of the less known and more worth knowing. His materials are presented with good feeling and mastery of his theme. On the whole the volume deserves, and should anticipate, a welcome.-Spectator.

1304 CHRONIQUE du Bon Chevalier Messire Jacques de Lalain, par Messire Georges Chastellain, edité par Buchon. 8vo, nt. 58 Par.1825 1305 CHRONIQUES Anglo-Normandes, recueil d'extraits et d'ecrits relatifs à l'Histoire de Normandie et d'Angleterre pendant les XI et XII Siècles, par Fr. Michel. 3 vols. 8vo, sewed. 158 Rouen, 1840 1306 CHRONICON Ricardi Divisiensis de rebus gestis Ricardi, primi Regis Anglia (never before printed) edidit Stevenson. 8vo, bds. 68 1838 1307 CHRONICLE of Richard of Devizes, concerning King Richard I., also Richard of Cirencester's Description of Britain. Translated (with the Latin Text) by Dr. Giles. 8vo, facsimile and map of Roman Britain, leather back, uncut. 68

1841 1308 CHRONICON. —Adami Murimuthensis sui Temporis 1303-1346, cum eorundem Continuatione ad 1380, recensuit Thomas Hog. 8vo, boards. 48 6d-LARGE PAPER, boards. 1309 CHRONICON Florentii Wigorniensis ad fidem MSS. edidit cum notis Benj. Thorpe. 2 vols. 8vo, boards. 78 6d

78 6d

1310 CHRONICON de Lanercost, edente Jos. Stevenson. thick vol. 4to, boards. £1. 48



2 parts in 1

PRIVATELY PRinted by the MAITLAND CLUB, Edinb. 1839 The Chronicle of Lanercost, now printed for the first time, contains a general history of the affairs of England and Scotland, together with incidental allusions to Continental proceedings, 1201 to 1346. The highest estimation is given of the work by Wanley, Nicholson, Lord Hailes, and Tyrrell the historian, who says "I have been beholden to the Manuscript Chronicle of the Abbey of Lanercost, in Cumberland, which contains so exact an account of our English affairs, especially in all things relating to Scotland, that one may admire how these monks, that lived in so remote a corner of England, should have come to that nice and particular information of the most civil and military transactions."

1311 CHRONICLES of the White Rose of York; a series of Historical Fragments, Proclamations, Letters, and other contemporary documents relating to the Reign of Edward IV. 8vo, plates, leather back, uncut. 68

1845 1312 CHRONICLE of the Kings of England, from William the Norman to the Death of George III., written in Scripture style, with Notes. 8vo, boards. 38 1821 1313 CHRONICLE of England. By John Capgrave. Edited by the Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston, B.A., of Exeter College, Oxford. Pp. 524; with illuminated facsimile page, Historical Introduction, Glossary, and Index. Royal Svo, half bound. 88 6d


This Chronicle is now first printed from the Autograph MS. of the author (a monk of Lynn), which is preserved in the Public Library at Cambridge. The history is carried down to the year 1417. It was written early in the reign of Edward IV., to whom it is dedicated. The tex has been carefully collated

with the duplicate MS. which is preserved in the Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Historically, this Chronicle forms an important contribution to our literature, and throws much light upon the history of this country. Philologically, as a specimen of the state of the East Anglian dialect in the middle of the fifteenth century, it is of almost equal value; and this part of the subject is fully illustrated by an ample Glossary. Appended is a full Index, containing all names of persons and places, and so compiled as to afford a fair analysis of the contents of the work. The volume is also preceded by an Introduction, in which the credibility of the historian and the results of his labours are discussed. Five Appendices contain documents, &c., throwing light upon the Chronicle or upon the private history of the author. It cannot be doubted that Capgrave's Chronicle will be welcomed by earnest students of our history; while the fact that it is written in our own language, and in an interesting and simple style, invests it with additional attractions.

1314 CHRONICON Monasterii de Abingdon. Edited by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A., of University College, Durham. Vol. I., from the Foundation of the Monastery until the Norman Conquest. Pp. 528, with illuminated facsimile page, royal 8vo, half bound.

88 6d


This Chronicle, when completed, will embrace a history of the large Benedictine monastery of Abingdon, from the date of its foundation, at an early period of Saxon history, to the accession of King Richard I. It is printed, for the first time, from two MSS. in the British Museum. The contents of the first volume show the steps by which this large and wealthy establishment, like others of its order, acquired the wide extent of lands and privileges of which its monks were deprived by Henry VIII. These title-deeds were granted for the most part by the Saxon kings, from Ina to Edward the Confessor. They illustrate not only the monastic, but also the general history of this kingdom, during these obscure and remote ages, and its gradual advances in civilization. To the local antiquary of Berkshire, Oxford, and the neighbouring counties, they will afford a large amount of interesting material.

This and the foregoing volume are the first of a series published by government under the direction of the Rt. Hon. Sir J. Romilly, Master of the Rolls. 1315 CHRONOLOGICAL Series of Engravers from the invention of the Art, plates of monograms, 1769-History of the Art of Engraving in Mezzotinto (by Dr. Jas. Chelsum) 1786-Sketch of the Life and Paintings of Tho. Gainsborough, by Philip Thicknesse, 1788. In 1 vol. 8vo, cloth. 68

1316 CHURCH ARCHITECTURE.-Anweisung zurArchitectur des Christlichen Cultus, von L. von Klenze. Folio, fine plates of Designs for Churches and Cenotaphs, cloth. 158 Munchen, 1833 1317 CHURTON (Ralph) Life of Alex. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's. 8vo, portraits and plates, calf neat. 68 Oxford, 1809 1318 CHYLINSKI (D.) The Bee Keeper's Manual. 12mo, plts. cl. 28 1845 1319 CIBBER AND POPE.-Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope, inquiring into the motives that induced him in his satyrical works to be so frequently fond of Mr. Cibber's name, 1742-Another occasional Letter from Mr. Cibber to Mr. Pope, 1744. 8vo, boards. 38 6d 1320 CIBBER.- Apology for the Life of Mr. Colley Cibber written by himself, with Characters and Anecdotes of Theatrical Contemporaries, with Notes by E. Bellchambers. 8vo, portrait, half calf. 58 1822 1321 CINTHIO (G. B. Giraldi) Hecatommithi overo cento Novelle e la Vita dell' Autore. Thick 4to, vellum. 148 Venetia, 1593

One of these Novels is the groundwork of Shakespeare's Othello. 1322 CINTHIO, Hecatommithi. Parte Secunda. 4to,vell. 78 6d Venegia, 1574 1323 CIVIL Polity, a Treatise concerning the Nature of Government. 8vo, calf. 28

1703 1324 CIVIL WARS.-Ricraft (Josiah) Survey of England's Chmapions and Truth's faithfull Patriots. 8vo. 1647. Reprinted, with facsimiles of the 22 curious portraits, calf


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